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Marketing Strategy of Kellogg’s Essay

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Updated: Nov 21st, 2019

Brand Personality

Brand personality is defined as the personification of brand characteristics. In other words, brand personality refers to the act of giving human characteristics to a particular brand. In the business world, brand personality is highly beneficial in enhancing reception of a given product (Rakocevic 2011).

It should be noted that businesses will always associate the most valuable human characteristics in their target market with their brand. For example, a company producing products meant for men will give the products masculine characteristics. Brand personality is aimed at increasing market for products as well as differentiating the product from others. Brand personality is a brand behavior manifested through people representing the brand, and advertising methods as well as packaging (Rakocevic 2011).

Kellogg’s represents its brand as a socially responsible product, which is committed to enhancing everybody’s health in society. In addition, Kellogg’s seeks to manifest its product as a commodity that highly cares about the future of the society and will, therefore, put young people’s affairs in the forefront. To achieve this, Kellogg’s funds breakfast clubs in various schools.

In this regard, Kellogg’s brand is also depicted as a product which does not make profits per se, but ensures that everybody eats breakfast. Kellogg’s invites its employees to visit various breakfast clubs so as to appeal to people that its products are a must have during breakfast (Rakocevic 2011). Furthermore, the product of Kellogg’s is depicted as being very supportive in enhancing the understanding levels through the campaigns that seek to associate it with the research according to which the breakfast is beneficial to children.

The Communication Concept

In simple terms, communication is defined as the flow of information from one entity to another. However, the communication concept refers to all processes through which an individual or a group of people can induce change in the minds of people. It includes both written and oral messages as well as pictures, human behavior and sometimes packaging of products (Chaturvedi 2004).

The communication process involves the actions of ensuring that the message is received by the target audience without its meaning being distorted. It should be noted that the communication concept also includes choosing the right communication channels for the target audience (Chaturvedi 2004). Furthermore, it entails the collection of feedback from the target audience to evaluate the effectiveness of the message.

Kellogg’s campaign aimed at both the internal and external audience. Employees have access to the intranet, and in many organizations, they are actually encouraged to peruse through the postings daily. As a result, intranet posting which Kellogg’s chose is the most convenient way of conveying the message to the employees. On the other hand, external audiences are varied and one channel of communication cannot be effective to all (Chaturvedi 2004).

In this regard, Kellogg’s chose different modes of communicating to their audiences. To begin with, the face-to-face communication at breakfast clubs during campaigns is by far the most effective way. Face-to-face communication limits the chances of the message being distorted thus ensuring that people get the right message. Furthermore, this channel ensures quick and immediate feedback which is vital in gauging whether the information is effective or not.

Through writing letters to members of parliament, Kellogg’s ensured that the message is sent directly to the targeted people. Similarly, to increase the number of people who could get the information, Kellogg’s used Media adverts both electronic and written. In addition, since most people nowadays use social networks almost daily, Kellogg’s posted messages in various social network sites.

Influence of Kellogg’s on Consumer Socialization

Kellogg’s has invested heavily in advertisement to ensure that information about their products gets to their target audience. In this regard, Kellogg’s aims at influencing the mode of socialization of its audience especially parents, and increase its sales (Pride & Ferrell 2011). Firstly, Kellogg’s has been supporting breakfast in many schools for a long time now.

This is meant to show the public and parents, in particular, that Kellogg’s is highly concerned about the welfare of school going children. Moreover, the act of supporting breakfast clubs sends the message that the firm cares about the future of the nation (Pride & Ferrell 2011). As a result, Kellogg’s appeals to the emotions of people as a socially responsible firm which puts the values of the society first before its profits.

On the same note, Kellogg’s has taken up the role of advising parents on the importance of young people having breakfast every morning. Through its campaign, Kellogg’s has associated high performance and enhanced understanding with a good breakfast. To put its ideologies into practice, Kellogg’s ensures all children get breakfast by funding breakfast clubs. The acts help in convincing parents that Kellogg’s product is a crucial determinant of success in young people.

Therefore, parents will teach their children that Kellogg’s corn flake is a compulsory breakfast ingredient. By involving the members of parliament in their campaign, Kellogg’s convinces the public that even the government concurs that Kellogg’s corn flakes are vital for young people. Not only will these campaign channels help in influencing how people socialize, but they will also sell Kellogg’s products as necessary for proper development (Rakocevic 2011).

Advertising Appeals

Though there are many aspects that advertisers aim in their adverts, there are major areas where almost all of them aim. Firstly, most adverts try to appeal to the emotions of people because it is known that many people purchase commodities that they are emotionally attached to (Boone & Kurtz 2011).

Secondly, knowing that the intellect of people guides them in their decisions, adverts are mostly directed towards appealing the intellect of the targeted audience. Moreover, it has been found quite influential to depict competing products in weak light. As a result, adverts usually try to demonize competing products. Sex appeal is also another crucial aspect especially when products are gender specific. Lastly, adverts often use the patriotism appeal to win customer confidence (Boone & Kurtz 2011).

Taking female shoes to be my product, I will choose to show disadvantages of the competing products. On the same note, I will choose television advertisement because of its ability to reach masses. I will choose two women one wearing my shoe, while the other wearing a different shoe. There will be a young man approaching the two women as the women walk but from a different direction. He will first meet the woman wearing the ordinary shoe, and will pass without uttering a word.

However, when meeting the lady in my shoes, the man will be staring at the shoes even after the lady has passed by him, which will make him run into another passerby. The man will apologize and will start running after that girl in beautiful shoes. The advert will show that the shoes make a lady look beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex.


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