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Religious Commercialism and Secularism in America

Thus, the work emphasizes the significance of Easter parades and the movements of church decoration, in the initiation of stable marketing strategies, which affect both the national economy and the well-being of separate retailers.

Four Noble Truths as Buddhism Fundamentals

The first noble truth in Buddhism teachings is the truth of suffering that is frequently referred to as Dukkha. The last interpretation of the Dukkha is the expression of suffering that is inevitable.

Jonathan Edwards and Salvation Doctrine

In 1729, Edwards assumed the responsibility of leadership by being the minister of one of the largest and most wealthy churches in the colony following the death of his grandfather.

Immigrants’ Cultures and Religions in the USA

The combination of the unique factors impacting the development of the state and the structure of the population resulted in the creation of the US society, which could be characterized by the high level of [...]

Islamophobia in Germany

"Islamophobia" is one of the varieties of xenophobia, which is expressed in fear of Islam as a phenomenon incomprehensible and alien, as well as everything that is connected, including Muslims.

China’s Religion, Literature and Art

Chinese music was shaped by both the political traditions of Confucianism and the philosophical traditions of Daoism. With the introduction of Buddhism, its monophonic nature was transformed by the influence of the religion that was [...]

Ruth, Saul, and Egypt in Bible

The book's setting is significant in locating the events that occurred during the time of judges. Egypt is considered to be a place of refuge and bondage in the Bible.

Confucianism in China and Japan

Most of the ancient Chinese sages had a metaphysical view of the world before the introduction of Confucianism. First, the Japanese people adopted the Chinese concept of Confucianism and developed it to be more social.

Gender Issues in the New Testament

However, such attempts in the church are met with resistance and even use of the Bible verses to disapprove of women's role in the leadership. The modern church needs to be progressive and allow women [...]

Sperm Donation and Surrogacy in Islam and Christianity

The baby at birth, therefore, is genetically identical to the intended parents than the surrogate mother, as opposed to traditionally surrogacy where the baby bears attributes of the surrogate mother and biological father. This is [...]

The Eastern World Religious Sites

The visit gave me the opportunity to explore the attributes of Jainism. The priest of the temple told me that the major religious text was called the Agamas.

Internet and Social Networks’ Impact on Religion

The issues surrounding the effects of the Internet on religion have been the center of controversy of the debate on the topic with scholars belonging to either of the sides seeking to substantiate their arguments.

Hsi Lai Temple as a Unique Religious Site

Moreover, one could admit the perfect balance between the peculiarities of the local landscape and the architectural style of the building. This fact conditions the great beauty of the given ensemble and improves the image [...]

Spreading the True Gospel of Christ

Pelikan intended to help the modern people to realize the importance of reciting unchanging Creeds. The purpose of Creed was to assist people to believe in something specific.

Early Islam and the Position of Women

The paragraph that is cited above makes a critical point to the discussion of the assigned readings, because it addresses the issue of legal articulation of the ethical norms as the main underlying cause of [...]

What Are Religion and Spirituality?

The existence of these phenomena is the main feature that differs from the rest of animals and contributes to the further rise of human society and the appearance of numerous questions related to the nature [...]

Bible: The Longes Gospel of Luke

The excerpt in question points directly to the fact that Jesus was aware of the sacrifice that He was about to make, as well as the betrayal to which He would be subjected.

Religions and Practices

The most important ceremony is the initiation that includes a discussion with the guru, commitment to the principles of the religion and certain way of life, and receiving a new name. Meditation is one of [...]

Prophet Muhammad’s Life Stages

Although the narrators touch upon a range of issues in the first episode of the series, including the essential ideas of Quran, the stages of Prophet Mohammed's life, the confrontation between the early Muslims and [...]

Ramadan for a Muslim Practitioner

One of the essential teachings of Muhammad and Allah is for a Muslim to honor the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan causes Muslims to change their ordinary lifestyle and submit to the teachings [...]

Amazing Grace Hymn by John Newton

The song was personal to John as it was a song of salvation and redemption. It is a unifying factor that brings together religions and the concepts of freedom in a free society after death.

Stephen Prothero and Pope Paul VI

He majored in writing diverse spiritual books, magazines and articles with the intention of informing the Americans about the existence of many religious practices in the world.

Jesuits’ Origin and History in the United States

The spiritual leader also described the main purpose of Jesuits that consisted in "advancement of souls in Christian life and doctrine and...the propagation of the Faith by the ministry of the Word, spiritual exercises and [...]

Psalm 23 and Sermon on the Mount Comparison

This is why the setting of the Psalm seems unrealistic because in some passages it goes straight to the world of symbols like the "valley of the shadow of death" and "the paths of righteousness".

Religion as a Group Phenomenon and Its Levels

In addition, they also share the order of authority along with the specified ways in which the goals can be reached. From the group perspective, religion is a characteristic feature in the present-day mind of [...]

“The Great Cosmic Mother” by Barbara Mor

This is seen in The Great Cosmic Book where political, psychological and sociological roles of the Goddess or the Divine Mother are described. Because of this, Mor have contributed to a controversial subject that is [...]

The Exodus: Conquest and Settlement of Land

The conquest and settlement of the land in the Old Testament started at the time of Moses. However, in the conquest, God said to the Israelites that the land belonged to them rightfully and to [...]

Creationism, Evolution and Intelligent Design

The present paper reflects on creationism, evolution and intelligent design, before submitting that it is premature to introduce ID in academic and religious contexts as it is not embedded in real science.

Human Sexuality in United Methodist Church’s View

The purpose of the analysis is to demonstrate that despite the tendency of the Methodist Church to maintain Christian standards of behavior, Wesley's ideas of equality in the face of God reflected in his doctrine [...]

Mark 7:24-37 in Multilevel Interpretation

To obtain a better understanding of the message, several interpretation levels can be identified the text itself, the purpose of the excerpt, and the application of the story to various contexts and during differing epochs.

Book of Jonah and Its Theological Message

It depicts the infinitude of God's love and character and disparages the narrow ideology that God's interest is limited to Israel as shown by His interest in the dwellers of Nineveh, Israel's ancient enemies. The [...]

African Diaspora Religious Community

When we attempt to analyze the nature of spirituality in the African Diaspora, it is highly important to remember that the Black Church appeared as a response to slavery.

The Yoruba People’s Spiritual Care

Spiritual care of the Yoruba people, represented by the set of religious practices and traditions called Orisha or Ifa, is the primary theme of this paper. All children living in a community are to be [...]

Alexander Campbell’s Impact on Christian Religion

In the early 19th Century, a robust Reformation movement dubbed the Stone-Campbell movement sought to restore the ancient gospel to the whole Christendom. The fractures could be ascribed to the conflicting theological perspectives on the [...]

The Gardens of Islam: Water and Shade

Thus, water contributes to the image of a garden as a sacred place both directly, by appealing to the needs of desert dwellers, and symbolically, by aligning with the belief system of the population.

“The Reverend and Me” by Robert Wineburg

The case study begins with the purpose statement Wineburg highlights that the themes that have to be reflected on in formulating one's opinion about welfare are perspectives on social welfare and how is it viewed [...]

Religious Diversity and Its Emergence in Melbourne

There are multiple socio-cultural factors that induce the creation of the peaceful environment in the society and that are conditioned by the historical events in the country. Therefore, the cultural segregation in Melbourne is of [...]

Zoroastrianism and Hinduism Religious Practices

The religion set forth in the Zend-Avesta bases its teachings on the concept of struggle between good and evil. Once ranked as the most influential religions in the world, Zoroastrianism started fading during the turn [...]