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Mother Teresa as a Religious Hero Essay

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The history of mankind has been marked with exceptional people who have demonstrated courage and strength in fostering the happiness of human beings. Their lives have been admired by many for their great qualities and accomplishments. One of them is Mother Teresa whose life has been a great source of inspiration to me. Her legendary life was marked with heroic deeds of courage, sincerity, bravery, and self-sacrifice.

History of Mother Teresa

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born on August 27, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia. After she received her first communion in 1916, a love for souls was awakened from within her. Her father passed away when she was about eight years old. This placed the family in financial constrains as the mother become the sole bread winner for the entire household. Her mother’s love, care and direction shaped the young girl’s life. At the tender age of 12, she decided for the course of Christ to be a missionary to spread His love to the world. Six years later, she left the parental residence to join the Sisters of Loreto in India. To signify her purpose in life, she received her new name Teresa after Saint Teresa of Lisieux.

Her heroic deeds

Mother Teresa performed heroic deeds that served as a witness of love, demonstrated the integrity of humankind and exemplified the life of Christ. She founded the Missionaries of Charity that was devoted to the service of the poorest of the poor in the remote slums of Calcutta. Their mission was to take care of people who no one was ready to watch over. She visited families, cleaned the deadly sores of some kids, provided homes for the homeless, cared for the old and nursed the sick. She helped establish several other organizations that strove to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor.

Lessons from her life

Mother Teresa’s life is sacrifice that I would love to teach other people about. I would teach them how she exemplified Christ in her life through her actions. She not only demonstrated love, but also talked and preached about it. The simple ways of preaching salvation she did, touched the hearts of millions around the world. Mother Teresa left a testimony of immovable faith, unshakable hope and astonishing acts of charity. Her life is full of lessons of humility, joy and service. The decision she made to live among the poorest of the poor is an act of humility. She took care of them by providing food, helping in treating their ailments and building for them houses. Mother Teresa labours was a witness of joy. Her joy became complete in seeing the needs of the poor met. Her life was dedicated to the service of mankind. She was like a pencil in God’s hand whereby God does the thinking and the writing while the pencil does not have anything to do with it. She allowed her life to be used by God for His own divine purposes. Mother Teresa often urged people to give willfully towards the course of alleviating poverty as this demonstrates the oneness of humanity. In doing service, she demonstrated that true love has to be put to action.

Identifying my positive values through her life

Throughout my entire life, I have accumulated experiences that remind me of the heroic deeds of Mother Teresa. Her selfless life is an encouragement to me to live another day demonstrating God’s love to humankind. This has made me to identify with her in order to recognize the positive values in me. Mother Teresa demonstrated leadership in bringing together various people of different backgrounds to a common goal of helping the poor people. This has inspired me to always be in the forefront in duties that are aimed at easing the human suffering. She lived an independent life that was unchallenged by mockery around her. She was her own person who followed her conscience in making vital decisions even when it seems as though no one was supporting her. This has been a direction to me to live a life that is guided by principles and to develop the indomitable spirit especially when it comes to efforts that are meant to be useful to others.

In spite of many years of hard work, she did not give up. She often suffered from many ailments but she got the strength to continue in showing compassion to the people who deserves it the most. In difficult times when I am about to give up, her life has been an encouragement to me.


Mother Teresa, in her busy life, never hesitated to whisper a prayer anytime to ask God for comfort and direction in life. She totally depended on God for meeting her needs. This has resounded in me that no matter what difficulties that I may be facing in this life, God’s help is always available to me and He is only a prayer away. She was the sent-of-God to show His love and compassion to mankind. And so I am.

Mother Teresa died aged 87, on 5th September 1997. Her heroic deeds are a show of alleviating human suffering through acts of love.

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