Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Religion Definition and Its Elements

The definition of religion is one of the questions that attract the interest of anthropologists, theologians, or social scientists. This concept can be better explained by looking at various religious systems that belong to different historical periods, cultures, and societies..In this way, one can identify their common elements. This is why this approach can be […]

The Joseph Story

Introduction The Joseph story, like the Abraham and Jacob stories, contributes to the exposition of the theme of the Pentateuch by showing how the promises of Abraham were partially fulfilled (Dunn and John 64). Like the two preceding stories, it begins with a divine intimation of the central figure’s future destiny. In two separate dreams, […]

The God’s World Creation Story

Introduction One of the issues that trigger a contention in the contemporary world is the account of the days of creation. Christians and pagans deride the concept of “God creating the world in six 24-hour days” (Harrison, 2002, p. 14). For years, Christian intellectuals have tried coming up with a connection between the evolution theory […]

The Rise of the Papacy

The church in Rome was just one of the many churches that were all over the Roman Empire. In 70 AD, however, the destruction of Jerusalem by the army of Titus meant that Rome was the new political as well as cultural capital of the empire. Since many roads led to Rome and many people […]

Korean Shamanism vs Chinese Customary

Introduction The most outstanding aspect about both Chinese customary religion and Korean Shamanism is their eclecticism; both faiths have absorbed several elements from other religions and have also contributed in the same manner to these faiths. However, while Shamanism is regarded as more of a form of medicine than religion, Chinese customary religion is deeply […]

Muhammad’s Personality and Character Ethics Inspired Muslim’s Way of Life

Introduction There is a big difference between personality and character ethics, but many people do not have any idea on the reality of the outstanding difference between the two subjects. Personality temporary as it depends on the psychological environment that a person is exposed to, whereas character is permanent and it is not affected in […]

Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures

Summary Charles Spurgeon was an inspiring religious leader whose sermons helped many people to answer the most difficult questions concerning religion, life, death and their place in the world. The preacher was wise and thoughtful, kind and understanding. All his care is revealed in his sermons. It is necessary to note that his guidance have […]

The Bible among the Myths

Introduction The Bible among Myths by John N. Oswalt is among the best apologetics of the recent times. The book seeks to debunk the ideas, which secular scholars have been propagating in the recent years, that the Old Testament chapters of the bible are part of the Ancient Near East Mythology. In essence, what Oswalt […]

Daoism and its influence in the modern Chinese culture

Introduction Daoist ideas expressed by Tao Yunaming have developed overtime and still have strong influence over the communist system in China. Specifically, this system of religious thought originated from Asia continent. Several authors have developed a comprehensive table of events on the development of Daoism philosophy. In analyzing Daoism in China, Tao brings about the […]

Exegetical Study of Biblical Divorce

Introduction Most exegetical studies offer discussions on divorce, marriage, and other rights of passage. The passage is a complicated topic that contains thoughts and expressions that are hard to comprehend. The topic is a constant problem in real life and has other passages showing similar relationship. In fact, there are personal debates on marriage and […]

Buddhism and Hinduism: Similarities and Differences

Hinduism and Buddhism have many similarities and differences. The most conspicuous similarity is the origin of the two religions in sub-continent India. Some worship and religious practices are similar but there is a profound difference in the style and purpose of life in the two religions. Hinduism is about understanding the soul while Buddhism is […]

Day of the Dead

Introduction The Day of the Dead documentary highlights how Mexicans connect with the dead during the Day of the Dead ceremony. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the ceremony by highlighting how the traditional-adherent Purepecha community, which is located in the “Island of The Souls” conducts the ceremony. Alan Aldridge describes a cult as a […]

Pastoral Care in Relation to Pentecostalism

In spite of differences in their doctrines, the Christian churches are focused on following the word of the Bible and God’s principles in order to provide the Christians with the feeling of safety. The Christians can rely on the necessary support and counseling to feel safe and also protected with references to the pastoral care. […]

Civil Religion in the American Society

Introduction Human beings are extremely subject to beliefs and culture in their way of living. Religious beliefs are highly influential and thus people live in accordance with the religious virtues inherent in their religious isms. In most countries across the world, religious beliefs, historical heroics, and historical events form constitutional backgrounds, which then make the […]

Traditional Role of Jew Women

In traditional Jewish culture, men and women have roles that differ. However, males and females are equal in Jewish culture. Nevertheless, many individuals have misunderstood and misinterpreted the role of Jew women. The place of traditional Jew women is not as low as most modern people assume. In fact, the position of Jew women in […]

The Features of African-American Christianity

The African-Americans in the U.S. society of the nineteenth century played the significant and rather specific role, basing on the peculiarities of relations between masters and slaves, on the details of the Civil War, and on the features of the abolitionist movement. The principles of slavery depended on the ideology of racism and the masters’ […]

Job’s Friends and Their Contributions to the Message of Job

Introduction The Book of Job has been one of the most controversial parts of Bible. Many preachers find it difficult to talk about Job’s message with their congregation as the book touches upon some of the most serious and difficult issues concerning the faith. Some regard The Book of Job as a literary masterpiece where […]

Foundations of the Living Science of Moral Theology

Whether God really exists or not is something beyond human conception. However, this belief has lived with human beings since time immemorial. People have ever since live with the conception that God exists such that people tend to associate everything happening in their lives. In most cases, the existence of god is questioned during difficult […]

Portrays Jesus in The Bible

The Bible portrays Jesus as both 100 percent human and 100 percent God, hence having dual natures that are both complete. This has been disputed ever since the times of Jesus to today. One of the reasons identified as an explanation of His humanity is the fact that he suffered human weaknesses such as got […]

Lost Christianities by Bart Ehrman

The book Lost Christianities written by Bart Ehrman is aimed at discussing the early development of this religion. In particular, the author focuses on those movements and texts that were either excluded from the canon or even called heretical. This book is important because it refutes some of the common stereotypes people can have about […]

The Comparison of Buddhism and Daoism Principles

Religious beliefs followed by people in different countries influence the particular features of their daily life significantly. The adherents of various religious movements are inclined to organize their life according to the principles proclaimed within this or that religion with the help of following different rituals and practices. Buddhism and Daoism are two religions which […]

The Book of Romans in the New Testament

The book of Romans is arguably one of the most profound epistles in the New Testament, and perhaps the most important book in the bible. The book centers on Christian faith and the basic christain values that Paul advocated for the church. It is for this reason that the book is vitally instrumental for evangelical […]

Christianity in Dubai: A Literature Review

For a very legitimate reason, the United Arab Emirates are strongly associated with the Muslim religion and its attributes, i.e., the Quran, the almighty Allah, the Sunnis and the Shiits, etc. However, very little attention is given to another widespread religion, whose adepts also inhabit the UAE. Christianity, the second most popular religious movement in […]

Kami in traditional religion of Shinto

Available literature demonstrates that in the Japanese traditional religion of Shinto, the presence of Kami (Gods, spirits) can be manifested to people in various ways and using a multiplicity of objects, such as the sun, mountains, rocks, water bodies, certain animals, trees and even mortal human beings (Yomakoge 67-69). To experience the presence of Kami, […]

An Introduction to Islam. Sunnis

Introduction Religion plays a major role in the lives of billions of people in the world. By definition, religion is a system of faith that is characterized by belief in a supernatural entity known as a god. The believers worship this god or gods and follow rules that are believed to be in line with […]

The Conflicts and Complexities in the Early Christianity

This paper is aimed at discussing several important topics that were covered in the course readings. In particular, it is necessary to focus on the death of Jesus, the Epistle to the Corinthians, and Philippians. Close attention should be paid to the way in which modern historians examine these texts and how they interpret the […]

Zhuang Zi’s Theory

The Zhuang Zi theory as seen in page 278 of Religions of Asia Today can be explained as follows. There are two images drawn from nature. These are a frog in a well and secondly an insect whose life is confined to summer (Esposito 278). A frog in a well cannot conceive in the sea. […]

The Christian Canon, Oral Traditions and the Synoptic Problem

The book “A Brief Introduction to the New Testament” by Ehrman explains that the Christian canon was a result of many Christian debates on the correct teachings (6). These debates came about because there were many other writings by early Christians. For instance, there was a group of non-canonical writings called the Apostolic Fathers, which […]

The Exegetical Analysis of Exodus 34:1-10

Exodus can be discussed as the part of the Pentateuch which is developed with references to the Yahwistic, Priestly, and Deuteronomistic sources. Exodus 34:1-10 presents the story of the covenant’s restoration important for Israel because of renewing the connection with God and focusing on the further survival of Israel due to God’s grace and forgiveness. […]

The Prophets of the Old Testament

Introduction Prophecy is one of the oldest historical and religious aspects that are considerably adored and paranormal aspects in entire human life. Stated as one of the main spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is believed to have a greater connection with holiness, beliefs strongly deem prophecy as the most strongest and existing manifestation […]

Sacrifice: Symbol Transformation in Various Traditions

Traditionally, religion sacrifices referred to an act of offering food, animals, burning of alter and priest dismemberment (Rothgeb 72). Priests did this in honor of a deity, and as an act of cleansing of the community. However, some sacrificial rites transformations were further exercised through custom head shaving in contemporary and ancient religion’s sects (Rothgeb […]

The Bible among the Myths

Introduction John N. Oswalt, the author of the book “The Bible among the Myths” and he introduces his book by a comparison of the Old Testament, beliefs, and acculturation. John as well explains a great theoretical division while judging the Old Testament against its equals. Some of the differences that Oswalt notes include “essence” and […]

Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene Contribution to the Christianity Spread

It is possible to distinguish several people who significantly contributed to the early spread of Christianity. Among them, one can distinguish such followers as Paul, Peter, and Mary Magdalene. Their activities continue to attract attention of theologians and historians. On the whole, it is possible to say that Paul played a key role in promoting […]

Dalai Lama and Buddhism Tradition

This paper explores the life and religious traditions of the Dalai Lama, and describes how he exemplified the Buddhism tradition. According to Smith (243), Dalai Lama was a political and religious leader of Tibet. He was selected to head the Tibet State at a very young age (16 years), but later went into exile. Despite […]

The Gospel According to Matthew

If Jesus decides to visit this planet in the same way that he came to Israel, he will come to a world reeling from the impact of globalization, Information Technology and corporate greed. He will be born not in a manger but in one of the ghettos of New York. He will establish his ministry […]

Emile Durkheim’s Views on Religion

Introduction In his writings, Emile Durkheim provides a sociological interpretation of religion. He regards it as one of the ties uniting the community members. This system of beliefs and practices is indispensible for the identity of a person and his or her sense of belonging to the group. This paper is aimed at discussing the […]

Benefits of Attending Churches for International Students

Executive summary This proposal is aimed at raising the awareness of international students about the benefits of attending churches. This proposal includes several elements: the design of brochures and leaflets about the churches in California; distribution of these leaflets; evaluation of students’ experiences and attitude toward churches. The proposed program can assist learners who struggle […]

The Korean Shamans Start Their Rituals: Diving into the Specifics of the Ancient Culture

There is hardly anything as weirdly mesmerizing and at the same time ridiculous for a modern person as shaman rituals. However, taking a retrospective into the primitive, one will find out that shaman rituals served a definite purpose and even glued the primitive community together. Despite the rapid economical downfall, which Korea witnessed several times […]

Angelology and Satanology

Ethical dualism suggests that there are two independent underlying principles in any helm of reality and the forces of these two principles are equal. A good example is that of good versus evil, and that there will always be evil where there is good and good where there is evil and these two will always […]

Analysis of Confucianism in The Analects by Yao

In his book, Yao provides a detailed analysis of Confucianism. The author claims that it is hardly possible to give an account of all schools within this philosophical, religious, political and social phenomenon. The author focuses on Confucianism considering it as a religious and philosophical tradition.1 Yao does not take into account the political perspective. […]

On God and Christ

When examining the work of Saint Gregory, it can be seen that his work delves deeply into philosophical introspection rather than pure doctrinal analysis as compared to a large portion of many of today’s theological text examining the New Testament12. From a certain perspective, it can be stated that the work of Saint Gregory was […]

Anapanasati: As a Method for Reading the Buddhist Goal

Thesis statement By examining both canonical and modern sources about the Buddhist tradition, I will explore the role of Anapanasati as a meditation method for achieving the state of nirvana and enlightenment. On the whole, one can say that this technique emphasizes by mental and physical experiences through which a person can eventually become liberated […]

Buddhism in a Post- Han China

Introduction Buddhism is one of the religions, which has played an important role in the history of China. This religion, which spread to China from Central Asia, moved from being an insignificant religion to enjoying widespread acceptance by many Chinese. However, the influence of Buddhism was because of the collapse of the Han dynasty in […]

Introduction to Acts as Background to the Life of Paul

In the authorship of Acts, Luke depicts one of the most important issues being discussed by biblical analysts trying to produce critical scholarly works on the sources of the New Testament. According to the biblical traditions, the society believes that Luke who was a companion of Paul wrote the scriptures in the book of Acts. […]

The Growth of Daoism in During Late Qing Dynasty

A number of factors are attributed to the growth of Daoism in during late Qing dynasty to the early republican era. One of the factors that contributed to the growth of Daoism was institutional renewal, the emergence of writings, and the spread of Chinese culture across the region. As the Chinese culture spread to other […]

Buddhism Believer’s Practice: Meditation

There are a number of things that happen in the lives of humans, which are beyond one’s control. For example, no one can control the fortunes and misfortunes that normally occur in human life. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of every individual to take charge of his/her own state of mind and control what it […]

The Main Aspects of Buddhism

Three jewels namely: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are the three main aspects of Buddhism. Dharma is a name that is used to define the teachings of the leader called Buddha while Sangha describes the entire community of Buddhism. The religion is however, not universal as compared to the others. This is because it varies from […]

The Lord’s Supper

Introduction The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus Christ before His death on the cross. It is a Christian practice that has been observed for a long time. The history of this practice dates back to the Old Testament days, during the Passover. The Lord’s Supper is one of the Christian doctrines that have been […]

The Making of the Creeds by Frances Young – Book Critique

The Author Noted theologian and scholar, Reverend Francis Young is an ordained Methodist minister who has dedicated her life to explain the origins of the Christian faith and how it has been shaped and formed through the years. She has helped to clarify the various nuances of the Christian faith and has shed light on […]

Chapters 23-32 in John Frame’s “Systematic Theology”

While focusing on Part IV “The Doctrine of the Word of God” and Part V “The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God” from John Frame’s Systematic Theology, it is possible to note that these parts are helpful to understand how people perceive God’s Word and how they form their knowledge of God. This reflection paper […]

Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology

Key Learning from Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology Chapters 1-12 from John Frame’s Systematic Theology provide the background for understanding the idea of theology in general and systematic theology in particular and present the information on the basic definitions, the Biblical Story, and the Doctrine of God. This reflection paper provides the detailed discussion […]

Exploring Buddhism: An Introduction into the Chinese Philosophy. In Search for the Enlightenment

One of the key branches of Buddhism, Mahayana is thoroughly discussed in Mitchell’s book, Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience. The author devotes an entire chapter of his paper to Mahayana as the teaching of Buddha, thus, allowing to understand the key differences between the former and the original Buddhist teachings. With a deep insight and […]

The Church as a Forgiving Community

Summary The article provides information on the role of forgiveness in the society. It also shows that educationists have proposed a three-tier psycho-educational approach, The Forgiving Communities, which can provide exceptional counseling solutions to the community. The model targets the family, the school, and the church. It is based on the biblical concept of love […]

Book Review on “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration” by David N. Entwistle

Introduction This article seeks to review and analyze a book by David N. Entwistle called “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration”. Entwistle’s book focuses on the relationship between theology and psychology. The author looks at the history of the two studies as well as […]

Religious Teachings: Carl Barth – Church Dogmatic

Introduction Church Dogmatic refers to the works of Carl Barth on various doctrines of God. Theology has received a massive attention from researchers since the inception of formal learning. For a long time, various individuals have been concerned with the ability to understand God. God works in a special way. It has been in the […]

The African Traditional Religions

The African Traditional Religions Introduction The religious beliefs practiced by African people differ from Christianity in many aspects. First of all, they emerged in specific and rather secluded communities and for a very long time they did not come into contact with other cultures or religions (Crafford, 1996, p 2). Secondly, they are not unified […]

Religious Studies: The Doctrine of the Christian life by John Frame

People have different paths to understanding the fundamental principles of the Christian ethics. While following these paths, it is important to find the answers to all the questions which can be rather challengeable and controversial. John Frame’s The Doctrine of the Christian Life provides readers with discussions of a lot of basic and problematic issues […]

Brahmanism Religion and the Three Key Elements of a Human Soul

Introduction: Brahmanism as the Predecessor of Hinduism: Back to the Roots Historical Vedic religion is one of the beliefs which are extremely hard to question and even harder to judge. Despite the fact that the Indian culture is becoming increasingly popular with the majority of the world population, there are still a lot of unknown […]

Religion in the Book “The Complete Green Letters” by Miles J. Stanford

Introduction Miles J. Stanford in his book, The Complete Green Letters, addresses the issue of spirituality as it should be perceived by every Christian. His book advances the plight of mankind in matters to do with spirituality. He takes people from a stage of discovering one’s spirituality to a state of full acceptance and willingness […]

“The Bondage Breaker Study” by N.T. Anderson

Summary of Content The book begins with a clear disagreement with the misconceptions by today’s Christian, of the existence of demons and the influence of the spiritual world. Anderson states that Christians currently perceive demons to be of the past and dormant in this day and age. This, he further emphasizes by bringing to light […]

Origin of Major World Religions

Islam is a monotheistic religion that was founded by Prophet Muhammad, a visionary leader from Arabia, centuries after Jesus’s coming. Islam religion considers Allah to be their God and believes in Muhammad’s revelations detailed in the Quran. Prophet Muhammad’s writings are valued by Muslims who consider them as flawless, which are final revelations of God. […]

World Religions and Their Components

Streng suggests that the definition of religion involves the interpretation of various components including the personal, subjective element, the specific cultural forms and the expression of an ultimate, supreme or comprehensive reality (Streng 9). According to Streng, the expression of an ultimate dimension of existence forms a significant part in the transformation process of an […]

Monotheism Developed by Abram

If the question of the belief in one God is discussed by many people as the general religious principle which is characterized for monotheist practices, the issue of Israel’s unique responsibility to God is often perceived as rather provocative. Theologians pay much attention to discussing this controversial question with references to the Jewish history and […]

The Role of the Youth Leader

“The Indispensable Youth Pastor” book by Mark Devries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin offers invaluable information to persons involved in ministry work that targets the youthful population. It is indeed a life-changing book especially for individuals who are still new in the youth ministry work. For instance, there are a number of key considerations that a prospective […]

What Does it Mean to Have Eternal Life thru Jesus Christ

Introduction The following is a critical analysis of what it means to have eternal life through Jesus. The paper is divided into three parts where the first part will look into the various studies and their definition and reference to eternal life. The second part will deal with the aspect of obtaining eternal life. The […]

Suffering in Religion

Suffering is described in a wider perspective to encompass very many issues other than biological infliction of pain. The level of relationships amongst people within societies may at times result in hurting of each other or at times the result is always of help to one another. Interdependence forms one of the basic structure of […]

Importance of Narrative Element in Religious Healing

Religious healing can be discussed by the adherents of certain religions as successful when it is based on the effective cultural and spiritual framework. In the recent research, Vellenga describes the methods and techniques used by such a healer as Jan Zijlstra and focuses on the role of creating the story in affecting the ill […]

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

Summary In his book, Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling, Dr. Mark McMinn argues that Christian counseling entails more than theology and psychology. McMinn (1996) believes that both the spirituality and the interdisciplinary approaches need full consideration. The interdisciplinary approach arises from the view that the client and the counselor are involved. The author […]

Sexuality in the Life of St. Augustine

Introduction Among the early Christian theologians, St. Augustine ranks as one of the greatest of all times. Even now, his initial ideas on marriage and sexuality have had considerable effects on Protestants and Catholics. Therefore, it is important to offer an analysis and review of his marriage and sexuality ideas. Augustine’s perspective of sexuality according […]

The Suffering Servant

Introduction The suffering servant in the book of Isaiah chapter 53 refers to the prophet’s song about the future Messiah. Many Jews and other scholars, who mostly refer to the suffering servant as the nation of Israel, misinterpret this controversial chapter. On the contrary, other scholars argue and interpret the suffering servant as Jesus Christ […]

The Book of Isaiah

Theological Message of the Book of Isaiah The book of Isaiah is very important because it prophesies the birth and life of Jesus Christ. The prophecy of Christ is a testament of hope in God1. Prophet Isaiah describes how Christ will save all believers on the Judgment Day. The main theological theme of this book […]

Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews

The warning passages in Hebrews have always been one of the most arguable and controversial parts of the whole Scripture. Bateman IV (2007) even describes them with the word “exhausting” (24). The major sticking points are the following. Firstly, who are those passages about: believers, unbelievers, or both? How are we supposed to interpret the […]

Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39

The Lausanne Movement includes sessions and forums that are dedicated to different issues and topics related to the question of evangelization. Lausanne Occasional Papers are usually presented as reports on the sessions of Issue Groups. In this context, Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 is a report on the conclusions made after “the Forum for World […]

Gospel and Culture Article

Article Summary The article is a presentation of strategies that the Lausanne committee developed to address the difficulties of cross-cultural evangelism. The presentations comprise nine sections that discuss the influence of the gospel on culture and vice versa. The authors begin by outlining the biblical basis of culture (Lausanne Movement 1978). They look at the […]

“Quiet Talks on Prayer” Book

Introduction Religious principles have always dwelled on the foundations of continuous praying as means of communicating with God. Whereas people congregate in the worshiping places to pray, the reality about the prayer as a means of communication between the humans and God has remained unrevealed. Samuel Dickey Gordon is one of the renowned spiritual writers […]

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman

Introduction Dr. Robert Coleman is the author of the chef-d’oeuvre book, The Master Plan of Evangelism. He is also a distinguished professor of a discipleship and evangelist scriptural institution, which is based in Gordon-Cornwell. Out of his six degrees, two of them are in the field of Doctorate Divinity. In addition, he has authored many […]

“The Bondage Breaker” Book

Introduction In most societies, religion plays an integral role in the spiritual growth and development of individuals. In times of tribulations, people tend to seek spiritual intervention for the alleviation of the problems inhibiting their progress in different endeavors. In this regard, religious leaders like those in Christian ministries have been on the forefront in […]

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory

Book Summary Jerry Rankin’s book, In Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory, has ten chapters. The author discusses a wide range of topics that concern spiritual warfare. Rankin begins chapter one by giving examples of the realities of spiritual warfare by narrating his encounters as a missioner in the mission field. The author begins […]

Plan for Growth in Various Aspects of the Prayer Life

The role of praying in the personal life is difficult to be overestimated because a prayer is a way to communicate with God, and it can reflect the nature of the person’s relationship with the divine forces. In spite of the fact that a religious person usually has the developed skills in praying because it […]

The Role of Culture in Gospel Communication

Introduction Culture helps in defining an individual’s identity. It shapes all human concepts. Numerous debates have attempted to explore the impacts of culture on an individual’s developmental features.1 Culture triggers the manifestation of identity that gives the individuals their exposure and orientation. This supposition holds that if the same individual is raised under a different […]

“Cross-Cultural Servant-hood” by Duane Elmer

Introduction The author has been a long term teacher and a cross-cultural missionary in several countries across the world. The cross-cultural servant-hood is a broad and divine topic that demands a conclusive discussion and analysis.1 While the material is available in print courtesy of the author, there is still need to augment and assimilate both […]

Worship and the Sacraments

Holy Baptism The Bible teaches Christians about the importance of Holy Baptism. Matthew 3 explores the issue of baptism in details. The chapter encourages Christians to embrace this rite. John baptized Jesus Christ in order to show people the way. Christians should “be baptized in an attempt to see God’s kingdom” (Yancey, 2002, p. 49). […]

“Humilitas” by John Dickson

Summary The book “Humilitas” by John Dickson offers powerful ideas that can empower many believers and non-believers. This fascinating book begins by exploring the issue of humility. The author uses evidence-based arguments in order to present the best ideas. Humility is a powerful human virtue that can make many individuals successful (Dickson 12). Many cultural […]

Understanding the Creator of all Things

Introduction Does God exist? If He does, is He the God of the Bible, Islam, or Mormonism? Discussions of whether God exists and/or whether the world was created or made from some scientifically explainable processes have continued over the years. Religious leaders, naturalists, scientists, philosophers, politicians, and atheists have given their views about the existence […]

Habits and Buddhism

Introduction Buddhism psychology refers to bad habits as the intentions of acting in a harmful manner. The concept of the bad habit is nonexistent if the intention to do harm to self or others is not manifested. In order to prevent bad habits, an individual must trigger a mental action that inhibits manifestation of ill […]

Dispensation Theology

History of Dispensation The ideology of dispensation is one of the most significant aspects when it comes to religion. By definition, it is considered as a range of time where God tests human beings with regards to the respect and compliance to revelation or guidance of God’s will. In other words, it is a time […]

“Pastoral Ministry: How to Shepherd Biblically” by John MacArthur

Introduction This article provides a critical review of the book, Pastoral Ministry: How to Shepherd Biblically, by John MacArthur. MacArthur is a preacher and a teacher at the Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. He is also the head of the Master’s College and Seminary. Together with his colleagues at the Master’s Seminary Faculty, […]

Buddhism Animal Ethics

Buddhism is a religion that has its origins in the beliefs of Prince Siddhartha Gautama. Prince Gautama’s sole purpose was to seek spiritual enlightenment by denouncing his enviable social standing. Eventually, Buddhism spread to Asia. However, Buddhist teachings later separated into various factions although most fundamental principles remained the same. Buddhism has since spread from […]

Imami Shiites (Twelvers)

The Imami Shiites also known as the Twelvers are traceable to the eleventh imam known as Hasan al-Askari (Martin 351). However, the Imami Shiites only came into existence after the death of the imam in 874 (Martin 350). The Imami Shiites are known for social and political leadership. Imami Shiites are found in Lebanon, Iraq […]

Sustainability of Buddhism in the Health System

With the changing trends in the way of life and the environment, establishing effective health system becomes imperative. Humans depend on the surroundings and are after good health. Buddhist lifestyle dictates for predetermined ways of living that respect human life and the environment. The mind of an individual is attributed with the control every aspect […]

The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ

Introduction The person of Christ has been the center of theological debates in both Christian and non-Christian arenas. Theologians and philosophers have attempted to define the person of Christ using human and divine attributes, which Christ portrays. Moreover, the prophets and disciples provided insights about the person of Christ, which have enhanced the definition of […]

Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement

Summary The article titled, “Baptist and the Ecumenical Movement” by Briggs (2005) explores the Ecumenical Movement in Europe, especially the actions of Baptist churches in the movement that gained prominence across Europe. Briggs takes a historical approach, tracing back the developments to the 17th century in order to elaborate on the phases of the movement […]

The Doctrine of the Word of God

The world of God is often believed to be the deliverance of the God’s Spirit. Hence, the word spoken by the God is essentially the power of the word that is spoken by the God. Thus, this word is impersonal. Hence, the discourse of the word falls evenly on all the people who hear them. […]

“Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame

Introduction The book “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame can help Christians and believers understand the teachings of God. The author presents his mature thoughts as a seasoned theologian. The reader can use this book to understand why God has a good plan for every person on earth. The author […]

Biblical Word Study

Abstract This paper develops a study of selected words from the bible. Under the counseling category, the paper examines the meaning, usage and derivatives of the words counsel, wisdom and help. Under the addiction category, the study examines the meaning, derivatives and usage of the words wine, desire and restraint. The study seeks to examine […]


Introduction According to the teachings of Buddha, the Dharma (Dhamma) is regarded as a cosmic law that establishes order in society. In his teachings, Buddha once said, ‘the cessation of greed, hate and delusion is the Amata-Dhamma’. The Amata-Dhamma is the state of being immortal. By deduction, therefore, in presence of greed, hate and delusion […]

Creating a Friendship Culture

Creating a Friendship Youth Ministry Culture The ideas presented by Jeanne Mayo are applicable in every church or learning institution. Every spiritual leader can use these ideas to create the best youth ministry culture. The first strategy is ensuring every youth ministry passes the friendship test1. The best concept is to create a family in […]

Terrorism and Jihad

Introduction Fierce conflict between Islamic radicalism and the West has been one of the defining attributes of the first decade of the twenty-first century. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, in the United States and consequent attacks in Madrid and London, combined with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have exposed how the renaissance […]

Jews and Christians

Jews and Christians Linda’s point of view may seem quite radical, but is understandable. The Pharisees were hostile to Christ as they even planned for his death. They constantly accused Jesus of breaking the law and committing blasphemous acts. Even after crucifying Christ, mainstream Jews continued to excommunicate early Christians because they branded them as […]