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Biblical Leadership and Ministry Essay

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Updated: Dec 6th, 2021

Biblical leadership is very essential in our church and community today. This implies that we should be leaders like no other with Jesus Christ as our perfect example. Godly leadership requires us to influence other people positively as Jesus was the greatest leader and he made most followers. On the other hand, Godly leadership requires us to follow those who are stronger than ourselves in all aspects. In the bible, God calls leaders who love being under authority this is proven through the leader’s ability to submit to God and follow his commands. God’s plan demands that leaders realize their greatest duty is following another and this will make a great difference in every area of our lives. With Jesus our perfect example leaders are servants thus they have the servanthood heart and they put the needs of other people before their very own.

This also comes with a lot of humility and selflessness. In the book Biblical leadership and ministry it is evident that for us to make a difference in our society, churches, and ministry we ought to be vigilant ministers acting genuinely to meet the needs of those who are around us. Biblical leaders are sacrificial and they do not dictate other people with their procedures and beliefs. In other words for them to make a difference in other people’s lives then they themselves must be different. Leaders in the church should not take their leadership roles for power and recognition or even for popularity amongst their subjects but they should seek to follow Christ’s example. It is also important for leaders in the church and ministry to use God’s word as their ultimate authority in decision-making.

Similarly, the church leadership requires a leader who has the mind of Christ and who ministers to other people wholeheartedly with a lot of compassion irrespective of race religion gender economic status, and geographical barriers. For the church to be more effective in fulfilling the commands in God’s word the leaders should have a spirit that is sensitive and satisfied. They should portray love to one another that is kind, not self-seeking, patient, not boastful, not easily provoked and it does not think evil. The church leadership should seek to please God in all aspects by making the right decisions and challenging other people’s choices in the biblical context.

Similarly, it is the duty of the church leaders to instruct the younger people in the ways that please God. Christian leaders should at only on God’s word and not on the basis of their personal reasoning or even their past experiences. Biblical leadership requires that the leaders portray integrity and Godly character since other people look up to them as well as follow what the leaders do. This requires the leaders to also have the right attitudes and the mind of Christ as they serve other people. Biblical leadership plays a very important role in our churches and ministries as it draws more people to God.


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