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Disasters Essay Examples and Topics

Multidimensional and Collaborative Disaster Management

In most cases, communities depend on government intervention for the management of disasters thereby, undermining the deployment of adequate resources to maintain equilibrium of the different aspects of the society to prevent the detriments of [...]

Hurricane Katrina’s Analysis

The evidence provided in the materials shows that New Orleans is vulnerable to flooding due to its low elevation, continuous human interference, haphazard construction of levees, and disappearance of natural wetlands and barrier islands.

US Environmental Inequality After Disasters

The quality of the environment in the United States is subject to the socioeconomic status of the people. The disaster also revealed that the communities living near the industrial corridor had complained repetitively about the [...]

Fire Prevention Versus Fire Suppression

While fire prevention implies an adoption of various methods for stopping the fire from occurring in the first place, fire suppression implies the elimination of fire as it occurs. However, it is impossible to develop [...]

Flooding Problem in Philippines

Flooding affects every region of the Philippines neighborhood, and several low-lying regions in the Manila City, such as Espino, Taft, Malabo, and Valenzuela, are usually among the worst hit in every series of flooding that [...]

Earthquake Statistics Understanding

Tectonic earthquakes are prompted as a consequent of movement of the earth's crust because of the strain. The USGS National Earthquake Information Center reports an increase in the number of detection and location of earthquakes [...]

Hurricane Katrina Stats: Path and Intensity

Meteorologists had detected the in-building storm and warned the inhabitants to move out of the prospective path of the hurricane. The hurricane forced the authorities to evacuate hundred thousands of the population living in the [...]

Tsunami Geological Origin

Firstly, the source of the volcanic eruption has to be understood, as this natural phenomenon is one of the primary causes of a tsunami.

Alaska Shoreline Erosion

The purpose of this report was to explore the impact of Alaska Shoreline Erosion. Geographically, the North and West Alaska along the coastline of Beaufort Sea and Bering Sea are the most affected by the [...]

The 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Due to a displacement of sea water as a result of displaced debris from landslides, a series of waves that has a potential of causing a tsunami is formed.

Tsunami of 2004

The areas prone to tsunamis on the Indonesian coast are: The west coast of Sumatra, the south coast of Java, the north and south coasts of West Nusa, Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara provinces, the [...]

Aircraft Accident Investigation

In the United States and Australia, cases of aircraft accidents have reduced due to the effort that has been put by the authorities in the aviation sector.

Tsunami Disasters in Okushiri Island

In addition, fire outbreaks also contributed to the devastating effects of the tsunami. In addition, the question of educating and passing information about dangers of tsunami contributed to massive loss of lives.

Acid Deposition

Tracking Acid Rain: The Case study of The Rust Belt, US Case Background The industrial heartlands of the US are located in the Rust Belt. While the metal plants are in the east; the automobile [...]

Emergency Preparedness in New Jersey

In practice, New Jersey official has put in place a robust public health response plan and integrated it into the response and recovery operations of the disaster response and recovery agencies of the Government, which [...]

Wheat Case

Since the product in this case is wheat, an examination of the work of Roberson is in order since through his examination of the supply and demand of wheat in the current global market it [...]

Fire Plant Explosion In West

It was a grain storage and fertilizer distribution center for the farmers in the area with its stores on the periphery of a little town in a village of America.

The effects of acid rain on soil PH

Acid rain increases the accumulation of sulfur and nitrogen in the soil, disturbing its PH balance and ability to recover from acid deposition leading to overall diminished soil quality.

Flooding in New Zealand

Debris materials and boulders reduce the capacity of rivers and obstruct the flow of water in rivers that are in New Zealand, and thus contribute to the occurrence of perennial floods.

Factory Emissions Leading to Acid Rain

It is believed that the industrial evolution coupled with urbanization have aggravated the problem of acid rain and a rise of acidity levels in the atmosphere, notably in North America and Europe as well as [...]

Plants and Carbon Dioxide

In this context, it is true that plants will not increase their CO2 uptake in response to increased levels of the gas in the atmosphere.

The Bophal Incident

The presence of water and MIC resulted to the occurrence of an exothermic reaction that resulted to the increase of temperature and pressure in the storage tank.

Evolution of the Incidents Command System

As from 1978, the ICS was not only used in response to wild land fires but also in response to urban fires and to this regard, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and [...]

A Gas Leak Incident in Bhopal in 1984

The article titled The Incident, Response and Settlement by the Bhopal Information Center briefly explains the circumstances surrounding the accident and then goes ahead to explain the necessary steps that were taken by the company [...]

Case of Gulf of Mexico

Because oil spill cleanup is very costly, this model indicates that use of booms to protect coastline is a cheaper strategy than cleaning the spill on sea since natural process will clean most of the [...]

Tsunami: Definition and Causes

Tsunamis have gained worldwide notoriety following the two devastating tsunamis that have occurred in the course of the last ten years. Submarine earthquakes can generate dangerous tsunamis and that the intensity of this tsunami is [...]

Disaster of Columbia shuttle

This is one of the reasons they rejected the request to take photographs of the shuttle in order to estimate the impact of the foam on the shuttle.

Pricing Gouging: Is it Justifiable?

Particular focus of the research paper will be dedicated to introspection of the perception of the business owners on the purpose for existence of their businesses especially on aspects of profit making endeavors showing how [...]

Damages of Tsunami to Human Beings

High Cost of Fighting Tsunami The total cost of tsunami could be billions of dollars since the damages of income generating business, and the cost used to curb the situation on the ground was quite [...]

The Problem of Global Overpopulation

Insights gained from the chapters reveal that the main reason behind the problem of resource overconsumption which threatens the very future of the planet is the rampant overpopulation of humanity which threatens to drain the [...]

Tornado’s Variations and Formation

As a result, the formation of tornadoes can be affected by Bernoulli's principle since most tornadoes show a local vortex flow whereby the velocity of the flow is greatest at the center of the vortex.