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BlackBerry Handset in Arab World Case Study

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Updated: May 16th, 2020

Customer attitudes towards the BlackBerry brand. The role the BlackBerry plays in the development of mobile handset market in the Arab world

BlackBerry is a line of handsets that make the process of e-mail exchange easier (“About BlackBerry” par.1). It is one of the five top devices on the mobile market, which underlines that it is in great demand with the population. “On August 1, 2010, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) of The United Arab Emirates officially announced the suspension of BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Email, and BlackBerry Web-browsing services in the country” (Hammond par. 5). This is a competitive device that makes the mobile industry move forward.

Everybody wants to be in touch with friends, relatives, and co-workers when it is needed. BlackBerry provides people with this opportunity by offering their device, which is convenient to carry and use. The buyers who have a positive attitude towards the BlackBerry mobile do not wait for their companies to show the need for its usage. They take it as a belief the device to be worth providing that it belongs to a well-known brand, streamlines the working process, and makes them contactable (Kotler and Armstrong 187).

This handset is used almost like a laptop by those who need to communicate. It allows us to get in touch with people all over the world. Using the wireless network, one can also move where he/she wants, which broadens location limits. The customers also underline that the phone provides them with access to the Internet and a number of applications that make their everyday life simpler (Sweeny 12).

Mostly the reason why the handset is not adopted by some businesses is their poor awareness of the value of the device and its benefits. Some people also find the size of the BlackBerry to be a problem. As it is small, it can be forgotten and used by another person, which is also connected with the problem of privacy. However, it is only a direction in which mobile devices should move.

The decision process that buyers of a typical push e-mail device go through before purchasing the device

There are some reasons why people want to buy this device. They want to keep always in touch; that is why they search for information about the technology. Push devices provide them with this opportunity. They offer constant access to e-mails and Personal Information Manager, which includes notes and calendar and allows consumers to build and follow their schedule (“BlackBerry” par. 7). All incoming information will be noticed with the help of the notifications.

If such things are work-related, BlackBerry is sure to benefit its owner, as he/she will get all necessary information and materials on time. Younger people consider it to be a great device for instant messaging. What is more, this handset can underline the economic status of the owner. It is not the thing everyone can afford, but it is the one the majority of people know. So by using it, one can show that he/she is a white-collar worker.

Thus, it is connected with the concept of the aspirational group. While thinking of who might be an owner of the BlackBerry, we imagine a man who is about 30 years old and is successfully engaged in business. The sense of success makes this handset popular among other people. That is why the markets should not have boundaries with regard to the concept. With it, different people would like to buy the product, and then they will tell their friends and relatives about it. In this way, the aspirational group will widen, and the sales will increase, improving the revenue (Babin and Harris 149).

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