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Religion Essay Examples and Topics

Dispensation Theology

The second aspects, which is portrayed in the definition, relates to the fact that God has allowed man the power of choice. In this case, it was noted that the aspect of dispensation date back [...]

Buddhism Animal Ethics

Followers of Buddhism adhere to a strict code of ethics when it comes to the treatment of animals. Another prominent belief in Buddhism is the practice of releasing animals into the world.

Imami Shiites (Twelvers)

The population of the Imami Shiites in the Middle East as compared to the rest of the Shia Islam is twenty percent.

Sustainability of Buddhism in the Health System

With the changing trends in the way of life and the environment, establishing effective health system becomes imperative. The mind of an individual is attributed with the control every aspect and action of the body.

Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement

Briggs takes a historical approach, tracing back the developments to the 17th century in order to elaborate on the phases of the movement and to bring out the nature of contributions to the movement by [...]

The Doctrine of the Word of God

Hence, the word spoken by the God is essentially the power of the word that is spoken by the God. The presence of the God is perpetuated through the word of God.

Biblical Word Study

In the bible, the word counsel is the Aramaic translation of wouldethabar' in the Old Testament and the Greek word 'bouleutes' in the New Testament.


The Buddha is in the Dhamma. The Dhamma is in the Buddha.

Terrorism and Jihad

According to Kepel "the terrorism that has occurred from union of Islamic radicalism and violent jihad has led to powerful debate over whether the West and the Islamic world are engaged in a fight between [...]

Jews and Christians

In the book of Isaiah 46:9 as well as the first chapter of Genesis, God reveals his nature as the creator of everything.

The Four Noble Truths and Si Shu

It relates to the termination of suffering and all that leads to suffering in human life. For instance, both Buddha and Confucius teach that in a bid to do away with human suffering and achieve [...]

Life of Saint Peter

Considering the fact that there were quite literally hundreds of thousands of people within the regions that Jesus preached in at the time, it stands to reason that the selection of the Apostles was not [...]

The Parable of the Lost Sheep

In the book of Matthew, the parable of the lost ship is presented in a fascinating context. In the book of Luke, the phrase 'losing one of them' is used meaning that the sheep dispersed [...]

The Lost Sheep

One of the parables is in the book of Matthew, in the eighteenth chapter 1, while the other account is in the book of Luke in the fifteenth chapter 2.

The Screwtape Letters

Hence, the means of temptation and thinking has been vividly given to the audience of the writings. The Screwtape and Wormwood are not happy with how the girl tries to spread the love of God.

Marriage in the Bible

According to the book of genesis 1:28, after creating a man and a woman, God bestowed them with blessings and told them to "...be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and [...]

Exegesis of John 15:1-11

The vine represented Jesus himself, the vine grower was the Father who sent Christ to the earth, and the branches were the disciples.

Jim Jones Leadership Traits

In essence, Solomon says that the core element of leadership is trust, which can make the group members to increase their commitment and devotion to the group.

Religion as a Powerful Tool in Governance

The institutions, practices, values, identities, and religious ideas are some of the elements of religion that have been integrated in the governance process since the beginning of the new millennium.

The Doctrine of the Christian Life

The doctrine of Christian life analyzes the issue of Christian ethics in comparison to non Christian ethics. One of the key issues in understanding Christian ethics is the fact that these ethics are God like.

Living Buddha, Living Christ

It is not enough to show that all religions are constituted by the same elements, it is more important to make people long for equality.

Qur’an Major Themes

God expects man to live ethically and be just to other humans; this is the main characteristic expected by God in the social order.

The Biblical Mission of Church Struggle

It is quite peculiar that the given church is often compared to the car model of the same name; in fact, in one of the explanations on how the given church works, it is clearly [...]

The Art of Pastoring

Based on the presented information, the main insight that derived from this chapter is that the ethos utilized to justify certain arguments in the church can be manufactured and created for a certain purpose and [...]

Total Church Life

When given a chance to own and be the participants of the church, they feel accommodated and vital in the church since they have roles to play in the ministries proceedings.

The Daoist Temple

The architectural style of the Daoist Temple reflects the important elements of the nature, and this feature is significant because Daoism is based on the harmony of nature and people which can be reflected in [...]

Dalai Lama and International Relations

There has been great tension between China and Tibet as China sought out more ways to bring the powers of the Dalai Lama down, and to be more involved in the selection of the Dalai [...]

The Gospel of Amazement

By Jesus telling the leapers to walk forth and show themselves to the priests he wanted word on the healing of leapers which was a miracle to spread as this would then lead to the [...]

Pneumatology: Spiritual Gifts

The difference between spiritual gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit is that the former are given to edify the body of Christ and the later to edify an individual.

Religion in the Modern World

In ancient times, most religions served to answer mysteries of the universe, such as the question of creation, existence of the sun and the moon, meaning of life, and myriad other phenomena that could not [...]

Christian Moral Teaching and Money

There is nobody in the corporate world that will take social responsibility without having a thought of accumulating maximum profits to the company which actually matters most.

Shinto Religion and Japanese Nationalism

The kami was the first leader of the Japanese people who contributed to the creation of Japan as a state. They note that the style of dressing and the performance of rituals show that Shinto [...]

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Engaged Buddhism

Interreligious dialogue is a conversation and exchange of valuable ideas between religions and faiths for the purpose of discussing the subject of love, non-violence, and solutions to problems and ills of the present world.

Abraham and God

We must obey God and keep His word so that He can continue to be with us, and our future generations. God loves you and He will honour His covenant to you.

Teachings of Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism

Karma is partly determined by the will of God, in addition to the actions of an individual. Hindus believe that Karma is partly determined by the will of God, in addition to the actions of [...]

Sri Aurobindo: integral yoga

These varieties of philosophies and religions all have a clue of the truth in them, or an aspect of the truth. This transformation from a human soul to a divine soul is what Sri said [...]

The Authorship of Hebrews

Furthermore, although Paul was familiar with the Old Testament teachings as witnessed in the case of the writer of the letter, the manner in which the teachings are quoted in Hebrews is inconsistent with Paul's [...]

The Parable Of Cloth

However, when the dirty and soiled cloth is immersed in the dye, the beauty of the colors is not represented well because of the uncleanness.

Origins of Religion

To establish the real origin of religion, the use of scientific methods is inadequate hence the use of theories is the only valid method of tracing the origins of religion.

Islamic Concepts of Humiliation

In many Islamic societies, humiliation is taken as an affront to their men as it is compromises their ability to protect the dignity of their faith and its believers.

Charismatic Theology: Mission in the Spirit

In other words, Charismatic is a term referring to Christians who hold the notion that the doings of the Holy Spirit experienced in the early Church, such as miracles, tongue speaking, and healing, are also [...]

The Work of the Holy Spirit

The core part of the article is devoted to the description of the agents, - the Spirit, the Scriptures, the saint, - that, according to Barrick, gather together for the sake of sanctifying the believer.

Ramadan in Islamic Traditions

The new ones are not very popular, and some of them are even unknown to the majority of the general public, which cannot be said about those that are accepted by millions of individuals.

The Community: A Religious Perspective

It is against this backdrop that this piece of literature, seeks to demystify the religious facet of the community and its bearing in society, the similarities and differences of the major world religious communities, and [...]

The genre of Daniel as apocalypse

The book shows the importance of the heavenly world in the vision of the divine throne in chapter 7 and, the roles of angels and holy ones in chapter 7 and 8 and explicitly in [...]

Meaning of Imam and Haraam

Thus, when there is a major difference in the implied meaning, then, it can be concluded that it is not the result of an error but a different cultural appreciation of the meaning of the [...]

Decline of Christianity in Europe

The paper shall particularly look at the events that led to the decline of Christianity in the last century. These have resulted to revolutions in the areas of politics, religion and the social lives of [...]

Elements of a religion

It is against this backdrop that this paper analyses the elements of religion in Christianity and examines whether or not these elements are displayed in new religious movement called scientology There is growing debate on [...]

The Holy Spirit in Acts

It can be clearly seen that the baptizing of Jesus Christ jointly with the coming down of the Holy Spirit and the voice that was heard from heaven, marked the starting of the ministry of [...]

Meaning of God

These spiritual pillars are shown to these children to ensure that they are pure in their minds and their hearts in their daily activities according to the wishes and will of God.

Leading with Purpose

After a number of discussions with the youth leadership team, it was agreed that the goal of the vision was to bring individuals closer to God, and that the time frame for the realization of [...]