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Importance of Bible With Respect to Christian Ministry Essay

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Updated: Nov 18th, 2021


This essay talks about the importance of bible with respect to Christian ministry. It also mentions the roles and responsibilities of Christian ministry in the society and in the church, basic requirements to become as a minister etc in the base of New Testament.


Christian ministry is one of the most respected and responsible jobs in the society and in the religion. At any point of time and in almost all situations in the world Christian ministry has its own importance. A priest leads his life based on bible which is the holy book of Christian religion. A priest should have thorough knowledge in bible. This knowledge encourages him to live as per bible and lead the parish in a spiritual way.

Roles and responsibilities of Christian ministry in church and in communities

Like any other job, Christian ministry has a written job. It consists of more than one person. Christian ministry have the responsibility of passing the messages of Christ to the world. They should lead their life based on Bible especially new testament. They completely absorb the commandments of god and commandments of church. They should be lovable to the god and to the people. The common responsibility of Christian ministry to the community is “fulfilled by their everyday witness to Christian faith and a common display of love of neighbour.” (Haight 1985, p.221).

Another important responsibility of this ministry is to distribute different duties to every member in this organization and confirm all areas of this ministry are working properly. According to New Testament Christ sent apostles to spread the messages of God. Christian ministry are the followers of these apostles. So they have the responsibility to give God’s message. Besides giving the messages of God to the people, they have the responsibility to lead the community to live with a deep faith in God. They also have the duty to find efficient person for assisting them.

From Bible itself it is clear that God entrusted apostles teach bible. So Christian ministry have the responsibility to teach the community about God and divinity and govern them in that way. In the Information Technology era, the duties and responsibilities of a church ministry have increased. They should prepare the public to absorb the right thing from the world. There are chances of misunderstanding and misuse of the valuable findings from science and technology. In the first sight someone may feel science and technology contradict bible. So Christian ministry should lead them and teach them that science and spirituality are not contrast, but use them in the proper way.

Pastors are the major part of Christian ministry. In the earlier circumstances most important responsibility of a pastor was to preach and to teach. Today’s situation is entirely different. But it is the most important job of Christian ministry. Church administration is not a destined job of the pastor. According to Canon, a pastor “should also be distinguished for his sound doctrine and integrity of morals and endowed with zeal of souls and other virtues.” (Gubish, Jenny & McGannon 2001, p.176).

Values like morality, ethics and truth are some important aspects in New Testament and it is against superstitions anti social elements. A pastor has the responsibility to guide the community on the basis of morality and ethics. In this modern era people forget these things. It badly affects the existence of the world. A pastor should be careful to teach the community the importance of these values, and guide them to open their eyes to distinguish between true and false. He can lead his followers based on these values by showing them through his life. Christian ministry should train the youngsters and children to live in morality, and ethics.

Family relationship is the strongest relationship in the world. In today’s world value of this relationship is reducing. Christian ministry should encourage the family relationship. Abortion rate has increased very much in this computer world than any other period. It is not a positive sign. New Testament illustrates more than one simile to show Christ’s love to children. So pastors have the responsibility to give awareness to the community about the importance of life. They should fight against any kind of activity against life like abortion, mercy killing. In this world old age parents are became as a burden for their children. This kind of mentality is not suitable for Christianity and for the society. So as a spiritual preceptor, a pastor must take a keen attention against growth of this kind of mentality in the community.

Another duty of Christian ministry is to encourage the community to live according to the Ten Commandments. In the new testament from Mathew 5:13-16 mentioned how a person lives like light and salt in the world. These words indirectly indicate that church should be the light of the world. By the proper working of the Christian ministry a church can become the light of the world.

The idea of “a model of Ministry”

It indicates the structure of the ministry. In 21st century a model of ministry include counterparts of the members of the three ministers. It includes deacon who is selected by an election. The model of ministry is not representing the church. This structure consists of ministers from the three fold office. That is prophet, priest and king. All churches are combined and form a synod. Through this synod all ministers and other office members meet together and evaluate matters of common concern.

The model of ministry is not a democratic system. It indicates the spiritual partnership of the worshippers. It helps the Presbyterian churches to secure their independence from the influence of the state especially in the non Christian countries. (Fahlbusch 2005, p.535).

Model of the church

According to Niebuhr, there are five “ideal types” of the church: Christ against culture, Christ of culture, Christ above culture, Christ in dialectical tension with culture, and Christ transforming culture.” (Williamson 1999, p.272).

It should be critically contextual, and the context must be taken with keen attention. In short, church is not considered as a building, it is a spiritual union. In this century a church must work based on the friendship concept. Through holy bible Jn.15: 15 God told us that he considers all people in the world as his friends. Church should work based on these words. It must try to develop a friendship between God and people. It will automatically lead to love between people and between God and people. This kind of pure love will help to the transformation of the viewpoints of humanity and to recover peace in the world.

Minister as a servant and a representative

Jesus shows how to serve the God through people. In the New Testament, before the last supper Christ shows simplicity and self service by washing the legs of his disciples. Ministers are considered as the descendants of Christ. They represent the Christianity in front of the world. So service and simplicity are the key elements of their duty. Church minister is a servant of the God. God’s servant means he has dedicated his life to serve the church and the community. People never consider him as a servant; they consider him as a representative of Jesus Christ.

In this period a minister’s role as a servant has more importance. They have a lot of chances to serve the God thorough people. They can involve in charitable services in various ways. Some of them are education for poor children, caring old age people and people who are suffering from severe diseases etc.

Requirements of a pastor or a counsellor

A pastor or counsellor has a lot of requirements. The essential requirement to become a pastor or a counsellor is strong faith in God and love people and God. In the New Testament Jesus express his love to the people by sacrificing his life for them. It is the most expressive form of love. A pastor or counsellor should practically accept the depth of love, which was given by Jesus through his life. For that, the person who wishes to become a pastor should keep a strong love to the God and to the people.

That is, the person should know the essence of Ten Commandments, love to the God and love to the neighbours. A pastor should have helping mentality. Most probably it will start from his childhood that is from the family. In this modern world a person to become a pastor or a counsellor he should have the ability to understand the growth of science and technology and should understand the mind of the young generation.

One of the new requirements of Pastor is Sunday school management. (The religious educator 1860, p.223). From the New Testament, it clearly mentioned that Christ taught people in the Synagogue and people wondered about his knowledge. As the followers of Christ, pastors or counsellors should have the ability handle Sunday school.

The roles and responsibilities based in the current times

Bible and its teachings play a vital role in the current times. Christian ministers should have the responsibility to follow these teachings and practices in their pastor life. In past, present and in future the wordings in the bible are same. It can be applied in all periods. People at any period can live based on this. There may be some physical changes in the life style. To work in each period based on the bible mainly New Testament, Christian ministry should understand the beats of the world.


Basis of Christian ministry and Christianity is Holy Bible. If Christian ministry understands the importance of the bible with relevance to the changes of the world, and teach the communities accordingly, then it will help to the positive growth of the world.


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