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Problem of Waste in India Research Paper

Nowadays, India is one of the most populated countries in the world. More than one billion people live there. Additionally, the density of the population is also very high. For example, Mumbai is one of the most populated cities in the world where about 21 million people live. This fact, combined with the blistering development of the industry of the country, leads to the appearance of the problem of waste. According to the latest researches, India is the home to the filthiest cities in the world (Annepu para. 1).

Thousand tons of waste and trash appear every day in cities like Mumbai or New Deli. Additionally, India produces more than 55 million tons of solid waste annually (Baptist para. 2). It is obvious that these numbers represent threatening statistics. The worst thing is that the existing system, which main aim is to collect garbage and recycle it, is not efficient and does not perform its duties. As a result, trash becomes a very significant problem in India. There are several facts to prove this statement.

The most important thing is that waste has a pernicious influence on the health of people. There are several ways in which people are affected by it. These ways are obviously connected to the environment. Garbage pollutes air and soil. As a result, people inhale garbage decomposition products which are dangerous to health. Moreover, trash buildups lead to the appearance of different severe diseases.

Taking into account the fact that waste deposits can be found everywhere, and very often people live surrounded by waste, it is possible to say that it is a very threatening fact. Additionally, the climate of India promotes even faster development of viruses and microorganisms, which could be carried by a great number of insects that exist in the region and serve as the vectors of diseases. That is why the problem becomes very serious. Additionally, the majority of rivers in India are polluted, and their water is dangerous.

The Ganges, the greatest river of India, which also has great religious importance, is also known as one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. Taking into account the problem connected with freshwater, which is topical to India, it is possible to say that the issue of waste becomes vital for the health of people in India.

The thing is that nowadays there are rivers which can be described as the stream of garbage. Its layer is so thick that it is even possible to stay on it (March para. 5). That is why it becomes obvious that the problem is very important and some solutions should be found.

Under these conditions, the efficient mechanism of garbage recycling can be taken as the ideal solution as it can help to improve the state of several issues such as air pollution, water contamination, water security, and, of course, the issue of waste. There is a great number of different ways of waste processing in the world. It can be used as fuel, some building material, and even the source of energy. Additionally, there is a practice when garbage is used to create lands where towns could be built.

Taking into account high density of the population in India, it is possible to say that it can become an ideal solution that can solve the problem of overpopulation by creating new lands. Additionally, fine purification of water is vital for India. Nowadays, in the Ganges, the percentage of harmful substances is 3000 times over the limit (“Ganges River Pollution” para. 1).

That is why great number of people suffer from severe diseases. With this in mind, rivers should be purified, and all waste which can be found there should also be removed and placed to special factories which should be created to recycle it.

However, these measures can be useless if people continue to throw garbage in the water. That is why it is vital to increase the level of consciousness of people. The problem lies in the fact that the majority of people in India do not think about the aftermath of their actions and throwing a bottle in a river they do not understand that it can lead to the appearance of some serious problems connected with their health.

Additionally, great number of people in India live under horrible conditions, and they are not able to think about some other problems except how to survive. With this in mind, it is possible to say that the problem of garbage in India is a result of a set of other problems which are connected with living conditions and the mentality of people.

That is why attempts to change it should be made. Some measures to prevent littering should be created. Additionally, great number of waste deposits should also be organized for people to be able to remove wastes from streets and rivers to some special areas and, moreover, it will be easier for factories which main aim to process garbage to collect it.

Resting on these facts, it is possible to say that the problem of waste is very topical in India, and some possible solutions to it are outlined here.

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