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Personal Career Goals and Learning Plan Essay

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It is normally very important for an individual to formulate both long term and short term goals. This always acts as a guideline when undertaking various steps or even when making important decisions in line with education. This is because in life one has very many issues to deal with and unless goals are well set and defined, there are chances that the goals may never be achieved. Apart from setting the desired goals a person has to put in place the necessary steps that need to be taken so that the formulated goals are achieved. This paper is dealing with the formulation of a personal career goals and how the degree that I am pursuing will help me to achieve them. (Aiken, 1994).

Personal career goals

Career goals as earlier on illustrated, can be both long term and short term. The short term goals of course take a short duration for them to be accomplished. The long term goals on the other hand take quite a long time. Long term goals can take several years while short term goals can take a few days or months. The following are my career goals; both long term and short term.

Short term- completion of master degree (18 months)

This is my short term goal at the moment and I want to ensure that I complete it within a span of eighteen months. I am having online classes and currently working hard to ensure that I pass all the required examinations highly.

Long term – PHD (2 years)

This is my long term goal at the moment. I want to ensure that I finish my PHD within a period of two years. This will be carried out by attending online classes. I am currently working very hard on my masters subjects so that I will be in a position to start my PHD within the planned time.

Timetable of my goals

Masters degree 18 months
PHD 2years

My optimal learning time and how it relates to my learning style

At my age I have got many responsibilities which need my attention. I have a family to take care of, business and also I do go to work. Considering all these commitments my optimal learning time is always late at night and early in the morning. I find this very effective for me because have online classes. I have the internet connected to my computer in my study room and therefore I easily do my studies at the specified time. This is because at this time the children are asleep and therefore I can have maximum concentration on my work. I do not have many things to attend to during the night and very early in the morning because I go to work during the day and also run my business during the day. For this reasons I find that online learning works best for me. (Bikens, 2001).

Methods that I use to retain course information that complement my learning style

There are various methods that I use to retain course information. One of them is whereby I after reading or studying I come up with questions of which I type and save on the computer. After a period of one hour I answer the questions and then mark them. I ensure that I redo all the questions that I have failed. This really helps me to retain all the information that I have learnt quite easily. I then ensure that I revise all the questions just a week before the examinations. This helps me to retain all that I have read.

Another way through which I retain what I have learnt is by writing some short notes on the studied subjects; it becomes very easy to retain what I have learnt. I go through the previous short notes before studying the next topic. I also carry out extensive research through the internet on the topics given in the online classes this helps me to thoroughly understand the topic and therefore makes be to retain all the information that I have learnt. I also like to attempt very many examinations that are available online in relation the subject that I am handling. I apply what I have learnt in my real life especially at work and in my business. Through this it has been very easy for me to retain all that I learn. (Chaton, 1987)

Essential components of adult learning theory and how this theory influences how I learn

Adult learning theory entails the following; it is noted that adults will always commit to learning when objectives and goals are important and realistic to them. This is in line with application in the real world. Many adults most cases resist learning ventures that are an attack on their personal competence. They would rather be the origin of their own learning. The professional development needs to give them control over when, where, how, what, who and why of what they learn. Adult learners always want to see that their learning is related to what they do in their day to day lives. These essential components of the adult theory have influenced how I learn because online learning gives me the freedom of choosing when, where, how, what, who and why of my learning. I case what I am learning is beyond my personal competence then I can easily switch to subjects that can help me understand it.

Time management strategies that help me meet course requirement strategies

Among the time management strategies that I implement includes doing the right thing at the right time. I ensure that I finish my work on time and do not carry some over when going home. I ensure that the next day’s schedule is done the day before. I always ensure that I wake up on time and I keep time even in my appointments. Each task always has its allocated time of which I strictly adhere to. This simple time management strategies enable me to meet the course requirements. (Bikens, 2001)

Techniques I can implement to manage the stress associated with returning to school

One aspect of stress that I clearly know is the attitude. I can implement by changing my attitude towards returning to school. This will help me to manage stress associated with returning o school. I can manage stress by seeking for professional counseling. I can also manage it by identifying the major sources of stress. For instance if it is from the family I can get extra by employing people who will help me manage matters that need my attention at the family level.


Developing a career goal and learning plan is very essential especially for adult learners. This is because people of this age have got very many responsibilities that need their attention. Developing career goals helps adult learners to stay focused on what they need to accomplish in short and long term goals. Essential components of adult they always need to be considered when planning. These essential components include having the freedom to choose when, where, how, what, who and why of learning. Time and stress management are important aspects in career development.


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