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Religion History Essay Examples and Topics

Wisdom Theory in Various Christianity Periods

The author repeatedly refers to the wisdom of God throughout his book, and from this quote, it is evident that St. Thomas Aquinas refers to habits of wisdom as the people's ability and the inclination [...]

Church Mission and Postmodernism

The following mission statement can be proposed: The church proclaims the principles of the Christian faith to help people understand God's words and will and improve their reason to act as adults against the evil, [...]

The Church’s Role During the Feudal Era

Such land relations broadly defined the character of the political regime and the essence of the state and law. At that time, religion and the church served to protect the interests of the upper class.

Eastern Orthodox Church and Its History

Thus, the investigation of the church history is treated as tracing the presence of a hand of God everywhere in men's life ways. The research of church history is necessary as it provides the comprehension [...]

Luther and Calvin in Religious Reformation

The citizens that followed the teachings of Calvin were not allowed to misbehave in order to adhere to God's plans. This idea bears some resemblance to the teachings of Luther and Zwingli, as they also [...]

Islamophobia in Germany

"Islamophobia" is one of the varieties of xenophobia, which is expressed in fear of Islam as a phenomenon incomprehensible and alien, as well as everything that is connected, including Muslims.

Jesuits’ Origin and History in the United States

The spiritual leader also described the main purpose of Jesuits that consisted in "advancement of souls in Christian life and doctrine and...the propagation of the Faith by the ministry of the Word, spiritual exercises and [...]

Islam History: 7th and 8th Centuries

Following the death of Mohammed, the Muslim conducted a historical campaign which led to confrontation of the Arab warriors by two powerful empires, that is, the Byzantine and Sasanian Persian.

Ecclesiology: Past, Present and Future

In response to changing times, the church has always sought to make self-relevant to the needs of the people as per the signs of the times. The aim of the paper is to understand the [...]

What Makes Our World Developing?

Ecklund and Long assert that the foundations of atheism lie in the presumptions that no empirical evidence can be used to measure or prove the existence of deities.

Religion as the Cause of Wars

In fact, it is common for husbands and wives to fight on the religion that the family should adopt. Each of these individuals has the hope that everyone will eventually see the righteousness in the [...]

St. Paul at the Areopagus

While the emphasis is seemingly put on the necessity to convince the residents of Athens that their religious beliefs are inconsistent and that the gods that they pay tribute to can in no way provide [...]

History of Religion in Britain

The predominant religious beliefs amongst the people of the British Isles during the early modern period were based on Christianity. The different religious practices amongst the Roman Catholics and Protestants kept people of the British [...]

Ancient Hebrew Scripture

The homogeneity of the deity to man is in question, in chapter three, Adam and Eve heard the presence of God as he walked in the garden.

Christianity Evolving History

Such believes included the denial of the existence of the Pope and respect to the nature. Scholars and theologies have used the Lindisfarne Gospels overtime to analyse the history, growth, and influence of the Celtic [...]

Puritan Dilemma

The way the Roman Catholic leaders approached material wealth was ungodly in the eyes of the Puritans. Accord to the teachings of the Catholic Church, material poverty was not to be celebrated.

History of Christian Theology

The life of Jesus Christ as a man who was born and lived in Bethlehem in Israel and his verbal teachings are used as the anchors of Christianity as a religion.

Orthodox Church in China

The intention of the paper is to give a background of the Orthodox Church in China, and its future even in the midst of opposition from the Eastern religions.

The Christianity History

The time in the history of Christianity between the late Roman Empire and the Renaissance represents the difficult period of the formation of the Christian Church.

The Rise of the Papacy

Pope Leo the Great was of particular importance in the rise of papacy as he not only convinced the barbarians not to destroy the city of Rome, he also coaxed the emperor Valentinian into recognizing [...]

The Features of African-American Christianity

The African-Americans in the U.S.society of the nineteenth century played the significant and rather specific role, basing on the peculiarities of relations between masters and slaves, on the details of the Civil War, and on [...]

Buddhism in a Post- Han China

However, the influence of Buddhism was because of the collapse of the Han dynasty in 220 AD. After the fall of the Han, most of the scholars in China abandoned the Confucian philosophy that had [...]

Jews and Christians

In the book of Isaiah 46:9 as well as the first chapter of Genesis, God reveals his nature as the creator of everything.

Decline of Christianity in Europe

The paper shall particularly look at the events that led to the decline of Christianity in the last century. These have resulted to revolutions in the areas of politics, religion and the social lives of [...]

Aging with Grace

Essentially, the nun study maps the research study as a process limited in scope at the beginning, which later evolves to a more detailed study. However, in the nun study, the researcher was able to [...]

Historical expansion of Islam

Islam is a belief that is grounded on the teachings of the Quran and the prophetical teachings of Mohammad. Further, the unending efforts by the Muslims to spread their religion coined and ingrained in their [...]

The Foundation of Orthodoxy and the Canon

Some of the books that did not make the 'cut' were: Paul's epistle to the Laodiceans; the works of Clement and the preaching of Peter, the book of Peter included in the Bible came at [...]

Christian Church History

It is said that the fall of the western empire had major effects on Christianity and among the effects were; while the prominent Romans fled to the east, the bishop of Rome became the new [...]

A Study of the Inquisition

The papal bull also known as the Charter of the Inquisition stated that in order to eradicate the various heresies that were springing up in different parts of the world, the full power of the [...]

Palo Mayombe

During initiations into the cult, the individuals must possess a "sense of wandering" with the dead spirits in order to understand the prendas and the practice of harming or healing of the Palo Mayombe.

Religion: The nineteenth century

In the nineteenth century, the liberal Christians emerged to defend the authority of the scripture and the reality and existence of God, but they erred when they deviated from conservative Christian beliefs to secularism.

Religious Truth Discussion

The existence of the Jews in the contemporary society is characterized by universalism whereby they consider themselves to have attained status of equality within the society.

Peter Brown’s “Augustine of Hippo.”

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Document Critical Analysis – Medieval Convivencia

Cohen's main argument about the notion of Convivencia in the Arabic speaking world and the era of Spanish re-conquest is regularly misinterpreted as researchers contrast the concepts with the harmonious living era of the Jewish [...]

World of the New Testament

In regard to comprehension of events that led to rededication of the temple, Carter presented books of Maccabeus and that of Daniel.

The Gift of Speaking in Tongues

The gift of speaking in tongues is one of the gifts that the Holy Spirit bestows to Christians. The gift of speaking in tongues is among the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to the [...]

Jesuits in China

The Jesuits in China represented one of the most significant events in the relations between China and the West. The missionary efforts in the county also played a huge role in the introduction as well [...]

Religions of Mesoamerica

In order to achieve the in-depth understanding of the correlation that exists between the human body and the world, certain unique elements of the tonalpohualli have been used in form of a Mesoamerican augural cycle.

Islamic History about Sunni and Shia Muslims

The outcome of the meeting was the election of Abu Bark as the caliph. It attempts to answer the question; "what kinds of arguments, methods and policies did the Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Fatimid caliphs/imams [...]