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World War II Essay Examples and Topics

Essential Points to Keep in Mind When Writing an Essay on WWII

World War 2 remains a somber topic for many countries, and treating it so in academia is equally as important. Therefore, essays on WWII have to stay mindful of a few issues, as well as take in the topic in all its width. The following is some advice regarding writing about WW2 topics:

  • Your essay must have an excellent factual base. The books you use to support your thesis are your pathway to credibility, and you should not be afraid to rely on them.
  • Imaginative writing may be part of your assignment. Remember, that WW2 was conflict spanning many years and taking numerous lives of people all around the world, from the Atlantic to the European continent. This time is when you should remain most respectful in your paper.
  • WW2 essay questions can range from tackling battle strategy to unveiling the political background of events. You must be ready to demonstrate a knowledge of your subject from different sides.
  • WW2 essay titles should be reflective of the argument that they present. For example, “The Promise of Opening an Eastern Front as Political Leverage” gives your readers an understanding of both your topic and your approach to it. Conversely, “The English in WW2” offers only the subject, and prepares your audience for a factual and curt retelling of events.

Sometimes your WW2 essay may seem more like a world history research paper. If you find yourself in such a position, then simply remind yourself of your original topic. Everything that you write should tie back to your initial thesis statement. However, due to the interconnection of WW2’s events, they do tend to

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Effect of Propaganda during Second World War

The purpose of this paper is to examine the confrontation between the German and the Soviet propaganda machines during the period of the Second Patriotic War, outline the goals and purposes of each, and identify [...]

Pearl Harbor Attack: Paranoia and Conspiracy

According to a conspiracy theory related to the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt was informed of the impending attack and had not warned military commanders in Hawaii in order to involve the country in [...]

World War II: A Very Short Introduction

The questions addressed in the book were not very often discussed previously, as the author states in the introduction; Weinberg examines Germany's responsibility for World War II, the reasons behind the eventual victory of the [...]

United States Military Challenges

Nearing the end of the Second World War, the United States demonstrated to the global society that it was moving a step ahead of the rest in military development when it used the first atomic [...]

The Spirit of the Marshall Plan

The political and military tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union soon after the end of the Second World War made it necessary for the United States to spread its influence [...]

The Nuremberg Trials and Their Criticism

For instance, the Allies used Count Methods during the trials despite the fact that they were non-European. The Nuremberg court was not impartial since the judges were selected by the victors of the war.

Invasion of Normandy in World War II

One of such legendary operations is the one that happened on D-Day, the day that shifted the balance of powers of the whole war, the put the beginning to the victorious march of the armies [...]

Hiroshima Bombing Occurrence and Impacts

Additionally, all the other disasters follow a path that is off firebombing as compared to the Hiroshima that saw the only use of nuclear weapons. However, research that is more empirical should to establish the [...]

Japanese Americans Internment During the WWII

Besides, the treatise reviews the historical dynamics that allowed for the internment of Japanese Americans and the impacts of internment in the Japanese American communities during and after the end of WW II.

Why Did the Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor?

Japan considered the U.S.as its only hindrance in its effort of obtaining raw materials from the Southeast and especially its naval base at Pearl Harbor The United States of America Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor [...]

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Role in World War II

That is why historians and the public pay much attention to the discussion of the role in this war of those personalities who persistently led the Western anti-Hitler coalition to the victory over Nazi Germany [...]

WWII History: How Hitler Died

From the onset of the war, Hitler proved to be a trustworthy leader. In the US, tests done on a part of the skull purported to be Hitler's have given unconvincing results.

Origins of the “Final Solution”

In the article "The Holocaust, The Church Struggle and some Christian Reflections" Alice Eckardt presents the idea of the Holocaust is the result of several distinct factors, namely: that it was the culmination of the [...]

Forms and Examples of Information Warfare

The attempts failed because the US army had employed the use of Ultra's to monitor the operations of the allied army The devices helped the army to read the German's mail and messages without their [...]

Australia’s Involvement in Pacific War

In the beginning of the Second World War in 1939, when Great Britain declared war to Germany the Australian troops headed to Europe to assist their allies, but a new threat occurred in the South [...]

World War II Innovations

Named as the Manhattan Project during World War II, the nuclear program of the Allies led to catastrophic consequences for the Axis forces, particularly in the context of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which [...]

Role of the Army Staff Major

Throughout the history of the United States Army, the army staff sergeant major has been considered as the head of the noncommissioned officers.

WW II and Hitler’s Army

After the massive defeat and deaths of the German army in the war that took place in the eastern side, it was evident that the traditional groups of the army were no longer working as [...]

The Trajectory of the World War

In addition to working for the Germany soldiers, the civilians were expected to give information about the Jews and other betrayers who resisted the Germany authorities.

The German Army

In the book, Muth introduces the concept of Command Culture and how it was effective in assisting the German Soldiers during the war.

The Influences of Neutral Countries in WW2

The validity of this suggestion can be illustrated, in regards to what historians know about the influences of the mentioned countries on WW2: Sweden Up until the year 1944, Sweden used to be in the [...]

Critique of Stolfi’s Argument

For example, Stofli suggests that the reason why Hitler attacked USSR in June of 1941 is that he thought that this would help him winning the war against Britain and that he sought the expansion [...]

Why the Germans lost

Germany was the favorites in this war and proclaimed to be the strongest contender in the whole of Europe. They had the same ideologies as the Germans hence led to Hitler ordering the massive massacre [...]

World War 2 Consequences

The major causes of this Great War were the unresolved issues that resulted from the World War 1. Another thing that led to the World War 2 was the failure of the League of Nations.

Reasons why Bombing Japan was not justified

According to the historian, the myth that the bombings weakened Japan's will to fight and that they saved both Japanese and American soldiers is only meant to justify Truman's decision and help in easing the [...]

The Use of Atomic Bomb in Japan

The reason why the United States was compelled to employ the use of a more lethal weapon in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan has been at the heart of many scholarly writings.

Pearl Harbor Attack

This was a military base of the US military forces during the Second World War. Japan was weary of the US and wanted to suppress it as it was the only threat to Japan's conquest.

World War II History

The consequences of the war had an impact on the political affairs of the world and resulted in a major change of the course of the history of the world.

History of U.S. Film

There is a memorable scene in the movie, which depicts Japanese high-ranking politicians in the midst of deciding of how to deal with the situation: "America is against the war we are waging in China...

The invasion of Normandy

The encoding capabilities of the German communication by the Allies were of big help in exposing German's plans especially on counterattack enabling the Allies to strategize on how to counter the attack. Air operations by [...]

The turning point of war; Stalingrad battle

The Stalingrad battle began in September 1942 during the winter, led by the "German commander of the sixth army, General Paulus and assisted by Fourth Panzer Army"; indeed, General Paulus was ordered by Hitler to [...]

The Role Played By Texans in World War II

Involvement in the war was expected because the US was against Japan's entry into Middle East, and colonization of Africa and certain regions of Europe by Germany and Italy. The US was greatly perturbed after [...]

War and Humanism

Considering the problem of the effects of the World War II in the long term period it is also possible to find the remnants of the humanistic effect, if it was, or to come across [...]

The Second World War Unrest

The Second World War was the greatest world unrest in the history of humanity. The war came at the time in which the global economy was recovering from a deep depression.

European History during World War II

This concept was crucial in the Second World War in Europe as there was a "large-scale mobilization of state resources for war to anticipate the modern concept of total war that was typically associated with [...]

The Major Powers of the Second World War

After the First World War, the victors stated that they would do everything to preserve peace in the world. The countries that resisted Hitler's ambition were referred to as the Allies of the Second World [...]

Second World War in U.S. History

Studies on the Second World War have yielded varied perspectives; according to Erdelja, "there is no other experience that was more crucial to the development of the U.S.and Europe in the 20th century than the [...]

Pearl Harbor in the World War II

Pearl Harbor is very significant in the history of the World War II because it is the place where the war started. This was another factor that contributed to the World War II, which began [...]

The attack on Pearl Harbor

The most important and drastic outcome of this event was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America. This was the outcome of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The 19th or 20th Century

The image of the shore in the movie resembles the real picture as it was then. The movie pictures a cemetery at the Normandy province, which resembles the exact one in France, referred to as [...]

The Battle of Tarawa

The initial attempt by the United States to take over Japan was fruitless as the Japanese solders were well equipped and well trained so much so that they overpowered the American marine solders and won [...]

The bombing of Dresden in World War II

The first planes from the Royal Air force started the journey from 1,100 kilometers away and they were tasked with the role of identifying Dresden and releasing Magnesium flares to light up the areas that [...]

Causes of World War II

Therefore the desire by the Germans under Hitler to conquer other countries and the desire by the Japanese to expand their territory was the key cause of the war in Europe and subsequently the World [...]

The Canadian War Brides

The department of national defence worked hand in hand with the Canadian Red Cross and the immigration branch and was responsible for the movement of the war brides and their children to Canada.

War Crimes During the World War II

It is clear that the holocaust was a war crime by the fact that, these were innocent civilians who were targeted specifically because of the hatred that Hitler had for them.

The battle of Normandy

This battle was and still remains one of the most significant occurrences of contemporary history as the united forces shattered the core of the Nazi troops and as a result speeding up the devastation of [...]