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Maotai Spirit Product Competitive Advantage Essay

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Updated: May 2nd, 2020

Branding positioning statement

Maotai Spirit has several attributes that can be critical for gaining competitive advantage. At first, it is necessary to speak about refreshing taste of this product. One should also mention the use of high-quality grains and sophisticated manufacturing processes. Furthermore, this alcoholic beverage is associated with Chinese cultural heritage (Grant 128).

Overall, Maotai Spirit has a strong reputation in the Asian market, and it can appeal to Asian immigrants living in the United States (Mackerras 202). These qualities can enable this company to find a niche in the American market which is currently growing.

On the whole, Maotai Spirit can be positioned as a luxury beverage that is targeted to affluent clients who may represent different professional fields. More importantly, the brand incorporates such offerings as unique taste, classical production techniques, and sense of prestige which is associated with this liquor. These are the core elements that should be emphasized during the marketing campaign since they are instrumental for attracting customers.

Creative brief


In this case, the client is Kweichow Moutai Company which manufactures this alcoholic beverage. This Chinese enterprise is headquartered in Renhuai. It should be mentioned that this organization does not offer specific contact information.

For example, one can easily locate its website. Nevertheless, the company mentions only the postal code without specifying detailed address or telephone number (Kweichow Moutai Company). This is one of the problems that should be addressed because it can create difficulties for potential clients, especially those people who may want to purchase their products.


This project is aimed at developing the marketing campaign for Maotai Spirit. In particular, this campaign should be designed for the needs of American consumers. Currently, these customers can purchase various alcoholic beverages of the premium class, but they can also be interested in purchasing Maotai Spirit. At present, this market has almost completely recovered from the effects of the economic recession.


The main objective is to make sure that Maotai Spirit can enter American market and remain competitive in a specific segment which can be described as premium alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to demonstrate to the potential clients that Maotai Spirit has a unique value proposition that makes this product worth purchasing even at a relatively high price. This is one of the messages that one should convey to the potential consumers.

Furthermore, one should show that this liqueur stands out among other beverages such as whiskey or scotch which can also be very popular among the male customers. Finally, hypothetical clients should believe that this liquor can enable them feel the sense of prestige and enjoy unique taste. These are the attributes that many affluent customers look for (Shiring 343).This is the main objective that should be attained.

Target audience

The target audience includes primarily affluent Asian males who are aged between 25 and 50. This group has been selected because they are more likely to know about this product; more importantly, they can afford it. Additionally, this specific age group has been singled out because during this life stage, people are more likely to consume alcoholic beverages.

Nevertheless, this product can also be also appeal to other affluent people who may want to taste new alcoholic beverages representing the premium class. For example, it is possible to speak about top executives or various entrepreneurs. Overall, the target audience includes individuals who attach importance to their affluence and success. These are the main characteristics of these people.

The main theme

The marketing campaign should emphasize that this product has two qualities that can be valued by very successful people. At first, one should speak about the unique taste of this alcoholic beverage. Secondly, it is important to highlight the idea that this liquor has been appreciated by many world leaders, prominent entrepreneurs, and other people who have been able to make significant achievements.

The marketing messages should highlight these two ideas because they are vital for attracting the target audience, especially those people who want to buy premium goods (Aaker 226). This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked by marketing managers.


A client may decide to purchase this product due to several reasons. This individual may notice that this product has been offered to people who occupy high places in the social, political, or corporate hierarchy. Therefore, it is possible to assume that this liquor has been manufactured in compliance with the highest standards.

This is the line of reasoning that a person can follow. Furthermore, one should speak about emotional needs of people who may crave for self-respect, fulfillment, and confidence. These are the main emotional benefits that a potential client can derive from purchasing this liquor. Overall, these gains are important for attracting customers who may want to buy premium goods.

Campaign elements

The campaign should include several important elements. In particular, it is necessary to create a video commercial that should be broadcast on various television channels during prime time. This step is important for increasing clients’ awareness about this product. Moreover, this commercial is vital for identifying the distinct appeals of this liquor.

Apart from that, it is critical to design an appealing package and a poster that should clearly identify the main attributes of this product. In particular, they should highlight the idea that Maotai Spirit is a luxury alcoholic beverage manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

Mandatory elements

It is possible to distinguish several that components that must be present in commercial materials. For instance, the video commercial should clearly identify the name of the product, its value proposition as well as price category. These information items are necessary for identifying for attracting the attention of buyers. Furthermore, this commercial should tell clients that this product can appeal to many successful individuals. These are the main components that should be included.

In turn, the new package should include a visible logo that can be easily memorized and recognized by clients. Additionally, it should provide contact information which can be required by people who may want to purchase this product once again. Furthermore, it is important to include the list of ingredients used for the production of this liquor.

In this way, a client may understand how Maotai Spirit can be distinguished from other alcoholic beverages. Additionally, the poster should include the photograph of the product and a slogan that can attract the attention of possible buyers. These are the core elements that can be distinguished because they can play an important role in shaping the opinions and attitudes of buyers.

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