Religion, Culture & Society Essay Examples and Topics

Women Role in the Church

The role of women in the church is one of the most controversial issues plaguing Christianity today. The range of positions that Christian thinkers take on this matter range from advocating for the complete isolation of women from leadership roles, to full acceptance of women as capable leaders (Staton 34). This paper examines various facets […]

Rig Veda and Genesis Comparison

People’s views vary as regards the existence of man and the universe. However, a number of factors influence the way an individual views the relationship between man and the universe and the association of people and their creator. Religion is one of the factors that determine a person’s believe in God and this goes a […]

Book About Good by Peter

Step 1: Grasp the Verses in Their Town The above text wants believers to become humble and respectful. The book of 1 Peter explains why God is opposed to every proud person. The proud person will always dishonor God. The same person will also be ready to harm others. According to the text, pride will […]

Jihad Role in Islam Religion

Jihad is a widespread text authored by one of the most influential and highly celebrated Islamic scholars of the twentieth Century, Sayyid Abul Maudoodi (Peace be upon him). Maudoodi was a man of various facets, doubling as a philosopher, journalist, theologian, and political activist. In 1941, for example, he claimed credit for the establishment of […]

Biblical Marriage and Divorce – Religious Studies

What is the Biblical teaching on marriage? Requirements and limitations According to the Bible, Marriage is an enduring commitment instituted by God (Matthew 19: 3-8). The Old Testament requires people to marry and give birth to children. The Bible treats marriage as something holy. Marriage is also compatible with God’s commandments. The New Testament also […]

Biblical Worldview – Religious Studies

A biblical worldview draws total inspiration from the Bible. To have a biblical worldview, one must believe that the Bible is fundamentally true and entirely accurate. It essentially means that one has allowed biblical teaching to underpin how he or she lives. Theologians agree that the epistle of Romans does not fit within systematic theology […]

Islam and Hinduism Development in India

Introduction India is recognized as the origin of four main religions. These are Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism. There are various reasons that led to the flourishing of Hinduism and Islam in the country while Christianity and Buddhism took a beating in the country. The latter two have a small following in India. Why Islam […]

The Puritan Ethic

The Puritan Ethic refers to a set of ideals comprising hard work, frugality, self-discipline, responsibility, and diligence introduced in America by Protestants (Beder, 2000). According to the ethic, a Christian is defined by his or her commitment to frugality, compassion, and hard work rather than church attendance and celebration of religious feasts (Beder, 2000). The […]

Eternal Life as Knowledge of God

Many Christians claim to know God because they possess propositional knowledge about an infinite being who they believe to be the creator of the universe. However, this is insufficient because the best knowledge of God should be attained through acquaintance with Him. Many Christians focus on hoarding facts about God but rarely connect with Him […]

Islam and Christianity Impacts on the Medieval World

Introduction For most parts of the 11th -13th centuries, Islam and Christianity had a profound impact on the cultural development of the medieval society.i During this time, medieval Europe and Asia absorbed knowledge from Muslims and Christians respectively. This intellectual transfer also affected other aspects of cultural development in the regions. This paper highlights the […]

Christian Duty to Care for Homeless People

Homelessness is an imminent social issue in the modern world. This issue is a result of the high rate of unemployment in the society and the high cost of living. Homelessness is also common among orphans and runaways who have lived in the streets for a long time. It follows that homelessness results in the […]

Catholic Dealing with Poverty and Homelessness

Introduction Many religious groups have unique principles and concepts in order to address various social problems. For instance, the Catholic Social Thought (CST) focuses on the best practices that can support the changing needs of different communities. This approach can ensure every society achieves the best social and economic goals. The Catholic Church offers a […]

Religious Studies: Morality in Buddhism

Such a notion as morality can be described as the set of behavioral norms or standards that are accepted by a person or a certain group of people. These principles can be derived from religious or philosophical traditions. In many cases, Buddhist morality intersects with everyday morality. In this case, much attention should be paid […]

Religious Studies: Peace Between Jews and Arabs

Introduction The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has existed for decades, and it has proved to have significant effects on the Middle East economy. Land issues, security issues, and scarce water resources are the major obstacles and challenges in creating peace between Jews and Arabs. This paper will address some of the major obstacles and challenges that negotiators […]

Religious Subculture: Arrow of God

Introduction It is no longer a secret that sociologists and other researchers have for some decades now shown immense interest in penetrating various subcultures to understand their operational dynamics and members’ way of life. In the past, the term “subculture” aroused raw emotions as it was often associated with groups of teenagers engaged in antisocial […]

Shias and Sunnis Religious Groups

Introduction This paper is aimed at examining two religious groups, representing the Islamic community. In particular, it is necessary to focus on Shias and Sunnis because they can be regarded as the most influential Muslim movements. Each of these groups includes a great number of minor sects that can share various attributes. In this case, […]

Religious Socialization in America

Over the years, American churches have experienced a lot of challenges. Cultural clash is among these challenges where it became hard to attract the immigrants into the churches. This was mostly due to the language barrier because the American churches preachers could only communicate in English and so the immigrants from other countries such as […]

Sociology of Religion in US

Religious beliefs are important elements of human life because they influence how people choose to live and make decisions. Most people believe in the existence of supernatural powers which are responsible for shaping their future about many aspects, including the person’s social and financial status. In spite of the fact that religious principles are associated […]

Religious Observation of Societies

The Study Human beings behave in a particular manner. Every person is always conscious of his or her friends, relatives, neighbors, and teammates. I decided to make a series of observations by visiting several religious congregations and churches. This exercise made it is easier for me to understand why human beings behave in a unique […]

Religious Socialisation

Introduction According to Michael and Beit-Hallahmi (70), religious socialization refers to the process through which religious ideas and values are passed or gradually attained from one generation to another. This process is acquired right from childhood through adolescence to adulthood (McGuire 34). Religious socialization requires active participation and support from conscious agents that play significant […]

Religious Issues: Beliefs Definition

Beliefs are the mental conditions that people embrace, either being a suggestion or a fact. Most People are likely to look for reliability in their thinking as well as opinion. Changes experienced by individuals’ way of life, such as religion result in cognitive dissonance due to conflicting beliefs. This is because it becomes difficult for […]

Christianity Effect on Legal and Social Practices

Introduction Christians are arguably the largest religious group in the world. From the religious composition of many societies, religion has a huge impact on daily life. CREDO (1) believes that Christianity also affects the lives of non-believers because they often have to abide by the norms and practices of the dominant society. This paper demonstrates […]

Religious Studies: Samuel Time

Abstract Samuel lived in an era when the Israelites level of spirituality was declining. He was called by God at a young age to minister to the Israelites and reformed their evil ways. He served in various capacities such as being a judge. This paper gives a review of Samuel’s life by considering some of […]

Customary Practices Concept in Religious Issues

Introduction The concept of customary practices has been around since the first attempts at creating not even a religion, but mere superstitions were undertaken. People need routine actions so that they could enjoy some form of certainty since the repetitiveness of group actions performed regularly allows for feeling safe. However, the effects of such habitual […]

Scientology Ethical Concerns

Introduction Church of Scientology is a controversial religious institution that was founded in 1965. The institution has its origins in America but has now spread to other states in the world. The institution is defined as being controversial since there are regions that fail to recognize it as a religion. There is a controversy in […]

Women and Religion

Introduction The tenet of religion dwells on the boundary that exists between mystics and thought in the unstable, tenuous, and difficult to identify human culture. The teachings and lineages define religion, notions, practices that are synergistic within a self-contained the system. Women are as religious as men. In the process of practicing religious freedom, there […]

Religious Studies: Krishna and Dante Dialogue

(Krishna and Dante are walking along the street when they suddenly come across a crusade. They listen to the preaching for a while, but Dante does not seem to like it and urges Krishna to walk on) Dante: I don’t believe in some of these pastors. They are conmen. Krishna: You talk with so much […]

Philosophy and Religion Relationships

Philosophy is a science that studies life, morality, and reasons for existence while religion has always been a part of people’s beliefs, so they are closely connected and have many overlapping topics. The relationship between religion and philosophy is defined by good and evil, people’s ethics, beliefs in higher forces of nature and the search […]

The Parkcrest Church Organization

Parkcrest Church is a modern evangelical house of worship in which all denominations are welcome. The organization is not affiliated to other parent churches thus denoting that it is independent. It began as Lakewood Christian Church in 1951with a modest membership base of only fifty-seven. The institution was launched on the corner of a street; […]

Salvation in the Presence of Mystery

Religions alienation appears in numerous forms due to humans desire to overcome limitations and life failures. People use some nonreligious means such as human techniques and science to handle social and nature relations. Though there are diverse attempts to eliminate this estrangements, areas such as moral arena cannot be rectified by the application of scientific […]

Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People

Introduction Hostilities and aggression characterize the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jewish community. The Jewish community has accused the Catholic Church of treating its members as second-class citizens (Cline 1). In some historical excerpts, members of the Jewish community were sometimes required to wear unique symbols to distinguish them from the rest of […]

Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures

Summary Charles Spurgeon was an inspiring religious leader whose sermons helped many people to answer the most difficult questions concerning religion, life, death and their place in the world. The preacher was wise and thoughtful, kind and understanding. All his care is revealed in his sermons. It is necessary to note that his guidance have […]

Daoism and its influence in the modern Chinese culture

Introduction Daoist ideas expressed by Tao Yunaming have developed overtime and still have strong influence over the communist system in China. Specifically, this system of religious thought originated from Asia continent. Several authors have developed a comprehensive table of events on the development of Daoism philosophy. In analyzing Daoism in China, Tao brings about the […]

Day of the Dead

Introduction The Day of the Dead documentary highlights how Mexicans connect with the dead during the Day of the Dead ceremony. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the ceremony by highlighting how the traditional-adherent Purepecha community, which is located in the “Island of The Souls” conducts the ceremony. Alan Aldridge describes a cult as a […]

Pastoral Care in Relation to Pentecostalism

In spite of differences in their doctrines, the Christian churches are focused on following the word of the Bible and God’s principles in order to provide the Christians with the feeling of safety. The Christians can rely on the necessary support and counseling to feel safe and also protected with references to the pastoral care. […]

Traditional Role of Jew Women

In traditional Jewish culture, men and women have roles that differ. However, males and females are equal in Jewish culture. Nevertheless, many individuals have misunderstood and misinterpreted the role of Jew women. The place of traditional Jew women is not as low as most modern people assume. In fact, the position of Jew women in […]

The Christian Canon, Oral Traditions and the Synoptic Problem

The book “A Brief Introduction to the New Testament” by Ehrman explains that the Christian canon was a result of many Christian debates on the correct teachings (6). These debates came about because there were many other writings by early Christians. For instance, there was a group of non-canonical writings called the Apostolic Fathers, which […]

Sacrifice: Symbol Transformation in Various Traditions

Traditionally, religion sacrifices referred to an act of offering food, animals, burning of alter and priest dismemberment (Rothgeb 72). Priests did this in honor of a deity, and as an act of cleansing of the community. However, some sacrificial rites transformations were further exercised through custom head shaving in contemporary and ancient religion’s sects (Rothgeb […]

Dalai Lama and Buddhism Tradition

This paper explores the life and religious traditions of the Dalai Lama, and describes how he exemplified the Buddhism tradition. According to Smith (243), Dalai Lama was a political and religious leader of Tibet. He was selected to head the Tibet State at a very young age (16 years), but later went into exile. Despite […]

The Gospel According to Matthew

If Jesus decides to visit this planet in the same way that he came to Israel, he will come to a world reeling from the impact of globalization, Information Technology and corporate greed. He will be born not in a manger but in one of the ghettos of New York. He will establish his ministry […]

The Church as a Forgiving Community

Summary The article provides information on the role of forgiveness in the society. It also shows that educationists have proposed a three-tier psycho-educational approach, The Forgiving Communities, which can provide exceptional counseling solutions to the community. The model targets the family, the school, and the church. It is based on the biblical concept of love […]

Book Review on “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration” by David N. Entwistle

Introduction This article seeks to review and analyze a book by David N. Entwistle called “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration”. Entwistle’s book focuses on the relationship between theology and psychology. The author looks at the history of the two studies as well as […]

Importance of Narrative Element in Religious Healing

Religious healing can be discussed by the adherents of certain religions as successful when it is based on the effective cultural and spiritual framework. In the recent research, Vellenga describes the methods and techniques used by such a healer as Jan Zijlstra and focuses on the role of creating the story in affecting the ill […]

Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39

The Lausanne Movement includes sessions and forums that are dedicated to different issues and topics related to the question of evangelization. Lausanne Occasional Papers are usually presented as reports on the sessions of Issue Groups. In this context, Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 is a report on the conclusions made after “the Forum for World […]

Gospel and Culture Article

Article Summary The article is a presentation of strategies that the Lausanne committee developed to address the difficulties of cross-cultural evangelism. The presentations comprise nine sections that discuss the influence of the gospel on culture and vice versa. The authors begin by outlining the biblical basis of culture (Lausanne Movement 1978). They look at the […]

The Role of Culture in Gospel Communication

Introduction Culture helps in defining an individual’s identity. It shapes all human concepts. Numerous debates have attempted to explore the impacts of culture on an individual’s developmental features.1 Culture triggers the manifestation of identity that gives the individuals their exposure and orientation. This supposition holds that if the same individual is raised under a different […]

Buddhism Animal Ethics

Buddhism is a religion that has its origins in the beliefs of Prince Siddhartha Gautama. Prince Gautama’s sole purpose was to seek spiritual enlightenment by denouncing his enviable social standing. Eventually, Buddhism spread to Asia. However, Buddhist teachings later separated into various factions although most fundamental principles remained the same. Buddhism has since spread from […]

Imami Shiites (Twelvers)

The Imami Shiites also known as the Twelvers are traceable to the eleventh imam known as Hasan al-Askari (Martin 351). However, the Imami Shiites only came into existence after the death of the imam in 874 (Martin 350). The Imami Shiites are known for social and political leadership. Imami Shiites are found in Lebanon, Iraq […]

Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement

Summary The article titled, “Baptist and the Ecumenical Movement” by Briggs (2005) explores the Ecumenical Movement in Europe, especially the actions of Baptist churches in the movement that gained prominence across Europe. Briggs takes a historical approach, tracing back the developments to the 17th century in order to elaborate on the phases of the movement […]

Terrorism and Jihad

Introduction Fierce conflict between Islamic radicalism and the West has been one of the defining attributes of the first decade of the twenty-first century. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, in the United States and consequent attacks in Madrid and London, combined with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have exposed how the renaissance […]

Jim Jones Leadership Traits

The Only God You’ll Ever See: Case Study This case study revolves around group leadership where charisma of the leader and devotion of the followers lead to self-destruction. Jim Jones is the group leader of a religious group in Guyana. Jones influences his group to accepting that the world outside their temple hates and segregates […]

The Impact of the Fruits of the Spirit on Psychotherapy

Introduction It is very important for the Christian psychotherapists to have proper knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. The utilization of systematic theology offers the apparatuses that are required in giving guidance in the approach to understanding God’s character and His mission. Employing this approach will serve as a basis for a functional working model […]

Spiritual discernment and vocational counseling

Introduction Any person with the zeal to succeed in life has to make sound decisions on issues that concern his or her life. Decision-making is an important process that involves selecting among available alternatives the best factors that will have a great impact in one’s life. People have to face decisions on the careers to […]

The Daoist Temple

The characteristic feature of Daoist temples is the location at the mountainous territories which symbolizes the closeness to the heavens. Furthermore, the architecture of Daoist temples reflects the basic sacred concepts of the religion. However, a lot of people regularly go to Daoist temples and believe in the significant role of worshipping there because they […]

Dalai Lama and International Relations

Introduction The Dalai Lama is the Tibetan Buddhist religious official leader. According to Richardson (1984), he is regarded as the reincarnation of the tulkus and has been coming in every generation as the bodhisattva manifestation. Also to be noted is that he is regardless as the embodiment of compassion, and is seen as an ocean […]

Religious Values in War and Peace

Introduction Religion has for many years thought to be one of the main causes of wars in the world today. There are various religions in the world, which normally drive people into war. Due to the diverse philosophic dimensions, many religions get into war based on differences in their religious backgrounds. In the past, people […]

The Relationships Between Science and Religion

Introduction According to Campbell and Looy (2009), there exist numerous opinions and understanding of the concepts of religion and science. Moreover, different scholars perceive the relationship between religion and science in dissimilar ways. Nevertheless, it is apparent that there exists a link between the two realms as it has been addressed by several theorists (McGrath, […]

Christian Moral Teaching and Money

Money is actually the most complex phenomenon ever understood by man because of its “miraculous nature”. Some folks also argue that money is the root cause of all evil but I will also argue that lack of money is also root of all evil from a moral point of view. Money is life since money […]

Shinto Religion and Japanese Nationalism

Introduction Shinto refers to the indigenous Japanese religion, which has always influenced the lives of many people politically, socially, and even economically in the country. The Shinto religion has a set of practices that were created in the prehistoric periods, but are still valued. The practices are conducted meticulously in order to ascertain the connection […]

Religious, Political and Global Impact on Muslim Women

Abstract Fatima Mernissi is an analyst of Islamic Feminism, whose presentation is an argument regarding the situation of Islamic women, the problems they face and possible solutions on to common problems. The hitches they face concerns issues regarding sexuality, politics and evaluation of the current approaches of major laws. What is the current view of […]

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Engaged Buddhism

Dialogue and Interreligious dialogue Interreligious dialogue is a conversation and exchange of valuable ideas between religions and faiths for the purpose of discussing the subject of love, non-violence, and solutions to problems and ills of the present world. Renown personalities who have advocated this noble work, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton, the Pope, […]

Devi, the Great Goddess- Nonwestern Culture

Devi is an Indian Great Goddess. The name Devi literally means a ‘goddess’. This gives an explanation that she is a feminine deity. She is the tender and accessible mother and is usually approached as ‘Ma’. Basically, she is the Mother of the universe mostly known as Jaganmata. She presumes celestial proportions having ability to […]

Abrahamic, East Asian and South Asian Religions and Concept of Religious Tolerance

While there is no particular unequivocal commandment in the holy books that states ‘thou shall not permit intolerance’, it is without doubt that religious tolerance on values, truth and beliefs is yet to be realized since it is the nature of religions to compete. Studies indicate that the capacity religions have been massively affected by […]

The interview by Francis Collins on The Language of GOD

To begin with, we must appreciate the fact that science and religion have been perceived to be conflicting concepts since time immemorial. While religion and science cannot be disentangled from the reality of God and creation, there is a sharp contrast between scientific discoveries and most of the biblical doctrines. Although Francis Collins is assertive […]

Sri Aurobindo: integral yoga

“But difficulties were made to be overcome and if the supreme will is there, they will overcome” (Esposito, Fasching and Lewis 88). This is Sri Aurobindo’s famous quote on spirituality and Human soul conversion. Sri Aurobindo suggests that regardless of one’s religion, philosophy, stand point or creeds, there is a universal unity that supports all […]

Islamic Concepts of Humiliation

Humiliation is a sensitive issue in many Islamic societies because it influences how Muslims relate with the people who have different religious beliefs. Many Muslims are very sensitive to any action they consider humiliating to their religion and dignity. Any violation of this dignity provokes feelings of retaliation against people or societies perceived to be […]

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Introduction The article “Sanctification: the Work of the Holy Spirit and Scripture” by William D. Barrick enlightens the problem of a believer’s sanctifying and the principal constituents of this process. Trying to analyze the issue, the author covers several relevant aspects such as the notion of holiness, the main agents of sanctification, and the role […]

Ramadan in Islamic Traditions

Today there are lots of different religions so that people can easily find the one to follow. The new ones are not very popular, and some of them are even unknown to the majority of the general public, which cannot be said about those that are accepted by millions of individuals. Islam1 is one of […]

Creating the Plant Church: Ministry Application Project

Introduction: The Plant Church as a New Concept in the Christian Religion Background: The Concept of Volunteering Although the principle of volunteering is rather basic and is supposed to be inherent to all churches, not every religious institution follows it completely. Despite the fact that altruism is supposed to make the foundation of the Christian […]

Meaning of Imam and Haraam

The Plan There are two important words in the culture and society that I belong to. These are imam and haraam. It is important to determine the meaning of these from its cultural context. But at the same time it is also important to find out how people use these words in order to find […]

Robert Matthias’ Vision of Family, Religion, and Women

Robert Matthias was the founder of the Kingdom of Matthias which was a religious movement that started in the 1830s. Robert Matthias or Matthews, who was an itinerant preacher from upstate New York, joined the Dutch Reformed church in Albany after attending the Washington County Presbyterian Church in Washington. Matthews was affected by the preaching […]

Mental health and spirituality

Introduction Religious people are less susceptible to depression because spirituality gives them a sense of purpose, community and teaches them to have an attitude of acceptance. These qualities are quite useful in mental health. The association between religiosity and mental health will be analyzed through empirical evidence on the two, causes of depression and how […]

Sunday Celebrations and meaning Behind it

Faith is the significant aspect of the personal development. The fact of belonging to the definite religion emphasizes not only the personal relations with God but also accentuates a man’s belonging to the religious community. To feel the support of God and the community, it is important to attend the liturgies and assemblies in the […]

Prayer in Christian Counseling

Therapeutic Uses of Scripture Scripture is able to address specific issues that the client may be facing. These issues include; anxiety, marital disputes, and trauma among others. The client is more willing to accept the help offered by the counselor when it is backed by the bible which the client regards as an authority. Examining […]

Dietary Law Comparison: Kashrut vs. Halal

Introduction The religious aspect has greatly changed over the years and it has thus been proved that there is no single religion tradition in the 21st century that is an island. Islam and Judaism are among the religious traditions of the 21st century. The US terrorist attack on September 2001 has called for an understanding […]

Religious Extremism and Islam

Religious extremism cropped up from diverse Islam’s Jihad teachings. The research focuses on the reasons for the religious extremism. The research centers on the different interpretations of the Koran’s Jihad verses. Religious extremism precipitated from some Muslim religion devotees’ diverse interpretation of Koran’s Jihad verses. Initially, Paul Heck1 stated Islamic extremism centers on two aspects […]

Religious Values in War and Peace

Introduction World religions make use of the scripture to justify their actions, which are ultimately deployed in the context of war and peace (Almond 45). It is arguably evident that scriptural passages have been quoted as the guiding principles for the engagement in warfare and the establishment of peace. This implies that scriptural knowledge is […]

The Increase of Sexual Misconduct in the Church

Background of the Problem Sexual misconducts in churches, temples, mosques, kingdom halls, and other religious congregations have become a common occurrence, yet society expects various religions to be the custodians of morality in society. Cases of sexual abuse and misconduct in various religions elicit many questions concerning the integrity and moral position of the church, […]

What contribution did art and iconography make to the diffusion of religious traditions along the Silk Road?

The Silk Road, also known or referred to as the silk route, is a wide-ranging interconnected set of connections of trade routes which transverse the Asian continent. It connects East, West, and Southern Asia with the Mediterranean countries, as well as the eastern and northern Europe and Africa. The origin of the name Silk Road […]

Fieldwork Report: Women’s Prayer Room in UAE

Introduction This report documents ethnographically the cultural scene of a women’s prayer room in a local culture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the view to assisting the researcher to acknowledge how the prayer room assists individuals in the local community to deal with issues of prayer in the Mosque and also to keep […]

Why Scientology is not a Religion

Introduction In the recent past, conflicting arguments seeking to define and create a clear understanding of what religion is have been circulating all over the mass media. Compared to the ancient days, the modern society has assumed an open-minded approach concerning religion. This has led to the rise of the numerous religious systems hence creating […]

Religious Tradition: Interview

Interview Summary While discussing the interviewee’s background information, the participant replied that he had been in the position of Catholic Church leader for eighteen years. The interview also remarked that being a religious leader required patience because so many people strived to attend the church service to search for reconciliation and forgiveness. The participant gave […]

Christian Scientists in the USA

During the 19th-20th centuries, many religions and religious teachings were founded in the USA along with mainstream religions in order to proclaim the definite sacred principles and rules and to attract more followers. Mary Baker Eddy established the Church of Christ, Scientist, in 1879. The first church was founded in Boston, and it is known […]

Revelation of Quran to Prophet Mohammad and Religion, Politics, and Military Affairs

Introduction Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca. He lived in 570-632 CE. Although he lived a difficult life following the loss of his two parents at his early age, Mohammad incredibly changed the social, political, and religious organizations of people across the world. At an early age, Mohammad revealed high qualities of being introspective. He […]

The Characteristic Features of the New Age Movement

The period of the 1970s-1980s in the USA is characterized by the awakening of the great interest to the spiritual practices which can lead to the individual’s spiritual growth as a result of the strong connection with God and cosmic energy. The New Age movement in the USA begins to develop in the 1970s with […]

Ramadan in Islam religion

Introduction In Islamic religion, a lunar calendar is used instead of a solar calendar. In this calendar, each month starts with the appearance of the new moon (“Celebrating Ramadan”, n.d). Therefore, because of the fact that the lunar calendar is found to be shorter by eleven days as compared to the solar one, the “Islamic […]

Yoga and its separation from tradition

Yoga is a rather controversial and questionable concept in the minds of many. For some, it leads to enlightenment and relaxation and for others, it is a pointless waste of time. The disconnection between traditional practices and outcomes is evident, in that disbelief and inability to concentrate and practice overtake the benefits and positives of […]

The Role of Word and Sacrament in the Life of Catholics

Catholics in the United States are the representatives of one of the largest religious groups, and Catholicism has deep roots in the country’s history. That is why, the Catholic tradition and the views of Catholics on Word and sacraments can be discussed as reflecting the visions of the majority of Americans. The role of Word […]

Finke and Stark’s Vision of ‘Winners’ and ‘Losers’

The history of the American church is closely connected with the history of the country. The first colonialists at the American lands intended to liberate themselves in the religious visions as well as in relation to their political situation and economic state. Thus, the situation changed, and the mainline denominations could not satisfy the people’s […]

How important has the Institution of the Church been for African-Americans?

Introduction After the Emancipation, the blacks took charge of their church and made it a center for socialization, communication, entertainment and information, as well as an amusement park (Johnstone). As an amusement park, the church hosted activities and functions like concerts, trade fairs, academic debates, theatre, picnics and general celebrations (Johnstone). This essay seeks to […]

The oppression and seclusion of Muslim women

For many years, people have reckoned Islam. This is mainly because of its strict and inflexible laws. Islam, which relies on Sharia laws, revolves around relationships. Sharia laws define relationships between God and man, and between human beings. Islamic laws, which have been in existence for the last 14,000 years, define the expected behavior of […]

A New Religious America

The most important feature in religious diversity is an absolute truth. There are different forms of diversity which include sexual orientation, racial diversity, political diversity, religious diversity, and lifestyle diversity. The development and escalation of diversity in the world are seen as a significant social phenomenon in the society. The focus of this paper is […]

Blessed Are Those Who Believe in the Lord: Catholic Charities, Investigated and Analyzed

Catholic Charities of Arkansas is one of those organizations which offer the desperate a glimmer of hope. Helping those in need and giving money to the poor, this organization is known as the temple of ruth and kindness. Like any other Christian organization attempting to help the people within its reach, Catholic Charities of Arkansas […]

Religion and Sports

In the world of sport, man has internalized the concept of supernatural intervention as the basis of success. This success is greatly attributed to intervention by a supernatural being that is believed to be the force behind every victory. In the world of sport; from football, athletics, to indoor events, many participants have displayed deep […]

Christian Sacraments: Matrimony

Introduction The sacrament of matrimony in Catholicism was an amalgamation of various influences, cultures and decisions. A large number of these conditions existed in the 12th Century. Therefore, it is necessary to trace the history of the sacrament, and thus link it to modern occurrences today. Practices and characteristics of marriage in the Catholic faith […]

Asian Studies: Confucianism and Buddhism in China

Introduction The tradition beliefs in China such as Confucianism and Buddhism have played a major role in influencing the political, social, and economical activities in china (, 2011). The following paper will look into various ways in which these two institutions have played towards impacting the culture of the Chinese nation (, 2011); but first […]

Cultural Diversity: Christianity and other in the USA

Introduction The following analysis presents an argument about Christianity and its position concerning the various faith bases available in the USA. Faith bases that exist in the United States include, but not limited to Islamic, Hindu, Christianity, and Buddhism. It is important to understand the concept of religious pluralism in order to give a detailed […]

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic charities in the US was established in the year 1910,its main goals were to provide free service to the needy as well as advocating for social justice in the society. In the year 2010, the charity organization comprised of more than 1500 agencies and institutions all under the catholic charities network. In the aftermath […]

The secular worldview

Introduction The secular worldview is the humanistic approach or an individual’s view of the world today. The secular worldview is an inconsistent array of parts, which provide the weakest worldview. It is a form of religious worldview in which man is the overall measure that is; man is the ultimate judge of truth and also […]

History of Monasticism Changes

Introduction The act of being alone or single is referred to as monasticism. This kind of life is mainly associated with monks and nuns who dedicate their lives to serve in the monasteries and churches respectively. Studies have shown that monks and nuns originated in India. During that time, monks and nuns wandered from one […]