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Prophet Muhammad Life Research Paper

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Updated: May 6th, 2020

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is the greatest role representation of all humankind. He had exceptional qualities and characteristics. He was an incredible parent, an immense statesperson, moderator, and a religious chief.

Prophet Muhammad had a perfect and absolute sound intellect. There is no man who has ever had a sound intellect as Prophet Muhammad. He had complete knowledge of the divine scriptures. The prophet (Pbuh) had the capability to correct disturbing behaviors, put into operation policies, and smack examples.

He was an example of the model to which all people could recount to in all twigs of information. He learned regulations of heredity, medicine, acts of adoration, and pedigree without probing or analyzing the scriptures of Quran or scripts of his ancestors. God informed Prophet Muhammad of the things that would come in the future and things that had taken place in the past (Al-Sheba, 2006).

Prophet Muhammad did things for the sake of God. He would do activities through which he would seek God’s gratification. He was debilitated and ill treated when he requested and called the community to Islam (Al-Sheba, 2006).

According to Abdul-Kareem al-Sheba, (2006) Prophet Muhammad was always sincere. He was honest in everything he did as God had ordered him. Allah said that his prayer, means of forfeiture, life, and death are for God.

According to Mustafa as-Sibaa, (2003) Prophet (Pbuh) had considerable companionship, ethics, and morals. He was an existing paradigm for everyone to go after. Aisha, the Prophet’s wife was asked about his behaviors, and she said that the Prophet’s etiquette were the Quran. She meant that he abided by the commandments and laws of the Quran. The prophet observed the righteous activities stated in the Holly book. The prophet said that God had sent him to perfect upright behaviors and to do ideal activities.

Prophet Muhammad was polite. He showed high-quality conduct to all people including young children. Whenever he was in a meeting, he was brought a drink, and he drank. He appreciated the elderly people but was not ready to upset the feelings of the young lad in the gathering (Mahnaz and Ali, 2010).

According to Mahnaz Heydarpoor and Mohammad Ali Shomali (2010), Prophet Muhammad had a love for reconciliation and reformation. Each time a circumstance occurred which called for resolution, he would come quickly to settle it. When he found that the people of Qubaa had a misunderstanding about a certain issue, he hurriedly went to initiate peace and settle the matter.

According to Abdul-Kareem al-Sheba, (2006) the prophet (Pbuh) would always recommend virtuous deeds and provoke evil deeds. If he saw a deed, which goes against the principles of Quran, the Prophet (Pbuh) would take the necessary measures to curb the suitable. He reached for a man wearing a gold ring and removed it off his finger. He told people to use their hands, tongues, and hearts to change wicked dealings.

Prophet Muhammad had a love for purification. A friend passed by him when he was cleansing. When he greeted the Prophet (Pbuh) with God’s name, he did no respond. He said that he did not like to mention God’s name while he was not in a purified state (Mustafa, 2003).

The prophet (Pbuh) would always safeguard and mind a person’s language. He would constantly remind himself of God’s name. He did not utter anything in hopelessness. He would cut down his speech and elongate his prayers for God. He was always to ready to lend a hand and carter for the needs of the less fortunate people in the society (Al-Sheba, 2006).

According to Abdul-Kareem al-Sheba, (2006), the prophet (Pbuh) always excelled in acts of worship. His wife, Aisha said that the prophet would pray throughout the night. When A’ishah asked him why, the prophet (Pbuh) told her that he was an obliged slave of God.

According to Mustafa as-Sibaa ‘ie, (2003), Prophet Muhammad had strong faith and dependence on God. He and his companions face relentless temptations from the nonbelievers. The prophet (Pbuh) reminded his companions that the will of God should reign and that the nonbelievers will be defeated. When the Prophet(Pbuh) and Abu Bakr went to the cave to hide after they planned to migrate to Madeenah, Makkah’s nonbelievers sent troops to search for them, but it was all in vain.

The prophet (pbuh) was always kind and compassionate. He was the kindest person and showed kindness to all people including children. His treatment of infants shows the prophets kindness (Pasha, 2012). The prophet (pbuh) prayed to God while holding Abul-Aas’s daughter Umaamah, an infant girl. He put her down as he bowed and carried her when he stood (Mahnaz and Ali, 2010).

Prophet Muhammad was always cooperative. He was not a God’s messenger who commanded his companions and believers to do what God expected of them. He accomplished his activities helped others in communal responsibilities (Mahnaz and Ali, 2010).

Prophet Muhammad was renowned for his reliability and trustworthiness (Mahnaz and Ali, 2010). The nonbelievers of Makkah would give their treasure to the prophet (Pbuh). The prophet’s reliability came to test when the nonbelievers of Makkah ill-treated the King, tormented his friends and forced them out of their residences.

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