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Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

Outcomes of the Wars of the Roses

The wars ended with the ascendancy of Henry, of the House of Tudor, to the throne. This marked the start of the war of the roses as Richard Duke of York and his supporters sought [...]

Germany’s Secret Gamble

The "interception of the German arms shipment by the Royal Navy" led to the quick suppression of the Eastern uprising and execution of key leaders of the Irish Republicans.

Terrorism in Mumbai

The counterterrorism forces that were working in Mumbai occurred to be not able to prevent the attack as they did not find the source of threat and stop it in advance.

Australia’s Involvement in Pacific War

In the beginning of the Second World War in 1939, when Great Britain declared war to Germany the Australian troops headed to Europe to assist their allies, but a new threat occurred in the South [...]

Terrorism and Poverty

While there are conflicting arguments regarding the factors that influence terrorism, scholars agree on the need to evaluate evidence on the causes of terrorism and develop concrete strategies and approaches to tackle a vice that [...]

World War II Innovations

Named as the Manhattan Project during World War II, the nuclear program of the Allies led to catastrophic consequences for the Axis forces, particularly in the context of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which [...]

Role of the Army Staff Major

Throughout the history of the United States Army, the army staff sergeant major has been considered as the head of the noncommissioned officers.

The American Strategic Culture in Vietnam War

Spector further emphasizes that the involvement of the United States in both phases of the Vietnam War was due to Harry Truman, the then president of the United States, who did not support communism, but [...]

WW II and Hitler’s Army

After the massive defeat and deaths of the German army in the war that took place in the eastern side, it was evident that the traditional groups of the army were no longer working as [...]

Economic concerns in the aftermath of terrorism

Terrorism is one of the major challenges threatening the existence of societies in different parts of the world. Sandler and Enders assert that exports are affected adversely by terrorism due to increment in the cost [...]

Terrorism in international relations

A lot of efforts have been diverted at exploring terrorism as a result of the rate of insecurity in the international system that comes from terrorism and the fear of terrorism.

Terrorism in Israel and Palestine

Origin of the Conflict in the Land of Israel Role of the British Government The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War led to the establishment of British rule in Palestine.

Crisis Management Web Analytics

2013 political violence and terrorism analysis assigns it a political risk rating of zero. Botswana Has a rating of 1 for both political violence and terrorism risk.

Hezbollah Organisation

The Muslim world is interestingly torn right in the middle regarding the activities of Hezbollah, with prominent Muslim nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan coming out strongly to condemn the group while other [...]

United States Domestic Terrorism

It is impossible to trace the genesis of United States terrorist extremism to a specific exact date, though one can narrow it to the period when the country was fighting for its freedom from the [...]

The significance of ‘No Man’s Land’

'No Man's Land' is a war time movie that satirizes the War of the Balkans. The movie depicts the complexities that are likely to rise in a conflict situation especially with with regards to international [...]

The controversy behind the 9/11 tragedy

In fact, sources reveal that most people believe the contrary that is the allegation that the US government initiated the attacks as a strategy of gaining control of oil in the Middle East.

View of Boston Bombing

The police tried to push the crowd away from the sight, while the doctors in all hospitals dropped their appointments to cater for the many affected by these terrible blasts. The military also joined in [...]

The Second Battle of Fallujah

Therefore, this essay analyzes the battle command that General Natonski employed when he mobilized soldiers to conquer the insurgents and capture the city of Fallujah during the Second Battle of Fallujah.

The Trajectory of the World War

In addition to working for the Germany soldiers, the civilians were expected to give information about the Jews and other betrayers who resisted the Germany authorities.

The Greater War

The Greater War changed the structure of the western world in different ways as the political landscape and order took a new direction.

Salifist Takfiri Terrorism

The absence of an international law defining the possible responses to this kind of aggression allowed the federal government to interpret the act of terrorism as war.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Terrorist Threat

The types of this agent that terrorists can use include 3-quinuclidinylbenzilate, Phencyclidine, and LSD In order to achieve the intended goal of use of chemical weapons, terrorists must ensure that they are effectively delivered or [...]

Killing as a Culture in Germany

The holocaust is one unfortunate occurrence in the history of the world. Solving this means finding it within oneself and appreciating that the Holocaust is a terrible historical scar.

The History of Great War

One of the most prominent lessons for humanity from the war was that war always wins. The Great War also clearly brought out the irony of war.

World War I

When the Storm of Steel was published, it became a favorite in Germany since it adored the greatness of war and the huge sacrifices made by the Germany warriors to end the war victoriously.

Battle of Verdun

Based on the account of Horne and the opinions presented in this paper, it can be stated that the entire battle of Verdun was complete was of human life and shows how nationalism and pride [...]

World War One

This later led to the entry of countries allied to Serbia into the war so as to protect their partners. In conclusion, the First World War led to the loss of many lives.

The German Army

In the book, Muth introduces the concept of Command Culture and how it was effective in assisting the German Soldiers during the war.

Morality of Warfare

It should be noted that the Quran only allows the Muslim to engage in war if their faith is threatened and there is need to protect it but abhors war if the Muslim will engage [...]

United State’s War on Terror Policy Paper

In line with this, one of the merits that is common in the policies that have been adopted so far is the centralized legal authority that has endeavored to make the new rules and regulations [...]

Threats to Globalization

For instance, people can be reluctant to use the benefits of globalization, and try to limit access to their states. People can try to limit cooperation between countries which will inevitably threaten the process of [...]

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a conflict that was military in nature, occurred between the years 1954 and 1975, and was between the communists and the non-communists.

Vietnam MY Lai Massacre

The second part of the discussion looks at whether the principles of war were adhered to and examines whether these deaths would have been prevented had the rules of engagement been followed The US troops [...]

Terrorism: Searching for a Definition

The United States generally defines terrorism as "...the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce in furtherance of political or social objectives". In addition, the definitions fail to [...]

World War II

The main theme of the entire speech made by SS in which we shall be analyzing in this section of the paper is about this group's mission and strategies towards the implementation of orders handed [...]

The humanitarian crisis in Kosovo

To this end, a review of the Kosovo invasion by NATO shall be conducted to illustrate the extents to which forceful means were used in addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region. The criteria of [...]

Nuclear Weapons

It is necessary to point out that there is no need in transporting biological weapons since aerosolization is the major method of this kind of weapons proliferation.

A Just Humanitarian War: Kosovo 1999

The origins and developments of the war will be examined, before and after the NATO intervention, the consequences of the war will be outlined, and the opposing opinions will be considered to produce a comprehensive [...]

The Influences of Neutral Countries in WW2

The validity of this suggestion can be illustrated, in regards to what historians know about the influences of the mentioned countries on WW2: Sweden Up until the year 1944, Sweden used to be in the [...]

NYPD Counterterrorism Program

To reinforce these claims, this paper has engaged in a detailed discussion as to the strengths of the NYPD program and how it can be used together with the federal departments to form a powerful [...]

Lessons Learned From 9/11

It was suspected to have taken the form of Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks in the sense that the Al-Qaeda group had not always been in good terms with the Americans.

The London Bombings of 2005

To the rest of the cities in Britain and other major cities in the world, especially in the European region and the United States, there were numerous security alerts over the issue with the public [...]

Critique of Stolfi’s Argument

For example, Stofli suggests that the reason why Hitler attacked USSR in June of 1941 is that he thought that this would help him winning the war against Britain and that he sought the expansion [...]

The Rise of the Macro-Nationalists

However, after close inspections, it was found that Mr Breivik's view of the world did not match any of the established ideologies of the right wig which include Christian fundamentalism, Ultanationalism and supremacism.

Why the Germans lost

Germany was the favorites in this war and proclaimed to be the strongest contender in the whole of Europe. They had the same ideologies as the Germans hence led to Hitler ordering the massive massacre [...]

Radical Rights Groups

The groups, together with other right groups in the United States threaten the legitimate federal authority in a number of ways.

World War I Technological Advancements

World War I saw the application of several new technologies to the battlefield, the most important being that of the internal combustion engine, which permitted the development of the first successful mechanized armored fighting vehicles1.

Why The Crusades Failed

The withdrawal of the support of the allies of the Pope led to a reduction in the military capacity of the crusaders' forces.

Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Group

This paper is an in-depth analysis of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group by looking at its establishment and the threats it poses to the United States of America.

British army in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan started with the conflicts between the British army and the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban group as the supporters of Al-Qaeda squad.

Debate of Gun Control in America

Those suggesting that ownership of the gun is illegal and unethical observe that the local authorities and the federal agencies in charge of the gun control policy are not doing enough in terms of policy [...]

Ethical Issue in Nuclear War

Accordingly, it is worthwhile to address the ethical concerns regarding the application of nuclear weapons in wars. The ethical concern in the use of nuclear weapons and medicine is a very significant area to be [...]

Society Ethics in Modern War Technology

The world is moving forward, and it is currently changing from the industrial age to the age of information technology. The United States of America is the leader in technological advancement in relation to military [...]

Iraq War in 2003

Washington Post started to give coverage to the Iraq war since the inception of the debate on Iraq in the US Congress.

The Second Lebanon War 2006

Although there are no controversies about the trigger of the conflict, it is possible to pay attention to the radical opposition of the visions of the conflict presented by the representatives of Hezbollah in their [...]

Nazi Germany & Holocaust

The Nazi movement is a revolutionary movement that was associated with the mass murder of Jews and Communists in an attempt to restore the reputation of Germany at the international level. The Nazi regime under [...]