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Religion Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Satan in the Holy Quran and the Bible

To compare the nature of Satan in the Quran and the Bible, the Christian scripture presents him as a fallen angel, while in the Muslim tradition, he is a Jinn and thus was closer to [...]

Creation in Iroquois Beliefs and Genesis Book

For example, in the biblical and the Iroquois version, both narrators discussed how the creator formed the heavenly bodies, the terrain of the planet, and the fauna and flora components of the living world.

Creation in Gnostic and Christian Views

Religion could be considered one of the first peoples attempts to cognize the world that surrounds us and give answers to the most important questions related to the nature of life, the origin of the [...]

View on the Origins of Religion

While theology focuses on the explorations of various norms and values within different religions and their evolution over the course of history, sociology concerns with the role of religion in the development and evolution of [...]

Jonathan Edwards and Salvation Doctrine

In 1729, Edwards assumed the responsibility of leadership by being the minister of one of the largest and most wealthy churches in the colony following the death of his grandfather.

Creationism, Evolution and Intelligent Design

The present paper reflects on creationism, evolution and intelligent design, before submitting that it is premature to introduce ID in academic and religious contexts as it is not embedded in real science.

The Gardens of Islam: Water and Shade

Thus, water contributes to the image of a garden as a sacred place both directly, by appealing to the needs of desert dwellers, and symbolically, by aligning with the belief system of the population.

History of the Mormons

Mormons believe the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and revelations to their prophet are the basis of authority3. According to the book, the first settlement occurred soon after the obliteration of the tower of Babel.

The Idea Salvation in Buddhism Religion

Focusing on the discussion of the concept of salvation in Buddhism, it is important to state that salvation is the emancipation of a person from the attachment to the reality and from the person's focus [...]

Suffering in Religion

According to Christianity the best and commendable way to suffer is to suffer on behalf of others, this is referred to as vicarious suffering and is contrary to suffering for self which assumes the meaning [...]

Charismatic Theology: Mission in the Spirit

In other words, Charismatic is a term referring to Christians who hold the notion that the doings of the Holy Spirit experienced in the early Church, such as miracles, tongue speaking, and healing, are also [...]

Mysticism in religion

Specifically, the paper explores the above concept in relation to mysticism, struggles and challenges, and purification practices meant for the mind and the body.

Ethics and Religion

First, a healthy and ethical decision must correspond to the teachings of the bible which are the guidelines that portray the will of God.

Science and Religion Contradictions

The predicament that arises from incompatibility of the two domains is that an individual has the will to accept the hypothesis and theories that are evaluated critically in the scientific field.

Letters from a skeptic

For example, the acts of injustice meted on Muslims by Christians in the name of God are seen as a terrible and biased act on the side of Christianity.

A Review on Religious Viewpoints

Alternatively, a set of questions may be issued, in the form of a questionnaire, to the surveyed population. Other study techniques were considered in the selection of a research method.

Idea of Hybrid Church by Dave Browning

According to Lunn, "the different contributions of two of the models will each develop the positive and negative aspects of the ambivalent, hybrid situation".[4] In the present church setting, there is the mega-church on one [...]

The Future of Religion in America

The Social Center The church presented the African-American communities with the only place where the African-Americans achieved autonomy and social freedom, away from the whites.

The Existence of Ghosts

Some people, who to me, pretend to be living in an ideal world, have tended to explain the existence of ghosts as being in the minds of people, and therefore to them, people react according [...]

Religions as a Prime Root of Conflicts

The peace meeting between Muslim and Jewish leaders has demonstrated that religion play a significant role in the resolution of the conflict in Israel and Palestine The religious conflict between the Jews and Palestinians is [...]

The Future of Religion

The future of religion is uncertain; however, the possibility of having one world religion is almost a reality in the light of the high rates globalization.

Why politics needs religion

Secular arguments are too worldly and materialistic to form a solid argument against religion and that is the reason why they can never be taken as default.