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Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Worldview Religion Analysis: Christianity

The Protestants do not believe in the authority of the Pope, deny the majority of the beliefs and traditions, and emphasize more on the Bible.

Augustine and His Political Theory

Although it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that the society functions properly, it needs the support of the church in order to succeed.

“City of 201 Gods” a Book by Jacob Olupona

For a long time, the sacred King had adhered to the Yoruba religious traditions, and any change in the conventional belief systems would significantly impact most of the states.

Jainism: the Legacy of Lord Mahavira

All the same, he was a great leader who is still respected by the followers of this religion up to date.

Greater and Lesser Jihad

The importance of jihad stems from the Quran's instructions to the believers of Islam to struggle for the way of God and the example set by Prophet Muhammad and his followers.

Asian Religions in Practice: Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism

This school of thought claims that salvation is possible through believing in the power of Amitabha and the desire to be reborn in a gracious place. This means that it advocates for people to be [...]

American Religious Experience in “Lame Deer” by John Fire

The details of spiritual and religious beliefs and practices are demonstrated through the pages of Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions to actually shape the way Native Americans perceive and interact with the world.

Religion: Practices and Academic Study

Among the central religious concepts, there are a concept of God, the notion of good and evil, the afterlife, the idea of creation, sin and virtue.

Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx’ Views on Sociology of Religion

In this paper, the theoretical approaches developed by Durkheim and Marx will be compared to explain the connection between religion and society and understand if it is correct to identify society in terms of religion, [...]

Secularism, Pluralism and Modernity in Islam

Therefore, the interpretation of both religion and secularism has a bearing on the compatibility of the two given that they are dynamic in nature.

Message In the Gospel of Matthew

According to the subsequent passages, "God will come to take the discreet slave". In Matthew, Jesus uses different stories and examples to inform the reader about God's second coming.

Hamartiology as a Problem of Evil

Moral evil, which is ultimately the cause of natural evil, can be traced to the beginning of creation when Adam and Eve defied God's explicit directive not to eat fruits from the tree at the [...]

Human Justice in All Religions

However, before the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, various religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism also had their own set of rights that helped to create the basic structure that helped [...]

Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards

He asserts that affection is the cornerstone and indicator of true religion.the soul's will and inclination have been referred by the author as the key determinants in the definition of affections.

St. Paul at the Areopagus

While the emphasis is seemingly put on the necessity to convince the residents of Athens that their religious beliefs are inconsistent and that the gods that they pay tribute to can in no way provide [...]

The Latter Day Saint Movement

In spite of the fact that the followers of the Latter Day Saint Movement discuss Joseph Smith as the prophet equal to Moses and other prophets, this statement is rather controversial because the founder of [...]

Christian Faith

For example, ity teaches that Jesus is the son of God, he is the way to salvation, and he was sent by God to save the world from sin.

Christianity and Islam Values

Another form of Islam synthesis about Christianity and Judaism is in the emphasis of land. The role of a prophet as envisioned by Christianity is similar to that of Judaism in every manner.

Religious Teachings of Buddhist Doctrine

To substantiate the validity of his opinion, in this respect, Nagasena came up with the 'parable of the lamp.' According to the monk, just as it is the case with the flame of a burning [...]

The Image of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke

Each of the authors demonstrate Jesus Christ in the new and special light, depending on the assorted theme of the composition, focal points and different groups of people observing the retelling of the life and [...]

Catholic Social Teaching Program

It is the obligation of the members of the church to participate in community programs that help in the alleviation of poverty.

Hell Debate in the Scripture

In addition, the paper will also explore the history surrounding the concept of hell and analyze the two central views that characterize the protestant evangelicalism to draw a personal conclusion on the concept of hell [...]

Religious Tolerance and Theology

Therefore, tolerance can be defined as the aspect of respecting people in their different nature and not demanding any same action from their beliefs From the Jewish perspective, extending their laws to encompass other religions [...]

The Status of Animals in Religion

The trend has led scholars in the field of theology to critically analyze the relationship between religion and animals. For instance, Watdaul holds the view that the relationship between religion and animals is a communion [...]

Thomas Aquinas: Morality and God

As the matter of fact, the fourth argument has the moral aspect that shows the Aquinas's attitude towards the relationship between the God and morality.

The Lost Letters of Pergamum by Bruce Longenecker

In this book, the 'lost letters' represent the conversations between Antipas, a wealthy individual from Pergamum and Luke, an ardent follower of Christ who authored the books of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles [...]

The Acts of Luke in the New Testament

The Acts of Luke represent one of the parts of the New Testament tells about the life and activity of the Saint Apostles after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Acts and the Gospel According to Paul

Known as the Acts, the narrations incorporating the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles are traditionally considered the first attempts at establishing the link between the reader and the Biblical characters, making [...]

The Bhagavad Gita Concepts and Ideas

In other words, the three texts show that human life is a journey and people have to learn lots of things along their path.

Hindu Twice-Born Ceremony

What is striking is not the act of seeking forgiveness but the reasons as to why the boy is seeking forgiveness.

Luke-Acts Theological Content

In the parables of the Pharisee and the tax collector and the persistent widow in Luke 18: 1-8, the essence of prayer intensely comes out as a distinctive tool that executes desired changes.

The Theological Concept of Luke-Acts

In addition to the fact that the reader has to use the translated medium, for the most part, the fact that the Biblical scriptures can be interpreted in a number of ways also creates a [...]

‘Religion as Projection’ an Article by Ludwig Feuerbach

Thus, as the article supports the importance of human consciousness and negates projection of humans as objects of religion, the content of the article is important to atheists.

Holy Spirit in Today’s World – Theology

The Scriptures tend to take up a most important part in God's dealing with human beings, and it is, therefore, not surprising to learn that more often than not, people have replaced the role of [...]

Christianity Issues in The Shack by William Young

Many Christians hold a strong faith that the Bible is the solitary foundation of God to people. The Bible is a revelation of who God is to humanity.

The Church of Christ

These included the Christian church, the Evangelical Synod, the Reformed church and the Congregational church in the United States. All the four denominations that united to form the Church of Christ evolved from the Disciples [...]

African Christology

For instance, African Christology is a branch of Christology specific to African nations and their perceptions of the works and person of Christ and Christianity in general.

Politics and Religion Interdependence

This essay offers a literature review on religion and politics by accentuating the interdependence of the notions and the effects of religion on politics.

Corinth – Life at First Century

Reflectively, the analysis is based on prostitution, idolatry, and greed as condemned by Paul in his first and second letters to the converted early Christians in the city of Corinth.

Religion Comparative Aspects: Hindu and Buddhism

The similarities and differences in the ethical teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism include the following. Fourth, the act of lying is unacceptable in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Living Buddha, Living Christ – World Religions

He claims that the attachment of Buddhists to the world is what makes their religion more docile and tolerant than Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Thomas Jefferson’s Understanding of Christ

The ensuing discussion examines the extent to which Jefferson fulfilled his aim of finding the true teachings of Jesus in his construction of "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth".

Theology as a Contributor to War

From the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, the first war is portrayed between two brothers. The chain of command and science of war was long overdue in the theological world.

History of Buddhism and the Life of Buddha

Buddha took the opportunity of being a member of the loyal family to influence the development of Buddhism. One of the factors that contributed to the speedy development of Buddhism was its inspirational teachings.

Meaning of Life from Islamic Point of View

In reference to Hines, the understanding of what life is defines the purpose of living it. The aim of the current research is to investigate the meaning of life according to the Islamic faith.

Veils in Islam – Religious Studies

The attitude towards various types of Islamic clothing for women is different across all of the Islamic countries and cultures, and since due to the process of globalization many of Muslim immigrants have moved to [...]

Religious Comparisons: Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The three "Abrahamic religions" are some of the largest and oldest religious groups in the history of mankind. However, although Christianity is a monotheist religion, God is considered to exist in form of "the Holy [...]

Shia Islam – Religious Studies

Rashidun Caliphate is the term used in Islam to refer to the first four leaders that came after the death of Prophet Mohammed.

Religious Studies of the Slavery Problem

The key point of the discussion was the prohibition or, on the contrary, the permission of the slavery on the new territories.

Predestination vs. Free Will

The protagonists of free will acknowledge that God is always aware of the choices that people intend to make and the consequences thereof.

Maya Religion and Spirituality in Ancient and Modern Times

The aim of the current research is to assess the religion and spirituality of the Maya people. In addition, the Maya were still religious and practiced various cultural activities that were unique to them.

Quran History and Analysis

The term chronology can be used to describe the history of the Quran as the text. This is one of the points that should be considered by readers.

The Figure of Jesus in Islam

However, the problem is in the fact that Christians are often not aware of the role of Jesus in Islam, and Muslims often interpret the figure of Jesus in their religion in the most literal [...]

History of Religion in Britain

The predominant religious beliefs amongst the people of the British Isles during the early modern period were based on Christianity. The different religious practices amongst the Roman Catholics and Protestants kept people of the British [...]

The Idea Salvation in Buddhism Religion

Focusing on the discussion of the concept of salvation in Buddhism, it is important to state that salvation is the emancipation of a person from the attachment to the reality and from the person's focus [...]

Saint Augustine’s Confessions – Religious Studies

In his book, he describes a scene in the garden of Milan where he is directed by a voice similar to a child's voice to go and read a verse from the scripture.

Worship Team Role – Religion Issues

4 Much of the worship seeks to explore the interpretation of man to the Kingdom of God, all of which is dependent on the religious niche to which the worshiping music is made.

Women’s Buddhism

According to Arvandi Sharma, ancient Indian women chose to become Buddhists nuns purely due to the influence of Buddha's positive ways, teachings and the Buddhism doctrines.

Women Roles in Mormonism, Wicca and Islam

Other religious practices that are crucial under the doctrine of atonement include adhering to all the commandments from God, being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and baptism. In regards to the doctrines [...]

Gregory of Tours’ and Augustine Religion Views

It can be a sign of the increased role of faith and Catholicism in the life of people. The two books provide an in-depth analysis of the transition of the ancient world into the medieval [...]

Baptism Rituals and Theologies

It implies that the baptism is a vital ritual for infants while considering its outcomes to the practices of circumcision as in the time of Abraham.

Infant Baptism

This argument is based on the teaching of the scripture that views baptism as a contract between God and the person being baptized.

What Brings Women to Buddhism?

Once establishing the source that has the greatest influence on the women and the ways which are most typical of women to be converted into Buddhism, whether it is the doctrinal one, or the one [...]

Muhammad and Islam

Comparing "In the footsteps of the prophet" by Tariq Ramadan with "The Truth about Muhammad" by Robert Spencer Ramadan is a Muslim leader and an intellectual whose book presents Muhammad's biography.

Existence of God

Paley's argument on the existence of God, the way he compares and contrasts God and his creation with a watch and a watchmaker, is relevant and to some extent realistic.

Lame Deer, Seeker of Vision

Lame Deer shows the readers the intricacies of the native Indians culture through exploring the cultural and spiritual values of a native medicine man.

Ghost Dance

The circle dance formed the belief systems of the Native Americans and was later given the name the ghost dance. Jack Wilson also known as Wovoka by the Paiute people, was the founder of the [...]

Is America a Christian Nation?

Did the founders of the nation plan to set up a nation that gave special merit to Christianity? The president's policy statements claimed that the United States was chosen by God to watch over the [...]

India’s Women in Buddhism’ Religion

Regarding the place of women in Buddhism, it is interesting to note that Buddhism is not attached to any gender despite the fact that Buddha himself has historically been a man.

Ancient Hebrew Scripture

The homogeneity of the deity to man is in question, in chapter three, Adam and Eve heard the presence of God as he walked in the garden.

Jainism’ Religion

Jains believe in the cyclic nature of the universe, whereby the universe is considered to have only one cycle. Cosmologically, they believe that the universe is independent of supernatural forces and is thus thought to [...]

Religions of the World Benefits

Religion acts as some sort of governing body which provides rules and a manual in the way life should be lived; how human beings should behave, what is right and what is wrong, what is [...]

Christianity Evolving History

Such believes included the denial of the existence of the Pope and respect to the nature. Scholars and theologies have used the Lindisfarne Gospels overtime to analyse the history, growth, and influence of the Celtic [...]

Religious Tolerance in Different Systems of Beliefs

The purpose of this paper is to explore the subject of religious tolerance and its usefulness in the academic approach to the religious phenomenon.

The Narrative about Noah’s Ark

It presents the details of the first times of the people in the world, the Great Flood, and history of the Patriarchs.

Lutheranism as the Most Transcendent Religion

Briefly, it can be describes as a religion based on concept that the god is above everything, he is the most powerful and completely separated from people and the processes of creation.

The Bible Review

The bible continuously expresses the theme of merciful punishment and this can be seen in the ultimate idea of the God's only son Jesus Christ who came from the throne to the world.

Buddhism: Religion or Philosophy

Buddhists believe in a higher power and life after death, they have a moral code of ethics, and they perform rituals; these things are the definition of established religion.

Insights on Post Christianity

This New era has come with many catastophes ranging from economic meltdowns,global warming and wars that have led to the destruction of a better America.

James O’Donnell’s Claims about Modern Religion

Those people who are yet to assume a religious identity are often castigated by the rest of the society. This to some is a derogatory term resulting from the fact that one does not have [...]

Puritan Religion beliefs: History and Origin

Man is perceived to be part of creation of God that was made in the image of God. But the Puritans also believed that the human goodness was lost when the first parents disobeyed the [...]

Religion View on Compassion and Justice

The current state of the world is very insensitive to the plight of the poor and the sick because the government and the church alone have great responsibility of helping the needy.

Religion and Morality Connection

In the words of Plato, "Piety, then, is that which is dear to the gods and impiety is that which is not dear to them"..

Women and Religious Traditions

The story of Adam and Eve in the bible also shows a woman as a person close to the devil for breaking God's command by eating the specific fruit that she was warned not to [...]

The City of God

But despite the fact that the changes came very soon and caught people unawares, the bravest summoned up their courage and found the spirits to struggle against the invasion of the barbarians, their hope nestling [...]

Poorer Social Classes in Hindu and Islamic Religions

The caste system leads to the isolation and exploitation of the weak classes of the society by the upper privileged classes, since the Hindu religion and traditions view poverty and their respective social classes as [...]

Buddhism and Christianity Comparison

In Buddhism, the ultimate goal is the acquisition of the Nirvana state, a state in which one is relieved of egos, desires, and cravings and saved from the suffering experienced due to reincarnations.

Puritan Dilemma

The way the Roman Catholic leaders approached material wealth was ungodly in the eyes of the Puritans. Accord to the teachings of the Catholic Church, material poverty was not to be celebrated.

“A Letter Concerning Toleration” by John Locke

The part that should be analyzed was taken from the middle of the paper."A Letter Concerning Toleration" was written due to the urgent issues that were spread in England in the period of Enlightenment.