Recycling Essay Examples and Topics

Environmental Impact – Life Cycle Assessment

Introduction In Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, housing and building sectors consume a third of their energy. This is an accumulation of the energy consumed in the production of construction materials, machinery, assemblies, and the shipment of construction materials. On the other hand, the non-building sectors account for 30-50% of all commodities consumed […]

Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle

The world is in a dilemma. This dilemma is the result of industrialization, and more recently, globalization. The industrial age coincided with the emergence of fossil fuels as the main source of energy for industrial uses. The use of fossil fuels, coupled with the massive environmental destruction led to the current situation that the world […]

Waste Collection Worldwide

Solid waste collection worldwide catch The word waste has a number of definitions depending on the context in which it is used and has been defined differently by different organizations and institutions. For purposes of this paper, waste is defined as an unwanted material or that material which one cannot use and considers unprofitable to […]

Materials and the Environment

Abstract Human activities have great influence on environment. The environment can absorb the effects of human activities to a given extent. However, there is a threshold; if exceeded, it diminishes the quality of the environment. In the modern world, there have been increased human activities that have surpassed the environmental threshold. With the current growth […]

Waste Management in Australia

Practical Assignment According to EPA Victoria (2014, Par. 2), environment is very delicate and should be treated as such. It supports life for all the living organisms hence a lot of care should be taken when handling wastes to avoid any form of environmental contamination. Waste is something that is not useful in its current […]

Australia Waste Management

Introduction Usually, people dispose of unusable materials in litterbins. However, few of them are concerned with whatever happens after throwing the rubbish into the pit. Australia is experiencing one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a result, there has been amplified utilisation of resources in an attempt to meet various needs of […]

Recovering Energy from Waste

Background Waste management is one of the fundamental issues that are raising concern among the policy makers within the Victorian State in Australia. According to Parkinson (2007, p. 85), the amount of waste materials produced by households and companies in Australia has been consistently on the rise over the past few decades due to the […]

Waste Disposal of Victoria City

Consultation on disposing waste oil and cleaning chemicals The city of Victoria has strict rules on hazardous waste disposal and environmental sustainability through the zero waste policy. A company interested in disposing a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals in Victoria should follow the safety measures through the Environment Protection Regulation of the year […]

The current legislation in Australia for managing wastes

Australia is currently facing waste management issue as one of the main challenges. For instance, waste production has tripled over the last few years and unless proper waste management legislations are adopted, it will even be a bigger problem in future. Up to 44 million tones of wastes were produced in Australia between the years […]

Green Technology and Its Benefits

Despite the fact that environmental concerns have been raised quite a while ago, the concept of green technology has been introduced comparatively recently into modern business and everyday life. Although the idea of green technology is relatively young, it still deserves a major appraise for the compromise between technology and environmental issues that it has […]

Solid and Hazardous Waste and Vector-Borne Disease

Introduction Solid wastes refer to garbage, trash or refuse that are unwanted in a given site and have no value for individuals responsible for such garbage (Chopra, 2005). On the other hand, hazardous wastes are a category of solid wastes that are listed either specifically in the regulations or show perilous attributes of corrosiveness, flammability […]

Sustainability and Waste Management: University of Queensland

Executive Summary Waste management is vital in any organisation. Managers should have a waste management plan in place at their respective places of work. The University of Queensland is one of the largest and oldest learning institutions in the state of Australia, producing thousands of graduates every year. The institution also contributes to research and […]

“Garbage Wars” by David Naguib Pellow

“Garbage Wars” is a book about how garbage is handled in Chicago and the politics that surround it. The book is authored by David Pellow a lecturer and the head of the sociology department at the University of Minnesota. The book offers detailed accounts of how garbage affects the people who live in vulnerable areas […]

Recycling in the UAE

Recycling allows people turn waste materials into something new and useful. In such way, we gain the opportunity not only to save our environment but also to reduce utilizing of raw materials. Car recycling is also dedicated to these purposes. More than 70 percent less energy is used to recycle metal instead of making new […]

Waste Management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Production and consumption takes place in every economy worldwide. Companies utilize various raw materials in order to produce goods and services that are consumed by the public. After their consumption, there are some wastes both during production and after consumption. Countries have stipulations governing wastes disposals. Thus, wastes are disposed off in specific locations in […]

Environmental Science & Technology

Modern world seems impossible without innovative design decisions at the streets. It seems rational to apply architectural ideas to restore old items on the streets, however, not many people think about ecology when they are offered to make a new architectural thing. The idea of a good design varies from person to person. A good […]

Green business strategy

Introduction For sometime now, human impact on environmental change has become the focus for scientists and environmental conservatives. The risks resulting from climatic change have attracted mixed reactions. Accordingly, some companies argue that their revenues will be seriously affected by such factors as the carbon dioxide emissions controls and therefore some have remained skeptical on […]

A Comparative Analysis of American and Chinese Waste Management Methods

Introduction Waste management responsibility of any given country lies on hands of both private and public sectors. This is a major responsibility that can not be left under the care of one sector. There are several methods applicable in the developed nations, but land fill seems to be the most preferred method by most of […]

Empowering and assessing social change of Local communities through participatory action research

Introduction The researcher hopes to make use of the participatory action research (PAR) technique to gather the necessary information to facilitate in the implementation of the current project. This will result in the generation of useful information that will in turn enable the community and project implementers to examine the developmental needs of the current […]

Sustainable Development in the Food Area

Introduction The new century, a number of socio-economic and environmental issues face humanity owing to the developments in the technology sector. Technology seems to have affected seriously on the life of individuals to an extent of destroying the very survival in society. The level of industrial development has ensured that humanity shifts from traditional ways […]

How I Organize my Trash

Trash is any useless material that is worth disposing, as it is not in a position to serve its intended primary purpose. The resultant effect of unwanted materials, if not well disposed, is environmental degradation. Some trashes are fundamental to human beings and/or are recyclable. However, some are not recyclable. They cause pollution once disposed […]

Sustainability and Waste Management

Introduction The rapid economic development of Australia has underlined the necessity to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment. Scientists and public administrators pay close attention to waste management. One can say that the increasing dependence on landfills is one of the problems that should be addressed by policy-makers. This paper is aimed […]

We Should Recover Energy from Waste Rather Than Dispose of To Landfill

Waste management has recently become a big challenge to many countries in the world. There is no doubt that developed nations have continued to deal with increased piles of waste every year, possibly owing to the impacts of heightening urbanisation and economic growth. Obviously, the levels of waste material will tend to go up with […]

Management of e-waste

Today’s technology is rapidly changing thus rendering existing technology and equipment obsolete quite often. This applies to electronic devices and equipment like computers, printers, copiers, scanners, keyboards and monitors. A recent study indicates that 300 million and above computers were obsolete in 2007 and the number was expected to triple by 2013. This poses a […]

Life Cycle for a plastic bottle

Plastic bottles Plastic bottles have become a popular packing option for many soft drinks manufacturers, including soda drinks (Hill, 2010). The increased environmental awareness among many consumers has resulted to an increase in concern for plastic bottles’ product life cycles. Curran (2012) asserts that the product life cycle for a plastic bottle commences with the […]

Recycling in Campus

Introduction Recycling refer to the process that enables unwanted materials to be reclaimed and used in making other products. The objective is to minimize the potential waste of valuable resources. Recycling helps to reduce the waste of useful materials. It also helps in the management of the use of new raw materials. In addition, recycling […]

Environmental Impact of Medical Wastes

Introduction Several incidents concerning medical waste being spotted on public and private beaches have drawn a lot of public attention on the issue of management of medical waste. One such incident happened back in June 1987, when in Indiana polis, twelve children were found playing with blood vials that they had picked from a bin […]

Problems associated with large amounts of household waste.

Introduction Household waste products lie in the category of the non-hazardous waste, which includes food products, product containers, fruit peels, wrapping papers, plastic shopping bags, and other wastes that can be recycled. The term non-hazardous refers to the household wastes that do not meet certain set measures and levels of causing harm to the environment, […]

Solid Waste: A Report on its Environmental Impacts and Solutions

Introduction As long as the human race has existed, there has always been solid waste that man has produced and subsequently had to discard. However, the amount of solid waste produced by human beings has significantly risen in the course of the years. This might be attributed to the fact that over the course of […]

Contemporary Environmental Challenges

Abstract Contemporary environmental challenges concerning current state of the environment lack clear solutions or elucidation. Arguably, majority of the collective proposals or resolutions have some link to economically associated struggles between companies or are from personal perspectives thus lack any scientifically related basis. There is an urgent need to find proper alternatives of managing waste. […]

Managing your schools electronic waste

Over the last few decades the life span of electronics has drastically reduced.Computers in 1996 had an average life span of around six years, today they have a lifespan of about two years. Phones have an even shorter period considering the number of Smartphone manufacturers who are always competing to produce the next best phone. […]

Sustainability and Waste Management in the Australian Construction Industry

Waste management involves collecting, transporting, processing, and disposing of waste. The sustainability aspect helps in enhancing maintenance of aesthetic, healthy, and ecologically sound environs. Effective waste management practices within the construction industry reduce environmental degradation, which affects both fauna and flora (Waste n.d.). There are numerous waste materials in the construction industry, especially solid wastes, […]

Waste Management Strategies in Australia

Waste Management in Australia is becoming a serious issue. This is because the population of the country is increasing leading to the creation of more waste. In addition, the rate of growth of urban centres is leading to the generation of concentrated pools of waste. Australia uses landfills to dispose waste. Landfills ensure that waste […]

Is the push to go green enough or too late?

In the turn of the 21 century, the world has had many problems to deal with. Among the many problems is the environmental issue which has increased due to numerous factors; as the world witnessed the turn of the 21st century, a lot of transformation and developments have also been on the rise with new […]

Campus Waste Management

The life of the modern man is associated with a lot of waste surrounding him everywhere. The problem is in the fact it seems that the contemporary industries work to provide people with more waste, and the principles of consumption contribute to the development of the situation. The issue of waste management is current for […]

To Use or not to Reuse: A Case for Recycling

Introduction One of the key challenges that have emerged in the 21st century is how to deal with the waste produced by individuals and the harmful effects associated with it. The level of waste material has exhibited significant increase over the past century due to the rise in human population and higher living standards, which […]

Sustainability and Waste Management

Executive Summary The waste assessment was conducted to identify the waste generating processes and how to minimize waste at Nowra Chemical Manufacturers. The assessment indicates that wastes are mainly generated during the production of various chemicals. Specifically, wastewater is produced in the process of cleaning the manufacturing facilities. The wastewater is collected in a single […]

Recycling Of Wastewater for Agricultural Use in Arid Areas

Introduction The arid and semi-arid areas have been experiencing serious food problems because of the poor performance of agricultural practices. However, the land is increasingly becoming scarce. Irrigation has been found to be the most appropriate way of reclaiming land in arid areas for agriculture. Given that in these arid areas water is a rare […]

Zero Waste Management

Zero Waste management is a program designed to reduce waste in our society. Zero Waste lifestyle is a mission to save the world from waste and recyclable materials. This lifestyle is an important subject for discussion, which is why Collin Beavan used the subject of Zero Waste lifestyle to facilitate in his re-election in the […]

Life cycle analysis

Relevance of conducting a life cycle analysis from a business prospective Environmental awareness is on the rise, and industries and businesses are evaluating ways through which their activities impinge on the environment. In response to this awareness, businesses have provided green products and are using greener processes as well as environmental management tools in their […]

Summary and Comparison of Articles; “Hiding in Plain Sight” by Heather Rogers and, “On Dumpster Diving” by Lans Eighner

Heather Rogers’ article talks about the garbage trucks collecting waste and taking it to dumping sites. The main thesis of the article is that dumping sites are located far away from places that people live. Lars Eighner’s article further talks about the different quality products that a person can find in a dumpster. He, also, […]

Possible Solutions to the Problem of Solid Waste Management Basing on the Comparison of the Situation in the USA and the European Countries

Today the problem of solid waste management is current for developed and developing countries because the hazardous effects of the ineffective solution of the question can lead to influencing the state of the environment and changing the ecological situation at the polluted territories. There are many models and programs developed at local, regional, and governmental […]

Identifying of Hazardous Waste and How to Manage It

Introduction A hazardous waste refers to a material that possesses potential or substantial threat to the environment or public health. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the body charged with the responsibility of managing hazardous waste in the United States. In this respect, RCRA is involved in the regulation of the treatment, storage, […]

Garbage Pollution

Introduction Human activities are largely attributed to the loss of the planet’s biodiversity. The impact of man on the environment is so enormous since he has facilitated the rate of species extinction a thousand to ten thousand times the normal rate (Derraik, 2002). The extinction of marine life for instance, has been accelerated by waste […]

E-Waste Disposal in US

Introduction to E-waste This is a research paper on E-waste disposal. The research paper will describe the effects of computer components on the environment upon their disposal. It will also state the current laws at the federal level in the United States and of a few states, like Tennesse. The research paper will equally describe […]

History of the Production Processes

In the entire history of human life, man has been engaged in a lot of activities to produce the goods and services that are necessary to sustain his life. During the Stone Age period, man used simple tools made from rock to hunt and prepare food. With time, his brain capacity increased and so did […]

The Dilemma Surrounding Recycling

The dilemma surrounding recycling has been in existence since the beginning of development. Early concerns that led to recycling as a waste disposal option were the ever increasing numbers of landfills. This generated the need for a better technique to reduce the number of landfills and the dangers associated with landfills such as toxins escaping […]

The Problem of Environmental Degradation in Modern World

Introduction Environmental degradation is on the increase, and it is likely to affect the human race in the future. In light of this challenge, many environmental scientists have made several recommendations on how we can prevent destruction of our environment. In this case, several mechanisms can be used to keep the environment clean and safe […]

Importance of Recycling in Conservation of the Environment

Introduction Recycling is the process of reusing materials. It could also be termed as the act of processing used materials that ought to be disposed as waste into new products. The process mainly aims at conserving resources through prevention of wastage of materials that could be used in other ways, reduction of utilization of new […]

Green Buildings Impact on the Environment

Hypothesis There has been an argument about the efficiency of green buildings and whether they are indeed sustainable. In this case, green buildings have proved to be much better than other buildings and this is as far as environmental aspects are concerned. As a matter of fact, it should be known that new technologies are […]

Does Transforming trash into recyclable items help our country?

With the increasing visible effects of environmental degradation, the need to use recyclables has become an integral part of every day’s campaigns aimed at preserving the environment from further degradation. These like efforts have risen because of the realization by human beings that the world is at the verge of destruction as more and more […]

The Business Link to Sustainable Development

Introduction This report describes our project, which is a business that is environment friendly. The focus on eco-business stems from the understanding that the transformation of our environment brings with it intricate relationships bearing both enterprise and livelihood opportunities.[1] Consequently, the project we came up with, as Spedding advices, is financially viability, environmentally sustainability, and […]

Recycling’s Management and Potential

Objective The objective of this assignment is to recycle various household items to conduct an experiment and to write a research report on it. Throughout the process of ten weeks various types of plastic materials had been collected and stored so that when we resell these items after ten long weeks, we are able to […]

Environmental impact of bottled water

Bottled water is the new wave of the future as millions of people are purchasing it everyday while disregarding its environmental and cultural impacts to the society. Currently, the impacts of bottled water are spanning various policy formulation and enforcement strategies. Hall notes that there is an increased consumption of bottled water as several companies […]

Consequences of the Disposal of Medical Wastes on the Environment Abstract

Abstract The paper is for the opinion that the disposal of medical wastes on the environment has negative effects to the general public. Therefore the manner in which this waste is disposed on the environment should stop unless analysis is conducted to prove otherwise. Until then, the concerned parties should do more analyses so as […]

The Use of Green Materials for Sustainable Buildings

Introduction Today people are raising many concerns over the extensive direct impacts of industrialization on the environment for instance the building and construction directions, materials and designs. The resources in question include the energy, raw materials, water and even the waste materials. The common unique challenge faced by the building experts, designers or owners include […]

The effect of Polymers on environment Vs Glass

Polymers are substances that consist of repeating units of carbon and hydrogen. Some polymers that occur naturally may include proteins, latex and even cellulose. These materials are commonly referred to as plastics. Some of the polymers are synthetic and are produced from industrial processes. Polymerization refers to the degree in which repeating components form one […]

Management Recycling of the Waste

Objective Over the past ten weeks, a recycling project took place. The requirement of this assignment was to collect and recycle different kinds of household items from the trash. Various options were given to select from and make a research report on it. In equal quantity plastic and metal was collected to complete the assignment. […]

Solid Waste Management: Hazardous Waste Management

Solid waste has become a major upshot of development and modernization in many countries across the world, and its management continues to present many challenges to the developed nations as well as the developing countries. However, the greatest challenge of solid waste management is felt in third world countries (Thomas-Hope, 1998), where the existing frameworks […]

Environmental Health and Safety

The need for waste management is essential in assessing the requirements for properly managed waste in a community. Needs assessment process would involve checking the existing waste management strategies, identifying the areas of importance, focusing on the critical needs, and identifying possible solutions. Waste management involves supervising the gathering, ferrying, processing, discarding and recycling of […]