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Creationism vs. Evolution Essay

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Updated: May 24th, 2018

A clear-cut explanation of how life and everything on earth originated has remained a puzzle to humanity for a long time. Scholars have given their own versions of this origin. However, all the attempts have been marked by a weakness of some sort. The real origin hence remains a question that runs in the minds of many people.

A piece of art showcases the aptitude of an artist, so does the earth and the universe that imply the reality and the potentiality of its stylist. This paper seeks to gain insight into the creation theory and evolution theory thereby finding out which of the two tends to carry more logic.

Creation theory everything within this earth is a product of creative power of the gods. In Genesis, it says that God created the world, man and woman in seven days. This is called creationism. It is mostly associated with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all from Abrahamic religion.

In the first two chapters of Genesis, the book looks at creation in depth. The first one describes all substantial proceedings of creation. In the second chapter, it touches on creation of human beings more strongly. The first chapter of Genesis opens with a sentence purporting pointing out God creating the globe and heaven. But then the earth was without form and it was filled with darkness. He goes on to separate darkness from light thus day and night coming into existence. This was done on the first day. On the second day, he divides firmament to bring about heaven and he collects the waters in one place leaving a dry area which is called earth, the waters were called seas (Slusher 35).

The third day was spent on creation of vegetation. On the fourth day, the heavenly bodies were created. He goes on to create water creatures and bird of the air and also makes living creature like cattle, the beasts to be on dry land. This was on the fifth day.

On the sixth day, man and woman came into existence and were placed to have dominion over the earth. Interestingly, this creation from genesis, concurs with that one of Hugh Ross an astronomer. His argument is based on the big bang evolutionary theory which will be talked about later.

It is worth noting that creation theory has other theories to it. These include young earth creationism. These theorists purport that the earth was created by God about sixty to 100 centuries ago. They offer this argument based on family lineages as explained in the bible.

This theory argues out that the earths age is relatively young, a point disapproved by Christians and scientists who say that the earth is billions of years old. This group argues that dinosaurs are mentioned in the bible and they are still in existence in Central America. Different races did settle in the current locations after the destruction of the tower of Babel, a second argument they have used to support their theory.

Omphalos hypothesis argues that the earth was created in its mature form. These theorists tend to refute the scientific evidence of growth rings. They argue that these rings were placed on earth during the process of creation and that they cannot be used to determine the age of earth (Vardiman 67).

Other inclusions in the creationism theory are old earth creation theory. It accepts the fact that God created the universe but refused to accept the genesis creation. It is further categorized into three groups namely the gap, day age and progressive creationism.

Gap creation argues that there is a large gap between genesis 1:1and genesis 1: 2-31. Day-Age Creationism asserts that the days in the Biblical creation story are symbolic. It goes on to say that these days might have taken millions or billions of years. Progressive creationism, states that God created the Earth and life gradually. It is through Gods intervention by Progressive that a new species comes by.

There is theistic theory that uses the natural selection and Darwin’s theory to explain itself. It believes that the creation of species is due to survival for the fittest and that species get adapted and changes over a period of time.

Neo creationism is another form of creation theory although it distances itself from use of scriptures. It therefore means that it debates the origin of life in a non religious way. In their perspective, it is argued that science does negate some things that point towards supernatural powers. They have rejected naturalism and Darwinism.

Intelligent design has come to be placed as one of creationism theory. This is because it replaces the scientific method with Christian and theistic that leads towards paranormal explanations.

Hinduism and Islam have their own creationism that is based on their holy books.

Creation theory has been discussed in terms of biblical creation theory but in other religions, it is discussed in their own ideas and views. Creationists believe that creature were distinct and separate organs when God created them. Although they have the potential to adapt to an environment, creationists say that creatures cannot change completely into a different form through evolution (Thompson 34).

The creationists differ completely with evolutionist because they don’t see how a species can become completely different because of evolution. This is something that is not recorded in history at any time. Furthermore, the creationists say that there is no evidence of gradual change in the fossils collected. Methods used like carbon dating might have had some errors hence not completely perfect. And lastly, the genetic material tests sometimes are contradictory.

Before the comparison comes up, it is of importance to look at what evolution theory talks about. To start it off, Darwin’s theory of evolution will elaborate it more. To begin, Darwin’s theory believes that all life is related having one common descendant. There is development of life from non life. He uses the theory of natural selection to elaborate. In natural selection, animals change overtime while preserving the much needed behavior while discarding the less required behavior. Hence species evolved due to the environment in which they were based in. this evolution was to help them survive. Random genetic mutations occur and the one needed are preserved to be passed on to the generation that follows. With time, there is accumulation of this genetics that result in a completely new being.

When an organism develops a handy benefit it is preserved and passed on to the offspring’s who inherit it more so passing it on to their offspring’s. Those disadvantaged species don’t survive and hence fade away. It therefore means that natural selection eliminates substandard species over time. This theory is a slow process over time.

With this in mind, it is good to note that creationism is based on belief and evolution is purely based on science. The theories of evolution and creation will continue to cause a heated debate culminating it down to religion versus science. The evolution theory talks of evolution being caused by solely ordinary forces, and is not controlled by any contribution from a supernatural power, force or being. However creationism talks otherwise with its stand being that God created the world and is in charge of any evolution process that takes place.

Creationism says that God is the creator and has been since the beginning of time. However, the evolution theory has come to question this. Science has come to contradict the creationism theory and so one needs to believe what they like. Creation theory however can’t be proved wrong because it is religious in nature. The evolution theory needs to go a step further and try to prove to the world that it has a benefit of doubt.

Darwin’s thoughts of natural distinction and selection and Mendel’s model of hereditary inheritance the basis of naturalistic evolution. They could however not come and say how it occurs. Observing human evolution according to scientists is almost an impractical undertaking. This is because one cannot rely on fossils for reasons of having many interpretations.

In the evolution theory, there are two parts called macro evolution which is just about living things coming into existence from non living matter. The other part is micro evolution that is all about living things adapting to the environment they leave in. However, when you talk of evolution, you need to base on macro evolution and not micro evolution.

If one believes in evolution theory then it needs to be understood that it is all about coming from non living matter that came from the big bang. The big bang theory is based on assertions that the universe came into existence without presence of any form before it.

This universe came into existence in something called a singularity. It was initially small and hot. As time passed by, it gradually cooled and expanded. This is going round in a galaxy with so many stars. This big bang is sometime thought to have exploded but in reality there was only expansions and cooling (Slusher 46).

The big bang theory can be given substantive evidence because there must have been a beginning to the universe. Secondly, the estimated speed at which galaxies move from us can perfectly fit in the grid of current distances. Third, if the heat was there, then we can get the evidence by use of cosmic microwave background radiation that ascertains the truth. And last but not least. Hydrogen and helium in the cosmos are purported to sustain the big bang starting point.

Basing on the big bang and creation, it can still be said that they meet at one point. This is because there must have been a beginning in this universe. Therefore as creation theory insists on supernatural force and powers behind the formation of the universe, the evolution theory bases it upon the big bang theory. Evolutionist use time in a mush slow way so that everything might happen as stated. In the creation theory time given for God to clearly make the world is considerably small. Imagine a billion years that most of the evolutionists try to use to make it seen to be true (Johnson35).

As one can comes to think of, it can easily be thought that both the creation and evolution theories have been combined with the gap theory. Since God created the heavens and the earth in the creation theory, it has to be said that it goes on again to say that he said let there be light. That gap is what the evolutionist begin from and so might just happen to concur. However it must be understood that the two are said that they can never be combined to fit the purpose of a few majority.

Geologist can never accept the gap theory because it contradicts with their belief that the past can not be smooth all through with the current. This also shows something out of it that the evolutionists are by themselves not in agreement with their theories. It therefore requires a very well laid out evidence to support the theory of evolution.

Many at times, people have said that evolution is based on faith and the evolutionists view Darwin as a prophet. The creationists have come to distance themselves from the religious perspective. They have engaged themselves in being diverse but continually cannot accept the evolutionists work.

Evolutionary biology is a major conflict zone between the creationists and the scientists. It is perceived by the creationist that it can’t be true that living things are from one common ancestor, and that the macro evolution is in effect. It also argued that it’s not possible for human beings to have come from apes. With the evidence offered by the existence of fossils, this would not be real.

The theory of universal common descent has been accepted in several biologists’ circles. Darwin is the author of that theory. The biologists argue that the last descent of common ancestor was over 3.9 million years ago. But creationists diminish this point and say that the general design is attributed to one familiar man and that is God, the supernatural being. However the evolutionists counter this by their evidence on fossils, geographical distribution of species and facts like genetics.

Evolutionists believe that the evolution of man is dated from the fossils that suggest that man came from primates. Creationists have disputed this fact with reason that there is no substantive evidence to give a clear indication that human beings came from the primates. They have stood by the genesis creation that point at the first man being Adam. Further more, creationists have denied the fact that there is any macroevolution. This is because they have leaned more to the fact that for macroevolution to have occurred there had to be new body parts formed.

Creationists have gone ahead to dispute the fact that radiometric dating can be reliable in ascertaining the earths age. It is obvious that the use, family lineage found in the old testament to compile how long the earth must have been in existence. However, evolutionist use scientific ways to come up with approximate dates that they use in knowing when the earth came into existence.

Creationists have come out to say that Christianity and the belief in the bible are to be attributed to the scientific progress and discoveries. Many scientists have taken this to be false and argue out that they have evidence and are continually gaining more evidence on their work as time goes by.

As earlier stated, evolution of the universe came from nothing. How did it happen that the earth just came with the bang? That is a question many will ask.

It requires that these evolutionists come up with a more defined evidence to support their work and argument. However, the scientists have taken the data collected and are working to fill up the missing puzzles. The question remains if they will find out what is missing.

The question of complexity is also a centre of debate among the evolutionist and the creationists. The creationists say that the world was planned to be intricate by a stylist who is a supernatural being. On the other hand, evolutionists argue out that complexity was developed slowly with time. This is yet to be ascertained.

The evidence given by the evolutionists in a way or another doesn’t amount to enough evidence. As we can see at the fossil records they give, if evolution was a slow process over time, then so many fossils seen should not look exactly like the species that do exist now. Creationists say that these fossils are in agreement with their theory than with the evolution theory (Thompson 67).

The evolutionary group can’t say how parts on human beings or other complex organisms were formed. They have no idea apart from the fact that it is gradual change over time. On the other hand, the creationists have faith in what their religion tells them. It is just by the mere fact that on the sixth day God created man in his own image and likeness.

Creationists stand by the fact that some evolutionists collide in their thinking and so use this as a base to say evolution theory is in crisis. Much time is spent on them picking minor details from evolutionary and never gets their time to support their theory with evidence.

It is hard for the creationists to prove the great deal and part that the evolutionary have played in finding some evidence. Though not substantial, they have played a major role in giving insight of what might have taken place (Gish 56).

It has been also argued that scientific creationism is not a science but rather a religious belief. The evolutionists refute this and completely say that the things they talk about are talked of in the bible. Hence it is based more on faith. Evolutionists argue in most cases that teaching religion as proved facts is not acceptable. Creationists have not been left behind since they have come out in the open and said that evolutionism is just but a mere story.

In conclusion, it is now up to an individual to decide whether to follow the evolutionists or be with the creationists. If one is unscientific, then believe in the creation theory will make the day.

This is a decision one has to make for himself. If one is science oriented, then the evolution theory is his route to take. All there has to be said is that substantial evidence is vital in order to convince a person to believe in a certain theory. All in all there must have been a form of creation that caused human existence.

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