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Religion Essay Examples and Topics

“Rethinking Christ and Culture” by Dr. Craig Carter

Intrigued by the failure of this paradigm, Carter explains that the model is a depiction of a poor imitation of the Church, distortion of the Gospel and treachery to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Story of Christianity, Volume 1 by J. González

The textbook, The Story of Christianity, Volume 1, gives a detailed account of church history, including the dominant historical figures and events, such as the Protestant Reformation, and the European socioeconomic forces that affected the [...]

The Story of Christianity, Volume 2 by J. González

He also examines the reformations that occurred in British and French territories, the Swiss Reformation, and the emergence of the Anabaptist movement in the 16th century.

An Introduction to the New Testament

This paper presents a review of the text to paint a detailed picture of the theological and historical perspectives on each of the NT books.

Telos and Ethos Patterns in Worship Order

Looking at the order of worship, the events at the church are organized in a sequential manner from the beginning to the end.

Turning Points in the History of Christianity by Noll

The introductory part presents a cogent argument for the book's organization of the turning points in church history and an admission of the possibility of failing to capture certain milestones.

Satan in the Holy Quran and the Bible

To compare the nature of Satan in the Quran and the Bible, the Christian scripture presents him as a fallen angel, while in the Muslim tradition, he is a Jinn and thus was closer to [...]

The Bible’s Influence with Myracle Stories

Besides, the majority of genres that could be found in the book are introduced with the purpose to explain the divine origin of miracles and other unique phenomena as well as to assure people that [...]

Divine Mercy and Compassion in the Old and New Testament

It is important to estimate similarities and differences in this concept's meaning in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the New Testament, God's mercy and compassion appeared and developed in His Son.

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch is one of the most notable books1 in the history of Chinese Buddhism. The book features the Introduction by Philip Yampolsky that analyzes the work and features some [...]

Metthew’s and Mark’s Gospels and Their Historical Purposes

However, it is believed, that Mark's Gospel was written first and was the source for Matthew's story. It could be supposed that the main purpose of the Gospel was to emphasize a suffering Messiah and [...]

The Church’s Role During the Feudal Era

Such land relations broadly defined the character of the political regime and the essence of the state and law. At that time, religion and the church served to protect the interests of the upper class.

Eastern Orthodox Church and Its History

Thus, the investigation of the church history is treated as tracing the presence of a hand of God everywhere in men's life ways. The research of church history is necessary as it provides the comprehension [...]

Creation in Iroquois Beliefs and Genesis Book

For example, in the biblical and the Iroquois version, both narrators discussed how the creator formed the heavenly bodies, the terrain of the planet, and the fauna and flora components of the living world.

Mosques’ Spatial Distribution in Sydney and Yanbu

However, another consequence of this multicultural environment is that religion has become a point of difference, which cannot pass unnoticed as not only the number of people residing in a country is affected religious beliefs [...]

Buddhism and Confucianism in Modern China

In the article "Concepts and Institutions for a New Buddhist Education: Reforming the Sa gha between and within State Agencies," Stefania Travagnin discusses the opposition between Buddhist education and Western education in China the beginning [...]

Neo-Confucianism in the Song Dynasty: Metaphysics Focus

To be a human meant to occupy a proper place in the society and to be a member of the system. Neo-Confucians taught people to understand the material world around them and be an integral [...]

The Article “Religion, the Forbidden, and Sublimation”

The authors conclude that the critical evaluation of religious and cultural dimensions of thought is important in the comprehension of responses to prohibited thoughts and emotions.

The Role of Meditation in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism

Some of the claims in the article sound farfetched, but it is apparent that one of the characteristics of the Tibetan Buddhists is the mystical powers possessed by some of the individuals.

Persecution of Christianity in the Roman Empire Life

As for the kind of persecution that was administered by the Roman government, it is possible to state that the aggression was aimed at preventing the bishops from spreading the ideas peculiar to the Christian [...]

What Is Happening to Global Christianity?

The author is trying to inform the reader about the future of Christianity. This kind of transition indicates that Christianity is a religion that is one the move.

Theology and Context of the Colossians Christ Hymn

This paper examines the history, background, and context of the book of Colossians as well as the theology and significance of the Christ Hymn to a postmodern world. The authorship of the epistle to the [...]

Main Aspects of Divine Command Theory

The assumptions of the divine command theory are based on the idea that God commands what is morally appropriate, and things and actions can be viewed as moral or ethically obligatory due to God's directions.

Celibacy and Ethical Issues for the Married

Still, God is a perfect being and never acts against his nature, while people may misunderstand the notion of the good and the evil.

Scientific Study of Religion

Sociology of religion is the discipline to research the place of beliefs in society, wherein the trueness of this or that belief is successfully bracketed.

The State of Religion as a Group Experience

A disagreement over the interpretation of texts and the conduct of rituals is likely to result in an in-group and inter-group conflict.

Media and the Future of American Religion

Religion is an indispensable part of the American society, and, as the Wars and the post-was historical situation molded the culture of consumerism, religion is taking the form of a product that can be marketed [...]

First Baptist Church and Religious Society of Friends

A woman of approximately 25 years of age, Terry agreed for a short interview after I explained the purpose of it as studying the current and the future place of religion in the formation of [...]

Religion, Family and Their Social Aspects

The issue of family and religion, as illustrated by the corresponding module and the readings, therefore, is the subject of immediate interest.

Purpose of Meditation in Buddhism

One of the key roles of meditation in the Buddhist faith is the relaxation of the mind and the improvement of mental alertness.

Islamic Scripts: Ilkhanid Period

The first section of this essay describes the contents of the folio, including such aspects as the inscription and its meaning, the main details of the pattern that surrounds the text and the overall appearance [...]

Influence of Modern Media: Religious Values

When speaking about the way that modern media shape and change the views on the most popular traditional religions, it is necessary to pay increased attention to the media representation of Islam and Muslims as [...]

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia

The possibility of arranging a personalized schedule is discussed by the Chief Executive Officer, the Supervisor, and the particular employee. The decision of closing may be made by the CEO in the case of extreme [...]

One Sacred Effort: Southern Baptist Church

The Baptists believe in the infallibility and the sacredness of scripture as the sole reservoir of authority. Baptists live by the teachings of the New Testament with respect to baptism and the work of the [...]

Entheogens and Society Transformation

The predicted conditions and practices that may be experienced in the future need intense voices to request for the rebirth of spiritual practices to manage the issues that will be faced by humanity.

Religion in American Society

In 1978, the United States Congress enacted the Indian American Religious Freedom Act that supported the protection and preservation of the freedom to believe and practice customary religions amongst Indian American s, Eskimos, Aleuts, and [...]

The Contribution to Synology Made by Catherine Bell

The author singles out Bell's main thesis on the subject: the fact that printing technology contributed to the spread of religion in China and that it also led to slower development of the religious tradition.

The Definition of Relativism

According to the definition of relativism, it is a concept that calls for the opinion that there is no universal truth in any concept. The contradictions emanate from the fact that it is impossible to [...]

“Esther” by George Frideric Handel: Biblical Legend

It provides a short account of the story's and the opera's contents, analyzes the role of music as a depicter of the composer's perception, and demonstrates how Handel changed the original story's perspective to create [...]

The Gospel of Thomas as a Gnostic Text

The content and structure of the GT are crucial to the understanding of the suggested problem. At the beginning of the GT, it is mentioned that the included verses "are the secret sayings that the [...]

Moses Comparison in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

The study is aimed at comparing the way in which the figure of Moses is represented in all three religions, with the further analysis of the three interpretations and the discussion of the study implications [...]

Confucianism and Daoism Influence on Zen Buddhism

The concept of "emptiness" and "nothingness" is often mentioned and discussed in Zen philosophy. Together with the concept of ephemerality, Zen and Daoism explain that reality is conceived rather than seen.

The Problem of Evil: Modern vs Traditional

The aspects of evil and the reality of the devil are deeply explored in different verses in the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament.

Parable of the Cloth for Buddhists

On the other hand, the dyes represent a particular group of people and thoughts, ideas that one interacts with, if it's a clean dye, it represents pure people and thoughts such as sincerity, kindness, and [...]

Buddhism and Hinduism: Religious Differences

In Hinduism, only representatives of higher varnas, Brahmins, can attain moksha with the help of gods. Hinduists believe in the multitude of gods who can be the manifestations of one Great God.

Nicene Question in the Holy Scripture

The Nicene question is associated with Arius who was commissioned to deal with the interpretation of the Holy Scripture and provided the largest heresy in the history of Christianity, on the one hand, while promoted [...]

Christian Compassion in Tutoring English Learners

According to, success in teaching English to the English language learners' results from delivering instructions in the primary language that the students understand. In conclusion, the article has noted the significance of tutors adopting a [...]

Creation in Gnostic and Christian Views

Religion could be considered one of the first peoples attempts to cognize the world that surrounds us and give answers to the most important questions related to the nature of life, the origin of the [...]

Functions of Religion in Society

The existence of any society depends on the efficient functioning of a number of institutions that provide the basis for the further evolution of various communities.

Religious Cults and Their Characteristics

As expected, the failure of the prophecy that was witnessed in 1972 led to a massive drop in the popularity of the cult, yet the following rearrangement of the church and the reprioritizing of the [...]

Denver Buddhist Temple: Cultural Outing

In this connection, the paper aims at identifying Buddhist religion that is prevalent in Vietnam focusing on three paramount concepts I learned in class such as the moral policy of the Denver Buddhist Temple, symbolic [...]

Christianity Beliefs and Science in Smith’s Study

"If science no longer discounts invisible realities, it has also grown open to the prospect that they may be powerful, for experiments now suggest that "the energy inherent in one cubic centimeter of space is [...]

Islam and Islamic Nation-States

The constant military conflicts and weakness of local governments turned this land into one of the main sources of instability that impacts the whole world and conditions the appearance of numerous concerns related to the [...]

Islam: Orthodoxy or Orthopraxy?

The primary goal of the research is to find out whether Islam is orthodoxy or orthopraxy, comparing it to Christianity and exploring the pillars of both religions.

The Islam Nation Rise and Evolution

The role of Elijah Muhammad in the evolution of the Nation of Islam cannot be underestimated because he ruled the organization for more than forty years, and it was Muhammad, who made the postulates of [...]

Job’s Suffering and God’s Response

The fact is, Job chooses to challenge the existing rules due to the visible unfairness of his suffering. Overall, the question that is raised by the Book of Job is whether we know how to [...]

Islamophobia Effects on the Arab Nation

Soldiers with Islamophobic beliefs are the most dangerous, as they hold the power of life and death, and in a war zone, it is often impossible to track and punish numerous crimes committed against Arab [...]

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

In this paper, the life and nature of Jesus will be evaluated and analyzed to explain the development of related historical events, the causes of the conflict with Rome, and the reasons that people were [...]

Interfaith Marriages in Islamic Views

These analyses provide the bedrock for comprehending the contemporary view of interfaith marriages in Islam and the implications of such types of marriages on the faith.

Islamic Culture, Its History and Human Rights

The Christian and Jewish cultures gradually reshaped the Arabian Peninsula; people of Arabia became more accustomed to the concept of Abrahamic religion, while paganism was on the decline. Various forms of arts flourished in the [...]

John Winthrop’s Model of Christian Charity

A Model of Christian Charity is a short sermon that was written to summarize and arrange the ideas relevant to living in the Puritan colony, which wanted to be successful in the 'new world'.

Criticism of the Thinker Anselm’s Approach

One of the pillars of Anselm's reasoning is that God is the perfect being, and there is nothing greater. Anselm was one of the pioneers who sought evidence to prove that God existed.

Jesuit Education Philosophy and Moral Beliefs

The educational philosophy stresses the importance of the spiritual matter in learners to ensure that they execute the Jesuit values for the improvement of the contemporary population.

View on the Origins of Religion

While theology focuses on the explorations of various norms and values within different religions and their evolution over the course of history, sociology concerns with the role of religion in the development and evolution of [...]

The Archdiocese of St. Louis

One of the main reasons for the location of the church in St. It was completed in 1914 and is considered the mother church of the Archdiocese.

Luther and Calvin in Religious Reformation

The citizens that followed the teachings of Calvin were not allowed to misbehave in order to adhere to God's plans. This idea bears some resemblance to the teachings of Luther and Zwingli, as they also [...]

Santeria: Religion or Witchcraft?

In the past, Santeria has been largely compared to witchcraft because they have some similarities but is Santeria witchcraft or is it entirely different?

Factors Shaping the Future of Religion in America

The new approach of delivering messages to the audience has made it possible for those interested in getting the word of God regularly in the course of the week to get it without having to [...]

Islamic and Christian Religion and Terrorism

History shows that terrorism occurs all over the world, yet the scope of recent terrorist acts, initiated by organizations that claim to be religious, has contributed to the creation of a negative image of Islam.

Has Islamophobia Affected the Arab Nation?

However, to understand the nature of the phenomenon and locate the ways of eradicating it, one has to consider the identified events.

Hindu Gods and Other Spiritual Beings

The soul of all beings in the universe, including the gods, is a particle of that spirit. Atman is one of the central concepts of Indian philosophy and religion of Hinduism: the eternal, unchanging spiritual [...]

Revival Preaching in the United States’ History

Preachers tried to emphasize the hierarchy that existed in the society and among the clergy. It is necessary to note that revival type of preaching became popular in the USA due to the values promulgated.

Emotionalism in the Cane Ridge Revival Meeting

The meeting was a symbol of the Great Awakening, a religious movement that began in New England in the 30s of the 18th century and speeded in all the North American colonies.

Christ’s Sufferings in Julian of Norwich’s Interpretation

In this paper, the interpretation of Christ's sufferings and the understanding of a human being from the ideas offered by Julian of Norwich will be discussed to explain the power of human suffering and the [...]

Religious Diversity’s Impact on Public Safety

The primary goal of this project, therefore, is to explore the impact of religious diversity on public safety and community policing and to articulate the need to address religious persecution in order to promote public [...]

Religious Theories and Philosophies of the Axial Age

In fact, the focus on a single identity that is defined as the superior creature, as well as the mentioning of the prophet that made it possible for the religion to become well-known and widely [...]

Islam, Christianity and Terroristic Organizations

Several important figures are the same in Islam and Christianity, and the storylines in the Bible and Koran match in many parts of these books.

Islamic Treaties of Medina and Najran

This situation led to the Treaty of Medina, which was ratified by non-Muslims, including Arabs, the Jews of Medina, and the Muslim communities.

Theories of the God Existence and Ethics

This theory argues that God's existence through the very definition of God and the fact that people try to argue about this shows that indeed God exists.

Religious Commercialism and Secularism in America

Thus, the work emphasizes the significance of Easter parades and the movements of church decoration, in the initiation of stable marketing strategies, which affect both the national economy and the well-being of separate retailers.

Roman Catholicism in American History and Culture

By the end of the 1840s as much as two million Irish Catholics, driven from their homeland by both the changes in the agricultural sector and the Irish potato famine, has found their home in [...]

Mourning Rituals in Five Major World Religions

They can be in a form of a note expressing the condolences of some relatives and friends of the deceased if they cannot attend the funeral, a mass card, flowers and meals, donation to the [...]

Four Noble Truths as Buddhism Fundamentals

The first noble truth in Buddhism teachings is the truth of suffering that is frequently referred to as Dukkha. The last interpretation of the Dukkha is the expression of suffering that is inevitable.

Jonathan Edwards and Salvation Doctrine

In 1729, Edwards assumed the responsibility of leadership by being the minister of one of the largest and most wealthy churches in the colony following the death of his grandfather.

Immigrants’ Cultures and Religions in the USA

The combination of the unique factors impacting the development of the state and the structure of the population resulted in the creation of the US society, which could be characterized by the high level of [...]

Islamophobia in Germany

"Islamophobia" is one of the varieties of xenophobia, which is expressed in fear of Islam as a phenomenon incomprehensible and alien, as well as everything that is connected, including Muslims.

China’s Religion, Literature and Art

Chinese music was shaped by both the political traditions of Confucianism and the philosophical traditions of Daoism. With the introduction of Buddhism, its monophonic nature was transformed by the influence of the religion that was [...]

Process and Secular Theological Schools of Thought

Additionally, the paper will discuss secular theology and the relation it has with the philosophy of Bonhoeffer. Finally, the paper will discuss the validity of the views on God as presented in process theology and [...]

God in “On Being an Atheist” by H. J. McCloskey

According to Evans Stephen and Manis Zachary, the existence of a contingent being who does not have an explanation of his or her own existence and argues that he is the cause of the contingent [...]

Ruth, Saul, and Egypt in Bible

The book's setting is significant in locating the events that occurred during the time of judges. Egypt is considered to be a place of refuge and bondage in the Bible.

Humans, World and Culture in Biblical Worldview

The biblical worldview provides a framework of the beliefs that shape the kind of relations that Christians have with themselves, the world, and with God.