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Waste Management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Thesis

Production and consumption takes place in every economy worldwide. Companies utilize various raw materials in order to produce goods and services that are consumed by the public. After their consumption, there are some wastes both during production and after consumption. Countries have stipulations governing wastes disposals.

Thus, wastes are disposed off in specific locations in order to prevent unwarranted reactions that might have harmful environmental effects. It is estimated that waste production throughout the world in any given year is about 4 billion tons of which 1.2 tons is solid waste. Not much of the waste is recycled since only 600 of annual disposed solid waste are recycled while the rest is either burned or buried.

Most countries and management of major cities and towns are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the cities and the general environmental cleanliness. Following this obligation, they have put several waste collection bins around the cities and towns for the public to deposit any wastes. Waste management involves the collection of garbage, its removal and recycling.

Abu Dhabi has contracted several firms to manage post consumer wastes. The firms responsible for managing wastes set up collection centers such as bins and dumpsites in which they conduct routine collection of wastes. Either the wastes can be disposed off in a better manner or it can be recycled.

This study examines waste management in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The emirate is not well developed and in its efforts to manage waste, it faces various challenges such as financial, economic and social challenges. The study will examine waste management practices and strategies used in Abu Dhabi compared to the rest of the world.

The study utilized waste data collection system for secondary data while primary data on waste management in Abu Dhabi was collected using questionnaires that were distributed to the responsible organization.

The Waste Data Collection System analyzes that was used in this study different types of waste, tonnages of the wastes, Kilometers of street swept, and identify various assets where the waste is transferred or disposed such as the transfer station and the landfill. The collected data measured the level of waste collected in Abu Dhabi.

From the analysis, it is evident that firms in waste management in Abu Dhabi face various challenges that sometimes make them exit the industry such as financial, socio-cultural and economic challenges. The data collected highlighted some of these challenges facing waste management in the emirate hence making necessary recommendations for the effective waste collection and continuance of the company.

The government has not been serious with waste management because much of the collected solid wastes had not been recycled yet it could. Other wastes collected such as liquid wastes had not been treated and could cause much harm to the environment.

The effectiveness of the industry and the waste management industry depends on the support the state provides in the waste management and collection. The government in the emirate should formulate regulations governing waste management and restricting any form of disposal that could be harmful to the environment.

Firms operating in the industry should be helped through cost reduction and public awareness on the importance of waste management. The study proposes these recommendations in addition to the government establishing necessary recycling plants that cannot be afforded by privately owned corporations.

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