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Theology Essay Examples and Topics

Can Sufism Be Considered the ‘Heart of Islam’?

In this paper, I will explore the appropriateness of the above-stated at length, while promoting the idea that the theological/philosophical postulates of Sufism do not account for the pathway towards grasping the true significance of [...]

Earliest Christianity: Theology and Ethics

The works of Paul have been criticized by a group of scholars who believe that they have massive contradiction from the works of other apostles, especially James, who was one of the disciples of Jesus.

Message In the Gospel of Matthew

According to the subsequent passages, "God will come to take the discreet slave". In Matthew, Jesus uses different stories and examples to inform the reader about God's second coming.

Hamartiology as a Problem of Evil

Moral evil, which is ultimately the cause of natural evil, can be traced to the beginning of creation when Adam and Eve defied God's explicit directive not to eat fruits from the tree at the [...]

African Christology

For instance, African Christology is a branch of Christology specific to African nations and their perceptions of the works and person of Christ and Christianity in general.

Theology as a Contributor to War

From the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, the first war is portrayed between two brothers. The chain of command and science of war was long overdue in the theological world.

Quran History and Analysis

The term chronology can be used to describe the history of the Quran as the text. This is one of the points that should be considered by readers.

The Figure of Jesus in Islam

However, the problem is in the fact that Christians are often not aware of the role of Jesus in Islam, and Muslims often interpret the figure of Jesus in their religion in the most literal [...]

Mackie’s Argument on Evil and Omnipotence

Evil is inconsistent with a belief in God because it invalidates the theological argument that God is omnipotent. The argument implies that God's omnipotence is limited, and therefore, He cannot eradicate evil.

The Role of Religion in Public Education

In expounding the role of religion in communal education, it is imperative to mention that the advantages of a consistent teaching program in the lessons attached to religion should be appreciated.

John Hick Philosophical Theology

The theory's hypotheses are internally coherent, in consent with the Christianity religious tradition, and the world is revealed from the natural and moral evil facts, and scientific inquiry. Through this, God will bring back justice [...]

The Bible among the Myths

In the second chapter of the book, Oswalt embarks on a mission to set the bible apart from myths by presenting different scholars' definition of the term and trying to find the definition that suits [...]

Zhuang Zi’s Theory

However, Zhuang Zi argues that there is a point known as a privileged point of view and it is the most ideal for all observers to take.

The Prophets of the Old Testament

One of the major characteristics of the OT prophets was their role as advocates of Mosaic covenant where prophets of Moses regime were to remain committed and possess forth faithfulness to protecting and implementing the [...]

Angelology and Satanology

The Bible gives many cases of conflict between God and Satan and out of these there are those that Satan won and others where God won.

On God and Christ

When reading through the work of Saint Paul, it can be seen that his style of writing/ delivery of certain aspects of religious introspection were somewhat "limited" in that he placed a greater degree of [...]

The Lord’s Supper

The view suggests that the blood and the body of Jesus Christ are symbolized by the elements present during the Lord's Supper.

Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology

Chapters 1-12 from John Frame's Systematic Theology provide the background for understanding the idea of theology in general and systematic theology in particular and present the information on the basic definitions, the Biblical Story, and [...]

Monotheism Developed by Abram

Thus, the main principles of Judaism are the belief in one God as a result of Abram's converting his people in monotheism and Israel's unique responsibility to God because Israel's nation is chosen by God.

“Quiet Talks on Prayer” Book

What disturbs the readers most in the idea of the association between the Holy Spirit and the prayer is the manner in which Gordon describes the battle between the spirits during the praying period.

Understanding the Creator of all Things

The Universal Nature of Water The nature and reliability of water by all living things in the world is another indicator a mysterious force that triggered the creation of the universe and everything that is [...]

Dispensation Theology

The second aspects, which is portrayed in the definition, relates to the fact that God has allowed man the power of choice. In this case, it was noted that the aspect of dispensation date back [...]


The Buddha is in the Dhamma. The Dhamma is in the Buddha.

The Four Noble Truths and Si Shu

It relates to the termination of suffering and all that leads to suffering in human life. For instance, both Buddha and Confucius teach that in a bid to do away with human suffering and achieve [...]

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

In the book of Matthew, the parable of the lost ship is presented in a fascinating context. In the book of Luke, the phrase 'losing one of them' is used meaning that the sheep dispersed [...]

The Screwtape Letters

Hence, the means of temptation and thinking has been vividly given to the audience of the writings. The Screwtape and Wormwood are not happy with how the girl tries to spread the love of God.

Marriage in the Bible

According to the book of genesis 1:28, after creating a man and a woman, God bestowed them with blessings and told them to "...be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and [...]

Qur’an Major Themes

God expects man to live ethically and be just to other humans; this is the main characteristic expected by God in the social order.

Total Church Life

When given a chance to own and be the participants of the church, they feel accommodated and vital in the church since they have roles to play in the ministries proceedings.

Pneumatology: Spiritual Gifts

The difference between spiritual gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit is that the former are given to edify the body of Christ and the later to edify an individual.

Abraham and God

We must obey God and keep His word so that He can continue to be with us, and our future generations. God loves you and He will honour His covenant to you.

The Parable Of Cloth

However, when the dirty and soiled cloth is immersed in the dye, the beauty of the colors is not represented well because of the uncleanness.

Concepts of Christian Worldview

According to the book of Genesis in the bible, the Lord used dust from the land to create the first human beings, after creating all animal on land, sea and in the air.

The Spirit and Salvation

In the Old Testament, we had Isaiah who prophesized the coming of the Son of God and in the New Testament we had John the Baptist who talked immensely about Jesus Christ and he was [...]

Heschel vs. Buber: The Long-Lasting Debates

Despite the impressiveness of Buber's ideas and the fact that there is a doubtless intrigue in Buber's considerations, Heschel makes it clear that the obedience to God and following the postulates that the Bible gives [...]

Theories of the Atonement

Proponents of the theory of ransom claimed that the primary aspects of Christ's atonement was his ransoming of souls of the souls of human beings from the devil who was controlling them at the time [...]

Paul As A Christian Worker

Paul was a missionary theologian who forged his theological reflections in the face of his understanding of the Old Testament, what has happened in the Christ event, his own experience of resurrected Lord and the [...]

Julian of Norwich

In this extensive metaphysical work, she widely explores the nature of God's love, in which we are given 'snapshots' of love in the guise of: Father, Son and Spirit; Mother God, even, the comfort and [...]

Dharma in Hinduism

Therefore, various Hindu translations have defined dharma as "that which sustains or upholds the right or positive order of the world, a person, the family, society, nation and the entire world". In the texts, Dharma [...]

Religion in the US

Rumi also teaches on the need for self-will in faith to show how one needs to be the master of his/her faith.

Religion’s moral objectives

The second objective is to articulate the effect of religions on the economy and the political establishments of a society. The existence of a lot of information on the impact of religion on society made [...]