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Waste Disposal of Victoria City Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Aug 6th, 2019

Consultation on disposing waste oil and cleaning chemicals

The city of Victoria has strict rules on hazardous waste disposal and environmental sustainability through the zero waste policy. A company interested in disposing a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals in Victoria should follow the safety measures through the Environment Protection Regulation of the year 2009.

The regulations include licensing, waste tracking, immobilization approvals, liquid waste levy, and chemical control orders. Since the quality of wastes is above the amount which is allowed for disposal through the council, the company should begin by getting waste disposal certificate and observe the rules of disposing the hazardous wastes.

The certificate is an accreditation criterion for waste management sustainability. The certification will guarantee efficient and sustainable disposal since the accreditation process is very comprehensive (Wang & Tay 2002).

After obtaining certification, the company should follow the Environmental Protection Act through observing the friendliest way of waste disposal. The act ensures that cases of spillage, poor transportation, and unfriendly disposal are minimized.

This is achievable through proactive inclusion of the council in designing, implementing, and managing the disposal. The guideline includes clear definition of the quantity of the wastes and observance of the sustainability of the disposal procedure.

Since the oil and chemical wastes non-biodegradable, the company should partner with the council to facilitate disposal of waste of that magnitude. The wastes should be packaged in appropriate containers which are tightly sealed to minimize spillage during transportation to the designated disposal site since they are classified as hazardous (Wang & Tay 2002).

Waste management logo

The process of creating an effective waste management logo is complex and requires series of considerations especially on content and the target audience. In the case of the council of Victoria, the logo should accommodate the basics of recycling food wastes and other household wastes.

This message should then be communicated in a very simple and practical language to capture full concentration and interests of the households around Victoria (Fisher 2001). The first step in creating the logo involves identifying the degradable food wastes and non degradable wastes within the home environment (Wang and Tay 2002).

This step is followed by reviewing the sustainable but simple waste management strategies within the council’s budget. The third stage involves application of creatively in design for the logo to command wider appeal. Finally, the elements of design, proportionality and summary of information should be balanced to reduce message ambiguity (Wang & Tay 2002).

These elements were considered when designing and creating the waste management logo below for the council of Victoria. The logo is applicable in the office and home environment dustbins.

Protocol for food waste disposal in the green bag

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