Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Security Dilemma

Background information The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a religious extremist group that operates within Iraq and Syria. Although the group is largely unrecognized by other sovereign states and the international community, it continues to spread its ideals and aspirations on governance and political control in the Gulf region (Matthews, 2003). Since […]

History of the Jews and the Holocaust

Introduction According to Engel (12), “holocaust is a Greek word meaning to sacrifice by fire”. Many Germans believed strongly that they were superior compared to every other race. The Germans also viewed the Jews as inferior. The Germans were against these Jews because they appeared to threaten their community. This “fear and enmity resulted in […]

First World War Issues and Causes

How and why did the events of the late spring and summer of 1914 ultimately move beyond the ability of government leaders to control? As a matter of fact, the events of the late spring and summer of 1914 went down in the history books as some of the major issues that would contribute to […]

Role of Civilian Population in World War I

Introduction In the complex environment of the 21st century, political engagement among civilians is often taken for granted, as people are capable of exercising their rights to partake in political and military processes within the state. This is an incredible breakthrough compared to what could be observed before the World War I arguably, the latter […]

Terrorism: the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Introduction The media has been diligently feeding the world on knowledge about the ISIL terrorism group, among other terrorist groups, over the years. Several media outlets have provided relevant background information on the group and terrorism in general. In addition, various media outlets have ensured that stories about regions that have been attacked or affected […]

The Iraq War: Background and Issues

Background of the Iraq war The genesis of the Iraq war can be traced back to the cold war period. The term ‘cold war’ refers to the persistent military and political anxiety that was experienced by countries in the Eastern Bloc, including Russia and Warsaw pact allies and the Western Bloc countries such as the […]

Terrorism: Post-9/11 Maritime Security Initiatives in the USA

Introduction The US marine transport system contributes over 700 billion dollars in revenue and controls more than 90 percent of the global trade. It also allows the US to extend its military presence across the world. In addition, it generates employment opportunities for the locals and provides recreational facilities for the American people. In other […]

How to End the Syrian Civil War?

Introduction Syrian conflict, with inspiration from the Arab spring in the North of Africa, began in March 2011. Though it began as protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule, it crossed an important threshold in September 2012 when the International Red Cross society declared it a civil war. Even as the international community remains divided over […]

Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War caused unintended consequences for the civil rights movements of the 1960s as it awakened the African-Americans’ consciousness on the racism and despotism that they experienced in the United States. Apparently, when the White House, under the leadership of President Johnson, supported the war entirely did not anticipate the consequences that such decision […]

Bio-Terrorism Preparedness and Response

Bio-terrorism can be defined as intentional spread of biological components such as viruses, bacteria and toxins with the aim of affecting the health of humans and other living things. This paper addresses the history and effects of bio-terrorism. In this regard, the use of biological elements cannot be effective in combating the enemies of any […]

Mongol Conquest’ Causes, Battles, and Results

Introduction Historians regard the Mongol Conquest, which happened from 1206 to 1337, as the worst war to occur in human history.1 The conflict involved a protracted invasion by the Mongol empire across Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. Historical excerpts show that it is the last major war to have occurred in the 13 […]

WWII History: How Hitler Died

Any information about Hitler generates a lot of interest. Money is also made in keeping afloat conspiracy theories related to him. An especially common discussion is that Hitler did not kill himself during Soviet’s final offensive on Berlin. According to an article by Justice for Germans (2013), pessimists believe that he escaped either to Argentina […]

La Costra Nostra and Al-Qaeda: Similarities and Differences

Today, more than ever before, it is important for criminologists, law enforcement officers and other stakeholders to have adequate knowledge in differentiating between organized crime and terrorism, particularly in light of the fact that scholars now believe that the convergence of international terrorism and organized crime is increasingly becoming a reality (Shelley & Picarelli, 2005). […]

Al-Qaeda Politics: the Self Appointed Protectors of Muslims

Introduction Al-Qaeda is an infamous terrorist organization whose actions have shaped global politics in the last three decades. The terrorist group has relied on spreading an anti-Western Islamic ideology by calling on its followers to wage war against governments in Islamic lands and beyond. Al-Qaeda’s ideology focuses on establishing an Islamic caliphate in the Middle […]

Entering The Great War in War is A Blessing, Not A Curse

The documents that are going to be analyzed present different views on the role that the United States should play during World War I. The text called War is A Blessing; Not a Curse emphasizes the need to intervene into this military conflict that engulfed entire Europe. In turn, in his speech, Robert LaFollette points […]

Origins of the “Final Solution”

One of the most interesting yet most neglected aspects of the Holocaust that few people seem to take note of is the fact that the Christian German populace acquiesced to the mass murder of the Jewish population in Germany. People seem to think that the Nazi “Final Solution” originated from Hitler and the Nazi party […]

The Virginia Tech Massacre

Introduction Numerous incidences of gun attacks in public places raise questions regarding the responsibility of individuals, institutions and law enforcement agencies in mitigating the impacts of gun violence. In 2007, a shooting rampage in Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech) caused the death of 32 people and inflicted injuries on many people after a […]

The Jewish Freedom Fighter Recollection

Introduction I at this moment offer myself as a Jewish freedom fighter against the British as well as other enemies of Zion. The British must be fought and eradicated because their restrictive policies are preventing our people from immigrating into Palestine from Europe and other parts of the world. I believe that if I render […]

War in Afghanistan: Origin, Impact and Reactions

Introduction Afghanistan has experienced many armed conflicts in its historical developments. The terms ‘war in Afghanistan’ may refer to Afghanistan’s Islamic conquest between 637 and 709, the subjugation of Afghanistan during 330 BCE and 327 BCE by Alexander the great, Mongol empire downfall of Afghanistan in the13th century, or a myriad of Mughal Empire campaigns […]

What is the Best Way for Fighting Terrorism According to Mortenson?

As the global security continues to worsen because of terrorists’ threat to the world, there has been a plethora of methods to counter the looming perpetration of grievous terrorism. Countries often participate in providing collective security, military bombardment of countries that support terrorism, port blockades, and economic sanctions amongst others. Seldom does the world see […]

Dehumanization in Auschwitz

Introduction The Nazi rule in Germany is considered to be the most oppressive and discriminative rule in modern times. During this rule, which lasted until the end of the Second World War, the Nazi engaged in widespread discrimination against European Jews. This deep anti-Semitism resulted in a master plan created by the Nazi to exterminate […]

Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins

This paper is aimed at discussing the book Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins. In this work, he explores the underlying causes of World War I, its effects on people’s experiences, and the long-term effects of this political and social catastrophe. This topic has been examined by various historians, but Modris Eksteins takes a slightly […]

Under-age Criminals in the New York Times Archives

This paper explores the events that happened on the 5th of September in 1994. The research of the New York Times archives revealed three particularly worrying articles. All of them described murders and injuries of three different people, and all of them had one feature in common – the suspects charged with murders were under […]

Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning

Throughout history, several injustices have been committed by various people and groups. History scholars often evaluate the perpetrators of such injustices. Perpetrators are often thought to be brutal sadists without any conscience or morals but they are never thought to be ordinary human beings. The reasons why most people often avoid looking at perpetrators from […]

Hilberg’s Destruction of the European Jews and Dawidowicz’s The War against the Jews

Introduction After the end of the Second World War, many authors wrote on the events that took place during the war period with some writing from personal experiences and others from studies on the subject. The Holocaust, which took place during the war, has attracted much attention from scholars, especially historians, most of whom work […]

The advanced community planning in response to the potential threat of terrorism

Introduction Community planning essentially involves the use of political and technical planning techniques as means to ensure the development and protection of the community in question. The technical angle includes building dwellings that cater for the resident population’s housing, infrastructural, and security needs sufficiently, while the political angle involves the development and implementation of policies […]

Forms and Examples of Information Warfare

Information warfare is the manipulation of information to fulfill a military or political agenda. Gathering information and using it to weaken the opponent is the main reason behind the prevailing use of different types of information warfare tactics. Disinformation and propaganda are the two main forms of information warfare. Most of these forms gained considerable […]

The Neutrality of Vatican City during World War II

Introduction Second World War is one of the largest wars in the world’s history. The war was a global conflict that involved almost all parts of the world. It took place from the year 1939 to 1945. The major participants were the super powers, which had taken two main positions: the allies and the axis […]

Counterterrorism of USA

Abstract Terrorism is one of the global commons that is of great concern to many countries, particularly the developed states, such as the United States, which is always the target of terrorists. Based on this, the United States was forced to enter into a joint military operation with the government of Philippine in order to […]

The Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia 1941-1945

Introduction Japan’s colonization of Southeast Asia between 1941 and 1945 had both positive and negative effects on the region. While under the Japanese occupation, Southeast Asia underwent major social and economic structural changes. Research reveals that the transformation that marred the region was as a result of Japan’s unique focus on the challenges that was […]

Total War of World War I

Introduction War has always been a defining characteristic of human civilization. Since historical times, people have waged war against each other for various reasons. Before the First World War of 1914 to 1918, armed confrontations between nations were carried out in restricted manners and primarily against military targets. However, the First World War led to […]

War on Terrorism: How to Cope with the Global Threat?

The war on terrorism is discussed as one of the most important and controversial questions concerning the global peace and development. The questions involve a lot of ethical and political issues which need the immediate solution because terrorist attacks become more frequent and crueler. Terrorism is often defined as the crime against humanity, the actions […]

History of Dead Man’s Penny and British Regiment

History of Dead Man’s Penny The World War 1 has gone down books of history as one of the fiercest battles ever fought on the face of the earth. Many factors have contributed to the much attention and interest the war has received. One of the factors is the number of casualties reported in the […]

Terrorism and the Global Economies

Introduction Terrorism involves the intentional use of violence against civilians. Terrorists are done for political purposes. In some cases, conflicts between religions cause terrorism. The global economy has been affected by terrorism in the past, and people fear terror attacks. Terrorism has affected the global economies because the emergence of globalization created the unity of […]

War Theory Reasons

History has seen wars come and go. For centuries, civilizations have had the constant need to dominate those beneath them. Man’s happiness is measured by what he has, but he is never satisfied by what has. The greatest imperfection of the humans is the thirst for power (Junger, 2011). This statement perhaps defines why countries […]

Kosovo Balkans War

Richard Holbrook best captures the events that took place in Kosovo during the Balkans war in the book ‘End a war’. This book highlights various controversial issues. In particular, the role -played by the U.S. and Nato in the peacekeeping mission are controversial and they come out in this book. Although the Kosovo war is […]

British Battle of Rorke’s Drift/Lsandlwana

Overview Just like the battle of Lsandlwana, the battle of Rorke’s Drift was a battle against the Anglo-Zulu by the British. With 150 troops, the British Empire managed to defend their stronghold against over 4,000 Zulu warriors. This outcome contradicts with the Isandlwana battle where the British troops succumbed to a massive defeat from the […]

The Battle of Bosworth

Introduction The battle of Bosworth was a battle fought in the year 1485 during the month of august in England. According to Knight (206), the battle of Bosworth was fought at the market of Bosworth, a large flat plain field between the towns of Shenton, Sutton Dadlington, and Stoke. King Henry Tudor marched forward with […]

The Primary Causes of Terrorist Political Violence

Introduction The past decade has seen terrorism emerge as a serious threat to global security. The events of September 11, 2011 where terrorists devastated the city of New York especially highlighted the devastating effects of terrorism on social life. Since then, governments and scholars alike have tried to discover the underlying causes of terrorism by […]

Terrorism as a Serious Threat

Terrorism is without doubt the most addressed security threat of this century. The ensuing response to this threat by both the developed and developing countries raises many questions. Terrorism dates back to 66AD when the first terrorism-like incidences were first witnessed in Palestine. Therefore, terrorism is not in way a new phenomenon. However, there have […]

Rumsfeld’s Memo & the War on Global Terrorism

The grotesque fear of terrorism continues to elicit much attention in the public domain, particularly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil demonstrated that terrorist attacks can no longer be perceived as isolated, far-away, or unavoidably rare events. Various multi-faceted campaigns against terrorism have been ongoing for the past one decade, but opinion remains […]

Terrorism Handling in Our Life

Introduction Terrorism is one of the most serious criminal activities and it has greatly jeopardized world peace and safety. Defining terrorism is not very easy and its meaning has been subjected to a lot of debate by many scholars. “Terrorism can be defined as a tactic used by a small set of extremists to fight […]

Guantanamo Bay & Jihad Issues

In the light of the growing interest over whether the United States Administration is faulting with the rights and freedom of several hundred unlawful combatants still detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it is imperative to critically evaluate if the notion of “jihad” has been overhyped by policy makers, the media and other stakeholders interested in […]

Defense Imperatives: “Thwarting Terrorism & Bringing Terrorists to Justice”

Although the United States is currently faced with a multiplicity of challenges to its security as well as in ensuring the prevalence of global peace and stability, that of terrorism cannot possibly escape unnoticed due to the solemn obligations demonstrated by the U.S. Administration towards protecting the security of the American people. Today, terrorism is […]

“Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering” Book

The book Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering examines the perceptions of the critical events and moments of the Second World War. It covers the shared history between the Japanese and the Americans after the war. The events of the war would determine future relations between the U.S. and Japan. In chapter 9 of the […]

Kosovo: Origins, Developments & Outcomes

The process of post-Cold War change in the Balkans has been approached and studied from a multiplicity of conceptual frameworks and assumptions by scholars and political analysts. The most dominant and consistent, according to Pula (2004), is the so-called ‘transition view’, which interprets a post-communist change in Eastern Europe as a struggle with the tradition […]

Arguing the Just War in Islam

The argument about Islam being a religion that practices war arose following the September 11 terrorist attack. “The fact is that Muslims today are involved in a serious argument about political ethics; this argument is framed in terms of practices that are central to the Islamic tradition” (Kelsay 4). Many people have been questioning the […]

Why the Soviets Lost their War in Afghanistan

Introduction On December 27, 1979, the world woke up to the news of the invasion of puny Afghanistan in Asia by the then super power of the Soviet Union. The news brought with it the surmise that this was a war that Afghanistan, a disunited country with limited military resources, would not stand up to […]

“US Slaps Sanctions on Caucasus Emirates as Violence Continues in North Caucasus” Article

In their book titled Global Terrorism, Lutz & Lutz (2004) note that critics of the U.S. policies on global terrorism often questions the capacity of the policies to meet international threshold and the will of America to involve other traditionally non-aligned state actors in the fight on global terrorism. However, the article by The Jamestown […]

The Origin and Definition of Christian Just War Theory

Introduction As a rule, war is perceived as a social, political and economic catastrophe that profoundly affects the lives of many innocent people. In most cases, this clash between nations is a cruel way of resolving conflicts. This is why diplomats representing various countries attempt to avoid violent confrontations between nations at any costs. Sometimes, […]

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group

Introduction Al Qaeda was established in the late 80s by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan; who moved to Afghanistan in 1979 at the time of Soviet invasion. There he became a major donor and fund mobilise for the Afghan Mujahedin and hired Afghans and other volunteers from the Arab world to fight the Soviet (Krebs, […]

Human and Technical Intelligence in Countering Terrorism

Introduction Both human and technological systems continue to become more complicated by the day. In some cases, technology has proven so complex that even experts involved in various fields may not amicably understand their areas of specialisations (Clutterbuck 2013, p. 271). Too often, when we tackle this subject, we focus on a broad area of […]

The Use of Force Against Afghanistan by the U.S

Introduction The war in Afghanistan has been discussed for several years to determine whether the use of force was just according to the just war theory. The United Nations defined and set the standards for a just war at Nuremberg. The standards of a just war are remunerated and explained in articles 2 and 51 […]

The Rise of Extremist Groups, Disparity and Poverty

Introduction Terrorism is the most immediate and significant threat to international security and peace. By definition, terrorism refers to the use of extreme violence by non-state actors against civilians or society for political and ideological goals. Although terrorism is not a new phenomenon, it has become increasingly common in the last two decades where it […]

Outcomes of the Wars of the Roses

Introduction During the 15th century, England witnessed a series of protracted battles as two powerful families engaged each other in a struggle for the English throne. These battles have come to be famously known as the “wars of the roses” due to the differently colored rose symbols adopted by the two belligerent families.. England was […]

Germany’s Secret Gamble

The video, WWI Germany’s Secret Gambles, analyzes the way Germany turned to covert operations, which included sabotage, espionage, biological weapons and secret communications to win the First World War. The video evaluates the measures and strategies, which Germany adopted to undermine the authority of the British Empire. For example, the film analyzes the outcomes of […]

Medicinal Militarization – Triumph of the Will

Introduction Triumph of the Will is one of the earliest propaganda firms that were produced in 1935 by Leni Riefenstahl. It is a chronicle of the Nazi Party Congress in 1934, which took place in Nuremberg in Germany. According to Foucault (2012), the film was seen as a deliberate attempt by the Nazi government to […]

Terrorism in Mumbai

There are many definitions of terrorism as it has no particular limitations according to the actions and their doers. Still, commonly it occurs to be considered as an act managed to bring terror (Malisow and French 14). As a rule, it is observed in the political perspective. It is said that the terrorism of the […]

Australia’s Involvement in Pacific War

The Second World War became the period when Australia got to participate in a massive armed conflict for the first time in its post colonial history. It is also important to mention that at that time Australian troops had to take part in two wars. They fought on the Second World War against Germany and […]

Australia’s Soldiers and Wars in Middle East and Europe

Most countries that participated in the Second World War served either the interest of the allied forces or that of the Germans. The Second World War took place primarily to prevent the German invasion of Europe and the rest of the world. Britain, being one of the major frontier forces against the Germans drew most […]

Terrorism and Poverty

Terrorism is one the foremost threat to global peace and stability in the 21st century. The sharp increase in transnational terrorist attacks is a source of concern for world leaders as evident in the 2014 G8 Summit. While there are conflicting arguments regarding the factors that influence terrorism, scholars agree on the need to evaluate […]

The Western Front: First World War

Introduction The 20th century was characterized by major military confrontations between nations. The first significant military conflict during this century was the First World War. This war, which took place between 1914 and 1918, was different from previous wars in that it involved almost all nations in the world. The two main sides in the […]

World War II Innovations

Introduction The period following the end of World War II was characterized with a great deal of technological development, probably as a consequence of the victories achieved by the Allied forces. The aftermath of World War II set in motion a wave of innovations that proved to be greatly beneficial in improving the living standards […]

Difference Between France and the United States Counterterrorism Policies

Introduction In the international fight in opposition to transnational terrorism, the European Union and the US are natural associates. However, cultural, bureaucratic, and differences in tactics are a threat to progress. Because of the Middle East situation in the 1980’s, France, one of the EU nations, found itself being the international terrorism target (Friedrichs 58). […]

US Exceptionalism in Constructing and Conceptualizing a Terrorist

Introduction Since its foundation in the 1700s, the united states of amerce has thought itself as exceptional. In addition, other nations have perceived the US as largely different from them. According to Deudney and Meiser,1 America is different from other nations in the world in a number of ways. However, the most obvious is the […]

American Exceptionalism in Constructing and Conceptualizing a Terrorist

Introduction The term ‘American Exceptionalism’ refers to a belief that the United States of America occupies a special position in the human history and on the global stage due to a number of characteristics unique to the country.1 Since independence in 1776, the nature of its political institutions has shaped the nation and the position […]

Ethnic Polarization and the Duration of Civil War

Introduction The article discusses the relationship between the civil war duration and ethnic polarization. The arguments in the article provide that civil wars are key barriers to the development of the economy. Civil wars lead to the destruction of infrastructure, loss of human life and have an effect on future prospects for investment. The causes […]

Role of the Army Staff Major

Introduction The army staff sergeant major’s history can be traced back to the origin of the United States Army. The roles that people nowadays associate with the army staff sergeant major are relatively small and trivial. However, the rank of the army staff sergeant major has been made an esteemed position through constant modification of […]

The American Strategic Culture in Vietnam War

Many parts in the book by Ronald Spector, the author of After Tet, explain the American strategic culture in Vietnam War. In his book, Spector makes it clear that the United States has never been involved in any war similar to that in Vietnam. In this war, collaboration between the United States and South Vietnam […]

WW II and Hitler’s army

The book by Omer Bartov gives a detailed encounter of an army in Germany called Wehrmacht during the reign of Hitler. It depicts aspects some of the reasons why the army engaged in the war between Germany and Russia. The prevailing politics may have motivated the army. It is also believed that professional skills and […]

“Understanding the Great War” by Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker

The authors, Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker present their book “14-18: Understanding the Great War”, in a Franco centric way. The authors not only focus on the battles and encounters but also the human experience and reaction towards war. The experiences match the characteristics of “American strategic culture” that promote peace and moral objectives before engaging in […]

Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory by Deborah Lipstadt

History scholars have always favored orthodox ideas over the unorthodox ones. This means there is a likelihood that scholars who front unorthodox ideas can easily be ignored regardless of whether those ideas are valid or not. Over the years, there have been unorthodox books that have managed to infiltrate the mainstream scholarly world and achieve […]

“The Second World War: A short history (Struggle for survival)” by Robert Alexander Clarke

Introduction The objective of this review is to provide a synopsis of the events surrounding the Second World War as presented in the book by Robert Alexander Clarke Parker The Second World War: A short history (1997-2001). This review seeks to establish whether the content of the book reflects the actual happenings that took place […]

Economic concerns in the aftermath of terrorism

Introduction Terrorism is one of the major challenges threatening the existence of societies in different parts of the world. Acts of terror have been in existence for centuries. Currently, governments are facing terrorism from domestic and transnational sources (Gaibulloev & Sandler, 2009). Various scholars have tried to define the term terrorism, thus leading to numerous […]

Terrorism in international relations

Introduction Terrorism is no longer a new term in the international system. However, it is apparently clear that terrorism remains to be one of the most challenging problems as far as maintenance of security and order in the international system is concerned. It is quite difficult to clearly attain a complete definition of terrorism because […]

Terrorism in Israel and Palestine

Introduction The conflict between Israel and Palestine is the most important security issue the Middle East is facing. This conflict is related to the concept of Palestinian national identity. The Palestinians do not have a state of their own and they currently occupy the geographical area that constitutes Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza […]

Operation Phantom Fury- the Second Battle of Fallujah

Introduction The second battle of Fallujah was “code named” Operation Phantom Fury or Operation Al-Fjr. This war involved American, British and Iraqi states in November and December, 2004 in Fallujah, Iraq. The war of Fallujah was reported to have been the worst in the history of the US due to the nature of armory used, […]

Was the American Use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan in 1945 the Final Act of WW2 or the Signal That the Cold War Was about to Begin

Introduction Known as one of the world’s greatest bloodbath, the World War II is also notorious for the first use of an atomic bomb as a weapon of mass destruction. As a matter of fact, restricting the amount of choices concerning the reasons that made the United States government attack Japan would be an insult […]

Crisis Management Web Analytics

Introduction The September 11 attacks on the US capital of Washington DC and New York City by an Islamic terrorist group, combated with the 15th April ’13 Boston bombings raised eyebrows by external investors as to whether the USA is a safe investment destination. In the wake of the global economic crisis, many countries are […]

Local, State, and Federal Partnerships: Terrorism

Response to terrorism The response to terrorism in my city is based on the specific chain-of-command structure which is critical for effective policies. First of all, one should speak about the Incident Commander whose duty is to develop strategies for responding to possible threats. Additionally, one can speak about the Command Staff that includes Safety […]

Hezbollah Organisation

Introduction Hezbollah is a controversial organization because European countries have refused to classify it as a terrorist group while countries such as the United States (US), Canada, Australia, Egypt and other nations have classified it as a terrorist group. Nonetheless, Hezbollah is essentially a paramilitary group particularly based in Lebanon with its activities extending into […]

United States Domestic Terrorism

Introduction It is impossible to trace the genesis of United States terrorist extremism to a specific exact date, though one can narrow it to the period when the country was fighting for its freedom from the British rule. During this period, organized groups used extremist actions to express their perceptions on certain issues regarding colonial […]

The significance of ‘No Man’s Land’

‘No Man’s Land’ is a war time movie that satirizes the War of the Balkans. Produced by Danis Tanovic, ‘No Man’s Land’ depicts more than the horrors and the vagaries of war. The movie depicts the complexities that are likely to rise in a conflict situation especially with with regards to international relations. More significantly, […]

The controversy behind the 9/11 tragedy

In relation to the September 11, 2011 attacks, people from all over the world are still in similar dilemma. The big question is whether to believe the explanation being offered by United States government. Most people still do not perceive how this tragedy could happen. The media, both print and electronic have been on this […]

View of Boston Bombing

The world got astonished by the attack during the Boston marathons last week. A huge number of people had turned up looking forward to a great day in the world of sports, fans had dressed in various colors and gamblers had already put bets on who was to win. No one was prepared for a […]

The Second Battle of Fallujah

Introduction The Second Battle of Fallujah was the deadliest war that took place during the Iraq War, which occurred in 2004. What led to the Second Battle of Fallujah was the unsuccessful First Battle of Fallujah, which strengthened the insurgents who sought refuge in Fallujah and made it their stronghold during the Iraq War. The […]

The Liberation War of Algeria and its Many Mistakes

Introduction The campaign for liberation of Algeria took place over fifty years ago. However, the wars that characterized the liberation war of Algeria where the French fought against the Algerians who were seeking independence from their colonizers. The liberation war in Algeria lasted for eight years and in the end, the natives achieved independence against […]

The Trajectory of the World War

Resistance and collaboration in the World War II took various forms in Europe. The war led to the death of very many people. Some countries, most notably Yugoslavia, resisted the urge of supporting the Germany and Italian invasion. Marshal Petain led one of the most memorable official collaboration in France called the Vichy regime. The […]

The Greater War

Introduction The Greater War changed the structure of the western world in different ways as the political landscape and order took a new direction. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austrian archduke, and his wife triggered the war leading to its eruption. The assassination just triggered the war, and there were some underlying causes that are still […]

Salifist Takfiri Terrorism

Prior to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001, American law enforcement agencies regarded the issue of terrorism with little apprehension1. After the terrorist attacks of 2001 on the United States’ soil, networks of groups with extreme ideologies regarding Islam were uncovered across Europe and America. Although these groups had […]

Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Terrorist Threat

Introduction In 1945, the U.S. caused an extensive obliteration when it dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which also ended the Second World War. This incident made the whole world to come to terms with the threat that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) pose to the world security. Regrettably, […]

Terrorists’ Usage of Chemical or Biological Agents

Currently, the threat of terrorists’ organizations use of chemical or biological agents to cause havoc is raising public concern, not only in the United States, but also around the world, as well. Since the agents are normally dispersed in the air, they lead to mass casualties as they either affect the body contact surfaces or […]

Killing as a culture in Germany

Introduction The holocaust is one unfortunate occurrence in the history of the world. It is a permanent scar left on the face of the earth. Though it took place decades ago the question of who should be held responsible for the worst atrocities ever, has never been answered. Philosophers and scholars have analyzed and come […]

Liberal Democracy, Anti-Semitism And The Holocaust

Wistrich gives us the reasons why the Nazi party in Germany made Jews the target of their collective rage. It was believed that the Jews were especially inclined toward communism and indeed many of the communist leaders were Jewish in origin. Hitler believed that Marxism was a tool employed by the Jews in a plan […]

The Effect of Terrorism on Human Rights: The Clash between the human rights advocates and victims of terrorism

Abstract Over the recent past, the issue of terrorism has raised a major security concern in the world. This has increased the need to have effective counter terrorism measures. However, the fight against terrorism has led to controversy between the measures taken by the state counter terrorism committee and the views of human right organizations. […]

The History of Great War

World war one also known as the Great War took place between 1915 and 1918. It involved the major powers of Europe of that time (Henig, 2002). Its causes were as varied as the nations involved in the war. But it is widely believed that it was a battle for supremacy. The Germans wanted to […]