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Waste Management in Australia Problem Solution Essay

Practical Assignment

According to EPA Victoria (2014, Par. 2), environment is very delicate and should be treated as such. It supports life for all the living organisms hence a lot of care should be taken when handling wastes to avoid any form of environmental contamination. Waste is something that is not useful in its current state, but can be treated, recycled, or re-used.

Since waste is generated both in domestic and industrial activities, effective waste management is key towards environmental sustainability. Industrial activities contribute the greatest amount of environmental pollutants in many countries. Australia faces various challenges of environmental pollution. This country lacks proper national policies on environmental conservation.

According to the State Government of Victoria (2014, par. 3), there are proper guidelines to be followed when disposing any given type of waste. A company that produces a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals should follow the right waste disposal rules to avoid pollution. Waste oil and cleaning chemicals contains hazardous substances like Lead, Cadmium, and Chromium that are toxic to humans and other biotic organisms.

This company can dispose this waste in various ways. It can carry the waste oil and chemicals to the off-site or waste disposal facilities that are legally allowed to handle such wastes. However, the best option for this company is to burn the waste oil and chemicals.

This should be done in accordance to the regulations by the burner standards. The burning should be done in a well-regulated and approved furnace to avoid any form of environmental pollution.

The Logo

Logo component

This Logo has five main parts, all of which are focused on emphasizing the need to reduce contamination levels in Kerbside recycling bins. The first item of the log that is at the top is meant to define the authority under which the bins are managed.

This is particularly important in enhancing the legitimacy of the bins. The second item shows the department that is directly responsible for the distribution and management of the recycle bins. The department has been given the mandate by the council.

Just like the first item, this item helps in making the targeted people to have a sense of responsibility. They will know that the council is demanding that they should be responsible for the management of the environment. The third item then pushes the responsibility to the target population.

This part is meant to make the target group develop a feeling that they have a role to play in protecting the environment. The green color emphasizes on the fact that they can help in protecting the nature. The fourth item is the intended instruction.

The choice of words makes it clear that the users do commit to use the bins responsibly. The choice of color emphasizes the fact that going against the commitment may have unpleasant consequences. The last item is the motto.

List of References

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