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Hijab: Act of Identity or Symbol of Segregation? Dissertation

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Updated: May 28th, 2022


It is a difficult question and answering this is so tough. It is called that by the dress none be known or familiar. The person is known to all by his /her activities. Here the question indicates whether putting on the hijab is a symbol of segregation or not. Hijab derives from an old Arabic word “hijab”, the meaning of which is to hide from others’ outlook. For elaborate discussion, the matter has to be known about several things. Such as what is the source of hijab? Why do Muslim women wear it? How does it segregate the others?

As it is known to all that the divine Book, Al-Quran, that type of book which provides all kinds of true things. It is considered as the storehouse of all knowledge and this book is the source of the hijab. Surah Al-Ahzaab provides that-“O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their outer garments around them (when they go out or are among men). That is better so that they may be known (to be Muslims) and not annoyed…” (Verse. 59)

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For the Muslim, which is narrated in the Quran is mandatory to obey, because it is only one book that can run a person to the right way. So it should be mandatory that this all Muslim women try to obey that Ayat (verse) of the Quran.

Why they obey, it should be known, the Muslims believe that if any person acts wrongfully in this world he/she has to be punished in the next world (after the death).

A hijab or headscarf is worn for protecting the woman’s face from bad eyes. But, here, the question, why is the face covered by the hijab? Many people said this many things. The summed up of that is the face of a female being the beautiful limb or part of the female’s body, all, at first eye to the face, face and hair are that kinds of place of a female from where all negative things are possible. The rough people (who are tempted by the women for doing sexual activities) can make negative comments to the lady, which increases only the sin of both the parties. Because, who try to make the bad things to see the lady’s face it is not possible by him, if the female keeps her face uncovered, because, to see or observe that thing, a male easily can harm, if the face is covered then this opportunity would not easy by a male. So, here that very lady is liable for uncovering her face, with this the male is liable for making or taking a bad idea in his mind to do them harm. Because in Al-Quran it is said that “Be Modesty” Give tackle the own mind.”

However, forgetting the release from the sin and for the expectation of getting the haven in the next world or in spiritual life, the female should obey the rule of the Quran and wear the Hijab. It is redundancy to say that which things are narrated in the Quran all are in the favour of the human beings. If they follow those rules of Quran they will be benefited both in their worldly and spiritual life. So,for these reason obey the Quranic rule.

However which is discussed above are not our discussing topics, our discussing topics is whether the hijab is an act of identity of segregation or not?

Most of the sensible and sagacious persons make comments over those things. After studying of that comments and essays , it is seemed that the hijab is a symbol of segregation , according to several person.They have tryed to give the logic on the favor of there opinion. They want to say that-

Yes, hijab makes the separation among the human being. All men and women are born by nature through men and women. So, after coming in the world, why are they covered their face? Why can the others not see their face?

An example can be given here, suppose, a place is declared as a secular place, where religion is not fact, there, some ladies, in a function, come and several of them wearing hijab (Shaaban, 1995, p.68). Then those ladies, ax a prima facie, are easy to identify, that, they cow to the religion and it creates the separation among the presented person (Glasse, 1989, p.159).

In a school, it is ruled that all student have to put on a specific uniform which increases the uniformity, the beauty and spread the equality, then, all are equal because none can make comment on others, reason is that, which dress is worn by one, that same color, same things worn by him another, so the question of jealous does not came in mind. But when several students wear the different colors, then they usually make them separate from the others, like as –who wear hijab, they make themselves segregate from the others. It can be drowning the attention of the readers that, in Indian subcontinent, who is the pioneer of the women growth, Begum Rokeya, she wore the hijab. It is not believable to see her photo. But was she doing bad things? Is there any evidence of that? No, it is impossible.

Actually, the matter is that the first condition is “to wear hijab” none be good until her mind be fresh, to wear hijab means to separate myself from the others. For wearing hijab, some try to avoid her because they think for conservatism, in the sack of obeying merely religion the lady wears the hijab. So her mind not so vast, thereof, we should keep away ourselves from those very women (Zain, 10 February 2008)..

Besides who were hijab most of them try to avoid who does not wear it, because they have negative idea about the uncovered lady, they are not so high morality, they may be loose character ,if we mix them , we also be the loose character. But it is a lamb excuse, though it is called “one is known by his company whom he keeps.” In this case that thing is not appropriate. Because, without knowing about them, how can she take the decision? They who do not wear hijab are bad to presume that without any evidence is prohibited in Islam. Besides it is also told that, we should hate or neglect the bad act or sin but not the actor or person.So why the wearing hijab females hate the unwearing hijab females, it is seemed that it is a way of segregation (Hassan, 1995, 65-76).

Besides, they have some same negative aspects, if I do not wear the hijab, what is the difference between I and the other religious lady? They wear the short kumis and wear the same thing. So, no difference, none can be able to identify, I belong to what religion. So, for separating herself from the other religious person they wear the hijab or headscarf. Who wear the hijab they keep away themselves from the others.For this reason, they who do not wear hijab or headscarf are very bad, their face is looked by the others, so their characteristic is not so good. But, how much is it correct? Practically it is seemed that who wear the hijab and who not wear the hijab, over them, a statistic shows that, most of the hijab wearing lady’s chastity is more questionable than the unwearing lady’s chastity.


In conclusion, it can be said, if critically one tries to observe the matter, then it be seen that it is only a process which give the women an identity of segregation that, we are separate from the other religious ladies, races, colored and unwearing hijab ladies.


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