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The Greater War Essay


The Greater War changed the structure of the western world in different ways as the political landscape and order took a new direction. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austrian archduke, and his wife triggered the war leading to its eruption. The assassination just triggered the war, and there were some underlying causes that are still debated by historians to date.

The causes of the Greater War include alliances made by different countries, imperialism, militarism and nationalism of the European countries. A clear break of the previous social order and new path for European political change was a result of the Greater War. The factors that changed the political structure of Europe are outlined in the subsequent paragraphs.

Ceasing of Empires

The defeat of allies ensured they were weakened, and no longer had influence in the European politics. Germany, Austro-Hungary and Russian Empires were ceased after their defeat in the Greater War. They were not able to control and expand their empires as it had been their tradition and this led to war. Similarly, the Empire of Ottoman ceased to operate because it was weakened during the Greater War in Europe.

New Nations

New nations emerged after the end of Greater War leading to change in the political landscape in Europe. Boundaries were redrawn after the defeat of the allies, and they had to lose some of their territories to other nations.

The Soviet Union emerged from the Russian Empire and European map redrawn to smaller states. Countries such as Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia gained their independence after the war. The emergence and redrawing of the international boundary changed the traditional social order to a new begging in Europe.

Treaty of Versailles

Allied forces signed the treaty of Versailles after defeating the allies in the Greater War. The main goal of the treaty was to bring peace and avoid future occurrence of similar war.

The peace conference was meant to neutralize threat that Germany posed to European nations from their naval power and to the oversee empires. It was also meant to punish Germany so that it does not destroy the newly created international boundaries. Versailles treaty was important in shaping and re-arranging the social order through taming Germany who was very aggressive.

Paris Peace conference

Paris peace conference led to postwar international order, which minimized the emergence of conflicts among the participating nations. The conference condemned the actions by Germany of ceasing larger territories of other nations.

The conference discussed issues to stop disputes by each participating nation on what they can do to maintain peace. The nations present during this peace meeting included Australia, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom and US issues to bring peace. They gave it different approaches at ensuring there was a break at the social order as well as to bring new political change.


The Greater War changed the political structure and social order in Europe as it laid a path for a political change. The defeat of the Allies led to changes as more nations became independent as well as emerging of new nations.

Independence of other nations was essential in bringing peace and making them autonomous in their actions. Similarly, the Versailles treaty and Paris peace conference led to the creation of order that changed the political and social order of the western countries.

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