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Concepts of God Essay Examples and Topics

Defining God into Existence

It is a strong aspect that is in the article."Defining God into existence" is an article that attempts to define God in relation to apophatic teachings of the "via negativa".
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The Anslem Concept

He considers the understanding of God's existence as some of the things that exist in the stated place. He states that the love for God is the main aspect of the just among the human [...]
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Augustine and His Confession

Augustine, in the first book, looks at his infancy and confesses his inclination to all the pleasures and vices than to the study of the scriptures. He confesses to the shame and guilt of his [...]
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An Objective Way of Understanding Jesus

Christian doctrine says that the New does not replace the Old, but they point to the one and main objective the salvation of mankind through Jesus Christ.
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“Rational Monotheism” by Edip Yüksel

Therefore, we need to refer to religion as to what it is a psychological sublimation of homo sapience's longing to gain a state of higher consciousness, while continuously developing, in the biological sense of this [...]
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The Characteristic of Jesus by Christians

The second personality characteristic about the kind of person Jesus is which also tends to create some tension is that He only blesses those who obey Him but does not bless or forgive sinners and [...]
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Philosophy of Religion Analysis

First of all it is necessary to mention, that the key notion which atheists antithesize to the existence of God is the matter of Evil.
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The God’s Existence: Cosmological Proof

In such a way Aquinas led to a conclusion that there is a thing that is beyond the characteristic of merely possible to exist; a thing which existence is a necessity not a possibility.
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Gods and Goddesses in Bhagwat Gita Analysis

But the underlying message of the story and the teachings of the Bhagwat Gita is, in fact, a lesson for all men and women who are conscious of the concept of dharma.
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Understanding the Nature of God

The idea of considering the traditional definition of God as the being that cannot be comprehended allows altering the theological understanding of the Creator.
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The Message to Think of Jesus as God

Ye that travailest to keep the good spirits at the hard times; though that hath stood the times of lament and cry; ye that hath no fear for anything but the Wrath of God, are [...]
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Gregory Jones: Question of God

Jones states that living with a merciful heart and god-like compassion is the answer to the deepest question of god of how to accept all the horrors of life and sustain hope and belief in [...]
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Religious Experience as the God Existence Argument

These experiences which are known as religious experiences are held to differ from ordinary experiences in that what is experienced is taken by the person to be some supernatural being or presence, a being related [...]
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Nicene Question in the Holy Scripture

The Nicene question is associated with Arius who was commissioned to deal with the interpretation of the Holy Scripture and provided the largest heresy in the history of Christianity, on the one hand, while promoted [...]
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Criticism of the Thinker Anselm’s Approach

One of the pillars of Anselm's reasoning is that God is the perfect being, and there is nothing greater. Anselm was one of the pioneers who sought evidence to prove that God existed.
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Theories of the God Existence and Ethics

This theory argues that God's existence through the very definition of God and the fact that people try to argue about this shows that indeed God exists.
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Basic Biblical Christianity

On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and the stars to provide light to the earth to separate the day and the night.
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God Images and Relationship with Him

For instance, an African American, whose image of God is that of a white person, may feel alienated and might believe that s/he is not necessarily a 'child of God' because of the difference between [...]
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Dr. Collins’ Views on the Existence of God

The presence of hardship and suffering is not evidence that God does not exist, rather it is evidence that the world, as we know it, is full of challenges and that the only way to [...]
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Thomas Aquinas: Morality and God

As the matter of fact, the fourth argument has the moral aspect that shows the Aquinas's attitude towards the relationship between the God and morality.
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All-Powerful God

Each stage of the plotline is characteristic of the freedom of God as evident in his progressive revelation of himself as a faithful God who keeps promises, but on the other hand declines to put [...]
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Meaning of God

These spiritual pillars are shown to these children to ensure that they are pure in their minds and their hearts in their daily activities according to the wishes and will of God.
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Existence of God and Evil

Based on the assessment of what is good and evil, there is no logical evidence of the presence of God and evil.
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Is Jesus Christ God?

Priest and scribes accused Jesus Christ on the account that he blasphemed the name of God for He called Himself the Son of the living God and claimed to have the ability to forgive sins.
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The Five Proofs of God’s Existence

Higgins in his examination of the work of Aquinas states that "the arguments of Aquinas center around the five proofs of God's existence namely: the argument of the unmoved mover, the argument of the first [...]
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The Sovereignty and Goodness of God

Throughout the history of the planet exploration, the pioneers who dared to set their foot on a new terrain not infrequently faced a multitude of obstacles and barriers ranging from purely practical difficulties of settling [...]
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The Sovereignty Goodness of God

The thin line between civilization and savagery shown by the author is the force upon the journey to civilization and the twenty first century is a good indication of leadership.
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God and Holy Scriptures

They argue that the features of the God are "Specially Distinctive" from that of the humans. Similar, the idea of the reward and the punishment of the God is also related to the welfare of [...]
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