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World Religions Essay Examples and Topics

Wahhabism Religion Analysis

Despite the fact that the Wahhabi is a form of Islam, Wahhabism criticizes the other forms of Islam, such as Shia and Sunni, as well as the other religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism.

Islam: Orthodoxy or Orthopraxy?

The primary goal of the research is to find out whether Islam is orthodoxy or orthopraxy, comparing it to Christianity and exploring the pillars of both religions.

The Islam Nation Rise and Evolution

The role of Elijah Muhammad in the evolution of the Nation of Islam cannot be underestimated because he ruled the organization for more than forty years, and it was Muhammad, who made the postulates of [...]

Hindu Gods and Other Spiritual Beings

The soul of all beings in the universe, including the gods, is a particle of that spirit. Atman is one of the central concepts of Indian philosophy and religion of Hinduism: the eternal, unchanging spiritual [...]

Four Noble Truths as Buddhism Fundamentals

The first noble truth in Buddhism teachings is the truth of suffering that is frequently referred to as Dukkha. The last interpretation of the Dukkha is the expression of suffering that is inevitable.

Confucianism in China and Japan

Most of the ancient Chinese sages had a metaphysical view of the world before the introduction of Confucianism. First, the Japanese people adopted the Chinese concept of Confucianism and developed it to be more social.

Religions and Practices

The most important ceremony is the initiation that includes a discussion with the guru, commitment to the principles of the religion and certain way of life, and receiving a new name. Meditation is one of [...]

Zoroastrianism and Hinduism Religious Practices

The religion set forth in the Zend-Avesta bases its teachings on the concept of struggle between good and evil. Once ranked as the most influential religions in the world, Zoroastrianism started fading during the turn [...]

Judaism: Characteristics of Religion

Characteristics Religion Judaism Sources Origin of All Things God is a single creator of the world. That is why, God is discussed as the “cause of all existent things” in the world (Fisher, 2014, p. 278). There is the Creation Story, according to which the world was created during six days, and God decided to […]

Christianity: Characteristics of Religion

Characteristics Religion Christianity Sources Origin of All Things The Creation Story in Christianity is associated with the Jews’ vision of origin of all things. According to the Biblical story, God created the world during six days, and then, God decided to rest during the seventh day of the week. During these days, the nature and […]

Buddhism as the Most Peaceful Religion

He is mainly spread on the East of our planet, that is why it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular and recognized religions all over the world, as the majority [...]

Buddhism and Hinduism Differences

One of the main differences between Buddhism and Hinduism is the fact that Theravada Buddhism has no gods, as Buddha is not a god, he is an enlightened being that has reached and realised the [...]

The Meaning of Christian Caring

Although theologians have not yet explored the mysteries of suffering in human lives, one thing is clear to all the people; care is essential to the suffering. Therefore, by caring for the suffering, God demonstrates [...]

Jihad and War Justification

Since then, jihad took the violent form of the sword, and not the nonviolent form of the tongue. Such a cause could be due to the refusal of the involved territory to comply with Islamic [...]

Confucianism and Daoism Comparison

One of the chief concepts of Daoism is the need to follow a way of nature as opposed to following a social or societal order. Therefore, the frog that is in a well is in [...]

Religion Doctrines: Moksha and Salvation

Radmacher argues that salvation is the delivery of humans from the bondage of sin and provision of eternal life. Another difference that exists between moksha and salvation is the nature of liberation.

Religious Studies: the Circle of Life

Thus, the Indians' vision of the natural principles is based on the Circle of Life idea as the reflection of the natural laws, energy cycles, and normal order of life according to which the animal [...]

Greater and Lesser Jihad

The importance of jihad stems from the Quran's instructions to the believers of Islam to struggle for the way of God and the example set by Prophet Muhammad and his followers.

Christianity and Islam Values

Another form of Islam synthesis about Christianity and Judaism is in the emphasis of land. The role of a prophet as envisioned by Christianity is similar to that of Judaism in every manner.

History of Buddhism and the Life of Buddha

Buddha took the opportunity of being a member of the loyal family to influence the development of Buddhism. One of the factors that contributed to the speedy development of Buddhism was its inspirational teachings.

Women’s Buddhism

According to Arvandi Sharma, ancient Indian women chose to become Buddhists nuns purely due to the influence of Buddha's positive ways, teachings and the Buddhism doctrines.

Women Roles in Mormonism, Wicca and Islam

Other religious practices that are crucial under the doctrine of atonement include adhering to all the commandments from God, being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and baptism. In regards to the doctrines [...]

Muhammad and Islam

Comparing "In the footsteps of the prophet" by Tariq Ramadan with "The Truth about Muhammad" by Robert Spencer Ramadan is a Muslim leader and an intellectual whose book presents Muhammad's biography.

Lame Deer, Seeker of Vision

Lame Deer shows the readers the intricacies of the native Indians culture through exploring the cultural and spiritual values of a native medicine man.

Ghost Dance

The circle dance formed the belief systems of the Native Americans and was later given the name the ghost dance. Jack Wilson also known as Wovoka by the Paiute people, was the founder of the [...]

Jainism’ Religion

Jains believe in the cyclic nature of the universe, whereby the universe is considered to have only one cycle. Cosmologically, they believe that the universe is independent of supernatural forces and is thus thought to [...]

Buddhism: Religion or Philosophy

Buddhists believe in a higher power and life after death, they have a moral code of ethics, and they perform rituals; these things are the definition of established religion.

Buddhism and Christianity Comparison

In Buddhism, the ultimate goal is the acquisition of the Nirvana state, a state in which one is relieved of egos, desires, and cravings and saved from the suffering experienced due to reincarnations.

Islam and Baha’i

Masumian notes that the Baha'i concept of heaven and hell is in relation to the closeness or detachment from God. In contrast to this, the Baha'i faith declares that there is oneness of God and [...]

The Gospel of Luke

The value of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts boils down to the fact that the Gospel should not be understood in the context of itself.

Polygamy Concept in Islam

Polygamy is allowed in Islam to address the social and cultural problems that face men, women, and children, without violating the teachings of the religion.

Water Symbolism in Christianity and Islam

Water symbolism in religion is the practice of associating water to particular beliefs that govern the religion's rules. The raising water continuously lifted the ark preventing the Noah family and other animals from drowning Muslims [...]

Religious Studies: Shinto’ Belief System

This differs significantly from a vast majority of current belief systems such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the Hindu religion wherein some form of the profession of faith is necessary to be considered a member [...]

Religious Studies: Hinduism and Buddhism

Samsara refers to the processor rebirth whereby the individual is reincarnated in a succession of lives. This is what has led to the many differences that arise, causing Buddhism to be viewed as a religious [...]

Hinduism Definition and Characteristics

The Hindu religion also has some followers in the United Kingdom that amount to approximately 1% of the UK population; in the UK it developed in the 1960s and 1970s following the migration of people [...]

Korean Shamanism vs Chinese Customary

The religion reflects the connection of the Korean people with their traditional customs and rites. In fact, it was this government interference that led to the declining popularity of Korean Shamanism and Chinese customary religion.

Kami in traditional religion of Shinto

In my view, the civil coming-of-age ceremony, which is held annually to recognize the adulthood of individuals who will reach the age of twenty during the calendar year, can be given as a personal account [...]

Buddhism Believer’s Practice: Meditation

The basic practices in meditation are taught according to the original teachings of the historical Buddha. The practice of meditation in Buddhism is primarily divided into two categories: insight and tranquility.

The Main Aspects of Buddhism

To try to unify it, the monks and nuns still follow the teachings that existed during the ancient times. It is a sin to lie, still, kill, and engage in sexual acts and to take [...]

The African Traditional Religions

In order to correct these beliefs and practices, Christian pastors and missionaries should use the arguments from the Old and the New Testaments that condemn magic and sorcery and show the dangers of trying master [...]

Origin of Major World Religions

Christianity, on the other hand, is based on the teachings contained in the holy book, the Bible. Religious importance consists in the fact that it helps in understanding the world and everything within it is [...]