Terroristic Organizations Essay Examples and Topics

The Niger Delta Region Insurgent Group

As a result, the defensive systems of the Shell and the federal government have been significantly destabilized in this region making it difficult for the group to be defeated.

Effective Counter Insurgency Strategies

The creation of a useful counterinsurgent strategy is crucial for the practitioners involved in the counterinsurgency actions. The counterinsurgency strategy should adapt to the alterations in the insurgent community it seeks to counteract.

Geographic Conditions Role for Insurgent Groups

The simple geographic conditions are considered to be favoring counterinsurgent groups and are not beneficial to insurgencies. Furthermore, insurgencies have been successful in areas where the countries in the boundaries are sympathizers of the insurgent [...]

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group

Al Qaeda is considered to be one of the largest international terrorism groups in the world. However, the administrative and operational structure of the Al Qaeda group still remains a mystery to many.

Hezbollah Organisation

The Muslim world is interestingly torn right in the middle regarding the activities of Hezbollah, with prominent Muslim nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan coming out strongly to condemn the group while other [...]

Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Group

This paper is an in-depth analysis of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group by looking at its establishment and the threats it poses to the United States of America.

The spectacle of Terror

This does not mean to say that the media is always wrong, in fact, most of the time it serves a reliable source of information for the general public on matters that the people did [...]

Nature of the Al-Qaeda, and how it can be ended

There is a need for a detailed study of the intricacies and dynamics of the al-Qaeda, and implementation of well-calculated measures to ensure that the group is ended effectively The Al-Qaeda, and the Islamists associated [...]

Terrorist Groups in Turkey

A terror group's mission forms the basis of its goals and objectives, which over the years become predictable due to their repeated nature.

History of Al Qaeda

Al Qaida spread in the U.S.and Omar Abdel was in charge of recruiting mujahedeen. Al Qaida and Yemen joined to form Al Qaida group in the Arabian Peninsula.

Terrorism, Its Groups and Categories

Most of the terrorist attacks happening nowadays are even being supported by the military forces of the countries involved which make the attacks even more coercive since the military that should protect the people is [...]

Lord’s Resistance Army

The group is opposed to the Uganda government and the government has responded with a large-scale violence against it and the people of Northern Uganda; the government has also marginalized parts of northern Uganda occupied [...]