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Al-Qaeda Footholds in Afghanistan Essay

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Al-Qaeda is a network of an international alliance of Islamic militant groups that were formed in the late 1980s to advance Islamic fundamentalism. The group has been very active in many countries like Afghanistan. The soviet invasion in Afghanistan can be attributed to the rise and growth of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan when Anti-Muslim afghan guerillas (mujahidin), the Afghan government, and the Soviet forces were involved in the crisis. The invasion by the Soviets led to afghan resistance. The Afghan government received support from the USA, China, and Saudi Arabia. The Mujahidin came from the Middle East to Afghanistan to assist fellow Muslims. Osama Bin Laden founded an organization that could help veterans of the Afghan War in Afghanistan this formed the bases of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.. (Biri A. 1998).

Since then the al-Qaeda has continued to regenerate itself in Afghanistan. Their activities are co-coordinated by Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed Uthman Abu al –Yazid who is the leader of the group activities, al-Qaeda had been involved in activities that were believed to assist the Taliban in the Afghan war. Abu- al-Yazid an Afghan, is strongly associated with Osama Bin Laden. It is believed that Al-Qaeda has a strong base in Afghanistan where its members get trained. Osama Bin Laden has been believed as hiding in Afghanistan. Many Al-Qaeda members are believed to use Afghanistan as a hideout on its border with Pakistan.

The links between Taliban and Al-Qaeda

It is widely believed that a link exist between the Taliban’s of Afghanistan and the Al-Qaeda network in terms of leadership, training of its members, and the provision of resources in terms of finances, technology which facilitate the group’s operations.

Al-Qaeda senior leaders have demonstrated in their statements that the two groups are associated. For example, Ayman al-Zawahiri through a speech released by as-sahed media in December 2006, said that al-qaeda’s backing of the Jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq is the most important battlefield. (Kommersant Russia’s Daily online Sep. 29, 2006, ). The United Nations was presented with a report by the U.N experts on terrorism about situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This report shows that al-Qaeda and the Taliban have strong in the training of its members, the Afghans Taliban get training in al-Qaeda camps in Iraq.

Their relationship includes also the provision of resources among their leaders. “At the meeting [between al-Qaeda and Taliban representatives] according to Taliban sources, Osama Bin laden’s men officially broke some bad news to emissaries from Mullah Mohamed Omar, the elusive leader of Afghanistan ousted fundamentalist regime…” Ayman al-Zawahiri through an interview with Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri in Dec. 2006. “…The backing of the Jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq today is to back the most important battlefields in which the crusade against Islam and Muslim is in progress…”(Newsweek Dec.15.2006). Documents that were discovered in Iraq showed relations between Fazlur Rahman to the Taliban and Saddam. The documents describe Rahman as the father of the Taliban and show a close relationship with Mullah Omar of the al-Qaeda leadership.

Al-Qaeda had become powerful enough to attack even the United States

Al-Qaeda had carried a series of attacks that have been directed to the United States and its Interest. On Sept.11, 2001, the group led a series of well-coordinated attacks in the US where Several American airlines flights were hijacked and crashed killing almost 3,000 civilians.

Al-Qaeda network accuses the U.S of supporting Israel, plundering resources of the Middle East, giving support, and dictating policies to legitimate leaders.

Strength is a factor that has enabled the group to be able to attack the US. The group has a large number of members and associates spread in many countries in the world. Al-Qaeda is believed to have many military bases with strength in terms of technology and weapons. The group its members spread in South Asia, South East Asia, and the Middle East.


The al-Qaeda network has a solid financial status as it funds itself from donations from its supporters. They obtain funds from Islamic charitable organizations in an illicit manner. This makes them capable of maintaining and using sophisticated technology in their operations. They communicate, get information, plan, and strikes without being detected. They use forged documents to travel to any part of the world making it easy to carry on with their activities anywhere in the world.

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