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Scientology as One Type of Religion Research Paper

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There are various types of religion in the world namely; Christianity, Islamism, Hinduism and the most recent one Scientology among many others. In this essay, I will examine Scientology as one type of religion. The essay will focus on the history of this religion, its beliefs and customs. It will also analyze the recent development in the religion, its trend and its future.


What is Scientology? Scientology, is a religion that emphasizes on the fundamental laws of human life that when applied helps an individual acquire a more fulfilling life on earth. It emphasizes on human spirit and states that an individual is a spirit and not the body or brain. It sought to answer question such as; “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I heading? What am I consisting of?” Therefore, this religious claims to provide answer to the above questions and enhance personal understanding of one self. According to the Church of Scientology international, Scientology is the fastest growing religious movement on earth presently and is defined as an applied religious philosophy. Currently, it estimated that there are approximately 7,300 Scientology churches and groups and the rate of formation of new group as of 2006 was at three churches per day. This makes it the fastest growing religion so far.


Scientology was founded by a man known as Ron Hubbard as a result of his ambition to assist mankind to attain high levels of civilization and existence. He used to travel a lot and it is in his travel to Asia where he witnessed a lot of misery among the Asians that made him to wonder why humanity had to undergo such a suffering. Consequently, he published his first work in 1950 labeled “Dianetics: The modern Science of Mental Health” that sought to provide solution to humans with regards to unwanted emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illness. This came to be the foundation on which Scientology was put up since he observed that an individual’s life was made of spirit and not his body thereby making human beings immortal spiritual beings. After setting up the foundation of Scientology, Hubbard delegated responsibilities to Religious Technology Center to preserve the purity of Scientology religion and to guarantee that Dianetics technology would remain in good hand. However, Scientology Churches are regulated by Church of Scientology international (CSI). It devices and manages the expansion and activities of Scientology Churches (Robinson & Buttnor 1998).


Scientologist believes that human beings are generally good and not evil; what make them evil are their experiences in the world. The religion teaches that it is not basic in nature for an individual to commit evil but the circumstance surrounding an individual is what necessitates the evil. Secondly, Scientologist believes in individuals solving their own problems and not assisted as other religions do. Therefore, it employs the use of intelligence among individuals to improve their own lives and to triumph over all factors pulling them down. Thirdly, Scientologist believes that an individual is the spirit. This is termed as ‘Thetan’ according to Hubbard to symbolize thought and life. One characteristic of ‘Thetan’ is the exteriorization; it implies the ability of ‘Thetan’ to depart from the body and exist outside the flesh independently. Fourthly, Scientologist believes in the ‘Eight Dynamics of Existence’. This refers to the urge by individuals towards survival. When they understand these dynamics, they are able to forge ahead in life. Lastly, there is the principle of affinity, communication and reality. These principles are expressed in a triangular form and helps in the formation of interpersonal relationship. The principle suggests that when one corner of the triangle goes up, the other two also rises. Consequently, this implies that when affinity increases, the degree of communication between individual also rises (Robinson & Buttnor 1998).


The main custom in Scientology is “auditing” referring to spiritual counseling. This is intended to assist individuals improve on their own being. Through examining one self, individuals are believed to acquire awareness. This counseling is done by an auditor with the help of E-meter; a meter specially designed for measuring the spiritual suffering or mental state of individuals. It audits the mind or the soul. Another Scientology custom is education known as Scientology training that is intended to teach on the principles governing Scientology. The training provides individuals with the reason why auditing is necessary in an individual life.

Scientology has gradually been gaining popularity in many countries and statistics according to Church of Scientology international indicates that it has spread to at least 163 countries throughout the world and the number is still rising. Many people who have become dissatisfied with Christianity or any other religious often prefer to seek answers to their many questions from Scientology which has come up with a very simple technology of improving ones life without depending on anyone. Therefore, it can be concluded that, Scientology is religion that would claim many believers from other religion; it is only a matter of time.


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