World War I Essay Examples and Topics

Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins

This paper is aimed at discussing the book Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins. In this work, he explores the underlying causes of World War I, its effects on people’s experiences, and the long-term effects of this political and social catastrophe. This topic has been examined by various historians, but Modris Eksteins takes a slightly […]

Total War of World War I

Introduction War has always been a defining characteristic of human civilization. Since historical times, people have waged war against each other for various reasons. Before the First World War of 1914 to 1918, armed confrontations between nations were carried out in restricted manners and primarily against military targets. However, the First World War led to […]

History of Dead Man’s Penny and British Regiment

History of Dead Man’s Penny The World War 1 has gone down books of history as one of the fiercest battles ever fought on the face of the earth. Many factors have contributed to the much attention and interest the war has received. One of the factors is the number of casualties reported in the […]

Germany’s Secret Gamble

The video, WWI Germany’s Secret Gambles, analyzes the way Germany turned to covert operations, which included sabotage, espionage, biological weapons and secret communications to win the First World War. The video evaluates the measures and strategies, which Germany adopted to undermine the authority of the British Empire. For example, the film analyzes the outcomes of […]

The Western Front: First World War

Introduction The 20th century was characterized by major military confrontations between nations. The first significant military conflict during this century was the First World War. This war, which took place between 1914 and 1918, was different from previous wars in that it involved almost all nations in the world. The two main sides in the […]

“Understanding the Great War” by Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker

The authors, Audoin-Rouzeau and Becker present their book “14-18: Understanding the Great War”, in a Franco centric way. The authors not only focus on the battles and encounters but also the human experience and reaction towards war. The experiences match the characteristics of “American strategic culture” that promote peace and moral objectives before engaging in […]

The Greater War

Introduction The Greater War changed the structure of the western world in different ways as the political landscape and order took a new direction. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austrian archduke, and his wife triggered the war leading to its eruption. The assassination just triggered the war, and there were some underlying causes that are still […]

The History of Great War

World war one also known as the Great War took place between 1915 and 1918. It involved the major powers of Europe of that time (Henig, 2002). Its causes were as varied as the nations involved in the war. But it is widely believed that it was a battle for supremacy. The Germans wanted to […]

World War I

Ernist Junger explores various experiences he underwent during World War One in his book The Storm of Steel. Junger’s book, written in form of a personal memoir, highlights how thousands of individuals were affected by the horrors of World War One. When the Storm of Steel was published, it became a favorite in Germany since […]

Battle of Verdun

Introduction Beginning February 21 to December 1916 the Battle of Verdun can be considered one of the largest battles fought during WWI between France and Germany with a total combined death count of 698,000 on both sides (Horne, 1994). Based on the account of Alistair Horne in his book “The Price of Glory” this paper […]

World War One

Introduction World War one seems like an ancient history with many cases of compelling wars to many people, but amazingly, it became known as the Great War because of influence it caused. It took place across European colonies and their surrounding seas between August 1914 and December 1918 (Tuchman, 2004). Almost sixty million troops mobilized […]

World War I Technological Advancements

Introduction World War I saw the application of several new technologies to the battlefield, the most important being that of the internal combustion engine, which permitted the development of the first successful mechanized armored fighting vehicles1. The war was one of the greatest examples of technological advancements and strategic challenges in history, with the introduction […]

Was the birthplace of Canada at Vimy Rigde

The war of Vinyl Ridge involved the military, who participated in the Arras War that took place in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais section of France, which happened during the First World War. The chief participants in the battle included the four divisions of the Canadian Corps and the German Six Army, which was composed of three divisions. […]

United States and World War I

Introduction World War I (WWI) is also known as the Great War of the First World War. It is one of the greatest wars to ever occur in the history of Europe. WWI commenced on July 28 1914 and ended on November 11 1919. This war involved the world’s greatest power assembled in two conflicting […]

Why Europe Went to War

Introduction Several intertwined factors are believed to have forced Europe into war. In particular, the war was mainly triggered by conflict and hostility that had plagued the region over the years. The major super powers in Europe had been involved in diplomatic clashes due to power shifts that had been witnessed in the region since […]

WWI-War: Revolution, and Reconstruction

The WWI-War was influenced by conflicts among military groups from countries known as world’s supreme powers. It was a four year war i.e. from 1914 to 1918, centered between two disputed allies’, central powers and the triple entente. Sources indicate that close to seventy million soldiers were deployed with fifteen million people perishing as a […]

World War I Technology

Introduction World War I saw the application of several new technologies to the battlefield, the most important being that of the internal combustion engine, which permitted the development of the first successful mechanized armored fighting vehicles. The war was one of the greatest examples of technological advancements and strategic challenges in history, with the introduction […]

World War 1 Origins (How and Why the War Started)

Introduction Since time immemorial the world has witnessed wars between different groups, states, countries, and allies. Initially, the motive behind wars was survival. Ancient people fought in order to usurp land for cultivation. Gradually, as the world population grew, the motives behind wars became multifarious. Different groups and countries started fighting with each other in […]

The Role of Airplanes during World War I (1914-1918)

Introduction World War I (WWI)[1] refers to an international conflict that was mainly based in the continental Europe spanning from mid 1914 to late 1918. The conflict engaged all the great nations of the world apparently grouped into two rival coalitions: the allies, which mainly included France and Britain, and the Central Powers mainly involving […]

The World War I

The World War I was one of the greatest challenges for humanity. The war brought to the fore various issues which had been in the air in the end of the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century. Of course, the World War I was not the only reason for the development […]

Outbreak of War in Europe in 1914

Introduction The World War I began when Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia. However, it later spread all over Europe, especially in Germany, Russia, The Great Britain, and France due to the fact that these countries had formed alliances to defend each other in times of war. Over eight million people died in this Great War. […]

Article Review: Importance of Accountability

In the article, The Blood Test Revisited: A New Look at German Casualty in World War I, by James McRandle and James Quirk, the authors try to put forward the idea that the statistics, provided in the previous records, was not very accurate. It is clear from the beginning of this article, that the statistics […]

Events leading up to WWI

Introduction World war 1 is one of the historical wars that has been documented and well remembered by many people. Its history has attracted attention from the present historians. The war began because of a small conflict after Australia-Hungary declared to wage war on Serbia. The war began on 28 July 1914 and lasted for […]

Experiences that make a Soldier more Human

‘All quiet on the Western Front’ is Remarque’s recount of his experiences in World War 1. Unlike other war stories that glorify war and depict the soldiers as heroes, Remarque tells the story from a soldier’s point of view, highlighting the negativity of the war especially on the soldiers. Through out the war, the soldiers […]