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Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Bible Dictionary: Amos 5 Exegetical Analysis

From this point, it is important to state that in Amos 5, the term "house of Israel" is used to discuss the tribes of Israel as descendants of Jacob and as the part of the [...]

Book of Exodus in Judeo-Christian Theology

The book of Exodus is one of the fundamental points of Judeo-Christian theology in that it depicts the end of slavery and the commencement of the newly emancipated Jew's journey to the Promised Land.

Religion Doctrine “Jesus is the Jewish Messiah”

This paper aims to discuss the historical accounts that support the theory that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. According to Norman, all the facts that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah are in the Hebrew Bible.

Historical Theology: the Main Ideas of Reformation

The figure of Martin Luther and his importance for the appearance and development of new ideas is described. However, Luther hoped for the peaceful reformation of society and church.

Perception of Women in the Old Testament

Therefore, there is a need to revisit the Bible and critically analyze these different views with the sole purpose of coming up with a common understanding of the position of women, as depicted in the [...]

The Swahili of Uganda: Unreached People Project

The mandate can be achieved owing to the large population of Christians in the world. 1 Missionary work is the centre of the church's vocation in the world.

Pope Francis and His Effect on the Roman Catholic Church

Whilst Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he also held membership in a number of bodies associated with the Catholic Church in Argentina. There are a number of ways, in which Pope Francis has influenced the Roman [...]

Christianity: The Making of a Leader by Clinton

The book narrows down the subject of leadership to the stages of developing leaders and the lessons that one can draw from each of the involved steps.

Spiritual Leader in Practicing Greatness by McNeal

The book "Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders" written by Reggie McNeal is a clear and accessible explanation of the path, purpose and challenges of being a spiritual leader.

Christianity: Reviewing Leadership by Banks and Ledbetter

The explicit approaches to leadership regarding spirituality imply that the Bible is very useful in acquisition of the requisite moral values and achievement of the best leadership practices2.

The Role of Pope in Western Christian Church

It is obvious, that during the Roman period the Church, and the Pope as its head, did not have great influence on the social life and were not able to interfere in the policy which [...]

History of the Mormons

Mormons believe the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and revelations to their prophet are the basis of authority3. According to the book, the first settlement occurred soon after the obliteration of the tower of Babel.

History of the Dogon and Their Social Values

The Dogon concept of the universe is based on the principle of vibrations of matter and general movement of the earth.

Benazir Bhutto and Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan

Despite the various challenges she has faced, including a threat on her life, Yousafzai still pushes her quest for education of girls in Pakistan and across the world.

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe Canonization

The bishop of the diocese is the individual who receives the formal request and the reviews if there is enough evidence of the person's dedication to God and virtuous life.

Sorcery in Islam, Its Types and Penalty

A majority of anthropologists is unanimous that witchcraft predates religion and that the existence of religion was to counter the effects of witchcraft.

What Makes Our World Developing?

Ecklund and Long assert that the foundations of atheism lie in the presumptions that no empirical evidence can be used to measure or prove the existence of deities.

Christianity: Characteristics of Religion

Characteristics Religion Christianity Sources Origin of All Things The Creation Story in Christianity is associated with the Jews’ vision of origin of all things. According to the Biblical story, God created the world during six days, and then, God decided to rest during the seventh day of the week. During these days, the nature and […]

Religion: Sumerian and Genesis Creation Account

The Sumerians and Christians believed that the gods first started with energy through the creation of light and then followed this up with form as seen through creation of the planets, then that form was [...]

Exploring Muslim Understandings of Islam

The paper will demonstrate that Islam is, in fact, a very peaceful religion and that the fundamentalists are just a small group of people soiling the image of Islam.

Faith and Ethics Role in Religion

We will discuss two of the characteristics of the ethics of Jesus, that is, His new concept of love and the value of the individual person and how they can be incorporated in our own [...]

Antichrist in Catholic and Islamic Religion

According to the bible's new testament, the antichrist will come before the second coming of Christ and whose aim will be to turn the followers to become non-followers of Christ.

Secular and Christian Worldviews Clash

Many people avoid incorporating Christian worldviews into their lives because of varying interpretations offered with regard to the relationship between religion and secular pursuits.

Gender Issues in Eastern Religions

Coontz discusses these issues from the context of economic status of the American women and their limited role in society at the time.

Prophethood and the Making of Islamic Historical Identity

These doctrines of the Qur'an provided a chronology of events to show Muhammad and his followers the true way to God as well as reveal to them the stories of earlier prophets to whom God [...]

Buddhism as the Most Peaceful Religion

He is mainly spread on the East of our planet, that is why it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular and recognized religions all over the world, as the majority [...]

The Bahgavad Gita Summary and Ideas

In the fifth chapter Arjuna and Krishna talk about the nature of peoples actions and whether it is better to act or to wait, observing the world and thinking.

“Strength to Love” and the American Religious Experience

The book "Strength to Love" highlights the major problems and challenges that have been affecting the American society for decades. The author of the book identifies the major obstacles that have made it impossible for [...]

Meditative Practices in Religious Traditions

Meditation incorporates many systems that are diverse in nature and are distinguishable by attention on focus that takes the form of concentrative techniques and mindfulness on the other end.

Can Sufism Be Considered the ‘Heart of Islam’?

In this paper, I will explore the appropriateness of the above-stated at length, while promoting the idea that the theological/philosophical postulates of Sufism do not account for the pathway towards grasping the true significance of [...]

The Quran Highlights of Jesus’ Life

The Quran indicates that Jesus was just a prophet, born of a virgin mother, and raised to manifest the power of God.

The Orthodox Church in San Francisco: Christian Experience

Holy Trinity Cathedral is a community of devoted Christians who congregate to praise and give thanks to their almighty God in the tradition of the Orthodox Christian church. One of the traditions of the Orthodox [...]

Psalm 51. A Psalm of David. Exegetical Analysis

One of the more pronounced literal and truest dimensions of the orientation of David's work in the Psalm is the notion of the beauty of the Kingdom of God.

John 1: 1-18: Exegetical Analysis

In the inviting verses of all the Gospel books in the New Testament, the evangelists offer initial hints to the insights that guide the reader into their respective accounts of the life and times of [...]

Earliest Christianity: Theology and Ethics

The works of Paul have been criticized by a group of scholars who believe that they have massive contradiction from the works of other apostles, especially James, who was one of the disciples of Jesus.

The Origin of Humans: Mythology, Cosmology and Theology

In religion, mythological cosmology deals with the study of a body of beliefs based on religious, mythological, historical and esoteric traditions about the creation and the origins of man and the universe.

Theology of Global Missions Work

In the context of missions work, the key phrase is the following: "And in you all the families of the Earth will be blessed".

Basic Biblical Christianity

On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and the stars to provide light to the earth to separate the day and the night.

Ritual and Symbolism of Holy Communion

Nevertheless, as far as the believers' subjective perception of the surrounding reality is being concerned, this flesh and blood continue to appear in the form of bread and wine.

Life after Death: Ideas in Religion and Culture

In order to understand various ideas about life after death, the research will analyze some of the popular believes deeply entrenched in the religion and cultural practices.

Moses’s Story in the Exodus Book

The scholar says that if Moses were the author of the first five books of the bible, then the inconsistencies would not have been witnessed.

Four Noble Truths in Buddhist Teaching

The Buddha said that there is dukkha, there is an origin of dukkha, there is an end of dukkha and there is a path that leads to the end of dukkha.

Good and Evil in Religions and Life

The category of good and evil is incorporated in people's existence and is manifested in all spheres of human life. In conclusion, it is possible to note that the category of good and evil is [...]

Cult and Religion Differences

The main motivation for forming a cult is to gain control over people while that of a religion is to help followers find happiness, satisfaction, truth, and balance in their lives. Studies have established that [...]

Buddhism Revitalization in China and Japan

The comparison stems from the idea of general similarity between the theological traditions that are valued by the citizens of two countries.

Miracle of the Sun in the Catholic Church

The major things I doubt, are that the children had seen anything miraculous at all; that what the children had actually seen was the image of the Lady, Jesus and other saints; that all the [...]

The Book of Genesis and Questions It Evokes

Genesis is the part of the Old Testament, where the primeval history of the world is explained. Finally, when God is sorry for creating violent humans, he decides to destroy all of them and sends [...]

Religion and Science in Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’

Pope Francis underlines that people's inability to use the power as they should was also followed by the absence of the monitoring the harm that was done to the environment.

Bosnian Women’s Empowerment Through Religion

Therefore, the empowerment of the casualties of wartime rape and the women, in general, is one of the vital issues that need to be promoted in Bosnian society.

Buddhism and Hinduism Differences

One of the main differences between Buddhism and Hinduism is the fact that Theravada Buddhism has no gods, as Buddha is not a god, he is an enlightened being that has reached and realised the [...]

Religious Studies: Women in the Old Testament

According to the author, the interpretation and translation "of the book of Genesis have contributed a lot to the misconception regarding the role played by Eve in the garden".

Ismaili Interpretations of the Quran

This is one of the aspects that should not be overlooked by people who study the history of the Quran. This is one of the differences that should be taken into account.

Santeria Religion: History and Rituals

Santeria is a religion that originated in West Africa and carried to other parts of the world by slaves during the height of slave trade in the 19th century.

Zen Buddhism Religion in Japanese Culture

The uniqueness of Zen is in rejecting the importance of doctrines and emphasizing the role of the spiritual growth of the person through the practice of meditation.

Sociology of Religion: Emile Durkheim’s Perspective

Such cultural practices in religion connect believers to God and to each other; religion involves feelings that help to build commitment, connect members of the same religion, and enable them to overcome difficult situations together.

Religion Study: Sociological Approach

This is in contrast to the sociology of religion that tends to focus on people's understanding of the origin of religion.

Modern Sacred Places. Sadako Peace Garden

A sacred place can be defined as a place or a site where human beings go to seek the truth, meaning with divine inspiration that is mingled with beliefs and practices in an attempt to [...]

God Images and Relationship with Him

For instance, an African American, whose image of God is that of a white person, may feel alienated and might believe that s/he is not necessarily a 'child of God' because of the difference between [...]

The Male Divine’ Classification

The manifestation of the masculine divinity in the Bible and other stories generates a great interest from mythology scholars who have divergent views about the male divine.

The Great Goddess: Virgin, Mother and Crone

The differences are Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, and Mars, the God of War. Despite Enki's claim of commonly known as the God of Wisdom, a strong affirmation on the Goddess as the source of [...]

Mythology and Theology: Joseph Campbell’s Views

This paper will try to explore the relationship between theology and mythology in respect of Joseph Campbell. According to Campbell, in his article "The Power of Myth," mythology relates very closely to theology.

The Mu’tazilites’ and the Ash‘arites Theological Stances

Mu'tazilah is an Islamic school founded by the Mu'tazilites who affirm that the ideal unity and everlasting nature of God makes possible for the creation of the Quran as it could not be co-everlasting with [...]

Christian and Worldview Perceptions on Death

Based on the non-Christian contrasting view that death is the end of life, I will constructively illustrate that death is the conclusion of life on earth.

Buddhism and Sikhism Comparison: Four Noble Truths

The four are dukkha, the origin of dukkha, the cessation of dukkha, and the path to the cessation of suffering. He forsook the luxuries and other benefits associated with life in the palace to join [...]

The Book “Following Muhammad” by Carl Ernst

The book Following Muhammad by Carl Ernst can be well discussed as a literary attempt to make Western readers more comfortable with the religion of Islam and to expose what accounts for the ongoing transformation [...]

The Meaning of Christian Caring

Although theologians have not yet explored the mysteries of suffering in human lives, one thing is clear to all the people; care is essential to the suffering. Therefore, by caring for the suffering, God demonstrates [...]

The Five Pillars of Islam Religion

The power and the entity of God is a great mystery and so, people feel the awe and unexplained want and need to be a part of the Divine.

Suffering Example: Job’ Biblical Story

Job was a good person and innocent in the eyes of the people and in the face of God. For Christian nurses it is their responsibility and the call of God to serve the individual [...]

Religion as the Cause of Wars

In fact, it is common for husbands and wives to fight on the religion that the family should adopt. Each of these individuals has the hope that everyone will eventually see the righteousness in the [...]

Jihad and War Justification

Since then, jihad took the violent form of the sword, and not the nonviolent form of the tongue. Such a cause could be due to the refusal of the involved territory to comply with Islamic [...]

Celtic Christianity and St Cuthbert’s Contributions

The aim of this essay is to investigate the contributions of Cuthbert to the Celtic traditions and his subsequent roles and lessons that the modern-day Christian can learn from his life and actions.

Secularization in the World: For and Against

This is one of the details that should be taken into consideration. This is one of the details that should not be overlooked.

Muharram Religion Traditions in Pakistan and Banaras

It is necessary to note that Muslims constitute the majority of population in the two regions. At the same time, Muslims in Pakistan tend to adhere to traditional rituals to preserve purity of their faith.

Religious Studies Discussion: Hinduism and Buddhism

It is believed that Hinduism evolved and later spread to other areas in India. In conclusion, the objectives and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism are similar in many ways.

Buddhism Studies in the Far East

This emanates from the fact that the religion is only popular in one part of the world. Woo writes that it is possible to have many misconceptions about a belief, a religion and a practice [...]

Religious Studies: the Book of Job

In his own argument he believed that God was correcting Job and that the only way Job would get out of his situation was to return back to God.

The Religious Life of Planet Earth

In most cases, people who believe in the existence of a certain deity have a way of appreciating their creator. People on earth use meditations, prayers as well as chanting as a way of communicating [...]

Dr. Collins’ Views on the Existence of God

The presence of hardship and suffering is not evidence that God does not exist, rather it is evidence that the world, as we know it, is full of challenges and that the only way to [...]

Religion Classification: Church, Sect and Cults

In most parts of the world, Christianity is the mainstream spiritual institution and therefore small spiritual units developing in a given place will either be referred to as sects or cults.

Marx Weber Theories of Religion Sociology

All in all whether his sentiments stand the test of time or not, he must be applauded for his attempts to come up with the meaning of a prophet or a priest.

Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion

The following paper discusses the impact of religion to the society in relation to the views of some theorists. Therefore, the early sociologists initiated the sociological study of religion in the current society.

Confucianism and Daoism Comparison

One of the chief concepts of Daoism is the need to follow a way of nature as opposed to following a social or societal order. Therefore, the frog that is in a well is in [...]

Christianity: The Sermon on the Mount

The teachings in the Sermon on the Mount advocate for Christians to live a life geared toward generating harmony with other members of the society.

The Sikhism Religion History and Development

Guru Amar Das was the next in line and served from the year 1552 to the year 1574. The sixth Guru went by the name Hargobind and served as Guru from the year 1644 to [...]

Religion Doctrines: Moksha and Salvation

Radmacher argues that salvation is the delivery of humans from the bondage of sin and provision of eternal life. Another difference that exists between moksha and salvation is the nature of liberation.

The Book of Exodus in the Bible

The book of Exodus in the Bible is the second after Genesis. The Jews consider Exodus a symbol of their freedom as a nation.

Zoroastrianism Beliefs in Judaism and Christianity

Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religious and spiritual teachings in the world which are based on the idea of dualism of two opposite forces of the Good and the Evil and on the concept [...]

Religious Studies: the Circle of Life

Thus, the Indians' vision of the natural principles is based on the Circle of Life idea as the reflection of the natural laws, energy cycles, and normal order of life according to which the animal [...]