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Nazi Germany Essay Examples and Topics

“Triumph of The Will” by Riefenstahl

Rohm and the paramilitary wing of the Nazis were of the opinion that the administration was dragging its feet on the implementation of reforms promised during the 1932 election campaign that brought them to power.
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Holocaust: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

The holocaust refers to the murder of six million European Jews in the course of the Second World War. The holocaust was the highest level of prejudice in society during the time.
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Nazi Plan for the Extermination of the Jews

It has been reported five million Jews were executed by the Nazis during the Second World War.'Die Endlosung' or the Final Solution is the name given to the methodical execution of the Jewish population during [...]
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Historical Event: Hitler in the World History

Taking into consideration the fact that the World War II and its appalling events are still remembered and feared of, I would really want to interfere with nature and erase from the history the day [...]
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Nazi Germany Structure and Policies

The aftermath of the war was yet to be overcome in political and economic aspects worldwide, and in particular, in the Weimar republic.
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Holocaust: From Discrimination to Concentration Camps

The discrimination as said at workplaces and other areas was later to escalate to actual killing with the taking of power by the Nazi party establishing legal backing of their activities with the enactment of [...]
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Homosexuality Aspects in Nazi Germany

Dominating such a household would be quite easy for the German authorities because all they had to do was to convert the husband and the rest of the family would follow without question.
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Censorship, Holocaust and Political Correctness

In this paper, we will focus on exploring different aspects of formal and informal censorship, in regards to a so-called "Holocaust denial", as we strongly believe that people's ability to express their thoughts freely is [...]
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Speech of Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler

In order for us to understand what Himmler was referring to, we will need to analyze the chain of historical events that prompted Germans to believe that Jews in their country were nothing but agents [...]
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Responsibility for the Most Horrific Crimes Issue

It is apparent from the quotes and my own research that the "everyday" citizens delivered just as much pain and suffering as any Nazi associate, and it is the purpose of this investigation to identify [...]
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Nazi’s Propaganda in the XX Century

At first, Nazis used propaganda technologies to draw attention of other political organizations of the right wing, then, after the departure of imprisonment by Hitler, the party becomes better organized and, finally, propaganda is used [...]
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Holocaust: What Were Its Causes and Effects?

After the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazis, the goal of the Nazis was to murder every individual of Jewish origin, which the Nazis defined as anyone with a trace of Jewish "blood" dating [...]
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The Holocaust: Planned Physical Extermination

In this essay, we are going to concentrate particularly on the point of the Holocaust in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, namely the extermination of Jews that took place in Romania and France [...]
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Holocaust Tragedy in Nazi Germany

Since the forties of the twentieth century, another such theory, called the Holocaust, came into use in the context of the mass extermination of Jews in Europe by the Nazis. It is the education of [...]
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Museum of Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Issues

The description of the exhibit devoted to the Holocaust at the Museum of Tolerance is provided hereafter. I have recently visited the exhibit devoted to the Holocaust at the Museum of Tolerance, and I am [...]
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Adolf Hitler’s Treatment of Non-Germans

His writings also indicate that his hate for non-Germans was due to the entrepreneurial nature of some of these non-Germans such as the Jews who were seen by Adolf Hitler as exploiters of the Germans.
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The Public Memory of the Holocaust

In addition to his pain, Levi concerns the increasing temporal distance and habitual indifference of hundreds of millions of people towards the Holocaust and the survivors1 It causes the feeling of anxiety that was fuelled [...]
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History of the Holocaust

They can be outlined as follows: the historical legacy of anti-Semitism in Europe, the particulars of the German national character /the fact that the Nazis did succeed in dehumanizing the Jews, and the irrational hatred [...]
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Holocaust and Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt

This paper is devoted to the analysis of the Holocaust in general and the Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt in particular. The judges represented the states which were the main winners in the war: Great Britain, [...]
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Holocaust, Antisemitism, and Propaganda

That is why, nowadays great attention is given to issues which led to the death of millions of people. Being a part of the ideology of Nazism, it led to the elimination of a great [...]
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Nazi Anti-Jewish Policy and Its Evolution

The Nazi implemented a number of policies that were detrimental to the wellbeing of the Jews. By the start of the Second World War in 1939, the Nazi regime was seeking a final solution to [...]
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The Holocaust and Jehovas Witnesses

The concept of "spiritual resistance" in the case of members of Jehovah's Witness during the era of the Nazis in Germany focused primarily on continuing the acts associated with their faith despite the persecution they [...]
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Social Darwinism and Nazi Genocide Ideology

It is possible to trace the way the Jews settled and assimilated in western countries and the way the ideas of Social Darwinism affected the society to see the link between Nazi genocidal ideology and [...]
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Adolf Hitler and a History of the Holocaust

Before going any further it is important to point out the kind of mindset that the German people had back then that made it easier for Hitler to convince them to join him in a [...]
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The Holocaust History: the Jewish Community Destruction

To achieve its objective, the paper will expound on why the Nazi government targeted the Jews, why did these attacks come during this specific period, the role that average German citizens played and the overall [...]
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History of the Jews and the Holocaust

The Nazi regime and its partners became the pioneers of the Holocaust. That being the case, the anti-Semitism ideas and prejudices experienced in Germany before the Second World War led to the infamous Holocaust.
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Dehumanization in Auschwitz

Tattooing of Inmates The first striking factor is the tattooing of a number on the left arm of the inmate and the demand that the prisoner uses this number as his name.
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Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning

The author set out to Germany to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the success of the Holocaust. The main reason why the author chose to start the book with a cliffhanger is to capture the [...]
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Killing as a Culture in Germany

The holocaust is one unfortunate occurrence in the history of the world. Solving this means finding it within oneself and appreciating that the Holocaust is a terrible historical scar.
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World War II

The main theme of the entire speech made by SS in which we shall be analyzing in this section of the paper is about this group's mission and strategies towards the implementation of orders handed [...]
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Nazi Germany & Holocaust

The Nazi movement is a revolutionary movement that was associated with the mass murder of Jews and Communists in an attempt to restore the reputation of Germany at the international level. The Nazi regime under [...]
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The Holocaust and Nazi Germany

The rise of the Nazis to power in 1933 led to the establishment of thousands of concentration camps, which were centers of mass murders of Jews.
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The Holocaust and Jews Extermination

The Nazis perceived Internationalism in the context of the Holocaust to be a global perspective primarily held and advocated by Jews who were using it as a method designed to dominate the whole world.
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Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will

Chronicling the Nazi Party Congress held in Nuremberg, Triumph of the Will catapulted the documentary as mode of propaganda designed to specifically argue a point and influence public opinion."Documentary cinema is intimately tied to historical [...]
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The burden of Hitler’s legacy

In his opinion, the Jews were to be blamed for Germany's downfall in World War 1 and the subsequent peace treaty that was a source of embarrassment to the nation.
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The Nazi Holocaust’s Effects

This study aims at analyzing the claim that social and psychological effects of the Holocaust linger in areas of political systems in which the survivors of the holocaust currently reside.
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The Holocaust History

Hitler said that the root cause of the problems were the despicable Jews of Europe. The direct victims were the Jews but the rest of the world understood the consequences of inaction and the lack [...]
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Helmut Walser Smith’s The Butcher’s Tale

The sacrifice of individuals by fire as the Greek word Holocaust suggests was an act by the Nazi under the leadership of Adolf Hitler who in 1933 had risen to power and who believed that [...]
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Adam Czerniakow

Since he was at the centre of the Jewish Council of elders in the ghettos, he was in touch with new developments in his community.
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Reinhard Heydrich’s Role in the Holocaust

With the help of his boss: Himmler[7], they used political forces to influence the police in an attempt to ensure the consolidation of the Nazi administration in the entire nation of Germany[8].
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German Resistance to Hitler

The aim of the pact was to protect each other against any military attack and at the same time attack other countries such as Greece by the Italians, Libya by the Germans, Indo-china by the [...]
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Adolf Hitler and Nationalism

The war would also bring the downfall of the old European culture of kings and noblemen and their codes of honor".[2] However, neither the number of casualties at the battlefields could reflect the actual devastation [...]
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War and Genocide

The discussion of the Holocaust cannot be separated from the context of the World War II because the Nazi ideology of advancing the Aryans and murdering the undesirable people became one of the top reasons [...]
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A Nation for the Massacre of Jews in Europe

Gross's book, Neighbors: The destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland by fellow citizens in a village resided by the Nazi's in Poland. He focused on narration as opposed to prose in telling out [...]
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Role of Catholic Church during Ns Regime

One religious organization that strongly opposed the extension of the Gleichschaltung into the realm of religion was the Roman Catholic Church. One of the institutions that the government failed to disband was the church.
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Conduction of The Holocaust

Propaganda against Jews The common media the Nazis used for the campaign against the Jews was the Weekly Nazis newspaper, "The attacker".
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Hitler’s table talk

The involvement of priests in the affairs of the state provided important insights on some of the reasons that made Hitler to be ruthless in his table talk against Christians. As manifested in his table [...]
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Hitler’s Schutzstaffel

In order to execute the roles of this group, any chosen member had to be of Germany origin and show loyalty to the party.
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Germany under Hitler

The multi-polar international system continued to support the actions of leaders such as Hitler, even after the First World War Western powers allowed Germany to ream itself due to the fears posed by the international [...]
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The Final Solution

Hatred was turned to the Jews by the Germans who believed that their misery was due to the presence of the Jews in Germany.
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Breaking Point of a Soul

The tolerance in this particular case develops as a result of the conditions in which he lives in as well as the rules that he is expected to follow.
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