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World War I Essay Examples and Topics

World War I and the 1920s

In this case, American citizens went from industry workers and soldiers during the World War I to the explorers, who discover different forms of entertainment in the 1920s because of stabilization of the politics in [...]

The Causes and Effects of World War I

To this end, the Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of the War and the Enforcement of Penalties met in Paris in 1919. It is impossible to name a single reason for the initiation [...]

World War I, Its Origin and Allies

Many researchers consider the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in June 1914 in Sarajevo to be the reason for the start of World War I.

“Two Cheers for Versailles” by Mark Mazower

Versailles Treaty is the most significant agreement of the early twentieth century, designed the results of the World War I and established the first international organization, the League of Nations, founded to prevent major conflicts [...]

The First World War History and Aspects

The U.S.did not participate in the war at first, but events such as the sinking of Lusitania, the publishing of the Zimmerman Note, and the Russian Revolution convinced the American authorities to cause the U.S.to [...]

First World War Issues and Causes

As a matter of fact, the events of the late spring and summer of 1914 went down in the history books as some of the major issues that would contribute to the First World War.

Role of Civilian Population in World War I

Not only did the war encouraged people to join their forces in order to fight the enemy, but also affected their perception of the state's key political processes raising political engagement rates among population, WWI [...]

Total War of World War I

The paper will demonstrate that the First World War was a total war since it bore most the hallmark characteristics of the total war including unlimited warfare, prioritization of armament efforts, involvement of the civilian [...]

Germany’s Secret Gamble

The "interception of the German arms shipment by the Royal Navy" led to the quick suppression of the Eastern uprising and execution of key leaders of the Irish Republicans.

The Greater War

The Greater War changed the structure of the western world in different ways as the political landscape and order took a new direction.

The History of Great War

One of the most prominent lessons for humanity from the war was that war always wins. The Great War also clearly brought out the irony of war.

World War I

When the Storm of Steel was published, it became a favorite in Germany since it adored the greatness of war and the huge sacrifices made by the Germany warriors to end the war victoriously.

Battle of Verdun

Based on the account of Horne and the opinions presented in this paper, it can be stated that the entire battle of Verdun was complete was of human life and shows how nationalism and pride [...]

World War One

This later led to the entry of countries allied to Serbia into the war so as to protect their partners. In conclusion, the First World War led to the loss of many lives.

World War I Technological Advancements

World War I saw the application of several new technologies to the battlefield, the most important being that of the internal combustion engine, which permitted the development of the first successful mechanized armored fighting vehicles1.

United States and World War I

The paper further gives an in-depth analysis of how the Germans waged war against the European countries and the circumstances that forced the United States to abandon its neutrality to take part in the Great [...]

Why Europe Went to War

This was particularly reinforced by the signing of treaties and the formation of alliances[1] Militarism The causes of the war dates as far back as before 1914 and tension was so high among the various [...]

WWI-War: Revolution, and Reconstruction

In as much as soldiers and civilians garnered experience during WWI, it is imperative to acknowledge that the unsuitable environment at the forefront led to deterioration of health standards; furthermore, civilians were forced to live [...]

World War I Technology

Although the question of the origins of the Great War is highly debated, and although this war is considered by many as the beginning of a new stage in history and the real starting point [...]

The World War I

The war brought to the fore various issues which had been in the air in the end of the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Outbreak of War in Europe in 1914

The assassination led to the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and with Russia trying to defend Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia and it spread all over with the formation of alliances.

Importance of Accountability

It is clear from the beginning of this article, that the statistics on the World War I causalities indicates that the Germans suffered fewer casualties compared to their western counterparts, who are the French and [...]

Events leading up to WWI

This move also contributed to the start of the conflict and eventually to the war. This decision was vehemently opposed by the Slavs, which saw Russia come to the aid of Serbia while on the [...]