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Literature on Religion Essay Examples and Topics

“Letter from Apartheid Street” by Michael McRay

The book, Letters from Apartheid Street: a Christian Peacemaker in Occupied Palestine, by Michael McRay, is a detailed account of experiences as part of the Christian Peacemaker Team over a period of three months in [...]

“The Places You Go” a Book by Urias Beverly

The most important insight that I got from the book "The Places you go" is that pastors should be flexible in both the way in which they deal with people and the means by which [...]

“Poverty and Joy: The Franciscan Tradition” by Short

It is this and other key aspects of the Franciscan tradition that Short elaborates on such as the Franciscan embrace of poverty and the Humility of the Incarnation that reveals the author's stance on materialism, [...]

Integrating Psychology and Christianity

The author introduces the topics of the worldview and outlines the four elements of the Christian worldview beliefs, viz.creation, fall, redemption, and the consummation.

The Household of God: the Nature of the Church

The book "The Household of God: Lecture on the Nature of the Church" written by Newbigin in 1953 explores the history of Christendom to understand and explain the meaning of the word 'church.' The author [...]

The Story of Christianity, Volume 1 by J. González

The textbook, The Story of Christianity, Volume 1, gives a detailed account of church history, including the dominant historical figures and events, such as the Protestant Reformation, and the European socioeconomic forces that affected the [...]

“Esther” by George Frideric Handel: Biblical Legend

It provides a short account of the story's and the opera's contents, analyzes the role of music as a depicter of the composer's perception, and demonstrates how Handel changed the original story's perspective to create [...]

Gavin Flood’s Comparative Religion Studies

In essence there is need to carry out more research in this field in order to be able to establish the role and the importance of religion in the life of human beings.

The Race for Paradise: An Islamic History of the Crusades

In addition to that, the author had written two other books in this sphere that were highly appreciated by professionals, which proves that The Race for Paradise is an authoritative and reliable source of information.

Controversy in Society: Spiritual But Not Religious

One of the followers of this movement is Sam Harris, who refers to the fact that spirituality, along with the assistance of meditation, helps him become happy and feel that the world is a part [...]

“The Great Cosmic Mother” by Barbara Mor

This is seen in The Great Cosmic Book where political, psychological and sociological roles of the Goddess or the Divine Mother are described. Because of this, Mor have contributed to a controversial subject that is [...]

Religious Studies: Women in the Old Testament

According to the author, the interpretation and translation "of the book of Genesis have contributed a lot to the misconception regarding the role played by Eve in the garden".

The Book “Following Muhammad” by Carl Ernst

The book Following Muhammad by Carl Ernst can be well discussed as a literary attempt to make Western readers more comfortable with the religion of Islam and to expose what accounts for the ongoing transformation [...]

Suffering Example: Job’ Biblical Story

Job was a good person and innocent in the eyes of the people and in the face of God. For Christian nurses it is their responsibility and the call of God to serve the individual [...]

“City of 201 Gods” a Book by Jacob Olupona

For a long time, the sacred King had adhered to the Yoruba religious traditions, and any change in the conventional belief systems would significantly impact most of the states.

“The Bondage Breaker” Book

Anderson, the founder of the Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, authored a masterpiece book, viz."The bondage breaker: overcoming negative thoughts, irrational feelings, and habitual sins", in a bid to make valid contributions to the [...]

Living Buddha, Living Christ

It is not enough to show that all religions are constituted by the same elements, it is more important to make people long for equality.

Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples

The rest of the book continues to equip readers with the tools that would take them back to the duty of ministering and making more disciples.

The genre of Daniel as apocalypse

The book shows the importance of the heavenly world in the vision of the divine throne in chapter 7 and, the roles of angels and holy ones in chapter 7 and 8 and explicitly in [...]

Characteristics of Irish Hagiography

A particular interesting demonstration of prayer vengeance in the hagiography is the combination of prayer and fasting with vigil to summon retribution.

“Acts of Faith”

Through this movement, the author proves that educating a young nation to ignore religious differences and work for the bosom of everyone is the only way for the world to escape violence and interpersonal conflicts.

“The Kingdom Focused Church” by Mims

For instance, it would serve no harm to the premise of the book leaving the detailed description of what Mims refers to as 'the' in the title of the book.

Book review “The Canon of Scripture”

In the second part of the book, the author deals with the matters pertaining to Old Testament canonicity, taking account of the canon that was made use of by Jesus and the apostles, and the [...]
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