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Rabbinic Judaism Overview Essay

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Updated: Jul 1st, 2022

Judaism preaches the adequacy of the human mind to the image of God, the consequence of which is the belief in the immortality of the human soul. In accordance with the norms of Judaism, the believer maintains contact with God through prayer, God’s will is revealed through the Torah. The most important of the postulates of Judaism is the concept that all people are created in the image and likeness of God. The holiness that comes from God extends to a person’s personal life. The commandments of respect for parents follow from here, Saturday rest for everyone, even for pets, respect for other people’s property, prohibition of lies, slander, feelings of revenge, and envy. All this fully applies to a person because this increases in his eyes the respect for God of the Jews.

The main symbol of the faith of Judaism is expressed in the prayer of the Jews, who sometimes collectively call themselves after one of the biblical patriarchs of the people – Israel. The Jews call their Holy Scripture Tanakh. This word is an abbreviation of three Hebrew words: Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim, the structural elements of the Talmud are the Mishna and the Gemara. The Mishnah is an extensive commentary on the Old Testament, which is divided into 63 treatises, arranged in 6 sections. Gemara is a collection of interpretations of the Mishnah treatises. Taking into consideration the fact that commenting on the Mishna took place in Palestine and Babylon, there are two Talmuds: Palestinian and Babylonian. As far as my personal perception of rabbinical dialogues is concerned, I find these conversations quite strict in relation to the follower, as they have many restrictions. Nevertheless, such a format not only promotes concentration on faith, and, accordingly, dialogue with God, but also disciplines the believer. The rabbis themselves are faithful followers of their religion and advocates of the faith. Their centuries-old commitment to their traditions and faithful adherence to God’s path in their understanding are respected. Many religious institutions in the modern world are changing to meet the spirit of the times and public opinion. Judaism and its followers are guided by the precepts of their ancestors, which are expressed in their scriptures and lifestyle.

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