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Darwin’s Theory of Human Evolution Essay

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Updated: Aug 5th, 2021

What evidence does Darwin supply to support his theory of human evolution?

Darwin presents several arguments to support his proposition that man originated from some form of lowly species. To begin with, he asserts that the embryonic development between man and other animals is similar. In other words, the growth cycle of man and other lowly animals or organism demonstrates a lot of distinct similarities that have never been disputed.

For example, conception is the first process of bringing forth life in both man and other animals. Second, the stages of embryonic development are similar in both cases because the embryo takes a particular period before it can transform into a new form of life or creation. Darwin notes that the conception period might be the only difference between man and other living organisms.

There is also a close similarity between man and other animals in terms of geographic distribution. Both of them have been spatially distributed in such a way that they can depend and co-exist with each other. The spatial distribution of man and other animals is also largely dependent on the availability of resources required for sustainable growth.

The evolutionist also stresses the point that even though man has been classified in form othe f races, it is similar to the case of other animals. Perhaps, the only difference is the wording pattern because animals are grouped into species while human beings are categorized in various races. Also, man retains the same rudiments as other lower animals because he descended from a lowly organized form. Darwin has used these pieces of evidence to support his theory of evolution.

How does this evidence call into question the relationship between religion and science?

Although Darwin seems to refute the religious claim on the origin of man, it is apparent that both religion and science share a common hypothesis that man has a distinct origin. Nonetheless, the evidence provided above by Charles Darwin contrast the religious belief that man was created by the Supreme Being called God. Science does not recognize the presence of God as referred by Christians and other religions.

Also, it is prudent to underscore the fact that science relies on evidence that can be proven while religion revolves around various abstract belief systems with no evidence at all. This explains why the evidence provided by science on the evolution of man cannot be accommodated by religion. Therefore, religion and science will continue to offer opposite thoughts and perspectives due to the parallels that have been drawn between evidence and belief systems (Lualdi 182).

How does Darwin voice the concern for realism and concrete facts that marked the general mood of his day?

Darwin readily mentions that several critiques will judge his theory of evolution on the origin of the species without giving key attention to the concrete facts and realism presented by the same theory. He appears to be quite aware that the theory may elicit a long debate afterward. Indeed, the evolution theory was not received warmly from all quarters because Darwin was sharply criticized by religious adherents and other scientists.

The evolution theorist emphasizes that he has offered adequate scientific knowledge on the origin of man because he is aware that the theory is bound to be the core subject of discussion for a long time. Darwin is also concerned that hopes and fears can hardly reveal the pertinent facts on the origin of man. He adds that truth based on scientific evidence should be the main guideline on all arguments presented from different viewpoints.

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