Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Religion Definition and Its Elements

The definition of religion is one of the questions that attract the interest of anthropologists, theologians, or social scientists. This concept can be better explained by looking at various religious systems that belong to different historical periods, cultures, and societies..In this way, one can identify their common elements. This is why this approach can be […]

The Joseph Story

Introduction The Joseph story, like the Abraham and Jacob stories, contributes to the exposition of the theme of the Pentateuch by showing how the promises of Abraham were partially fulfilled (Dunn and John 64). Like the two preceding stories, it begins with a divine intimation of the central figure’s future destiny. In two separate dreams, […]

The God’s World Creation Story

Introduction One of the issues that trigger a contention in the contemporary world is the account of the days of creation. Christians and pagans deride the concept of “God creating the world in six 24-hour days” (Harrison, 2002, p. 14). For years, Christian intellectuals have tried coming up with a connection between the evolution theory […]

Korean Shamanism vs Chinese Customary

Introduction The most outstanding aspect about both Chinese customary religion and Korean Shamanism is their eclecticism; both faiths have absorbed several elements from other religions and have also contributed in the same manner to these faiths. However, while Shamanism is regarded as more of a form of medicine than religion, Chinese customary religion is deeply […]

Muhammad’s Personality and Character Ethics Inspired Muslim’s Way of Life

Introduction There is a big difference between personality and character ethics, but many people do not have any idea on the reality of the outstanding difference between the two subjects. Personality temporary as it depends on the psychological environment that a person is exposed to, whereas character is permanent and it is not affected in […]

The Bible among the Myths

Introduction The Bible among Myths by John N. Oswalt is among the best apologetics of the recent times. The book seeks to debunk the ideas, which secular scholars have been propagating in the recent years, that the Old Testament chapters of the bible are part of the Ancient Near East Mythology. In essence, what Oswalt […]

Daoism and its influence in the modern Chinese culture

Introduction Daoist ideas expressed by Tao Yunaming have developed overtime and still have strong influence over the communist system in China. Specifically, this system of religious thought originated from Asia continent. Several authors have developed a comprehensive table of events on the development of Daoism philosophy. In analyzing Daoism in China, Tao brings about the […]

Day of the Dead

Introduction The Day of the Dead documentary highlights how Mexicans connect with the dead during the Day of the Dead ceremony. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the ceremony by highlighting how the traditional-adherent Purepecha community, which is located in the “Island of The Souls” conducts the ceremony. Alan Aldridge describes a cult as a […]

Civil Religion in the American Society

Introduction Human beings are extremely subject to beliefs and culture in their way of living. Religious beliefs are highly influential and thus people live in accordance with the religious virtues inherent in their religious isms. In most countries across the world, religious beliefs, historical heroics, and historical events form constitutional backgrounds, which then make the […]

Portrays Jesus in The Bible

The Bible portrays Jesus as both 100 percent human and 100 percent God, hence having dual natures that are both complete. This has been disputed ever since the times of Jesus to today. One of the reasons identified as an explanation of His humanity is the fact that he suffered human weaknesses such as got […]

Lost Christianities by Bart Ehrman

The book Lost Christianities written by Bart Ehrman is aimed at discussing the early development of this religion. In particular, the author focuses on those movements and texts that were either excluded from the canon or even called heretical. This book is important because it refutes some of the common stereotypes people can have about […]

The Comparison of Buddhism and Daoism Principles

Religious beliefs followed by people in different countries influence the particular features of their daily life significantly. The adherents of various religious movements are inclined to organize their life according to the principles proclaimed within this or that religion with the help of following different rituals and practices. Buddhism and Daoism are two religions which […]

Kami in traditional religion of Shinto

Available literature demonstrates that in the Japanese traditional religion of Shinto, the presence of Kami (Gods, spirits) can be manifested to people in various ways and using a multiplicity of objects, such as the sun, mountains, rocks, water bodies, certain animals, trees and even mortal human beings (Yomakoge 67-69). To experience the presence of Kami, […]

Zhuang Zi’s Theory

The Zhuang Zi theory as seen in page 278 of Religions of Asia Today can be explained as follows. There are two images drawn from nature. These are a frog in a well and secondly an insect whose life is confined to summer (Esposito 278). A frog in a well cannot conceive in the sea. […]

The Christian Canon, Oral Traditions and the Synoptic Problem

The book “A Brief Introduction to the New Testament” by Ehrman explains that the Christian canon was a result of many Christian debates on the correct teachings (6). These debates came about because there were many other writings by early Christians. For instance, there was a group of non-canonical writings called the Apostolic Fathers, which […]

The Prophets of the Old Testament

Introduction Prophecy is one of the oldest historical and religious aspects that are considerably adored and paranormal aspects in entire human life. Stated as one of the main spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is believed to have a greater connection with holiness, beliefs strongly deem prophecy as the most strongest and existing manifestation […]

Sacrifice: Symbol Transformation in Various Traditions

Traditionally, religion sacrifices referred to an act of offering food, animals, burning of alter and priest dismemberment (Rothgeb 72). Priests did this in honor of a deity, and as an act of cleansing of the community. However, some sacrificial rites transformations were further exercised through custom head shaving in contemporary and ancient religion’s sects (Rothgeb […]

The Bible among the Myths

Introduction John N. Oswalt, the author of the book “The Bible among the Myths” and he introduces his book by a comparison of the Old Testament, beliefs, and acculturation. John as well explains a great theoretical division while judging the Old Testament against its equals. Some of the differences that Oswalt notes include “essence” and […]

Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene Contribution to the Christianity Spread

It is possible to distinguish several people who significantly contributed to the early spread of Christianity. Among them, one can distinguish such followers as Paul, Peter, and Mary Magdalene. Their activities continue to attract attention of theologians and historians. On the whole, it is possible to say that Paul played a key role in promoting […]

Emile Durkheim’s Views on Religion

Introduction In his writings, Emile Durkheim provides a sociological interpretation of religion. He regards it as one of the ties uniting the community members. This system of beliefs and practices is indispensible for the identity of a person and his or her sense of belonging to the group. This paper is aimed at discussing the […]

Benefits of Attending Churches for International Students

Executive summary This proposal is aimed at raising the awareness of international students about the benefits of attending churches. This proposal includes several elements: the design of brochures and leaflets about the churches in California; distribution of these leaflets; evaluation of students’ experiences and attitude toward churches. The proposed program can assist learners who struggle […]

The Korean Shamans Start Their Rituals: Diving into the Specifics of the Ancient Culture

There is hardly anything as weirdly mesmerizing and at the same time ridiculous for a modern person as shaman rituals. However, taking a retrospective into the primitive, one will find out that shaman rituals served a definite purpose and even glued the primitive community together. Despite the rapid economical downfall, which Korea witnessed several times […]

Angelology and Satanology

Ethical dualism suggests that there are two independent underlying principles in any helm of reality and the forces of these two principles are equal. A good example is that of good versus evil, and that there will always be evil where there is good and good where there is evil and these two will always […]

Analysis of Confucianism in The Analects by Yao

In his book, Yao provides a detailed analysis of Confucianism. The author claims that it is hardly possible to give an account of all schools within this philosophical, religious, political and social phenomenon. The author focuses on Confucianism considering it as a religious and philosophical tradition.1 Yao does not take into account the political perspective. […]

On God and Christ

When examining the work of Saint Gregory, it can be seen that his work delves deeply into philosophical introspection rather than pure doctrinal analysis as compared to a large portion of many of today’s theological text examining the New Testament12. From a certain perspective, it can be stated that the work of Saint Gregory was […]

Anapanasati: As a Method for Reading the Buddhist Goal

Thesis statement By examining both canonical and modern sources about the Buddhist tradition, I will explore the role of Anapanasati as a meditation method for achieving the state of nirvana and enlightenment. On the whole, one can say that this technique emphasizes by mental and physical experiences through which a person can eventually become liberated […]

Buddhism in a Post- Han China

Introduction Buddhism is one of the religions, which has played an important role in the history of China. This religion, which spread to China from Central Asia, moved from being an insignificant religion to enjoying widespread acceptance by many Chinese. However, the influence of Buddhism was because of the collapse of the Han dynasty in […]

The Main Aspects of Buddhism

Three jewels namely: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are the three main aspects of Buddhism. Dharma is a name that is used to define the teachings of the leader called Buddha while Sangha describes the entire community of Buddhism. The religion is however, not universal as compared to the others. This is because it varies from […]

The Lord’s Supper

Introduction The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus Christ before His death on the cross. It is a Christian practice that has been observed for a long time. The history of this practice dates back to the Old Testament days, during the Passover. The Lord’s Supper is one of the Christian doctrines that have been […]