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The Spiritual Needs Assessment Essay

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Looking at the Spiritual Needs Assessment, it should be mentioned that the questions were asked to a child, a girl of 14 years, therefore, some answers seem rather contestable, however, it is clear that religion plays important role in her life. Additionally, she is skeptically directed at medical service as she is sure that if people suffer they are punished by God. However, she does not think about such facts as ecology, various diseases which have been provoked by food and the surrounding environment, unhealthy behavior, and other supportive factors. Having conducted this assessment, it becomes obvious that a girl has much devotion to religion, however, the difference in her spiritual consideration with the religious views of her parents may be the specific period in her life when growing up adolescents want to make everything different from their parents being sure that they know what they do and it is much better.

Considering the very assessment and the way it was conducted, I would like to say that I am satisfied with it. The assessment of spirituality is the assessment of the religious considerations and beliefs (Skalla, & McCoy, 2006). The questions were properly formulated and the answers to them were given with ease, without particular pressure. However, I still have some particular aspects which seem problematic and I would pay more attention to them in the future. I am sure that the staff is to be interested in asking the questions and in this case, patients would answer them with greater desire (Griffin, & Yancey, 2009). I have not noticed much interest in answering questions as the interviewer was not really interested in asking them.

I definitely agree with Oakley, Katz, Sauer, Dent, and Millar (2010) who are sure that “the impact of spirituality and its role in patient care” (p.46). Still, I failed to understand how religious life affects a patient in detail. I could not get whether the support of a pastor is important for a child or staying in a hospital she needs to be alone and to think about her personal problems. I face several barriers while conducting this assessment. It is difficult for me to communicate with children about religion. I am a religious person and I know what my considerations are. Speaking with a girl I felt that I cannot understand her due to differences in religious views. I suppose I need to search for more information about other religious o make sure that I would be able to know the basic information if something like this happens. I would also develop the questionnaire having increased the discussion about the ways of treatment and patient’s desire.

Assessment Questions (Mueller, 2010) and Answers

  1. Spiritual belief system. What religion do you pursue?
    Answer: I follow the Christian religion which slightly differs from Orthodox.
  2. Personal spirituality. What religion or beliefs does your family support?
    Answer: My family supports Orthodox religious views.
  3. Integration with a spiritual community. What role does your religion play in your life? What is your role in the life of your religious community?
    Answer: Religion plays important role in my life as I live in accordance with church canons, I read the Bible and I follow the rules it imposes. I prepare myself for Judgment Day, and I want to live a sinless life. According to my help to the community, I support the church is gathering charity and I myself try to donate to church as much as I can.
  4. Ritualized practices and restrictions. Do you have any health care activities forbidden in your family because of faith? Why? Are there any specific health care activities your family supports due to religion? Which are they?
    Answer: Prayer is the main treatment, however, I do not refuse treatment as well as my family does. I also do not consider treatment as something necessary. I suppose that if people suffer if they get ill it is the experience one should perceive, it is a specific suffering one should come through in order to make sure that a person feels has cleansed oneself from sins.
  5. Implications for medical care. Are there any recommendations you want us, medical care representatives, to remember while taking care of you?
    Answer: I do not understand simulated support of life. I also do not support euthanasia as if a person suffers at the earth, this is a spiritual necessity. People live on the earth with the purpose to clean themselves and enter God’s kingdom which is going to appear on the earth soon.
  6. Terminal events planning. How often do you contact clergy? Do you feel a necessity in it?
    Answer: I usually contact clergy when I feel the necessity in it when I do not know how to act or when I doubt whether my action was sinful or not. I am inclined to think that I am too young to cope with some problems myself, therefore, I attend church about once a week.


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