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Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Create Your Own Religion

During my quest to know more about this religion they gave a narrative of their belief to the meaning of life, the human nature, the origin of the universe, their religion laws and some of [...]

Myth Related Theories

According to an article titled Enlightenment, Religion and Spirituality in Anunda, our religious beliefs are the main source of all the myths.

Feminism and Islam

Part of this worship is the realization that Islam is a way of life and the actions of each believer contribute to the creation of a God-fearing society.

The kind of death Sara

Sara Monopoli's problems had started with a cough and a pain in her back and by the time, the doctors discovered that it was lung cancer; the disease had already spread to the lining of [...]

The History of Judaism and Hinduism

This essay aims at providing a brief history of Judaism as well as Hinduism in an attempt to provide a better understanding of the similarities and differences of the two religions from their places of [...]

Critical Response Reading

It is a religion that believes in honoring the spirits of the dead. The action of a person is considered to influence the actions of his family and community.

Religious Tolerance

In spite of the constant existence of religious fanaticism and prejudice experienced in most parts of the word, there has been a notable growth in religious tolerance.

Buddhism’s Things and Ideas

The vase of treasure in Buddhist iconography represents a continuous rain of happy life, posterity, riches and all the good things of the world and freedom.

Religious tolerance

The Hindu pattern is again evidence of the fact that all religions are depictions of the experiences of the people involved and the conceptual systems that they deduced from them.

The Parable of the Sower

This is by applying the teachings in the parables to the day to day experiences. Jesus used the parable of the Sower to explain his ways and show the sovereignty of God.

Understanding of Christian Sacraments

The next discussion analyses the sacrament as the major symbol in the Christian religion highlighting the importance of the ceremonies. Although the rate of participation of the ceremony of the sacrament is high, the participants [...]

Jesus in the Gospel

Besides, Satan attempted to convince Him to jump from the top of the temple and authorize the angels to save Him to prove that he was the son of God.

The Islam Concept

They are commanded in the Quran not to create hostilities, violet the welfare and rights of other people, associate in acts of aggressions and harm the innocent.

Intelligence and God

Thus, Marx had to say that man is the highest being and that there is none that compares to man he is society and he is the state.

Religion at Work

This paper covers the religious practices of the orthodox Jewish, the Hindu and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' practices, and whether these practices can be accommodated in the workplace, or not.

Creationism and Evolution

The bible in the book of Genesis describes the origin of heaven and earth and everything that is in it; God created everything.

Love and Justice

Love and justice are intertwined and this essay will explain the Christian understanding of love and justice. It is worth noting that love and justice are important virtues in human life and as such should [...]

Religious Practitioners

The history of Jesus Christ deeds, confirms to us that, people had to turn to him whenever they needed assistance, and this has facilitated most of people to join religious groups as a way of [...]

Ramadan Features

Since time memeorial, rituals and myths that are held by a certain community have alsways been some of the main elemetns that define and differentiate that community from the rest of the world.

Freedom of Religion in the U.S

The new religious pluralism, in the American context, guarantees religious tolerance and religious freedom, which has transformed the religious landscape to allow the coexistence of many religious standpoints.

The Divine Life Church

To make sure that the sociology of religion is scientifically grounded, the beliefs of different churches and confessions are considered as true issues.

Criticism of “Our Faith in Science”

The authors imply that scientific methods can help to prove the positive effect of Tenzin Gyatso's practices in order to tell about this phenomenon to the international community.

Islam and Judaism

According to the Islam religion, the testimony of faith is considered the most important among the five pillars because of the profession.

Matthew 6: 24-30

Due to simplicity, readers do not have to refer or infer to the original text in Greek or to the bible dictionary to get the meaning of the complex words in the text.

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Augustine received a Christian education at the local catechumens where he reports to have learnt about the divine providence, a future with terrible sanctions, as well as the testimony of Jesus Christ, which he considers [...]

Benefits of Religion

The paper then finally concludes by highlighting the future of religion in America and the rest of the world. In much of the American history, the Protestant Christianity has been the major religious grouping, wielding [...]

The role of Religion

Religion has changed millions of lives; it has given them a hideout from their fears, promised materials and peace to the poor and encouraged the weak, among others.

State and Religion

In spite of legislations that provide freedom of worship and separation of religion and state, the state is in a great danger due to the usurping influence of the religion.

Church and state

Among the issues that face Church and State are separation of Church from State, secularism of the state, Disputes on symbols and mottos as well as conflicts between institutions of State and religious institutions, among [...]

Religious development in Southeast Asia

It is thus important to summarize that the European imperialism was the main driver of the Christian religion in the area and as a matter of fact, they shaped the religion ideas in the Southeast [...]

Logic in Islam and Number of Islamic Theologians

Combination of the diverse philosophical ideologies resulted into Islamic logic, which has made marked contribution in the Islamic philosophy."Historians of logic have long recognized that the medieval Muslim philosophers and philosophical theologians rendered variously as [...]

My perfect Christianity

The fact that there is the symbol of the cross as a reminder to Christians of the crucification of their savior is good enough.

Sin and Redemption

Sin and redemption are the basis of religion and this will help analyze people's attitude towards sin and redemption. However, not all believed that it was true and there is forgiveness of sins.

Christianity versus Judaism

It is also notable that most of the differences between the two regions are based from the fact that Christianity incorporates the New Testament as part of the holy scriptures of God.

Latin America and the Catholic Church

The church was anticipating that the Pope will come with a massage to give moral legitimacy in their quest and efforts to fight for the rights of the poor who were politically oppressed.

Core Beliefs and Practices of Islam

In the current state of the world that is characterized by globalization, the cultural identity, beliefs and values of the Islamic religion is facing a crisis because of the instances of imitation and the aspect [...]

History of Islam in China

Despite lack of considerable documentation about the history of Arab history, the brief Chinese history depicted above and the evidence contained in the Ancient Record of Tang Dynasty described this event as the birth of [...]

Smith, Huston. The Religions of Man

It is on that respect the author states that the aim of this book is to stand as an exploration of diverse religious ideas and beliefs. It is a superb and successful endeavor to put [...]

Concept and History of the Biblical Prophets

A prophet in the ancient times was believed to have a social, economic and political role as prophets were regarded to be the contact of humanity and the supernatural, with supernatural being the law giver [...]

God and Holy Scriptures

They argue that the features of the God are "Specially Distinctive" from that of the humans. Similar, the idea of the reward and the punishment of the God is also related to the welfare of [...]

Book review “The Canon of Scripture”

In the second part of the book, the author deals with the matters pertaining to Old Testament canonicity, taking account of the canon that was made use of by Jesus and the apostles, and the [...]

The Science of Hadith

Most of the doctrines and Islamic teachings are contained in the Quran and the Sunna. This categorisation laid emphasis on the credibility of the writer during the validation of the hadith that the writer gave.

Children Upbringing in Europe

Children stayed in church up to the age of ten where they learnt biblical teachings on how to relate with their parents and other people in the society.

The Belief in God

The existence of God is justified in the sense that existence in the mind as a concept limits the idea of God already in the minds of people.

The Existence of Ghosts

Some people, who to me, pretend to be living in an ideal world, have tended to explain the existence of ghosts as being in the minds of people, and therefore to them, people react according [...]

Spiritual Diversity in the Christian Religion

They comprised of The Gospel of Truth, The Gospel of Thomas, and The Gospel of The Egyptian among others. A campaign against these amisleading' religious beliefs was started and it was not until the time [...]

The Origin of Buddhism

The Sanron School advocated for teaching of the middle path These teachings of the middle translated into four views which the school held closely in its teachings.

The Second Great Awakening

The second great awakening was a spiritual movement of protestant churches, which began in the central Europe, quickly spreading to the British Isles and Britain's North and helped to shape the new nation.

Future of Religions

All the three major religions are similarly convergent to the concept of the end of the world and the manner in which the world will come to its end.

Russian Icons in Religion

Generally, the Orthodoxy services involve use of 'the beauty of God's Creation, the beauty of the Uncreated Light, the beauty of the choir, the liturgy, the icons and the incense to communicate the religious lessons [...]