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Modern Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

Horrible Face of War

Yet, in the course of the evolution of society and the development of diplomacy, the causes of war have become more complex.

Vietnam War: the Results of Flawed Containment

The neo-orthodox perspective on the war in Vietnam consisted of criticism towards United States policies in the sense that civilian and military leaders of the country were unsuccessful in developing achievable and realistic plans with [...]

The War of Independence in the United States

As the War of Independence gained momentum, the liberators realized that although the military played the main role in fighting the colonial masters, it was important to maintain civilian control over them because of the [...]

The Mexican-American War

Therefore, for the interest of peace in the region, the US should not have engaged Mexico in this bloody war. However, the US should not have engaged in the war.

“The Accidental Guerrilla” by David Kilcullen

The book "The Accidental Guerilla" indicates that the conflicts experienced in different parts of the globe are associated with various complexities and trends. The author has presented adequate arguments to describe the nature of the [...]

Optional Self-Defence War Against Lesser Aggressor

It is the problem that is directly connected to the question of the permissibility of self-defense wars against lesser aggressors. The concept of humanitarian wars is closely connected to the myth of self-defense wars because [...]

The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam by Grunts

Currently, Kyle Longley is co-authoring a book with David Coffey and Gene Smith regarding the military history of the United States."Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam" presents the story of the encounters of soldiers [...]

The Persian Gulf War and the US

Finally, Saddam stated that Kuwait illegally located oil facilities on the land of Iraq taking advantage of the fact that the country was involved in the Iran-Iraq war at that time.

Ethnic-Based Insurgents in Mali and Mauritania

In the recent years some of the West African states faced a number of armed conflicts and rebellions caused by various ideological differences and growing dissatisfaction of the citizens with the work of their governments.

The South Sudanese Inter-Ethnic Conflicts

Besides, it suggests the application of the liberal peace theory in the peace building process. The liberal peace building process in South Sudan has failed to tackle the internal certainties.

Syrian Uprisings and Civil War

Breaking out in the city of Deraa, the uprising preaching the ideals of nonviolence and social justice and democracy in Syria has evolved to spread across the territory of the country and become an organized [...]

Libya Civil War Since 2011 Until Today

Following the ouster of the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents, Libya reported small political revolts in some parts of the country. However, experts believe that France was at the forefront in demanding a forceful intervention of [...]

The Indochina Wars: Causes of Defeats

One of the most important factors that led to the defeat of the French was found in the domestic ideological conflict between the French populace and the entire political community.

General History of the Korean War

Though the Korean War had disastrous consequences for the country, it was still the next phase of the development of the independence state of the South Korea and the North Korea.

The Lebanese and Cyprus Civil Wars

Other types of conflicts that have proven detrimental to the well-being of a nation are religious conflicts, which have been the major cause of war in most of the nations in the Middle East. The [...]

The U.S. Decision to Blockade Cuba

A lot of questions were raised about the interests of the United States in initiating a blockade off the coast of Cuba in 1962 and the subsequent events that took place between two countries.

Nuclear Weapons Effect on Strategic Studies

However, after the invention of these weapons the techniques of war have been changing from decade to decade. As a result, nations have been discouraged from starting wars that might trigger the use of nuclear [...]

The Fourth Generation Warfare

The column and line tactics became suicidal to the level of ushering in the second-generation warfare. In the case of Afghanistan, the war began in 2001 and has persisted to the present.

Crimean War in 19th and 21st Centuries

The rationale behind this suggestion is that this particular war established the tradition of demonizing Russia in the West, as the 'land of barbarians', which continues to affect the geopolitical realities in the world, up [...]

Modern Civil War in Ukraine

The event selected for this paper is the current conflict on the territory of Ukraine. The portal demonstrates how the conflict appeared and escalated, how it moved from the center, to the West, to the [...]

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Security Dilemma

Although the group is largely unrecognized by other sovereign states and the international community, it continues to spread its ideals and aspirations on governance and political control in the Gulf region. The original objective of [...]

The Iraq War: Background and Issues

After the end of the gulf war, the relationship between the US and Iraq was characterized by conflict which culminated into the invasion of Iraq by the US and its allies namely the United Kingdom, [...]

Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War caused unintended consequences for the civil rights movements of the 1960s as it awakened the African-Americans' consciousness on the racism and despotism that they experienced in the United States.

War Theory Reasons

The greatest imperfection of the humans is the thirst for power. The conflict dates back to the 1800s when a group of Jewish extremists called the Zionists, wanted to colonize and convert the Palestine to [...]

Kosovo Balkans War

The question of who were responsible for the atrocities committed to the people and the role of America and Nato are some of the big questions that remain unanswered. To be in Kosovo during this [...]

Arguing the Just War in Islam

To understand the notion of just war in Islam, one has to first understand the origin and development of Islam as a religion, as well as comprehend the meaning of the term Islam.

Why the Soviets Lost their War in Afghanistan

The news brought with it the surmise that this was a war that Afghanistan, a disunited country with limited military resources, would not stand up to the military might of the Soviet Union, leading to [...]

The American Strategic Culture in Vietnam War

Spector further emphasizes that the involvement of the United States in both phases of the Vietnam War was due to Harry Truman, the then president of the United States, who did not support communism, but [...]

Terrorism in Israel and Palestine

Origin of the Conflict in the Land of Israel Role of the British Government The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War led to the establishment of British rule in Palestine.

The significance of ‘No Man’s Land’

'No Man's Land' is a war time movie that satirizes the War of the Balkans. The movie depicts the complexities that are likely to rise in a conflict situation especially with with regards to international [...]

The Second Battle of Fallujah

Therefore, this essay analyzes the battle command that General Natonski employed when he mobilized soldiers to conquer the insurgents and capture the city of Fallujah during the Second Battle of Fallujah.

Morality of Warfare

It should be noted that the Quran only allows the Muslim to engage in war if their faith is threatened and there is need to protect it but abhors war if the Muslim will engage [...]

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a conflict that was military in nature, occurred between the years 1954 and 1975, and was between the communists and the non-communists.

Vietnam MY Lai Massacre

The second part of the discussion looks at whether the principles of war were adhered to and examines whether these deaths would have been prevented had the rules of engagement been followed The US troops [...]

The humanitarian crisis in Kosovo

To this end, a review of the Kosovo invasion by NATO shall be conducted to illustrate the extents to which forceful means were used in addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region. The criteria of [...]

A Just Humanitarian War: Kosovo 1999

The origins and developments of the war will be examined, before and after the NATO intervention, the consequences of the war will be outlined, and the opposing opinions will be considered to produce a comprehensive [...]

British army in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan started with the conflicts between the British army and the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban group as the supporters of Al-Qaeda squad.

Debate of Gun Control in America

Those suggesting that ownership of the gun is illegal and unethical observe that the local authorities and the federal agencies in charge of the gun control policy are not doing enough in terms of policy [...]

Ethical Issue in Nuclear War

Accordingly, it is worthwhile to address the ethical concerns regarding the application of nuclear weapons in wars. The ethical concern in the use of nuclear weapons and medicine is a very significant area to be [...]

Society Ethics in Modern War Technology

The world is moving forward, and it is currently changing from the industrial age to the age of information technology. The United States of America is the leader in technological advancement in relation to military [...]

Iraq War in 2003

Washington Post started to give coverage to the Iraq war since the inception of the debate on Iraq in the US Congress.

The Second Lebanon War 2006

Although there are no controversies about the trigger of the conflict, it is possible to pay attention to the radical opposition of the visions of the conflict presented by the representatives of Hezbollah in their [...]

Triumph at Kapyong

The book focuses on the Battle of Kapyong, a minor group of hills in the northeastern part of Seoul and Bjarnason as well uses most of his story to explain the incidents which resulted to [...]

The Korean War: 1950-1953

According to the Australian War Memorial, the years that followed saw the Soviet Union promote a tough collective administration in the north, while in the south, the government received support from the US.

New and Old Wars Comparison

I believe, and will show objective analysis in the subsequent paragraphs, that the only difference between "New Wars" and older types of warfare exists in the manner of financing; however, the goals and methods of [...]

Iraqi invasion to Kuwait

The attack of Kuwait by Iraq can also be referred to as "the Iraq Kuwait War". Accumulated War Debts Before the "Iraq-Iran war", Kuwait had a mutual relationship with Iraq and Kuwait even served as [...]

Separatist Movement in Chechnya

1990s The formation of the Russian Federation Republic of Chechnya and beginning of the independence movement. A major demand of Chechen separatist is to establish the independence of Chechnya and in so-called Muslim region.