Religion Theories Essay Examples and Topics

Suffering in Religion

Suffering is described in a wider perspective to encompass very many issues other than biological infliction of pain. The level of relationships amongst people within societies may at times result in hurting of each other or at times the result is always of help to one another. Interdependence forms one of the basic structure of […]

Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews

The warning passages in Hebrews have always been one of the most arguable and controversial parts of the whole Scripture. Bateman IV (2007) even describes them with the word “exhausting” (24). The major sticking points are the following. Firstly, who are those passages about: believers, unbelievers, or both? How are we supposed to interpret the […]

Religious Tolerance in Ottoman Empire

In the Ottoman Empire, there was religious tolerance because religion played a critical role in enhancing peace and stability. Religious leaders were respected because they were depended upon during calamities and disasters. Moreover, religious leaders had a big role to play in ensuring that people lived in harmony. Religious tolerance in the Ottoman Empire could […]

Charismatic Theology: Mission in the Spirit

Introduction Theology should reflect a form that God chooses to manifest Him to humanity in the contemporary society. In that way, humanity is faced with the challenge whether there has to be Charismatic theology in the modern Christian society. In a bid to establish a theology, there must be talks concerning God, but this should […]

Comparison of Religion in Australia and the United States

Introduction Religion refers to multifaceted dogmas and does that point to a set of standards and comprehension of the significance of actuality. All over the world, human beings have engaged in religion for thousands of years. In the United States and Australia, a number of their citizens cannot trace their place of origins in the […]

Mysticism in religion

Introduction The tenet of religion dwells on the boundary that exists between mystics and thought in the unstable, tenuous, and difficult to identify human culture. The teachings and lineages define cults, notions, practices that are synergetic within a self contained system. This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly explore the mystical aspects of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, […]

Ethics and Religion

Introductory Summary Ethics and religion are two inseparable aspects of humanity that play a vital role in determining the credibility of people’s actions (“Ethics for a Whole World,” 2010). In essence, for a religion to become credible, it must be founded on the basis of strong ethical frameworks that uphold human dignity and self respect. […]

Science and Religion Contradictions

Introduction Valenti observes that religion and science are incompatible because it would be unreasonable to compare the claims of modern Christianity and modern science. Based on this, it is clear that tension exists between traditional faith and science. Although most people attest to the incompatibility and inherent conflict between science and religion, Valenti (2002, p. […]

Has the Gift of Tongues Ceased for Today?

Introduction The gift of speaking in tongues is a very controversial issue: people argue about where it came from and even whether there is anything like speaking in tongues today. Some believe that the gift ceased during the apostolic age and nowadays when people seem to speak in tongues it is believed that they are […]

The fall of Christianity in America

Abstract Declining Christianity in America is an undying debate following research and surveys that support this notion. In this paper, the author looks at historical, empirical, and theoretical perspectives from different authors. Although a considerable number acknowledge decline in Christianity, others view this as a modernization effect, which places Christianity at a turning point. In […]

Why Religion Plays Such an Important Role in Any Society

Introduction The essay is a critical analysis of why religion plays such an important role in any given society. It has been showed that religion or worship is a significant part of the life of every person in this world. For this reason, religion can be defined in various ways depending on personal beliefs as […]

Letters from a skeptic

Target audience Letters from a skeptic showcases correspondence between two individuals. The target audiences being addressed in this correspondence are contemporary Christians. It is clearly pointed out in the letter from dad to Greg that there are serious Christian issues raised by Greg. To be more precise, their correspondence centers on God, humanity and issues […]

A Review on Religious Viewpoints

Diverse analytical methods can be applied in populations study. Population appraisals are practical information gathering mechanisms in research. Reviews, as research techniques, are generally preferred in psychology studies. Individual self-reported information is gathered from surveyed respondents. Targeted information depends on the research objectives. A review might be centered on an individual’s details or be based […]

Idea of Hybrid Church by Dave Browning

Introduction In his book, Browning makes a deliberate attempt to cover the definition of churches by design and constitution.[1] He postulates that there are big churches and small churches all through the world. He also talks about a ‘hybrid’ formed from these two opposites. According to Cole, having a global church is no longer a […]

Historical Development Of The Sunni And Shiite Theories Of Law

Today’s Muslim world is divided into two major sectors, namely Sunnis and Shias. Sunnis make up around 80-85% of the Muslim population. The remaining 15% is the Shias. Amongst the Muslim countries, Iran has the majority of Shia population. There are noteworthy Shia populations in countries like Afghanistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and […]

Development of the Sunni and Shi‘ite Theories of Law

The Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims differed close to a thousand years ago or more. Whereas The Shi’ite Muslims believe in the fourth Caliph, Ali, The Sunni Muslims believe in all the Caliphs who were successors of The Prophet Muhammad. The Shi’ite Muslims belief in Caliph Ali springs from the fact that Ali came from the […]

The Future of Religion in America

Significance of the Church to African-Americans Post Emancipation Black Church The end of the American Civil War marked the beginning of emancipation of the African-American. During the emancipation era, the African-Americans retreated to the church, which served them as a venue for social, enjoyment and information needs (Johnstone). The church became the venue for various […]

The Contributions of Religion in World Civilization

There have been heated debates concerning contribution of religion in advancing peace and causing conflict. Proponents of religion argue that it is a source of peace and tranquility in the world. They further argue that religion is the main source of hope for people because it promotes peace thus enabling people live harmonious and happy […]

“The Ethics of Belief” by William Clifford

One of the foremost aspects of how many of today’s Protestant Christians go about practicing their religious beliefs, is the fact that they do it in a rather hypocritical manner. That is, even though these people never cease proclaiming themselves ardent ‘believers’, they nevertheless prefer to rely on their endowment with the sense of a […]

History of the Christianity Contributions to the Western World

Christianity makes a lot of contributions to the Western world because the history of Westerners is closely associated with the development of Christianity. From this point, many religious aspects which are characteristic for Christianity are reflected in the social and political orders of the Western states, in morality and philosophy of the Western people. It […]

Importance of the church to African Americans

The church was a significant participant in the civil rights movement of the mid twentieth century. Black churches provided a platform for anti-discrimination groups. Spirituality supplied the ideology that civil rights activists would use to voice their misgivings. Christianity espoused values of love and acceptance, yet these were not practiced by the white majority. Therefore, […]

Religion Roles on Earth and in People’s Life

Introduction Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices people use to interact with super natural beings. Nevertheless, religion can also be defined as a sacred relation between human and God (Muehlhauser, 2009). Most religious beliefs in the world developed from sacred historical tales that tried to explain the origin of life. Determine how people […]

The World won’t End in 2012

Introduction There have been several things put forward by different people trying to explain this phenomenon. Some of them are facts while others are fallacies brought about by people in order to justify their plans after the year 2012. Scientists have come up with discoveries and ideas to prove the truth behind this phenomenon. Christians […]

People’s Religions: Existence, Purpose and Nature

The behavior and practices of people on the planet Earth reflects mixed impression of their religion. To understand if they are religious, I have to study their characters and understand their beliefs. According to Fisher (2011), religion can be defined as the character or response to dimensions of life which are regarded to be sacred […]

Understanding Religions without Biases

Introduction When studying religion, it is of paramount importance for the researcher or the professional to adopt a way that is not biased. It is of great importance as well to understand that the study of religion calls for one to lay aside the perceptions they have obtained from the seminary or any other instructional […]

Position of the Christian Church on Homosexuality

Abstract The society we live in today places great importance on sex and sexual conduct. Unlike in the past when matters of sexual orientation were left in secret, the situation has changed and these matters have now been bared open to the public. In the past, there was a general accepted code of conduct and […]

The Existence of Ghosts

In the traditional cultural beliefs, a ghost is universally thought of as the spirit or soul of a dead person. It could even be that of an animal, which can appear to the living in different manifestations. In every culture, people believe that ghosts exist, which is certainly true, except that their description differs. Ghosts […]

Religions as a Prime Root of Conflicts

Religion, though neglected in political circles plays a significant role in the eliciting conflicts and bringing peace in the world. Powerful countries have been continually undermining the role of religion in bringing a lasting peace in the world especially in issues related to terrorism and stability of governments because they perceive that religions are prime […]

Euthanasia From a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Today’s World

Introduction By definition, Euthanasia refers to the intentional ending by act or omission of a dependent person for their own benefit[1]. In other words, it refers to that process where a terminally ill individual is assisted to die painlessly. Euthanasia can be categorized in a number of ways for instance Non-voluntary euthanasia where a person […]

The Future of Religion

Introduction Religion for centuries has been a very important aspect in uniting people across different cultures. This is because of the common believes that people in a given culture hold. It has also been very instrumental in enhancing the build up and retention of morals in the society. In the course of evolution especially during […]

The Fight Against Terrorism by Christian and Islam Leaders

Religion is a powerful tool in restoring, as well as maintaining peace in the society. Many people perceive the Muslim community as dangerous thus capable of enhancing terrorist attacks. It is imperative to note that a synergistic effort from Muslim religion can immensely tame the spread of terror attacks. Apparently, leaders from Islamic community have […]

Why politics needs religion

Introduction Religion has influenced political decisions for the longest time in various states and vice versa. This has created an interesting relationship between the two actors whose weight is felt across governmental fronts, religious communities, pressure groups and political parties (Jevtic 63-64). This paper looks at the arguments for and against keeping religion in politics […]

Aspects of the Male Divine in Contemporary Culture

Introduction The aspect of gender difference has been a major debate since the historical age. Both the cultural and biological differences between female and male has a strong basis on the physical factors that determine appearance as opposed to personality. The term “Sex” may have a projection towards the biological make-up, but the term genders […]

Could the world come to an end in 2012?

Introduction I chose to write about the possibility of the world coming to an end in 2012 because the topic has attracted global attention as a number of individuals have taken drastic measures such as selling off their worldly possession and even committing suicide in preparation for the end of the world. However, as the […]

Gandhi’s contribution towards contemporary social issues

During his lifetime, Mahatma Gandhi contributed to different social issues. This paper evaluates three main issues that Gandhi addressed. These include solving the difference about worshiping God, adoption of non-violence in revolution and discrimination amongst the Hindu caste system. Muslims, Hindus and Christians worship the same God According to Gandhi, all people worship the same […]

Different Ways in which Religion Influences the Society

Introduction Religion has existed as long as man himself, it has been the center of our livelihoods with different communities belonging to different religion. Religion influences the society in many different aspects. This paper looks at the different ways in which religion influences the society. Impact of religion on society Effective parenting determines the kind […]

Dialogue over the Interfaith Christian and Buddhist perspectives

Comprehension of an interfaith dialogue as well as its relevance is the first point that should be considered before answering the question. In understanding this, we will all be able to have a clue on what the topic of argument is all about. We will consider Buru Dede’s perspective as the leader of our discussion. […]