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Religion, Culture & Society Essay Examples and Topics

Faith and Ethics Role in Religion

We will discuss two of the characteristics of the ethics of Jesus, that is, His new concept of love and the value of the individual person and how they can be incorporated in our own [...]

Secular and Christian Worldviews Clash

Many people avoid incorporating Christian worldviews into their lives because of varying interpretations offered with regard to the relationship between religion and secular pursuits.

Meditative Practices in Religious Traditions

Meditation incorporates many systems that are diverse in nature and are distinguishable by attention on focus that takes the form of concentrative techniques and mindfulness on the other end.

Ritual and Symbolism of Holy Communion

Nevertheless, as far as the believers' subjective perception of the surrounding reality is being concerned, this flesh and blood continue to appear in the form of bread and wine.

Good and Evil in Religions and Life

The category of good and evil is incorporated in people's existence and is manifested in all spheres of human life. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the category of good and evil is [...]

Cult and Religion Differences

The main motivation for forming a cult is to gain control over people while that of a religion is to help followers find happiness, satisfaction, truth, and balance in their lives. Studies have established that [...]

Miracle of the Sun in the Catholic Church

The major things I doubt, are that the children had seen anything miraculous at all; that what the children had actually seen was the image of the Lady, Jesus and other saints; that all the [...]

Modern Sacred Places. Sadako Peace Garden

A sacred place can be defined as a place or a site where human beings go to seek the truth, meaning with divine inspiration that is mingled with beliefs and practices in an attempt to [...]

Buddhism Studies in the Far East

This emanates from the fact that the religion is only popular in one part of the world. Woo writes that it is possible to have many misconceptions about a belief, a religion and a practice [...]

The Religious Life of Planet Earth

In most cases, people who believe in the existence of a certain deity have a way of appreciating their creator. People on earth use meditations, prayers as well as chanting as a way of communicating [...]

Human Justice in All Religions

However, before the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, various religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism also had their own set of rights that helped to create the basic structure that helped [...]

The Latter Day Saint Movement

In spite of the fact that the followers of the Latter Day Saint Movement discuss Joseph Smith as the prophet equal to Moses and other prophets, this statement is rather controversial because the founder of [...]

Christian Faith

For example, ity teaches that Jesus is the son of God, he is the way to salvation, and he was sent by God to save the world from sin.

Hell Debate in the Scripture

In addition, the paper will also explore the history surrounding the concept of hell and analyze the two central views that characterize the protestant evangelicalism to draw a personal conclusion on the concept of hell [...]

Religious Tolerance and Theology

Therefore, tolerance can be defined as the aspect of respecting people in their different nature and not demanding any same action from their beliefs From the Jewish perspective, extending their laws to encompass other religions [...]

The Status of Animals in Religion

The trend has led scholars in the field of theology to critically analyze the relationship between religion and animals. For instance, Watdaul holds the view that the relationship between religion and animals is a communion [...]

The Church of Christ

These included the Christian church, the Evangelical Synod, the Reformed church and the Congregational church in the United States. All the four denominations that united to form the Church of Christ evolved from the Disciples [...]

Corinth – Life at First Century

Reflectively, the analysis is based on prostitution, idolatry, and greed as condemned by Paul in his first and second letters to the converted early Christians in the city of Corinth.

Meaning of Life from Islamic Point of View

In reference to Hines, the understanding of what life is defines the purpose of living it. The aim of the current research is to investigate the meaning of life according to the Islamic faith.

Veils in Islam – Religious Studies

The attitude towards various types of Islamic clothing for women is different across all of the Islamic countries and cultures, and since due to the process of globalization many of Muslim immigrants have moved to [...]

Predestination vs. Free Will

The protagonists of free will acknowledge that God is always aware of the choices that people intend to make and the consequences thereof.

Worship Team Role – Religion Issues

4 Much of the worship seeks to explore the interpretation of man to the Kingdom of God, all of which is dependent on the religious niche to which the worshiping music is made.

What Brings Women to Buddhism?

Once establishing the source that has the greatest influence on the women and the ways which are most typical of women to be converted into Buddhism, whether it is the doctrinal one, or the one [...]

Existence of God

Paley's argument on the existence of God, the way he compares and contrasts God and his creation with a watch and a watchmaker, is relevant and to some extent realistic.

Is America a Christian Nation?

Did the founders of the nation plan to set up a nation that gave special merit to Christianity? The president's policy statements claimed that the United States was chosen by God to watch over the [...]

Religions of the World Benefits

Religion acts as some sort of governing body which provides rules and a manual in the way life should be lived; how human beings should behave, what is right and what is wrong, what is [...]

Insights on Post Christianity

This New era has come with many catastophes ranging from economic meltdowns,global warming and wars that have led to the destruction of a better America.

Religion View on Compassion and Justice

The current state of the world is very insensitive to the plight of the poor and the sick because the government and the church alone have great responsibility of helping the needy.

Women and Religious Traditions

The story of Adam and Eve in the bible also shows a woman as a person close to the devil for breaking God's command by eating the specific fruit that she was warned not to [...]

The City of God

But despite the fact that the changes came very soon and caught people unawares, the bravest summoned up their courage and found the spirits to struggle against the invasion of the barbarians, their hope nestling [...]

Poorer Social Classes in Hindu and Islamic Religions

The caste system leads to the isolation and exploitation of the weak classes of the society by the upper privileged classes, since the Hindu religion and traditions view poverty and their respective social classes as [...]

Traditional Food Culture in the Indian Religion

As demonstrated by this particular author, the traditional food culture is important in the Hindu religion because of the fact that food "speaks" a language that conjoins the gross and the subtle, body and spirit, [...]

Should Churches Be Taxed?

The reason for this is that, as practice indicates, the activities of just about any Church are being ultimately concerned with making it possible for the affiliated clergymen to ensure the never-ending flow of monetary [...]

Religions Views on Euthanasia

This essay highlights religious thoughts with regard to the whole issue of euthanasia, bringing into focus the extent to which our society has been influenced by courtesy of the Dr.

Women Role in the Church

The role of women in the church is one of the most controversial issues plaguing Christianity today. This teaching is context specific, and is not a generalization on the participation of women in ministry.

Book About Good by Peter

The verses explain why God is the only solution to these challenges and problems. The best solution is for every Christian to remain humble and trust in his or her God.

Jihad Role in Islam Religion

To the rest of the population, Millard opines that Jihad evokes conflict and war, and it is the defining factor for making Islam to have the least reception in the minds of such opponents.

Biblical Worldview – Religious Studies

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the assertions of the book of Romans do not singly represent the biblical worldview. Paul attempts to explain the place of God in the creation of [...]

The Puritan Ethic

In today's society, people utilize the ideals promoted by the Puritan Ethic to improve their lives and the lives of other people.

Christian Duty to Care for Homeless People

While Catholic Social Teachings call for the people in the society to promote equality, the poor people in the society are seen as a nuisance to the financially liberated members of the society.

Religious Studies: Morality in Buddhism

In this case, much attention should be paid to a collection of restrictions or taboos that should govern the decisions or actions of a person. This is one of the issues that should not be [...]

Religious Subculture: Arrow of God

The interviewed member acknowledged that "the rector interviews potential members and administers the special sacrament, which is intended to bind the recruits to the oath of secrecy, religious cleanliness, and submission to the rules and [...]

Shias and Sunnis Religious Groups

One should keep in mind that the experiences of the respondents may not coincide with the views of Sunnis and Shias who may be living in other countries.

Religious Socialization in America

This essay will try to explain factors that are influential in shaping the future of religion in America. These activities by the media will help in the distribution of religion because it is no doubt [...]

Sociology of Religion in US

In spite of the fact that religious principles are associated with the importance of maintaining peace, love, and charity, the modern world of religious expression is mostly based on the economic factors which are closely [...]

Religious Observation of Societies

The people interacted in a friendly manner and shared their ideas effectively. The above exercise explains why human beings interpret certain events and symbols in a particular manner.

Religious Socialisation

In the same vein, it relates the importance of religious conflicts to the existing state of religion in the modern world, the comparison of religious conflicts to the church-sect typology, and the application of religious [...]

Christianity Effect on Legal and Social Practices

Particularly, this paper highlights the Christian influence on marriage, family, health, lifestyle, and the development of laws and social customs. Christian influences on marriage, lifestyle choices, and health outline how religion affects our social practices.

Customary Practices Concept in Religious Issues

Despite the idea that is partaking in a group customary practice kills, the need for artistic expressivity exists, the actual introduction of group sense into the process of a habitual action, as well as the [...]

Scientology Ethical Concerns

Since there is a contradiction in the conceiving the law of swindling, it is not right for religions to make money by swindling people. There is a contradiction in the will of the law not [...]

Women and Religion

For instance, in the Islamic affiliation, women are treated as the property of the man and have to dedicate their entire life in the service of these 'superior' beings at the expense of their happiness.

Philosophy and Religion Relationships

The most basic concept that is addressed by both religion and philosophy is the existence of good and evil. Education and the upbringing of a child are one of the key effectors on the forces [...]

Salvation in the Presence of Mystery

These cultural beliefs are passed to generations through stories and myths that connect the facts of life by showing that life is seriously flawed. There is a need for salvation, which is the way to [...]