Terrorism Prevention Essay Examples and Topics

Terrorism: Post-9/11 Maritime Security Initiatives in the USA

Introduction The US marine transport system contributes over 700 billion dollars in revenue and controls more than 90 percent of the global trade. It also allows the US to extend its military presence across the world. In addition, it generates employment opportunities for the locals and provides recreational facilities for the American people. In other […]

What is the Best Way for Fighting Terrorism According to Mortenson?

As the global security continues to worsen because of terrorists’ threat to the world, there has been a plethora of methods to counter the looming perpetration of grievous terrorism. Countries often participate in providing collective security, military bombardment of countries that support terrorism, port blockades, and economic sanctions amongst others. Seldom does the world see […]

Under-age Criminals in the New York Times Archives

This paper explores the events that happened on the 5th of September in 1994. The research of the New York Times archives revealed three particularly worrying articles. All of them described murders and injuries of three different people, and all of them had one feature in common – the suspects charged with murders were under […]

The advanced community planning in response to the potential threat of terrorism

Introduction Community planning essentially involves the use of political and technical planning techniques as means to ensure the development and protection of the community in question. The technical angle includes building dwellings that cater for the resident population’s housing, infrastructural, and security needs sufficiently, while the political angle involves the development and implementation of policies […]

Counterterrorism of USA

Abstract Terrorism is one of the global commons that is of great concern to many countries, particularly the developed states, such as the United States, which is always the target of terrorists. Based on this, the United States was forced to enter into a joint military operation with the government of Philippine in order to […]

War on Terrorism: How to Cope with the Global Threat?

The war on terrorism is discussed as one of the most important and controversial questions concerning the global peace and development. The questions involve a lot of ethical and political issues which need the immediate solution because terrorist attacks become more frequent and crueler. Terrorism is often defined as the crime against humanity, the actions […]

Rumsfeld’s Memo & the War on Global Terrorism

The grotesque fear of terrorism continues to elicit much attention in the public domain, particularly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil demonstrated that terrorist attacks can no longer be perceived as isolated, far-away, or unavoidably rare events. Various multi-faceted campaigns against terrorism have been ongoing for the past one decade, but opinion remains […]

Terrorism Handling in Our Life

Introduction Terrorism is one of the most serious criminal activities and it has greatly jeopardized world peace and safety. Defining terrorism is not very easy and its meaning has been subjected to a lot of debate by many scholars. “Terrorism can be defined as a tactic used by a small set of extremists to fight […]

Defense Imperatives: “Thwarting Terrorism & Bringing Terrorists to Justice”

Although the United States is currently faced with a multiplicity of challenges to its security as well as in ensuring the prevalence of global peace and stability, that of terrorism cannot possibly escape unnoticed due to the solemn obligations demonstrated by the U.S. Administration towards protecting the security of the American people. Today, terrorism is […]

“US Slaps Sanctions on Caucasus Emirates as Violence Continues in North Caucasus” Article

In their book titled Global Terrorism, Lutz & Lutz (2004) note that critics of the U.S. policies on global terrorism often questions the capacity of the policies to meet international threshold and the will of America to involve other traditionally non-aligned state actors in the fight on global terrorism. However, the article by The Jamestown […]

Human and Technical Intelligence in Countering Terrorism

Introduction Both human and technological systems continue to become more complicated by the day. In some cases, technology has proven so complex that even experts involved in various fields may not amicably understand their areas of specialisations (Clutterbuck 2013, p. 271). Too often, when we tackle this subject, we focus on a broad area of […]

Difference Between France and the United States Counterterrorism Policies

Introduction In the international fight in opposition to transnational terrorism, the European Union and the US are natural associates. However, cultural, bureaucratic, and differences in tactics are a threat to progress. Because of the Middle East situation in the 1980’s, France, one of the EU nations, found itself being the international terrorism target (Friedrichs 58). […]

Local, State, and Federal Partnerships: Terrorism

Response to terrorism The response to terrorism in my city is based on the specific chain-of-command structure which is critical for effective policies. First of all, one should speak about the Incident Commander whose duty is to develop strategies for responding to possible threats. Additionally, one can speak about the Command Staff that includes Safety […]

The Effect of Terrorism on Human Rights: The Clash between the human rights advocates and victims of terrorism

Abstract Over the recent past, the issue of terrorism has raised a major security concern in the world. This has increased the need to have effective counter terrorism measures. However, the fight against terrorism has led to controversy between the measures taken by the state counter terrorism committee and the views of human right organizations. […]

Eliminating Terrorism at the Domestic Level

Abstract The future of globalization has been hindered by the terrorist activities that have been witnessed over the past decades. This has slowed down the world economic growth. It has also affected the international relations that were strengthening the world economy. Nations have come together to form unions in an effort to end terrorism. The […]

United State’s War on Terror Policy Paper

Executive Summary Combating terrorism is an operation that demands strategic attention and direct accountability in order to enhance national and global security. It is notable that terrorism has become a global issue that has been perceived as a threat to international security and relations. In this case, the United States as a world super power […]

Terrorist Cells and Groups within the Northern Region of Africa

Abstract This research paper looks into the emerging issues of terrorist threats in Africa and especially the Northern African region. The paper tries to answer whether the U.S. has the ability to counter the emerging terrorist threats in Africa through military co-operation missions with aligned countries. As a result the research paper looks into how […]

How the U.S. Can Combat the Terrorist Threat in Africa?

Abstract This research will look into the emerging issues of terrorist threats in Africa. The paper will try to answer whether the U.S. can counter the emerging terrorist threats in Africa through military cooperation missions with aligned countries. Thus the research looks into how the U.S. can participate both militarily, and diplomatically to combat the […]

NYPD Counterterrorism Program

Introduction While acts of terrorism are as old as human civilization, the horrific events of 11th September 2001 brought home the painful reality of the devastating nature of terrorist attacks to Americans. The city that bore the brunt of these attacks was New York City which suffered multiple human losses and property loses in the […]

A Research on Terrorism Before and After the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Abstract The events of September 11, 2001 undoubtedly forever changed the perception of terrorism among Americans. This paper explores the significant changes that occurred with regard to terrorism following the events of 9/11. A brief introduction to terrorism and the various forms of terrorism that have been practiced through the years will provide a rich […]

How orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of the ‘War on Terror’

Introduction This paper seeks to establish information on how orientalist constructions of Muslim bodies inform the rhetoric of War on Terror. The subject of terrorism is widespread in the entire globe, and most people have come up with varied ways and techniques to fight terrorism. In this paper, we focus on these methods with emphasis […]

Foreign Policy: United States and Fight with Terrorism

Introduction All countries in the world have different foreign policies concerning their counterparts. Different countries have varying opinions and perceptions and the nature of foreign policy depends largely on the country’s relations with the countries in question. These policies have in the recent years been based on the increasing terrorism across the globe. There are […]

Preventing Terrorist Acts

Introduction Terrorism is a term that strikes fear into the nerves of most people. Humankind has practiced terrorist acts since the beginning of recorded history. The acts have made kingdoms to rise, fall, and enabled individuals to gain authority. Terrorist acts are increasingly becoming a major difficulty in the current unsteady world. A simple terrorist […]

The US Anti-terrorism Efforts are Failing

Introduction The world is still in shock and panic following the recent terrorist attacks that marred the 2013 Boston Marathon event in April (Gale Group para 1). The Boston Marathon is one of the major global sporting events that draw attention from virtually all parts of the world. The organization of the event, like all […]

Risk assessment in buildings

Introduction Terrorism attacks involving the use of violent means in the contemporary society have been on the rise, which has resulted to the loss of many innocent lives. In the past, terrorist groups like al-Qaeda have carried out terrorist attacks in countries like the United States and Kenya among other countries. These attacks include the […]

The Media and Terrorism

The question of relations between the media and terrorism is rather controversial because of the phenomena’s interdependence. It is possible to state that the power of terrorism can be enhanced by the media because the media resources are used as the tools for terroristic organizations, but the media cannot cause terrorism directly. Terroristic organizations are […]

Terrorism: The United States’ Involvement

Introduction of the Issue Terrorism often refers to war situations in which combatants unleash indiscriminate violence upon civilians as part of a war strategy to deter further attacks from opponents, with the main characteristic being unleashing terror on innocent civilians. Terrorists use a number of methods to accomplish their mission including kidnapping, inflicting injuries on […]

War on Terrorism

Terrorism, propagated by Islamic Extremists, has cost the lives of countless innocent inhabitants, for a long time. These terrorists majorly attack the United States citizens. The newsagents have aired various cases of terrorism from time to time over an incredibly longer period. One of the worst incidents or terror attacks was experienced in 11th September […]

“What is the Definition of Terrorism? And why is the White House Afraid of Using the Term?” by Timothy Kelly

The author of this article is Timothy Kelly. Kelly argues that the White House evades from giving a concise definition of the term “terrorism.” He reviews several exchanges between two secretaries to the White House and different reporters to show how the White House evades using this term. Hence, the purpose of Kelly’s document is […]

A Critical Look at Arming Pilots

Today the problem of the public security is discussed at all the social and legal levels. Terrorist attacks became the real threat for the people’s everyday peaceful life, and the problem of security acquired new aspects since the events of September 11 revealed the most dangerous outcomes of the terrorists’ actions. It was the start […]

Domestic Terrorism in the Post 9/11 Era

Introduction Terrorism has being a threat worldwide, yielding to negative results on the targeted areas and causing loss of lives and property. The 9/11 attacks were a revelation to the United States government that more efforts were needed in the fight against terrorism. The September 11th 2001 attacks involved the crashing of two planes by […]

Hamas and the US Policy

Introduction The United States has been faced with the challenge of having to understand and deal with Islamic fundamentalism in the past decade. The US has found it difficult to come up with a comprehensive foreign policy to address the issue. However, policymakers have been able to comprehend the ideological tenets behind these fundamental groups […]

Law Enforcement after 9/11

Introduction The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, popularly known as 9/11, changed the world’s view of terrorism forever. In the aftermath of these attacks, the Bush administration declared war on terrorism, this war was aimed at capturing Osama bin Laden and smashing al-Qaeda operations around the world. These actions were […]

The War on Terrorism

Introduction This research paper is critical analysis of war on terror. The paper mainly reflects on some of the pros and cons of war on terrorism and its effect on humanity and human rights. In an analysis of the players involved in the war, the paper takes a side through analysis of areas of disagreements. […]

Counter-Terrorism Plans Development

Introduction A long term proactive and collaborative measure needs to be taken to counter terrorism as it has become (of late) a major threat to human peaceful coexistence and economic development. Since the September 11 attacks, it has been a commitment to the US government to protect its citizens from possible terrorist attacks. Developing Counter […]

September 11th 2001

Introduction After the aftermaths of the 11th September, 2001 terrorism attacks, many questions become unanswered as to the mystery behind this act of terrorism. On a mission to solve these mysteries, a commission was formed; The Bipartisan 9/11 Commission to investigate the base of al-Qaida. Countries such as Afghanistan and suspects such as Osama bin […]