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Identification of a Goal for Health Promotion Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2022

The main goal of this health promotion project is to identify the problems that may bother people nowadays and to clarify the ways of how medical workers and nurses can participate in the solution of the offered problems offering successful and working interventions. Today, people face a number of mental and emotional challenges that deprive them of a chance to live a normal life. Some people do not know whom to address to ask for help and not to be disturbed from their routine activities such as family relations, jobs, entertainment, etc. Sleep plays a very important role in good health; therefore, sleep health should provide an effective frame of reference for sleep to different groups of people such as patients, providers, and health care workers (Buysse, 2014). Interventions that can help to improve sleep will be developed in this project.

Intervention to Address a Goal

It is suggested to focus on a project that can help young adults (people aged 20-40) reboot their sleeping habits and understand the worth of good sleep. Not much attention is paid to such nursing intervention as sleep hygiene that aims at minimizing the factors that may disturb sleep on the environmental and personal levels (Hellström & Willman, 2011). This project should help to understand how people can maintain a regular wake and improve their daily life considerably. There are many studies that investigate the connection between the quality of sleep and the presence of electronic media in a human life (Owens et al., 2014). People cannot understand that the presence of one of such devices as televisions, music players, video games consoles, and phones influences the quality of their sleep a lot. Besides, many people continue using such stimulants as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol just several hours before going to bed. Such solutions and inabilities to keep the basics of sleep hygiene should be discussed and identified as the main sources of human emotional instability, changes in mood, and worsened working indicators. Sleep hygiene should be offered as a crucial intervention for people to make their lives happier and healthier.

Importance of the Project to a Future Advanced Practice Role

Medical workers, nurse practitioners, and the students, who want to devote their lives to the world of health care and medicine, have to understand the worth of sleep and learn how to promote interventions in the lives of ordinary people. In this project, it is necessary to prove why people aged 20-40 are under a threat of having serious health problems because of poor sleep, sleep deprivation, and insomnia. All these problems occur because of the inability to understand the worth of sleep hygiene, and the task of nurses is to explain how and why sleep hygiene should be introduced.

Sleep health education becomes a very popular field because more people report about their inabilities to have enough sleep because of the necessity to solve their family and working problems, earn money, and meet other daily needs. Therefore, it is expected that nurses learn more about sleep disorder and start developing programs that can be used to improve working schedules and conditions, and introduce other motivational factors that underline the importance of sleep hygiene. It is not enough to mention that sleep has to be organized well. It is more important to explain why sleepiness and fatigue are the main outcomes of poor sleep that may change a human life considerably. Such aspects as people’s productivity, abilities to communicate properly, and even the intentions to develop safe and healthy relations have to be raised. Nurses are the agents, who have to be ready to introduce sleep hygiene as a serious intervention that cannot be neglected. Besides, the evaluation of the current results connected with bad sleep or even slight sleeping problems should be made.

Plan to Identify the Data for Creation of the Project

The creation of such kind of project should consist of several stages, and one of the most crucial initial steps is to identify the data about sleeping habits and the reasons for why people should pay more attention to their sleep. First, it is necessary to gather statistics in order to show how many people aged between 20 and 40 suffer from a loss of sleep, inabilities to sleep well, and insomnia. Then, it is suggested to explain how sleep deprivation may influence the quality of a daily life. Finally, it is possible to compare health conditions of people with a good sleep and with a poor sleep. Sleep hygiene is the intervention that helps to realize that such simple steps as the regulation of temperature in a room, light and noise control, and napping avoidance can be used to improve sleep (Hellström & Willman, 2011). Sleep hygiene is one of the simple interventions that can be offered in care settings, and nurses should learn how to use it properly and achieve the required benefits. Still, the explanation of the worth of such intervention and the identification of its outcomes should be developed in the project.


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