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IT Security in Google Report

The Google’s New Privacy Policy is just an attempt to ensure high-level security of an individual’s data and improvement in the search field. For instance, the data searches on Google are linked to other websites such as You Tube. This only shows that Google is tracking people’s activities over the internet. At present, people share their contacts across Docs, Gmail, and Calendar. Since the internet has so many players, it requires an all-inclusive approach that will help in maintaining trust from the public. This policy has not violated information sharing to a third party; it simply makes the data available everywhere (Gross & Perez, 2012). In addition, the policy is trying to minimize cyber crime cases by tracking people’s activities over the internet.

Organizations planning to use Google as their communication platform will experience a few challenges, that is, the policy is not meant to share the enterprise’s data with an employee’s data. Markedly, Google cannot detect the connection between a personal account and a user’s work or employment account. These two accounts remain autonomous from each other. On the other hand, organizations that use Google apps should ensure that they renew their contract with Google to avert situations of information leakage to third parties (Gross & Perez, 2012).

Some of the social media services from Google that my employees can use include Google Buzz and Google+. All these products are inbuilt in Gmail. Therefore, they are easily accessible under a single click. The employees must verify their email addresses in order to ensure high-level of privacy. Under Google+, employees will be able to learn how other firms operate in achieving their objectives. The company can opt to block employees’ personal accounts during their working time or within the organization. This policy will enable employees to remain focussed on meeting their goals, as there will be less obstruction at work.

Possible security risks that can emanate when using Google cloud services may prove impossible to control. For instance, the linking of people’s data to all websites will make it easier for cyber criminals or hackers to access these pieces of information at ago. Information storage in the cloud, clearly, allows hackers to delete or alter all information in a person’s accounts. A case example is Mat Honan who hackers got into his email and iCloud account. The hackers erased all back up information in the Cloud, information in his Apple phone, and even deleted his Twitter account (Fogarty, 2012).

The revelation of the illicit affair between former CIA director and Paula Broadwell shows how privacy policy can be used to track down individuals who use the internet to engage wrongful acts. A detailed analysis of this relationship reveals that the two had been using an email with a pseudonym to communicate via drafts, as they could access this email. Broadwell’s attempt to send emails from this Gmail account made the whole affair to become known.

From this point, electronic data can be used as evidence in a court of law even though they are highly prone to distortion (Cyber Forensics, n.d.). Data privacy in this digital era needs info security professionals who ensure that there is no access by third parties. Further, data are always stored in computers as caches or in the internet. Therefore, data exchanges over the internet are easily tracked as history and can be used as evidence against an individual. People should be very cautious with the manner in which they handle their information over the internet.


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