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Religion Essay Examples and Topics

The Christianity History

The time in the history of Christianity between the late Roman Empire and the Renaissance represents the difficult period of the formation of the Christian Church.

Religious Studies: Hinduism and Buddhism

Samsara refers to the processor rebirth whereby the individual is reincarnated in a succession of lives. This is what has led to the many differences that arise, causing Buddhism to be viewed as a religious [...]

Scientology Ethical Concerns

Since there is a contradiction in the conceiving the law of swindling, it is not right for religions to make money by swindling people. There is a contradiction in the will of the law not [...]

Women and Religion

For instance, in the Islamic affiliation, women are treated as the property of the man and have to dedicate their entire life in the service of these 'superior' beings at the expense of their happiness.

Philosophy and Religion Relationships

The most basic concept that is addressed by both religion and philosophy is the existence of good and evil. Education and the upbringing of a child are one of the key effectors on the forces [...]

Hinduism Definition and Characteristics

The Hindu religion also has some followers in the United Kingdom that amount to approximately 1% of the UK population; in the UK it developed in the 1960s and 1970s following the migration of people [...]

Salvation in the Presence of Mystery

These cultural beliefs are passed to generations through stories and myths that connect the facts of life by showing that life is seriously flawed. There is a need for salvation, which is the way to [...]

John Hick Philosophical Theology

The theory's hypotheses are internally coherent, in consent with the Christianity religious tradition, and the world is revealed from the natural and moral evil facts, and scientific inquiry. Through this, God will bring back justice [...]

Religion Definition and Its Elements

The definition of religion is one of the questions that attract the interest of anthropologists, theologians, or social scientists. This is one of the elements that can be observed in the religious systems of various [...]

The Joseph Story

The Joseph story, like the Abraham and Jacob stories, contributes to the exposition of the theme of the Pentateuch by showing how the promises of Abraham were partially fulfilled.

The God’s World Creation Story

With respect to the first chapters of Genesis, Hamilton posits, "...the battle lines are drawn between the interpretation of the creation story and scientific knowledge about the origin of the earth and mankind".

The Rise of the Papacy

Pope Leo the Great was of particular importance in the rise of papacy as he not only convinced the barbarians not to destroy the city of Rome, he also coaxed the emperor Valentinian into recognizing [...]

Korean Shamanism vs Chinese Customary

The religion reflects the connection of the Korean people with their traditional customs and rites. In fact, it was this government interference that led to the declining popularity of Korean Shamanism and Chinese customary religion.

Charles Spurgeon’s Lectures

The author also stresses that sacrificing oneself is one of major characteristics of the profession and preachers have to be ready to devote their whole life to serving people and being the link between them [...]

The Bible among the Myths

In the second chapter of the book, Oswalt embarks on a mission to set the bible apart from myths by presenting different scholars' definition of the term and trying to find the definition that suits [...]

Exegetical Study of Biblical Divorce

The divine plan for marriage, the permission to divorce, and the issue of celibacy can be interpreted to help in understanding the passage of marriage and divorce.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead documentary highlights how Mexicans connect with the dead during the Day of the Dead ceremony. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the ceremony by highlighting how the traditional-adherent Purepecha community, [...]

Pastoral Care in Relation to Pentecostalism

The Pentecostal Church develops not as the connecting link between God and believers, but as the guide and herald of the good news to stimulate the followers' personal experience, and the idea of guidance and [...]

Civil Religion in the American Society

According to Prothero, in his book, American Jesus: How the Son of God Became a National Icon, Jesus, who is a religious icon, has played a major role in the development of the American society.

Traditional Role of Jew Women

In fact, the position of Jew women in the Biblical time is better than the position of modern American women. In fact, some of the traditional roles of Jew women are vital in the society.

The Features of African-American Christianity

The African-Americans in the U.S.society of the nineteenth century played the significant and rather specific role, basing on the peculiarities of relations between masters and slaves, on the details of the Civil War, and on [...]

Kami in traditional religion of Shinto

In my view, the civil coming-of-age ceremony, which is held annually to recognize the adulthood of individuals who will reach the age of twenty during the calendar year, can be given as a personal account [...]

Zhuang Zi’s Theory

However, Zhuang Zi argues that there is a point known as a privileged point of view and it is the most ideal for all observers to take.

The Exegetical Analysis of Exodus 34:1-10

The basic concepts which are discussed in Exodus 34:1-10 are the sin of the Israel people, the redemption, and the establishment of new covenant relationship with Israel people based on forgiving the nation and providing [...]

The Prophets of the Old Testament

One of the major characteristics of the OT prophets was their role as advocates of Mosaic covenant where prophets of Moses regime were to remain committed and possess forth faithfulness to protecting and implementing the [...]

The Bible among the Myths

In accordance with continuity, the person is not only symbolically the one having the tree, but the person is a section of the quintessence of the tree and the tree is similarly a section of [...]

Dalai Lama and Buddhism Tradition

Dalai Lama did not seem to care for the consequences that would follow as a result of his engagement in political activities, and was ready to engage in extremely risky activities for the sake of [...]

The Gospel According to Matthew

He will address the problem of consumerism, corporate greed and the fear of not having enough resources to sustain life and to achieve happiness.

Angelology and Satanology

The Bible gives many cases of conflict between God and Satan and out of these there are those that Satan won and others where God won.

On God and Christ

When reading through the work of Saint Paul, it can be seen that his style of writing/ delivery of certain aspects of religious introspection were somewhat "limited" in that he placed a greater degree of [...]

Buddhism in a Post- Han China

However, the influence of Buddhism was because of the collapse of the Han dynasty in 220 AD. After the fall of the Han, most of the scholars in China abandoned the Confucian philosophy that had [...]

Buddhism Believer’s Practice: Meditation

The basic practices in meditation are taught according to the original teachings of the historical Buddha. The practice of meditation in Buddhism is primarily divided into two categories: insight and tranquility.

The Main Aspects of Buddhism

To try to unify it, the monks and nuns still follow the teachings that existed during the ancient times. It is a sin to lie, still, kill, and engage in sexual acts and to take [...]

The Lord’s Supper

The view suggests that the blood and the body of Jesus Christ are symbolized by the elements present during the Lord's Supper.

Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology

Chapters 1-12 from John Frame's Systematic Theology provide the background for understanding the idea of theology in general and systematic theology in particular and present the information on the basic definitions, the Biblical Story, and [...]

The Church as a Forgiving Community

The model targets the family, the school, and the church. The article enlightens the community concerning the role of the church in forgiving and educating others.

The African Traditional Religions

In order to correct these beliefs and practices, Christian pastors and missionaries should use the arguments from the Old and the New Testaments that condemn magic and sorcery and show the dangers of trying master [...]

Origin of Major World Religions

Christianity, on the other hand, is based on the teachings contained in the holy book, the Bible. Religious importance consists in the fact that it helps in understanding the world and everything within it is [...]

World Religions and Their Components

According to Streng, the expression of an ultimate dimension of existence forms a significant part in the transformation process of an individual's personal and social experience of religion.

Monotheism Developed by Abram

Thus, the main principles of Judaism are the belief in one God as a result of Abram's converting his people in monotheism and Israel's unique responsibility to God because Israel's nation is chosen by God.

Suffering in Religion

According to Christianity the best and commendable way to suffer is to suffer on behalf of others, this is referred to as vicarious suffering and is contrary to suffering for self which assumes the meaning [...]

Sexuality in the Life of St. Augustine

The aspect that makes the matter with the sister important is that Augustine's idea of dealing with his uncontrollable sex organs and sin as a whole is through severing all ties with women.

The Suffering Servant

This paper will highlight the actual symbolism of the suffering servant by Isaiah, his missions, and the relationship with the individual servant in the New Testament.

The Book of Isaiah

According to the book, Christ will be the child of a virgin. During this day, God's wrath will be felt in every corner of the world.

Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39

Thus, the participants of the Forum "explored how to involve the local church in the expression of the gospel both in the 'building up' of the disciples as well as to those outside the faith [...]

Gospel and Culture

The authors look at the role of culture in church formation and the role of the church in influencing the culture.

“Quiet Talks on Prayer” Book

What disturbs the readers most in the idea of the association between the Holy Spirit and the prayer is the manner in which Gordon describes the battle between the spirits during the praying period.

“The Bondage Breaker” Book

Anderson, the founder of the Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, authored a masterpiece book, viz."The bondage breaker: overcoming negative thoughts, irrational feelings, and habitual sins", in a bid to make valid contributions to the [...]

Worship and the Sacraments

Christ appeared to his disciples and took the bread. The Last Supper was a uniting factor that encouraged more people to enjoy God's favor.

“Humilitas” by John Dickson

The book describes how the Romans and the Greeks used the above concepts in order to achieve their goals. They should use the power of humility to understand, guide, and support their followers.

Understanding the Creator of all Things

The Universal Nature of Water The nature and reliability of water by all living things in the world is another indicator a mysterious force that triggered the creation of the universe and everything that is [...]

Habits and Buddhism

The concept of the bad habit is nonexistent if the intention to do harm to self or others is not manifested. In Buddhism psychology, the action of intention is not immediately established from an individual [...]