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American Religious Diversity

Among the elements that enabled the Chinese to rise above American racism are four main elements that are deeply rooted in the Chinese people and gave them the ability to transcend racism in America.

Catholic Social Thought

While most Mass-attending devout Catholic worshippers would flinch at the mere hint of violence, the purpose of this essay is to give an understanding of what conditions can a war be imposed upon aggressors.

Concept of the Maslahah Mursalah

Kamali notes that essential values are central to the concept of the Maslahah Mursalah. The essence of the Maslahah is that it has to correspond to the divine law.

Definition of Soul

In spiritual and traditional terms, the soul is associated with the immortal essence of human nature that can exist beyond the human body.

Multicultural Experience of Visiting a Church

Although the experience was definitely, a revelation of the minor details I missed from my congregation, one of the things I noted during the next worship visit at my church involved the decorations and symbols.

Religion and Spirituality in Modern World

Religion may refer to "individual acknowledgment of superhuman divine power, and particularly a special God or gods entitled to submission and worship". Spirituality in both secular and religious arena refers to a force that unifies [...]

Holy War in Muslim and Christian Religions

The case for Muslims is exceptional because to them they believe in Jihad and this is evident in the number of violence that they had carried out in the past and even today. In conclusion, [...]

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster remains instrumental in understanding the position of the society on issues and its own metamorphosis as the concept of capitalism, dominance, economic clandestine, and spheres of aesthetic and [...]

Santa Clara Church

The idea of conducting this study made me nervous because of the entire experience I would have during the Mass. Inside the church, there was a font of water at the front end.

The Sin of Gluttony

In my opinion, gluttony is one of the deadliest sins, and it is the primary reason for the breakdown of society.

Religious Expression and Its Social Factors

Social class determines religious expression in that the adherence of a person to certain religious beliefs is correlated to his or her position in the social class he or she belongs. Religious beliefs and doctrines [...]

Church in Exile as a Reality of the Western World

The role of the Western church decreased in the last decades, which is caused by the low interest of people and socio-cultural shifts. The question of the head and the heart unity remains critical concerning [...]

The Book “Milk: A Local and Global History”

For example, Valenze starts describing the presence of milk in ancient faiths with a legend "The Churning of the Primordial Ocean of Milk," in which milk brought life to the universe and also became a [...]

Religious Belief and Academic Content

It should adapt to the overall situation and change the nature of the speeches to reflect that the people's righteousness was the cause of the good times and that their perseverance would help them overcome [...]

Spiritual Development Among Adolescents

The association between mother's religiousness and adolescents' maturation is substantial, and mothers' religious beliefs tend to have a positive impact on their children's development.

Greedness and Church Marketing

However, in the bid to make an impact and overcome the challenges of the first-mover advantage, church leaders pursue dangerous aspects of Gospel marketing.

Turban-Wearing Religious Group

Many people practice wearing a turban, and this headpiece is common in a variety of ethnic and religious groups. I chose to wear a dastaar, a traditional Sikh turban that is worn by all followers [...]

Orthopraxy and Leadership in the Church

The concept of orthodoxy that refers to the conformation with the Christian creeds, truths, and images is beneficial in understanding a Sunday School Teacher's expected position in the context of change.

Mosques’ Spatial Distribution in Sydney and Yanbu

However, another consequence of this multicultural environment is that religion has become a point of difference, which cannot pass unnoticed as not only the number of people residing in a country is affected religious beliefs [...]

Buddhism and Confucianism in Modern China

In the article "Concepts and Institutions for a New Buddhist Education: Reforming the Sa gha between and within State Agencies," Stefania Travagnin discusses the opposition between Buddhist education and Western education in China the beginning [...]

Main Aspects of Divine Command Theory

The assumptions of the divine command theory are based on the idea that God commands what is morally appropriate, and things and actions can be viewed as moral or ethically obligatory due to God's directions.

Media and the Future of American Religion

Religion is an indispensable part of the American society, and, as the Wars and the post-was historical situation molded the culture of consumerism, religion is taking the form of a product that can be marketed [...]

Influence of Modern Media: Religious Values

When speaking about the way that modern media shape and change the views on the most popular traditional religions, it is necessary to pay increased attention to the media representation of Islam and Muslims as [...]

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia

The possibility of arranging a personalized schedule is discussed by the Chief Executive Officer, the Supervisor, and the particular employee. The decision of closing may be made by the CEO in the case of extreme [...]

Entheogens and Society Transformation

The predicted conditions and practices that may be experienced in the future need intense voices to request for the rebirth of spiritual practices to manage the issues that will be faced by humanity.

Religion in American Society

In 1978, the United States Congress enacted the Indian American Religious Freedom Act that supported the protection and preservation of the freedom to believe and practice customary religions amongst Indian American s, Eskimos, Aleuts, and [...]

The Definition of Relativism

According to the definition of relativism, it is a concept that calls for the opinion that there is no universal truth in any concept. The contradictions emanate from the fact that it is impossible to [...]

Religious Cults and Their Characteristics

As expected, the failure of the prophecy that was witnessed in 1972 led to a massive drop in the popularity of the cult, yet the following rearrangement of the church and the reprioritizing of the [...]

Denver Buddhist Temple: Cultural Outing

In this connection, the paper aims at identifying Buddhist religion that is prevalent in Vietnam focusing on three paramount concepts I learned in class such as the moral policy of the Denver Buddhist Temple, symbolic [...]

Islam and Islamic Nation-States

The constant military conflicts and weakness of local governments turned this land into one of the main sources of instability that impacts the whole world and conditions the appearance of numerous concerns related to the [...]

The Archdiocese of St. Louis

One of the main reasons for the location of the church in St. It was completed in 1914 and is considered the mother church of the Archdiocese.

Santeria: Religion or Witchcraft?

In the past, Santeria has been largely compared to witchcraft because they have some similarities but is Santeria witchcraft or is it entirely different?

Islamic and Christian Religion and Terrorism

History shows that terrorism occurs all over the world, yet the scope of recent terrorist acts, initiated by organizations that claim to be religious, has contributed to the creation of a negative image of Islam.

Religious Diversity’s Impact on Public Safety

The primary goal of this project, therefore, is to explore the impact of religious diversity on public safety and community policing and to articulate the need to address religious persecution in order to promote public [...]

Religious Commercialism and Secularism in America

Thus, the work emphasizes the significance of Easter parades and the movements of church decoration, in the initiation of stable marketing strategies, which affect both the national economy and the well-being of separate retailers.

Immigrants’ Cultures and Religions in the USA

The combination of the unique factors impacting the development of the state and the structure of the population resulted in the creation of the US society, which could be characterized by the high level of [...]

China’s Religion, Literature and Art

Chinese music was shaped by both the political traditions of Confucianism and the philosophical traditions of Daoism. With the introduction of Buddhism, its monophonic nature was transformed by the influence of the religion that was [...]

Gender Issues in the New Testament

However, such attempts in the church are met with resistance and even use of the Bible verses to disapprove of women's role in the leadership. The modern church needs to be progressive and allow women [...]

Sperm Donation and Surrogacy in Islam and Christianity

The baby at birth, therefore, is genetically identical to the intended parents than the surrogate mother, as opposed to traditionally surrogacy where the baby bears attributes of the surrogate mother and biological father. This is [...]

The Eastern World Religious Sites

The visit gave me the opportunity to explore the attributes of Jainism. The priest of the temple told me that the major religious text was called the Agamas.

Internet and Social Networks’ Impact on Religion

The issues surrounding the effects of the Internet on religion have been the center of controversy of the debate on the topic with scholars belonging to either of the sides seeking to substantiate their arguments.

Hsi Lai Temple as a Unique Religious Site

Moreover, one could admit the perfect balance between the peculiarities of the local landscape and the architectural style of the building. This fact conditions the great beauty of the given ensemble and improves the image [...]

Early Islam and the Position of Women

The paragraph that is cited above makes a critical point to the discussion of the assigned readings, because it addresses the issue of legal articulation of the ethical norms as the main underlying cause of [...]

Ramadan for a Muslim Practitioner

One of the essential teachings of Muhammad and Allah is for a Muslim to honor the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan causes Muslims to change their ordinary lifestyle and submit to the teachings [...]

Human Sexuality in United Methodist Church’s View

The purpose of the analysis is to demonstrate that despite the tendency of the Methodist Church to maintain Christian standards of behavior, Wesley's ideas of equality in the face of God reflected in his doctrine [...]

African Diaspora Religious Community

When we attempt to analyze the nature of spirituality in the African Diaspora, it is highly important to remember that the Black Church appeared as a response to slavery.

The Yoruba People’s Spiritual Care

Spiritual care of the Yoruba people, represented by the set of religious practices and traditions called Orisha or Ifa, is the primary theme of this paper. All children living in a community are to be [...]

Religious Diversity and Its Emergence in Melbourne

There are multiple socio-cultural factors that induce the creation of the peaceful environment in the society and that are conditioned by the historical events in the country. Therefore, the cultural segregation in Melbourne is of [...]