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Religion Figures Essay Examples and Topics

The Male Divine’ Classification

The manifestation of the masculine divinity in the Bible and other stories generates a great interest from mythology scholars who have divergent views about the male divine.

Sexuality in the Life of St. Augustine

The aspect that makes the matter with the sister important is that Augustine's idea of dealing with his uncontrollable sex organs and sin as a whole is through severing all ties with women.

Biography of Edmund Botsford

The young English ex-soldier was converted to the Baptist faith during the time when Oliver Hart was in charge of the Charleston church and the ministry in that region especially training the missionaries and young [...]

John Calvin

This essay is, hence, a summary of the life of John Calvin and his impact on Christianity. According to Calvin, the advancement of the church depended on God's mercy.

Prophecy in the Book of Daniel

This means that everything that is spoken of in Daniel's vision and which is within the prophecy that was revealed to him will end in the final event of the prophecy which is the anointing [...]

Martin Luther: Sacramental Practices

According to Marius: In Reformed Theology, the Lord's Supper and Baptism are sacraments, which are external signs by which God seals the promise of goodwill toward people in order to sustain the weakness of faith [...]

What Went Wrong?

Ritschl's aim was to interpret the Bible upon the doctrine of justification and reconciliation and as such, the purpose of Christian faith was to restore the harmonious relationship between man and God.

John Gresham Machen

At a certain interval of consciousness, he wrote a telegram with the help of a colleague that proved to his colleagues to have been his last word to the faithful.

Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Semple McPherson is one of the most controversial figures in the history of the United States, especially at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Life of St. Carlotta

According to what the chronicles of the V Century say, she once saw a woman in ragged clothes and with no shoes on her way to the church.St.

Jimmy Lee Swaggart

Though he is still preaching and making a slow comeback, he is still far from reaching the great heights he was in the 1980s before his involvement in prostitution was made public.

Mohammad Abdu and His Contributions in Islam

He constructed an Islamic model of thought that valued feminism and that distinguished the Islamic view of feminism from the western view of feminism. He is considered the father of Islamic modernism owing to his [...]

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Augustine received a Christian education at the local catechumens where he reports to have learnt about the divine providence, a future with terrible sanctions, as well as the testimony of Jesus Christ, which he considers [...]