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How I Organize my Trash Essay

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Updated: Apr 30th, 2019

Trash is any useless material that is worth disposing, as it is not in a position to serve its intended primary purpose. The resultant effect of unwanted materials, if not well disposed, is environmental degradation. Some trashes are fundamental to human beings and/or are recyclable. However, some are not recyclable.

They cause pollution once disposed anyhowly. Trash may come from the extraction and processing of raw materials into intermediate and finished products, as well as the utilization and consumption of the finished products among other human activities. However, social and technological developments of human beings are the principal causes of trash.

According to modern systems of waste management, trashes include municipal waste, hazardous waste, bio-medical waste and distinctive hazardous waste. Just like archaeologists, use the artifacts to explain the nature of early man, trash from the household can depict cultural and socio-economic status of a particular residence.

It is critical to learn the message that we convey about ourselves based on what we dispose in the name of trash. Many different household activities produce wastes. However, the wastes that I analyzed include waste from cooking, waste packaging, waste paper, old clothes, garden waste, abrasive cleanser, scouring powder, chlorine bleach, disinfectant, glass bottle and cleaner.

I also considered vegetable waste, cinders, metals and plastics containers, oven and rug cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner, polish, spray cans, air freshener, hair spray, bug killer, floor and furniture polish, and shoe polish. The waste clearly indicates the nature of the population that stayed in these households. There can be little doubt that people belong to different socio-economic status.

In analyzing the above wastes, I have realized that they have different rates of decomposition while paper and newspaper wastes spread all over. However, people throw some trashes regularly while they throw others after some time interval. On a daily basis, they eliminate dust and wastes such as food remains that rot faster from the household. Otherwise, they create an un-conducive atmosphere in the house. The effect can be so immense that if not controlled in time may adversely affect the occupants.

The nature of such wastes depicts the likes and dislikes of certain individuals or group of people that reside in the apartment. For instance, the presence of bones in the garbage pits every morning shows that people like eating meat and/or fish and possibly none of them are vegetarians.

In addition, individuals taking meat frequently is those who are economically stable because those who frequently dispose vegetable waste can only afford to the cost of vegetables. I also realized that there were some plastic and glass wastes and other household waste, which clearly shows that the individuals like both soft and hard drinks. As archaeologists study artifacts to determine the characteristics of the early man, so the fundamental aim of analyzing the garbage is to identify the characteristics of people that use the trashes.

Although a waste is any useless material, there is little doubt that people should look at it as a recyclable material of immense potential and energy saver that can determine the cultural and socio-economic aspects of people in a household. However, some are poisonous.

They are environmental pollutants that people need to dispose appropriately. Otherwise, as the paper exposes, it is not what we keep in the store that tells what we like or value. The trash that we view as worthless, while in the dustbin or pit, speaks volumes and volumes, not only about our dressing and food preferences, but also out backgrounds and character.

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