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The Security in Iraq Analysis Essay

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The security of the world’s population is much more paramount than the personal interest or states interest. The suffering of the Iraq citizens is not bound to the defiance of the international security concerns. Insecurity within and without any country is much associated to the low production of the particulars state. The concern creating unrest due to the possessions of dangerous weapons such as bombs was not a joke to the world.

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Beyond, the contemplated reasons of making such weapons by the Iraq people was lately discovered. The stubborn Iraq leader with the feeling of strong nation which wanted to prove to the others was also a super power led to the perilous attacks. It is a grievous thing to mention the levels of destruction the nation was wretched to. However, the young and the olds as well as the pregnant mothers were not spared. They were not only tortured to an extent of losing their sustaining perpetual hurt but most of them were also killed. The issue is not the level of torture but this was one of the most astonishing conquering of a nation without discrimination. Now that many people suffered innocently, and the war has not ceased, it is like an eternal problem which has emerged to even worsening the situations for the people of Iraq and the neighbouring states

The bush actions are now being safety for the nations has received major drawbacks. The fact that Bush is eager and much concerned on the people to have a peace world, there is a continued articulation of attack and threat from the profound leaders of the people of terrorism. This has largely emerged in many states especially in Africa. Many terror attacks in the recent two decades have greatly aimed those America people and property in insecure parts of the worlds. The attacks on American embassies in East Africa cost a lot both to the indigenous citizens in the countries in east Africa, but more alarming situations in Kenya. Further, the recent attacks in the American in the pentagons houses were also threatening to the people of American. The doctrines then of the eminent man may merge the terror attacks to create more havoc in the future. (Index Iraq, 2004)

Following the escalation of these technological advanced, the world of the today is trembling on fear of what might happen within the next blink of an eye. The united states fore sight on weapons manufactures and deployment thus should form the fore priority in security matters. From the memories of the early 1980s and those related to 1990s attacks on the Iranians and the Iraq Kurds, it was the lack of vigilance and anticipation to know, that led to destructive attacks on their territories. The sorrows have not faded a way from many Iranians who fell victim of the mustard chemicals weapons. The united state has therefore to takes any opportunity to ensure such cases which preceded others terror action do not keep n repeating themselves. This is quite achievable through the application of preventive strike. Stubborn countries which prove to be adamant to the world’s unity can only be made to understand through the preventive way. However, the preventive striking which is most effectives can be threat cans only solution after a vivid probe is done. This is quite commendable in the avoidance of chance attacks which may bring disparaging results as many worlds’ terrorist claims in the cases of Iraq.


So, the united state has not separate identify to the worlds advances in the economic and security. The united states are the worlds security fighters and probes whose worker should is supported by allies from others nations of peace. Therefore, as they all aimed to one heaven of freedoms from harmful destructives weapons, they should not faced the united nations organizations but the success to terror and weapons disarmaments can only be attained through unity. The English wise men said, “Two heads area better than one”. (Donnelly, 2003)


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