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Religious Writings Essay Examples and Topics

Paul’s Christian Sermon to the Athenians

The genre of speech is significant for the meaning of the passage because Paul goes to the midst of the Areopagus to communicate to the Athenians the new teaching about the Lord and the idea [...]

Paul’s Speech at the Areopagus at Mars Hill

The characters identified in the passage are: Paul: The protagonist or the main character in the passage. These were the philosophers and the respected men of the society of the epicureans and the stoics.

The Bible: Spiritual Concept Analysis

Therefore, the word "kind" is used to mean "species" or "types" of animals."I will appoint over them four kinds of destroyers, says the LORD: the sword to slay, the dogs to tear, and the birds [...]

The Bible’s Influence with Myracle Stories

Besides, the majority of genres that could be found in the book are introduced with the purpose to explain the divine origin of miracles and other unique phenomena as well as to assure people that [...]

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch is one of the most notable books1 in the history of Chinese Buddhism. The book features the Introduction by Philip Yampolsky that analyzes the work and features some [...]

Islamic Scripts: Ilkhanid Period

The first section of this essay describes the contents of the folio, including such aspects as the inscription and its meaning, the main details of the pattern that surrounds the text and the overall appearance [...]

One Sacred Effort: Southern Baptist Church

The Baptists believe in the infallibility and the sacredness of scripture as the sole reservoir of authority. Baptists live by the teachings of the New Testament with respect to baptism and the work of the [...]

The Gospel of Thomas as a Gnostic Text

The content and structure of the GT are crucial to the understanding of the suggested problem. At the beginning of the GT, it is mentioned that the included verses "are the secret sayings that the [...]

Parable of the Cloth for Buddhists

On the other hand, the dyes represent a particular group of people and thoughts, ideas that one interacts with, if it's a clean dye, it represents pure people and thoughts such as sincerity, kindness, and [...]

Job’s Suffering and God’s Response

The fact is, Job chooses to challenge the existing rules due to the visible unfairness of his suffering. Overall, the question that is raised by the Book of Job is whether we know how to [...]

Ruth, Saul, and Egypt in Bible

The book's setting is significant in locating the events that occurred during the time of judges. Egypt is considered to be a place of refuge and bondage in the Bible.

Spreading the True Gospel of Christ

Pelikan intended to help the modern people to realize the importance of reciting unchanging Creeds. The purpose of Creed was to assist people to believe in something specific.

Bible: The Longes Gospel of Luke

The excerpt in question points directly to the fact that Jesus was aware of the sacrifice that He was about to make, as well as the betrayal to which He would be subjected.

Amazing Grace Hymn by John Newton

The song was personal to John as it was a song of salvation and redemption. It is a unifying factor that brings together religions and the concepts of freedom in a free society after death.

Psalm 23 and Sermon on the Mount Comparison

This is why the setting of the Psalm seems unrealistic because in some passages it goes straight to the world of symbols like the "valley of the shadow of death" and "the paths of righteousness".

The Exodus: Conquest and Settlement of Land

The conquest and settlement of the land in the Old Testament started at the time of Moses. However, in the conquest, God said to the Israelites that the land belonged to them rightfully and to [...]

Mark 7:24-37 in Multilevel Interpretation

To obtain a better understanding of the message, several interpretation levels can be identified the text itself, the purpose of the excerpt, and the application of the story to various contexts and during differing epochs.

Book of Jonah and Its Theological Message

It depicts the infinitude of God's love and character and disparages the narrow ideology that God's interest is limited to Israel as shown by His interest in the dwellers of Nineveh, Israel's ancient enemies. The [...]

James 1:22-27 Passage Interpretation

James 1:22-27 is a passage that pursues one clear purpose to persuade the readers to adjust their perceptions of their religion as a set of instructions and not merely a text on the paper.

Religion: Ezekiel 37 Exegetical Analysis

Moreover, in the context of Ezekiel 37, the connection of "spirit" and "breath" is more obvious because winds in the desert are often hot and destructing in contrast to the spirit that can breathe life [...]

Book of Exodus in Judeo-Christian Theology

The book of Exodus is one of the fundamental points of Judeo-Christian theology in that it depicts the end of slavery and the commencement of the newly emancipated Jew's journey to the Promised Land.

John 1: 1-18: Exegetical Analysis

In the inviting verses of all the Gospel books in the New Testament, the evangelists offer initial hints to the insights that guide the reader into their respective accounts of the life and times of [...]

The Book of Genesis and Questions It Evokes

Genesis is the part of the Old Testament, where the primeval history of the world is explained. Finally, when God is sorry for creating violent humans, he decides to destroy all of them and sends [...]

The Image of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke

Each of the authors demonstrate Jesus Christ in the new and special light, depending on the assorted theme of the composition, focal points and different groups of people observing the retelling of the life and [...]

The Bible among the Myths

In accordance with continuity, the person is not only symbolically the one having the tree, but the person is a section of the quintessence of the tree and the tree is similarly a section of [...]

The Biblical Mission of Church Struggle

It is quite peculiar that the given church is often compared to the car model of the same name; in fact, in one of the explanations on how the given church works, it is clearly [...]

The Gospel of Amazement

By Jesus telling the leapers to walk forth and show themselves to the priests he wanted word on the healing of leapers which was a miracle to spread as this would then lead to the [...]

The Authorship of Hebrews

Furthermore, although Paul was familiar with the Old Testament teachings as witnessed in the case of the writer of the letter, the manner in which the teachings are quoted in Hebrews is inconsistent with Paul's [...]

Reliability of the bible

One of the verification explanations that have been relayed by the archaeologists is the existence of the customs that were practiced by the people in the Bible and are still being practiced to date.

The Last Supper in the Bible

The initial analogical provision with regards to the last supper was pegged on the reports of the festival as found in the bible where God is said to have instructed the Israelites to sacrifice a [...]

The Reliability of Bible

To test the reliability of the bible, this paper will focus or discuss three main lines of evidence that will illustrate the reliability of the bible and send some light on areas that the bible [...]

The New Testament: James about the Tongue

The New Testament is considered to be one of the most important parts of the Bible that depicts the true nature of human duties, demands, and desires, that teaches everyone the truths which have to [...]

The Noah’s ark myth

The ark was therefore big enough for the animals since they were the most and the small family of Noah. He ordered the animals to be fruitful and fill the world again and so were [...]

Difficult Gospel

It is in the power of the Gospel to shape the behaviour and thinking of Christians. The way of the cross though seem unpleasant, is the only avenue in which our hearts can grow to [...]

Bible Study and Scripture Comparing

It is because of the love and mercy he had, that he healed the sick man by the pool. Therefore, when Jesus chose to heal the man on a Sabbath, he implied that healing was [...]

Psychoanalytically Interpreting Genesis

Interpreting the book of Genesis psychoanalytically often calls for consideration of theory of existentialism, oedipal conflicts, and presentation of Thanatos and Eros as destructive forces, which when evoked, led to the eating the forbidden fruit [...]

The Book of Job

As it has been stated above, the Book of Job is the first of five poetic books in the Old Testament.

The Crowd Went Wild

They told Pilate that Caesar was the only King in the land and that Jesus was to be crucified for trying to say that he was the King of the Jews and the Son of [...]

Creation: Truth and Myth

While the second part of genesis is a simple narrative that picks from the formation of the first man in the Garden of Eden to the creation of the first woman and the establishment of [...]

Temple of Solomon

According to the Book of Kings and the Book of Chronicles, Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba. David was the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and a direct ancestor [...]

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the situation whereby a believer is brought into union with Christ through the power of the spirit of God, the believer is at the same time brought into union [...]

The Book of Philippians

The book of Philippians is a letter that Paul wrote to the church in Philippi and specifically addressing the saints, overseers and the deacons.