Sociology of Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Buddhism Religion in the East Asian Societies

Introduction Buddhism is a combination of a religion and a way of life made up of a range of thinking, practices, and customs. Even though Buddhism was initially adopted from India, the East Asians are more associated with the religion. Buddhism is more prevalent in China and Korea than it is in India today. However, […]

Exegetical Study of Biblical Divorce

Introduction Most exegetical studies offer discussions on divorce, marriage, and other rights of passage. The passage is a complicated topic that contains thoughts and expressions that are hard to comprehend. The topic is a constant problem in real life and has other passages showing similar relationship. In fact, there are personal debates on marriage and […]

Civil Religion in the American Society

Introduction Human beings are extremely subject to beliefs and culture in their way of living. Religious beliefs are highly influential and thus people live in accordance with the religious virtues inherent in their religious isms. In most countries across the world, religious beliefs, historical heroics, and historical events form constitutional backgrounds, which then make the […]

Benefits of Attending Churches for International Students

Executive summary This proposal is aimed at raising the awareness of international students about the benefits of attending churches. This proposal includes several elements: the design of brochures and leaflets about the churches in California; distribution of these leaflets; evaluation of students’ experiences and attitude toward churches. The proposed program can assist learners who struggle […]

Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective

This paper is aimed at discussing the book Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective written by Craig Carter. This work is important for analyzing the role that religion should play in the contemporary society. One of the points that the author makes is that Christian organizations should not separate themselves from the world of […]

Religion as a Powerful Tool in Governance

Before the advent of the 1990s, a sharp disparity existed between religion and major aspects of the world politics and the public sphere. Whereas religion has played a major role in the development of world politics as well as the socio-economic life, its significance has been ignored in certain jurisdictions. On the same note, literature […]

The Ways Religion Could Affect to Change in Societies

In the current society the position of religion has been a contentious issue. With the past years, societies that gained stability were strengthened by the only religion at that time. Within the sole religion, competing factions have been observed. Divisions were also observed within different sects being based on religious grounds. On the other hand […]

Religion in the Modern World

Introduction Religion is a set of cultural and belief system and practices that relate humanity to spirituality and are relative to sacred things (Heilman 25). It is a common term used to elect all concepts regarding the belief in the so called the god(s) or goddess as well as other divine beings concerns. Religion has […]

The Community: A Religious Perspective

Introduction Humans are social beings who are in constant need of being affiliated with groups that serve their emotional, spiritual, financial or educational dispositions. It is upon this premise that communities are formed, and they are not just limited to family and ethnic links (Tonnies, 2002). It is against this backdrop that this piece of […]

Impact of New Electronic Media on Egyptian Islam

Television Viewing Patterns and What they tell us about the Scope for Liberal Islamic Scholarship in Egypt The electronic media has the potential to influence public opinions. Egyptians use the media to educate themselves about their government. New electronic media refers to radio, television, podcasts and the internet. The internet is a dynamic source of […]

Churches going Mega while small churches are dying out

Introduction The perception of American religion is changing with the entry of mega churches in the religious scene. Mega churches receive considerable attention from their leaders and attendees. Interestingly, leaders and members of smaller churches, denominational officials, church consultants, and seminary faculties pay great attention to mega churches. In addition, political parties and media reporters […]

Studying Religion from an Academic Perspective

Introduction Religion from ancient times has been handled as a very sacred issue, which people were meant to talk about with a lot of holiness. It is this idea that for long made religious studies almost a taboo in the society, because people looked at religion as a medium of communication with God, who was […]

Revitalization Religious Movements

According to Anthony Wallace, revitalization is the action of individuals coming together to combine their efforts with the aim of developing a new culture. This means that people decide to leave their old culture and apply all necessary knowledge and efforts within their reach to come up with a new culture. This involves changing their […]

Tzintzuntzan – Can people who participate in different churches get along peacefully?

Despite religious and denominational disparities evident within communities, it is agreeable that people who participate in different churches can still get along peacefully. This is a considerable provision in diverse contexts. Currently, there are numerous denominations with varying religious ties and doctrines (Cahn 8). Various churches have established, ratified, and embraced different principles and religious […]

Religious Practices and Meaning

Introduction Religious practices and meaning are constructed in relation to other social institutions like economics and politics. From the anthropological perspective, religion may alter economic and political structures or the latter may change religion, as well. Relationship between social institutions and religion Religion plays a vital role in political change. Most religions take conservative stances […]

The issue of religion and public life

Introduction The issue of religion and public life is the recent public policy issue being focused by the media. The issue of religion and public life is among the highly debated controversial issues currently in America with regards to the role of religion and faith in the society. Religion and Faith Pew Forum attempt to […]

Hispanic/Latino Theology

Introduction Theological discourse makes use of liberation theologies to review the goal of human existence, religious thought and practice, and faith by focusing on individuals who have been deprived a voice, adequate standards of living, and a positive identity. Liberation theology critiques moral evil like undeserved and unjustified suffering, pain, and subjugation and marginalization. Liberation […]

Secularization in Social World

Introduction Essentially, there are various attributes that have come up to complement societies not only through religious beliefs, but also through scientific interpretations targeting to control economies. In the sixteenth century, people relied on religious beliefs when making decisions regardless of scientific factors that influenced their social wellbeing (Tawney, 1926). In essence, secularization refers to […]

Religion Role in the Political Decision Making

Introduction Religion is one of the most fundamentally crucial aspects of humanity which defines people’s morals, believes and culture. In essence, it determines the manner in which people conduct themselves, socialize with their fellow human being, and how they uphold the societal values. Since the church covers such an expansive scope in regard to its […]

Islam as Most Feared and Controversial Religion

Introduction No faith in the modern society is as feared and controversial as Islam. It covers the common opinion as an extreme religion that has elements of terrorism, authoritarian leadership, gender imbalance, and civil war. However, Islamic religion appears to be complex than we assume. This essay explores the role of Islam in society, its […]

The Theory of Church-Sect

A number of religious scholars categorize religious movements through the methods of formation. The most expansively employed classification is the church-sect typology. The church-sect theory observes that churches, sects, and cults form a continuum, with a declining effect on society. Groups that choose to secede from the mainstream spiritual organizations are referred to as sects. […]

Conflicts of Sects, Cults and Religious Movements

Church-sect Theory Scholars have tried to classify religious movements by coming up with ways through which religious movements form. The most extensively employed categorization is the church-sect typology. The church-sect theory states that churches, sects, and cults form a continuum with declining effect on society. Groups that decide to break away from the mainstream religious […]

Interactions between Hinduism and Modernity

The world is divided into various religions which play a very significant role in determining the culture of people. In addition, religion is also very crucial in the politics of every country. At least every person in the world belongs to one type of religion or the other. In this regard, the development of the […]

Sufficient Justifications of the Legitimacy of Religious Positions on Social Issues

Summary In this article, Beale (2011) reflects on the notion of infallibility and inerrancy in the Bible. Aside from the usual arguments that utilize church scripture, he discusses the arguments on the Bible’s infallibility in the book “The Divine Authenticity of Scripture: Retrieving an Evangelical Heritage,” by A. T. B. McGowan. Beale (2011) points towards […]

Stereotypes of Islam and Muslims in the West

Introduction The daily occurrences where relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims are strained have become a critical issue in the recent past. This is coupled with the publicity that the Muslim community is usually given when it comes to Islam and the Muslim world, and their positions regarding controversial issues such as terrorist activities and militarization/armament […]

The Relationship between Racial Identity and Religion

The relationship between racial identity and religion is very interesting. Racial identity is a complex psychological construct that defines how individuals within the same race relate with others. Not just physical and biological features define racial identity. Rather, a unique value system that has a general appeal and acceptance across a majority of the members […]

How Religion and Family Produces the Idea of Gender

Introduction This article examines how religion and family produces the idea of gender. It presents an initial literature review on religion and family as these factors relate to shaping gender ideology. Case studies are used in the article as reference to elaborate how family and religion interrelate to influence gender ideology. How Religion and Family […]

Analyze: “The Case for Contamination” by Kwame Anthony Appiah

Religion refers to a set of attitudes related to temperament, rationale as well as reason for cosmos. When considered to be the formation of phenomenal organization or an agency, these attitudes concerning custom observances over and over again have an ethnical policy through the behavior of relationship between individuals (Appiah, 2006). The term religion can […]

Religious Equality in America

It has been established that the United States compared to other developing nations is exceptionally a religious country. Additionally socialists have held that individuals whose lives is at risk are more likely to be religious, thus countries with high degree of poverty are more religious than wealthier nations, this is contrary to America situation. America […]

Sikh/ Hindus in the United States of America

Introduction Sikhism/Hindu is an Indian religion that emerged in the United States of America in the early 19th century. Hindu can be typically referred to as Santana Dharma and as well as Vaidika Dharma. There was a very tough situation in India due to the British colonial power. This affected the financial systems and the […]

The Christian Church and Society/Christianity and Economics

The articles “Pastoral constitution on the church in the modern world”, is of the opinion that the life of Christians is faced with numerous challenges however Christians should always have hope, joy, and trust in the promises of eternal life. The Christians should have strong believe and hope that Christ who was crucified for their […]

Religious communities respond to contemporary issues; Judaism and Christianity

Over the years, the human societies have changed dramatically; from the way they dress, talk and believe. Without a doubt, these changes have infringed the religious ways of life and norms. This leaves has left many religious people in a quagmire. Like many other religious followers, Christians and Jews have to declare their stand on […]

Struggles between religious groups

Sixteenth century is a period that was marked by constant struggles between religious groups as each religion tried to establish their practices and traditions throughout the world. These battles would become so rampant over the years, thus causing a lot of tension in some religious groups. Christianity, which was highly represented by the Roman Catholic […]

Religion in the African-American Community

Over the years, the church has been a very important viability in the African-American community as it has been a social institution that accepts everyone. The African-American church is considered an agency for social control in society. Historically, schools, families and churches have been the core institutions that the African-American community draws their strength from. […]

A Reflection Paper about Religion in Society

How has religion influenced politics? My take is that religion has a tremendous impact on politics. For example, in the United States government, religion has an extremely growing influence. This is to the extent that lawmakers feel distracted. To illustrate this, during the latest debate on healthcare, President Obama had to consent to an executive […]

Reflection Paper: Religion in America

The Social Significance of the Megachurch A megachurch refers to a church that has two thousand or more worshippers in a normal weekend attendance. In the United States, there are more than one thousand three hundred megachurches. Among these churches, approximately fifty of them record an attendance of ten to forty seven thousand members. It […]

The Major Features and Theorists Views on Religion

Introduction Sociology of religion refers to the study of cultural beliefs, practices, and forms of organizations. Sociologists study religion through some of the established tools and methods. Some scholars employ quantitative research while others choose qualitative designs in studying how religion affects human behavior. In particular, the census system, content analysis, demography, and sampling are […]

Sociology and Religion

Introduction Sociology and religion have significant relationships, as sociology is the study of human behaviors and interactions at the individual level or group level. On the other hand, religion is composed of a group of individuals having the same beliefs, values, and principles, and thus they influence one another and society in the development of […]

Introduction to Sociology of Religion

What is Sociology of Religion? Sociology is concerned with people’s interaction in groups and interactions of different groups of people. Admittedly, religion can be regarded as a social phenomenon, a set of beliefs and doctrines that unite people in certain groups. Notably, in the majority of countries religion and state are divided, though in some […]

Sociology of Religion

Sociology helps people answer a lot of questions about the specifics of their interactions and the development of their community. Religion reflects the people’s visions typical for this or that social group. From this point, religion becomes the object of the sociologists’ study in order to explain the characteristics of the people’s interactions in relation […]

Church-Sect Theory

Church-sect theory was formulated by Max Weber to explain how religious organizations are formed. The terms sect and church existed before Weber analyzed their interconnectedness under the church-sect theory. According to Weber, the process of rationalization of elements is given priority in sociology (Weber 67). He associated rationalism with Anglo-American spirit of capitalism whereby an […]

Religion as a Strong Element of Human Character

According to Johnstone, religion is a phenomenon that is sacred, holy and one that has a supernatural bearing. Its subject matter involves the provision of answers to all questions for its members (13). Religion is a strong element of human character. According to Johnstone, religion is a phenomenon that actively shapes the life of a […]

Religion in Society

Introduction Religion is believed to be a systematized compilation of beliefs, traditions, and world analysis that link humanity to religion and to ethical principles at times. A number of people have the belief that religion can only take place in churches, temples, or any other place that spiritual get-together takes place. In the real sense, […]

Reflection Paper: Religion in Society, A Sociology of Religion

Many a times, people raise the question on the origin of religion; in addition, this question has fascinated philosophers as well as scientists throughout the centuries (Johnstone 21). Different religions have different practices of what they believe in and so the question remains; what is the origin of these practices. Where did the notion that […]

Religion and Its Functions in Society

Introduction Religion in some form or the other has been with man for long. It is one of those few characteristics and activities of man which are independent of his animal nature. It has sprouted out of his mind, in response to his felt needs, external and internal. To trace its origin is impossible, and […]

The Role of African American Churches

How important has the institution of the church been for African-Americans? The African American church came into existence in the 19th century. It has played a major role in addressing the needs of the African American society. The church has a long legacy of fighting against mistreatment, neglect, and oppression. This has transformed it into […]

Argument on secularization and its challenges

Introduction Secularization is a historical process through which individuals fail to recognize the significance of religion values in their social, cultural and political settings. It threatens to erode the noble human values that shape political and social activities in various societies. That is it is a systematic process through which religion has been losing its […]

History of the Dalit Theology in India

Dalit theology emerged in India before colonialism whereby members of the outcaste were considered outsiders and were not supposed to mingle freely with other individuals in society. In fact, outcastes were oppressed and subjugated because they were expected to perform degrading jobs, such as laborers and cleaners in the village (Oommen, 2000). They were excluded […]

Religion Influence on Modern Day Politics and Society

From time immemorial, religion has been the pillar on which society bases its principles. In many societies, religion has been used as a guiding principle in determining the correct code of conduct, besides giving rules on what is considered as acceptable behavior in society. It should however be noted that religion has lost much of […]

Religious Tolerance

In spite of the constant existence of religious fanaticism and prejudice experienced in most parts of the word, there has been a notable growth in religious tolerance. The view that diverse religions as well as spiritual customs have a suitable approach has recently become more prevalent. In the contemporary world, religion is continually being characterized […]

Religious tolerance

Introduction Religious tolerance is imperative in modern societies because it allows people with separate faiths, beliefs or values to coexist with one another. Acknowledgment of the validity of other people’s religions requires placing these different religions in their traditional contexts in order to understand them. Furthermore, understanding the history of other cultures allows one to […]

Forgiveness in Martin Luther’s Movement for Rights Blacks

Introduction The best way that blacks can learn to forgive is through seeking God. Martin Luther led the movement that blacks had fighting for their rights in America in the 60s. The bible teachings tell us that God exists in the holy trinity and the only way to forgive others is for us to be […]

Religion at Work

Religion is a fundamental set of beliefs and practices that are generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects. In the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legislation, Religion include all aspects of religious observance and practice, as well as belief; unless an employer demonstrates that he/she is unable to reasonably accommodate an employee’s […]

Dr. Baxter’s video lecture Response paper

Looking at the environment around us, people occupying it perhaps have one common trait: state of despair and discouragement. Arguably, that is why everyone toils hard to minimize the effects of desperation and discouragement in life. Droughts, wars, sicknesses, injustices and corruption acts perpetrated by politicians in full glare of God characterize the world. Theologically, […]

The Divine Life Church

Religion plays important role in life of people. Even though, there are people who do not have faith in God, they still continue believing in something. Moreover, there is an opinion that most of the religions are alike because they have basic similarities in beliefs. This is not true. Each religion, each church has many […]

Role of Religion in Public Life (Church and State)

The concept of separation between religion and government has been adopted by several nations to varying degrees. This is in regard to the applicable legal institutions and prevailing views towards the actual role of religion in different countries. In some countries, these institutions are closely interconnected. The variations exist in the level of religious freedom, […]

Benefits of Religion

Abstract This paper begins with an explanation of what religion means and how it affects people. A brief history of religion in America is provided from the pre-colonial period to the present day status. Then it moves on to give a brief review of major religions in America. Further, the role/benefits of religion are explored, […]

State and Religion

Through the centuries, religion and state have been struggling for powers since both represent distinct centers of powers in the world. While state has political powers, the religion has divine powers, which makes it command billions of believers across the world. During the dark ages, there was union of Roman Empire and Christian religion that […]

The role of Religion

Introduction Religion has changed millions of lives; it has given them a hideout from their fears, promised materials and peace to the poor and encouraged the weak, among others. The world has many forms of religion, for instance, United States’ varied culture is credited to the different forms of religion. These include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, […]

Church and state

Introduction During the Roman Empire, Church and State worked together. However, several events occurred that separated them, these included the splitting of church, which later led to various reforms in States. Today most States such as United States and United Kingdom, assume secularist governments that make and apply their laws without necessarily consulting religious sectors. […]

Freedom of speech, religion and religious tolerance

Freedom of speech is the liberty granted to individuals to express themselves freely without any censorship. However, the very rights are subjected to certain limitations such as slander, libel, incitement, obscenity and an intention to commit crime. The discussion on Phoenix pastor who is wishing that President Obama would be dead provides a concise example […]

Islamic Religion and Its Influence on the Society

Introduction Africa is one of the largest homes to Muslims because many of them live in Africa. Islam means submission and peace and Muslims live a peaceful life by submitting to Allah. Hollins (64) argues that a Muslim is any person following Islamic laws. According to Islam traditions, Allah sent angel Gabriel to reveal His […]

Identity and Assimilation: Jewish People Can Find the Golden Mean

The modern globalized world has brought to the fore the issues of ethnical and cultural identity. Minorities are preoccupied with issues concerning assimilation since they are afraid of losing their cultural heritage which can be forgotten. Jewish people living in the United States are also preoccupied with the same questions. There are different opinions on […]

Separation of Church and State

The history of religion and state in the United States dates back to the puritan times (Corbett and Corbett, 1999). The relationship of the two at the time was so intense that religious matters were indoctrinated in common law in form of theocracy. The Puritan system used both political and religious organizations as the model […]

“Religion in society: A sociology of religion” – The most important chapter

Thesis statement One of the main aspects of a post-industrial living is the fact that; whereas, the influence of some world’s major religions (such as Christianity) continues to weaken, other religions (such as Islam) appear to become ever more influential (Bruce & Glendinning, 2010). However, discussing the earlier mentioned phenomenon from strictly a theological perspective […]

Religious Convictions: Varied Views of Sayyid Qutb, Abd al Wahhab and John Wesley

Throughout the course of history, some individuals have actively engaged in doing things that have made a huge impact to our collective human history. From Jesus Christ to Adolf Hitler, these individuals have inspired the thoughts of many, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage. Undoubtedly, these individuals have utilized all kinds of means […]