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Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

The US Involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

However, a significant number of objectives that underpinned the Iraq war were achieved, but the overall objective of making the world a safer place to live in after the toppling of the Baath party and [...]

Race, Violence and Captivity in the Pacific War

The second section discusses the brutality faced by captives During the Pacific War, the imperial Japanese army and its allies together with the US and its collaborators committed various atrocities that led to large-scale human [...]

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and Global Response

In order to address the shortcomings of the existing policies, it is necessary to create a coordinated effort that combines the military, economic, and ideological aspects of the counteractions and aims at a long-term effect [...]

World War I, Its Origin and Allies

Many researchers consider the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in June 1914 in Sarajevo to be the reason for the start of World War I.

Holocaust and Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt

This paper is devoted to the analysis of the Holocaust in general and the Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt in particular. The judges represented the states which were the main winners in the war: Great Britain, [...]

The Spirit of the Marshall Plan

The political and military tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union soon after the end of the Second World War made it necessary for the United States to spread its influence [...]

Ideology and Terrorism: Rights from Wrongs?

To illustrate the changes that the concept of terrorism has undergone, Combs compares it to the anarchist violence in Russia and the USA, showing, in such a manner, that the latter would not target a [...]

“Two Cheers for Versailles” by Mark Mazower

Versailles Treaty is the most significant agreement of the early twentieth century, designed the results of the World War I and established the first international organization, the League of Nations, founded to prevent major conflicts [...]

“Breaking the Yemen-Al Qaeda Connection” by Katz

The articles under analysis are devoted to the examination of the terrorism problem in the context of Yemen. The relevant approach to the problem's treatment distinguishes Katz from other authors who neglect the practical side [...]

Horrible Face of War

Yet, in the course of the evolution of society and the development of diplomacy, the causes of war have become more complex.

Vietnam War: the Results of Flawed Containment

The neo-orthodox perspective on the war in Vietnam consisted of criticism towards United States policies in the sense that civilian and military leaders of the country were unsuccessful in developing achievable and realistic plans with [...]

The War of Independence in the United States

As the War of Independence gained momentum, the liberators realized that although the military played the main role in fighting the colonial masters, it was important to maintain civilian control over them because of the [...]

The Mexican-American War

Therefore, for the interest of peace in the region, the US should not have engaged Mexico in this bloody war. However, the US should not have engaged in the war.

Aum Shinrikyo Terrorist Group’s Activity

The magnitude of the event, its dramatic quality, and a range of unprecedented elements also led to a visible reshaping of perception of terrorist threats both in the public consciousness and the policies of defense [...]

Violent Extremism and Its Communitarian Drivers

The further examination of different communitarian factors that can stimulate the progress of violent extremism in Arab countries is important to understand the main aspects of communitarianism and violent extremism and recommend actions that can [...]

The Nuremberg Trials and Their Criticism

For instance, the Allies used Count Methods during the trials despite the fact that they were non-European. The Nuremberg court was not impartial since the judges were selected by the victors of the war.

“The Accidental Guerrilla” by David Kilcullen

The book "The Accidental Guerilla" indicates that the conflicts experienced in different parts of the globe are associated with various complexities and trends. The author has presented adequate arguments to describe the nature of the [...]

Terrorism Definitions and Controversies

The history of the word "Terrorism" traces back to the French Revolution of 1794 and the Revolutionary Terror a statewide strategy against the people who were perceived to be the enemies of the New Order.

Optional Self-Defence War Against Lesser Aggressor

It is the problem that is directly connected to the question of the permissibility of self-defense wars against lesser aggressors. The concept of humanitarian wars is closely connected to the myth of self-defense wars because [...]

Violent Extremism and Suicide Terrorist Attacks

Thus, these also gave rise to numerous civil conflicts in different parts of the world which preconditioned the appearance of problems related to the preservation of public peace, protection of the existing world order, and [...]

Al-Qaeda Emergence, Ideology, and New Terrorism

The politics of the region were already turbulent at the time; however, the Soviet invasion, which was meant to help to strengthen the burgeoning communist regime in the country, led to the wide-spread uprising of [...]

The 9/11 Tragedy

For instance, the government presented the right equipment and evacuation strategies to respond to the tragic event. The leaders and human service professionals provided the right resources, materials, and counseling in order to deal with [...]

Kahane Chai: What Defines a Hate Group?

In 1984, Kahane entered the parliament with his Kach party and for a few years, he had undertaken many attempts to disseminate the anti-Arab ideology and had actively promoted the ideas of Jews' superiority over [...]

National Security & Central Intelligence Agencies

However, with the changes in the administration of the agency, change in the public perceptions over intelligence gathering, and the end of the cold war, some of the other listed methods have largely replaced the [...]

Counter Islamic State Intelligence Campaign

In the fight against the ISIL, the central issue of increasing extremism and subsequent radicalization of citizens around the world. The peripheral nature of the Western-styled intelligence outfits has also contributed to a significant wastage [...]

The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam by Grunts

Currently, Kyle Longley is co-authoring a book with David Coffey and Gene Smith regarding the military history of the United States."Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam" presents the story of the encounters of soldiers [...]

Somali Pirates, Al Shabab, and Forces Behind Them

The activities of Somali pirates and Al Shabab are causing concern among the international community as it affects business activities in the high seas of the Indian Ocean and insecurity in the East African countries.

Terrorist Groups: Critical Discourse Analysis

While the CDA analysis aids in the understanding of the relationship existing between discourses and ideologies, it is equally necessary to go beyond the narratives of syntax and lexical solutions to the ISIS menace.

War on Terror in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Thus, the objective of this paper is to review the major arguments related to the different perspectives of estimating the political situation in Central Asia and the Caucasus in relation to the War on Terror.

US Intelligence to Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Prevention of terroristic attacks is essential, and the focus on home-grown terrorism is essential as the increase of extremism in American society can have a detrimental impact on the development of the nation.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The development of interethnic clashes due to varying political pressures amongst the two groups led to the formation of the militant group. The nature of politics of the majority group and the superiority of the [...]

Real Irish Republican Army

RIRA resisted the division of the Republic of Ireland in order to create Northern Ireland. The mission of RIRA is to protect the sovereignty of the Republic of Ireland.

The Holocaust and Jehovas Witnesses

The concept of "spiritual resistance" in the case of members of Jehovah's Witness during the era of the Nazis in Germany focused primarily on continuing the acts associated with their faith despite the persecution they [...]

Female Terrorism: Causes and Features

The practice of terrorism has been associated with masculinity with the sexual roles being offered to females, which has greatly reinforced the subordination, quelling, weakness, and degradation of women.