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Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

Social Darwinism and Nazi Genocide Ideology

It is possible to trace the way the Jews settled and assimilated in western countries and the way the ideas of Social Darwinism affected the society to see the link between Nazi genocidal ideology and [...]

The First World War History and Aspects

The U.S.did not participate in the war at first, but events such as the sinking of Lusitania, the publishing of the Zimmerman Note, and the Russian Revolution convinced the American authorities to cause the U.S.to [...]

The Persian Gulf War and the US

Finally, Saddam stated that Kuwait illegally located oil facilities on the land of Iraq taking advantage of the fact that the country was involved in the Iran-Iraq war at that time.

Ethnic-Based Insurgents in Mali and Mauritania

In the recent years some of the West African states faced a number of armed conflicts and rebellions caused by various ideological differences and growing dissatisfaction of the citizens with the work of their governments.

The Al-Qaeda Training Manual

The manual indicates that the overall purpose of al Qaeda is to get rid of 'godless regimes.' The strategy is to employ covert agents to commit terrorist acts.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: Causes of Rise

After all, there is a plenty of evidence available that the emergence of this monstrous organisation, which calls for the complete physical extermination of 'infidels', is the direct consequence of this country's current policy of [...]

How Does Modern Terrorism Operate?

Leaderless movements such as Earth Liberation Front and the Army of God have individual moral views as the main source of their ideology and root causes.

The South Sudanese Inter-Ethnic Conflicts

Besides, it suggests the application of the liberal peace theory in the peace building process. The liberal peace building process in South Sudan has failed to tackle the internal certainties.

Antiterrorism Response Unit in Criminal Justice

The administrative change will play a critical role towards combating terrorism in the country. The change will also improve the level of interaction between the criminal justice agency and every Police Department.

Modern Terrorism and Globalization

After the events of 9/11, when the United States actively joined the war on terrorism the off state groups received a great opportunity to learn and improve, besides, as it is seen in the video [...]

Syrian Uprisings and Civil War

Breaking out in the city of Deraa, the uprising preaching the ideals of nonviolence and social justice and democracy in Syria has evolved to spread across the territory of the country and become an organized [...]

ISIS and the Middle East Conflict

On the one hand, the cooperation of such powerful states may mean that ISIS is going to empower the states that it consists of for a further geopolitical evolution and the strengthening of their territorial [...]

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: Countermeasures

Nevertheless, the use of firepower and economic sanctions are not enough to completely destabilize terror groups. They will also educate people, and provide a counter-argument to the ideas planted by terror groups.

Invasion of Normandy in World War II

One of such legendary operations is the one that happened on D-Day, the day that shifted the balance of powers of the whole war, the put the beginning to the victorious march of the armies [...]

Terrorism and Media

The aim of terrorists, especially those concerned with religious extremism, is to attract the attention of the state and other members of the public.

Libya Civil War Since 2011 Until Today

Following the ouster of the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents, Libya reported small political revolts in some parts of the country. However, experts believe that France was at the forefront in demanding a forceful intervention of [...]

Human Trafficking as a Terrorist Activity

The biggest problem that is worth mentioning is that it is believed that the number of such activities is growing at an incredibly fast rate, and it is important to take necessary measures to limit [...]

Coping with Terrorism in the USA

In addition, uniting the citizens to support the fight against terrorism is likely to improve the effectiveness of the efforts made by the government to improve security.

The Indochina Wars: Causes of Defeats

One of the most important factors that led to the defeat of the French was found in the domestic ideological conflict between the French populace and the entire political community.

Terrorism in the Middle East

The aim of this study is to provide an in-depth analysis of terrorism in the Middle East. The study on terrorism will also help in understanding the effects of this crime on countries in the [...]

Why Has ISIS Emerged?

The past decade has seen a rise in the number of uprisings, most of them propagated by the people's discomfort with the ideologies of those in power.

Hiroshima Bombing Occurrence and Impacts

Additionally, all the other disasters follow a path that is off firebombing as compared to the Hiroshima that saw the only use of nuclear weapons. However, research that is more empirical should to establish the [...]

General History of the Korean War

Though the Korean War had disastrous consequences for the country, it was still the next phase of the development of the independence state of the South Korea and the North Korea.

Canadian Foreign Security Policy

The aim of this paper is to analyse the various security threats that are facing Canada within the next five and ten years and ways of solving them.

The Lebanese and Cyprus Civil Wars

Other types of conflicts that have proven detrimental to the well-being of a nation are religious conflicts, which have been the major cause of war in most of the nations in the Middle East. The [...]

First Responders to Terrorist Attack

However, the first people on the site of an incident are the witnesses and the victims of the attack. The article does not provide an in-depth background of the topic, and no attempt is made [...]

Violence and Terror Definition Comparison

This explains why the present world is filled with "powerless" individuals and states: 'violence is the only thing left for them.' In Culture of Terror-Space of Death essay, Taussig writes about the different acts of [...]

Religion and Diplomacy During the Crusades

1 Under the terms of the treaty, the three-decade-long war of the 17th Century Europe was summarized, leading to the recognition of the territorial sovereignty of the states that made up the Holy Roman Empire.

The Niger Delta Region Insurgent Group

As a result, the defensive systems of the Shell and the federal government have been significantly destabilized in this region making it difficult for the group to be defeated.

The Westgate Terror Attack in Kenya

The attack was the most chilling in the region since the 1998 attack on the American embassies in the region. In creating a room for the reader to understand the intensity of the attack, the [...]

Insurgents Movement in Sub-Saharan Africa

In Africa, the insurgent movement in Sub-Saharan Africa is a group that has existed for a long time. Besides, the group has been a major cause of terror attacks in the horn of Africa, Europe [...]

Japanese Americans Internment During the WWII

Besides, the treatise reviews the historical dynamics that allowed for the internment of Japanese Americans and the impacts of internment in the Japanese American communities during and after the end of WW II.

Effective Counter Insurgency Strategies

The creation of a useful counterinsurgent strategy is crucial for the practitioners involved in the counterinsurgency actions. The counterinsurgency strategy should adapt to the alterations in the insurgent community it seeks to counteract.

Geographic Conditions Role for Insurgent Groups

The simple geographic conditions are considered to be favoring counterinsurgent groups and are not beneficial to insurgencies. Furthermore, insurgencies have been successful in areas where the countries in the boundaries are sympathizers of the insurgent [...]

The U.S. Decision to Blockade Cuba

A lot of questions were raised about the interests of the United States in initiating a blockade off the coast of Cuba in 1962 and the subsequent events that took place between two countries.

Nuclear Weapons Effect on Strategic Studies

However, after the invention of these weapons the techniques of war have been changing from decade to decade. As a result, nations have been discouraged from starting wars that might trigger the use of nuclear [...]

The Fourth Generation Warfare

The column and line tactics became suicidal to the level of ushering in the second-generation warfare. In the case of Afghanistan, the war began in 2001 and has persisted to the present.

Crimean War in 19th and 21st Centuries

The rationale behind this suggestion is that this particular war established the tradition of demonizing Russia in the West, as the 'land of barbarians', which continues to affect the geopolitical realities in the world, up [...]

International Counter Terrorism’ Elements

A Memorandum from the director of the Central Intelligence Agency provide a more detailed account of the location where hostages are being held, the number of kidnappers, kidnappers' armory and Jamaican government approval for U.

Why Did the Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor?

Japan considered the U.S.as its only hindrance in its effort of obtaining raw materials from the Southeast and especially its naval base at Pearl Harbor The United States of America Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor [...]

Terrorism Concept

The target of the malicious acts must ambush unexpectedly and the attack has nothing to do with the intentions of a whole state.

Use of Torture Against Terror Suspects

Levin states that the public too, would agree to the use of torture against terror suspects, especially if the victim is a child. It is evident that the use of torture against terror suspects can [...]

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Role in World War II

That is why historians and the public pay much attention to the discussion of the role in this war of those personalities who persistently led the Western anti-Hitler coalition to the victory over Nazi Germany [...]