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Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

War in Afghanistan: Should the U.S. Pull Out Now?

Therefore, the United States need to pull out its troops from Afghanistan because the cost of retaining them is unsustainable, Al-Qaeda organization is no longer a threat, and that Afghanistan requires independence to fight terrorism.

The History of the Agency

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives performs its functions under the supervision of the Department of Justice and is accountant to the Treasury Department with the new Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade [...]

Outbreak of War in Europe in 1914

The assassination led to the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and with Russia trying to defend Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia and it spread all over with the formation of alliances.

Second World War in U.S. History

Studies on the Second World War have yielded varied perspectives; according to Erdelja, "there is no other experience that was more crucial to the development of the U.S.and Europe in the 20th century than the [...]

The Vietnam War: A Clash of Viewpoints

With the help of the most realistic descriptions and the vivid pictures of woes that soldiers had to take in the course of the battles, the author makes the people sink into the mind of [...]

Iraqi War: An Unjust War

The war in Iraq resulted to the ousting of Saddam Husain, the then president, and caused a major destabilization in the country.

Importance of Accountability

It is clear from the beginning of this article, that the statistics on the World War I causalities indicates that the Germans suffered fewer casualties compared to their western counterparts, who are the French and [...]

Lord’s Resistance Army

The group is opposed to the Uganda government and the government has responded with a large-scale violence against it and the people of Northern Uganda; the government has also marginalized parts of northern Uganda occupied [...]

Moral convictions of terrorists

Acts of violence, oppression, and betrayal that was done to people in the past can trigger acts of violence. In such a case, the state is perceived as the enemy of the people.

German Resistance to Hitler

The aim of the pact was to protect each other against any military attack and at the same time attack other countries such as Greece by the Italians, Libya by the Germans, Indo-china by the [...]

Pearl Harbor in the World War II

Pearl Harbor is very significant in the history of the World War II because it is the place where the war started. This was another factor that contributed to the World War II, which began [...]

Why Terrorism is a Contested Concept

The views of the entire concept of terrorism are equally contested with one wing viewing terrorism as an act of cowardice while the other arm views terrorism as an act of coercion directed to the [...]

Events leading up to WWI

This move also contributed to the start of the conflict and eventually to the war. This decision was vehemently opposed by the Slavs, which saw Russia come to the aid of Serbia while on the [...]

War in Afghanistan

This highlights the causes of the war and Justifies the United States Action to invade Iraq on the argument of self-defense based on the UN Charter.

The war in Afghanistan

The trigger for the current war in Afghanistan was the September 11 attacks in the United States in the year 2001.

Burning Down of the Village in Platoon

After the attacks, the soldiers organized themselves and followed the enemy into the north of their bunker, where along the way they encountered a mutilated body of one of them tied to a post.

Adolf Hitler and Nationalism

The war would also bring the downfall of the old European culture of kings and noblemen and their codes of honor".[2] However, neither the number of casualties at the battlefields could reflect the actual devastation [...]

Lee’s Korean War

The Korean War which is termed as the forgotten war was a military conflict that started in June 1950 between North Korean who were supported by peoples republic of China backed by Soviet Union and [...]

Ethic of War as the Way Avoid the Conflicts

Over the centuries the laws of war have experienced significant developments which include the following: To consider the plea of combatants during surrender and the treatment of prisoners captured during war in a humane manner [...]

War and Genocide

The discussion of the Holocaust cannot be separated from the context of the World War II because the Nazi ideology of advancing the Aryans and murdering the undesirable people became one of the top reasons [...]

Keep the Troops

S embassies in Kenya, Tanzania and the terror attacks on the U. The living legacy of Osama should send fears in the nerves of the U.

The attack on Pearl Harbor

The most important and drastic outcome of this event was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America. This was the outcome of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A Nation for the Massacre of Jews in Europe

Gross's book, Neighbors: The destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland by fellow citizens in a village resided by the Nazi's in Poland. He focused on narration as opposed to prose in telling out [...]

Law Enforcement after 9/11

The response of the US government in the wake of September 11 was important and has proved to be effective in averting terror acts.

The Libyan Conflict

The pro-government forces on the other hand are opposed to the perceived involvement of the international community and the Western countries to impose regime change in their country.

Towards Morally Justifying Political Violence

Such governments first and foremost trample the basic human rights of freedom of association and worship as may be enshrined in the constitution and, as such, there exist a moral justification for political violence aimed [...]

Role of Catholic Church during Ns Regime

One religious organization that strongly opposed the extension of the Gleichschaltung into the realm of religion was the Roman Catholic Church. One of the institutions that the government failed to disband was the church.

The Significance of the Korean War

The Korean War was devastating to both the North and the South and it is deemed to be one of the world's most destructive wars in terms of the proportion of the population that was [...]

The 19th or 20th Century

The image of the shore in the movie resembles the real picture as it was then. The movie pictures a cemetery at the Normandy province, which resembles the exact one in France, referred to as [...]

Conduction of The Holocaust

Propaganda against Jews The common media the Nazis used for the campaign against the Jews was the Weekly Nazis newspaper, "The attacker".

Is Terrorism Ever Justified?

They abuse their individual has the right to express himself and to pursue areas of interest without the need to consult the government as long as all activities are within the bounds of the law.

The Battle of Tarawa

The initial attempt by the United States to take over Japan was fruitless as the Japanese solders were well equipped and well trained so much so that they overpowered the American marine solders and won [...]

The War on Terrorism

The paper mainly reflects on some of the pros and cons of war on terrorism and its effect on humanity and human rights.

Counter-Terrorism Plans Development

The United States has been of late a target of terrorists and thus measures have been taken and will continue being taken in order to find ways of controlling terrorism completely.

Causes and Effects of the Vietnamese War

To the U.S.the war was a loss, because the reunion of South and North Vietnamese citizens marked the end of the war, hence U.S.'s undivided support for the southern region yielded nothing, apart from numerous [...]

Hitler’s table talk

The involvement of priests in the affairs of the state provided important insights on some of the reasons that made Hitler to be ruthless in his table talk against Christians. As manifested in his table [...]

Stories from Vietnam

In the dissonance of opinions on the Vietnam War, it appears reasonable to turn to the first-hand experiences of the veterans and to draw real-life information from their stories.

Concepts of the Vietnam War

The fear to go to Vietnam and participate in a war that many believed America will inevitably lose, continued to engulf their life even more.

War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan was the origin of the attack and thus U.S.troops were deployed to Afghanistan after the attack.U.S.military then overthrew the Taliban government leading to retaliations by the Taliban which have hitherto resulted to high levels [...]

Analysis of the Vietnam War Timeline 1961-64

In essence, the analysis of JWPs in this war would entail critical exploration of the jus in bello, with the aim of determining the combatants and non-combatants, and this is important in the sense that [...]

The bombing of Dresden in World War II

The first planes from the Royal Air force started the journey from 1,100 kilometers away and they were tasked with the role of identifying Dresden and releasing Magnesium flares to light up the areas that [...]

The Just War Theory

The theory deals with the right to resort to war and proper conduct of war. A had gone to war and the outcome was positive.

Germany under Hitler

The multi-polar international system continued to support the actions of leaders such as Hitler, even after the First World War Western powers allowed Germany to ream itself due to the fears posed by the international [...]

Causes of World War II

Therefore the desire by the Germans under Hitler to conquer other countries and the desire by the Japanese to expand their territory was the key cause of the war in Europe and subsequently the World [...]

September 11th 2001 Analysis

That is from the rapid and complex growth of the Islam fundamentalism to the rise of the al-Qaeda and finally the failures of the intelligence services.

The Canadian War Brides

The department of national defence worked hand in hand with the Canadian Red Cross and the immigration branch and was responsible for the movement of the war brides and their children to Canada.

September 11, 2001

As the police and the emergency staff trying to help those at the World Trade Center, the South tower, collapsed and tumbled down killing hundreds of the police and emergency personnel.

The Role of the US in the Gulf War

The paper will also analyse importance of the Gulf region as a major world supplier of oil and the role played by the US in guiding the UN in making the resolutions for Iraq's withdrawal [...]

War Crimes During the World War II

It is clear that the holocaust was a war crime by the fact that, these were innocent civilians who were targeted specifically because of the hatred that Hitler had for them.

Protests and Music of the Vietnam War

As the public absorbed the announcement, and the truth behind the war, they were angered by the fact that many American lives had been lost in the war, and the fact that the government was [...]

The Final Solution

Hatred was turned to the Jews by the Germans who believed that their misery was due to the presence of the Jews in Germany.

The battle of Normandy

This battle was and still remains one of the most significant occurrences of contemporary history as the united forces shattered the core of the Nazi troops and as a result speeding up the devastation of [...]

The War in Iraq and the U.S. Invasion

The terrorists' attacks were the start of the battle cry for the search of liberty and freedom as American politicians promised to do everything in their powers to protect the way of life of the [...]

The Vietnam War Outcomes

The Vietnam War was and is still considered the longest deployment of the U. In conclusion, both the U.S.and the Vietnam governments have a lot to ponder regarding the outcome of the Vietnam War.

America’s War on Drugs

At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge of drug related arrests among young people and the relation that the trend had on the high rate of street crime at the time.

The Balkan Crisis

The crisis started at the time when Slobodan Milosevic ascended to the presidency of Serbia, in 1989 when the country held its first democratic elections since the aftermath of the First World War.

Breaking Point of a Soul

The tolerance in this particular case develops as a result of the conditions in which he lives in as well as the rules that he is expected to follow.