Concepts of God Essay Examples and Topics

Foundations of the Living Science of Moral Theology

Whether God really exists or not is something beyond human conception. However, this belief has lived with human beings since time immemorial. People have ever since live with the conception that God exists such that people tend to associate everything happening in their lives. In most cases, the existence of god is questioned during difficult […]

Meaning of God

What is the meaning of God in the different stages of development? Many religious groups in the world recognize the presence of God in their day-to-day lives. However, they know God in different ways. This research paper will look at God according to different stages of human development. Developmental Stage (0-2 years) This is the […]

The Concept of God in World Religions

Introduction God is the English name conferred to an extraordinary mortal in theism, and deistic faiths and in a number of other faith systems. This singular being is both the one and only divine being in monotheism, or a sole divinity in polytheism. Many people oftentimes regarded God as the ghostly maker, and as the […]

A Critical Review of The Realm of God’s Providence from the Arminian and Calvinist Perspectives

Introduction All religions in the world respect the existence of a divine nature or order of things in the universe. In such an arrangement, humans interact with the Supreme Being that is God.1 In this regard, providence is taken as the manner in which God intervenes in the world. There are certain events and occurrences […]

Existence of God and Evil

Introduction The following study is an attempt to prove the existence of God and evil. Whether or not God and evil exist is arguably a major issue of concern to many people in the world. The existence of evil somehow proves the existence of God. Good and evil people internalize life differently. The coexistence of […]

Discussion the meaning of the word of God as treated in the Old and New Testaments

Introduction Religious studies in part involve the creation of the universe coupled with its composition. These¬ studies demonstrate a significant impact in the development of moralities of people in the society (Jonas 400). As such, different societies and regions have their own religions, which attempt to describe their creator, belief or simply their origin. In […]

Is Jesus Christ God?

Introduction Jesus Christ came into the world 2000 years ago as predicted by the prophets thus fulfilling biblical prophecy and He changed the course of human history in terms of worship. Earlier before Jesus Christ came into the world, religious beliefs had their basis on Mosaic laws and ordinances that required rigorously adherence, but when […]

This Text and not That Text Is the Complete and Total Words of God

Every religion has its cannons described in “the main book of all believers”. Thus, Islam has Koran, The Five Classics for Confucianism, Vedas for Hinduism, Bible for Christians, etc. The list can be continued almost endlessly. Each religion considers their texts to be sacred and dictated by their Gods. The texts are very important to […]

The Five Proofs of God’s Existence

Introduction The concept of God has eluded, fascinated and enthralled humanity since time immemorial yet despite the amount of attention, speculation and religious doctrine used to conceptualize the concept of an all powerful being there has been no definitive proof that actually shows that God is real. Based on this one must wonder whether it […]

The Sovereignty and Goodness of God

The True History of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson Throughout the history of the planet exploration, the pioneers who dared to set their foot on a new terrain not infrequently faced a multitude of obstacles and barriers ranging from purely practical difficulties of settling in a new environment to spiritual conflicts between […]

The Sovereignty Goodness of God

Thesis Statement The narrator of “The Sovereignty and Goodness of God”, Mary Rowlandson is a middle aged England born woman who resides in America for a couple of decades and then settles for Lancaster for some years as well. She has a strong devotion to Christianity and strongly believes in the role played by God […]

God and Holy Scriptures

The sacred has always been the opposite of profane. The profane views show that the existence of humans is totally a natural phenomenon. On the other hand, the holy scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam exhibit the sacred as all-powerful that has complete power over all humans, humans have to obey God, and they cannot […]

What is the Real Relationship between Jesus and God? The Bottom-Line Between God the Son and God the Father

Introduction This research paper sets to analyze the underlying truth between Jesus and God, while basing the analysis on the facet of Christology. The paper tries to offer a better understanding on the relationship of Jesus and Almighty God especially on the person and nature of God the Son. This is who Jesus is and […]